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Today is a great day for our Community Manager @340377987793027073> ,We are going to Wish You a Happy
Birthday and fabulous day !!! 🎉 🎉 🎉 <#438034894703034368>
PS: Do not forget to remind him not to drink too much 🎉 🍻

Hello, ESBC community! I haven't written a long message in a long time.
||To be honest, I was in mild paralysis and didn't work for 100% of my ability
This is due to the price of ESBC, when the price goes up I feeling perfect and work at 110%
and I feel about the negative effect during strong and prolonged price drops
It's come a part of me long time ago.
Not only do I work daily on developing our community and core product, my responsibilities also include supporting ESBC in the market.
I will not argue with those who believe that the market should work on its own, You can just compare our project with others on cryptocurrency market.
IMHO Support the price and market is the direct responsibility of developers.||
In the last few days, I noticed the market signs to the market reversal and today they were worked.
I was never going to ask for this, but I know that each of you wants to see the price higher and believes in it, so I'm asking for your support in the coming days:
Just do not interfere with the recovery of the price if you need to sell coins, place your sell order at the desired level and wait for its execution, if everyone does so, we can easily return to the level of 700+ and even 1000+ sat per ESBC
I think we can reach a capitalization of at least $1,000,000
Together we are stronger, let's do it!

The work of the platform has been restored.
information about it in <#502471341769883658> channel
This is a big step forward. After checking the current update by the community, we will install other updates.
Then we will prepare a series of articles and videos about the use of the betting platform.
Do not forget that you can get coins for report of bugs.
Do not forget that you can get ban on platform and lose your coins for intentional use bugs for profit.

the work of the betting platform will be restored today, now we go to sleep.
details about the update will be published after the launch website. a screenshot of the page check the status of an anonymous bet.

Hello community we will have a update and the ESBC betting platform won't available for some hours. We will let you know when the update is complete. Thank you all for your patience. 🙂

250 $ESBC for each of 20 winners

#Giveaway started 250 $ESBC for each of 20 winners check info #Airdrop #Bounty #Cryptocurrency


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ESBC - The Best Betting Coin leading the Market
It is a new day and a new article, today we are gonna talk abour ESBC if you don’t know what ESBC is you came to the right place, and if…
ESBC - The Best Betting Coin leading the Market
It is a new day and a new article, today we are gonna talk abour ESBC if you don’t know what ESBC is you came to the right place, and if you know stay and learn more!!! i welcome you all. Oh how to beging, we are gonna divide in section so you can se...

a little statistics of investments in various coins for the last 3 months. It is not quite accurate, it shows an approximate situation.
You can compare ESBC with other coins. Do any of you know the best long-term investment? from 2 months to this day!roi-calculator
share in <#438034894703034368> your opinion please 😉

short review and guide how place a bet on Betting Platform

Review ESBC masternode PoS coin and Betting Platform for Cryptocur...
#masternode #Cryptocurrency #Мастерноды #Криптовалюта Thank you for creating this video team Website: Platfo...

I just checked a popular trackers cryptocurrency and found ESBC on the popular website of Asia
After listing on CoinMarketCap ESBC have been added to many sites, I left a link to the most visited. As well About our project learned a large number of users. Everyday I get new offers good offers from exchanges, I will share with you the most interesting.
Thank for support

ESBC行情_ESBC Coin (ESBC) 最新价格,历史趋势图分析-非...
非小号免费提供全球最新的ESBC Coin行情,ESBC Coin价格数据以及ESBC Coin交易平台,还包括ESBC Coin官网,ESBC Coin市值排行,ESBC Coin流通及发行数量,ESBC Coin历史行情趋势等数据。

Path to 120 Block Time Part[2/6] ESBC
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Path to 120 Block Time Part[2/6] ESBC
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Only ESBC keep strong price
we also have a battle of bulls and bears, choose your side

Crypto Bear Market Strategy : MASTERNODES
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ESBC (ESBC) price, charts, market cap, and other metrics | CoinMar...
Get ESBC price, charts, and other cryptocurrency info

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Today I have blocked 94 addresses, two on the staking and the rest to which payments were made to non-existent masternodes. In total, approximately 5216 ESBC. Unfortunately, the network sometimes still behaves unstably and some security features have to be kept off. But thanks to the existing system of bans on the fly, I think we will be able to fight back from those who want to use this for their own selfish purposes.

If the intruder reads this, I am ready to understand and forgive, and pay compensation in BTC exclusively for the coins that he bought on the exchange, provided that he gives the wallet file to send his compromised coins for burning. Do not create a new discord account for this, write me a direct message from your main account, I will not disclose it.

I want to apologize to all the users who are disapprove my actions regarding the projects that I consider a Scam.
I want you to know that I do this to protect inexperienced investors and support real projects.
Real projects will not be able to develop while scammers take a large share of the market. Our project is one of the few who could win this crazy market.