@everyone We have done shared MN payouts of entries received till 5th March. New entries received after 5th will be contacted now onward.

@everyone We invite developers for ESCO Mac Wallet. This development will be a paid activity, so all interested candidates may fill in their entries here:


We will reach out to you for the same and charges will be discussed in person. Thanks!

Entries to develop ESCO Mac Wallet
Calling upon interested developers to fill in their entries here and we will get in touch on first come first serve basis. This is a paid development activity.

@everyone We have started development on two fronts:
(a) Android app
(b) ESCO MN verifier which will be better and enhanced than existing version.

Development plan and estimated delivery will be shared soon for both. 🚀

@everyone Around 10K ESCO purchased by dev in last two days. More to coming up.

@everyone We have received 33 responses for Shared MN entries from 12 people yet. @425258362419281931> will start getting in touch one by one and send payouts. If anyone is yet to fill entries, pls do at the earliest. Here's the form: https://goo.gl/forms/yKoWKnWlOCe6bqc23

@everyone We have burnt another 1 million coins. Since we swapped some coins from dev bucket. we have 100K only left with dev. We will buy back 200K coin from market soon. we can not disclose date. BTC going under 3500 and cryptopia hack was set back to us. We have recovered and will bounce back. s per our calculations there are not many investors are in loss. Still because of market and delay response from our side situation is not good. i would again request to investors if you are already in profit do not sell your coins and let others make some profit.

@everyone Escrow Team burnt today 1 million Escrow Coins V2 (ESCO) to this address http://explorer2.escrow-coin.com/address/EburneSCoorFunBurnESCoorFunXb1rba8

@everyone All shared MN users are requested to fill in their entries in this form before 28th Feb 2019 10 pm Central Standard Time to receive payouts. Any address shared after 28th Feb will not be entertained.


ESCO Shared MN Entries
Please fill in details to receive payouts of all shared MNs

@everyone Here is a list of ESCO funds data after swap:

  1. How many coins were mined for SWAP?
  • 5 million (approx. to the supply at that time of ESCO v1)
  1. What is number of coins swapped?
  • 3 million
  1. No.of coins to be burned?
  • 2 million
  1. When unused coins will be burned?
  • 25th Feb, 2019
  1. Amount of coins in devs hand after SWAP?
  • After swap of 3 mil and after burn of 2 mil , 0.3 mil ESCO remains with 5 member core team of Escrow coin
  1. What is new Total max supply?
  • 30 million
  1. When payment to MN holders?
  • We are experiencing issue in this area, for shared MN payments

    1. MN Verifier registered payment- FDN, WEB and HEX will be released on 26th Feb. We get mixed reviews about this service so we will conduct a poll whether to carry it forward or not and results will be final.

    2. Shared MN payment- all shared MN holders are requested to send new address receive ESCO v2, deadline is 28th Feb 2019 10 pm Central Standard Time. Google form will be shared in next announcement to receive entries.

      We will release payments after verification of all users on 15th March. Any address shared after 28th Feb will not be entertained.

      This will be the last shared MN payment disbursal and we will be closing shared MN services, investors can use 3rd party platforms that we have partnered with as mentioned on our website.

@everyone MNO payment done for Escrow Coin V2 upgrade! Apologies for the delay, more news coming soon. 😃

@everyone ESCO coin manual swap is ending today 31st Jan, 2019 at 10 pm Central Standard Time.
Any swap requests after this will not be taken into consideration.

@everyone ETH deposit /withdrawals have been enabled. You may start transactions now.

@everyone Manual ESCO swap to V2 is valid only till 31st Jan, 2019. If you have ESCO V1 coins and missed the 3rd January swap on Escodex , then this is the last chance to get it swapped.
Coins in wallet till 3rd Jaunary, 2019 will be only swapped. Pls give your below details to charlie#7172 :

  1. Old address - where you have coins
  2. How many coins you have till 3rd Jan
  3. New address- where you would like to receive swapped coins

No coins will be swapped after 31st January, 2019.

@everyone RVN withdrawal is back, you may withdraw now. All RVN withdrawal pending issues have also been resolved.

@everyone Listing News: Fundin Coin (FDN) is now trading on Escodex
Coin Info--> https://fundin.xyz


@everyone We are working on RVN withdrawal, pls refrain from withdrawal of RVN

@everyone xGalaxy Coin (XGCS) is disabled due to wallet upgrade, please refrain from deposit/withdrawal until next announcement.

@everyone ESCO V2 Mac wallet will be released in 2 weeks.

@everyone Please refrain from deposit/withdraw of ERC based tokens until Constantinople fork is successfully executed at Escodex. We will make announce when its enabled. Thanks!

@everyone ETH deposit/withdrawal has been disabled in order to update the Constantinople Hard Fork of 16th Jan'19.
Please refrain from deposit or withdraw until next announcement.