Hello, Dear ESBC community !!!
As you know, this past 13/08/2019 ESBC celebrated its first year !!!
We want to celebrate with you all the successes and experiences !!

From 19/08/2019 12 PM UTC to 25/08/2019 12 PM UTC we will be celebrating ESBC Happy Birthday week

As the main event we have created the <#612797308500836362> channel where you can show all your love by sending multimedia content wishing a Happy Birthday to ESBC .

As a reward the best 3 designs will get the following prizes:

1st place 1000 ESBC
2nd place 500 ESBC
3rd place 300 ESBC

4 Honorable Mentions each one 50 ESBC

-Your design should show effort.
-Your design must be an original creation.
-Designs that by some chance have watermarks from somewhere, will be disqualified.
-Formats allowed only jpg, png, gif, mp4.
-Your Design must have good quality.
-Your design must contain the ESBC logo and must mention the birthday.

Thank you for testing the platform and reporting bugs
The most active participants have already earned more than 1000 ESBC
We change the terms of rewards:
15 ESBC for wrong result
5 ESBC for wrong score
wrong score is when the score changes do not affect the outcome of the match and payouts.
Who still is not with us, I recommend joining right now because a small reward will be given to all test participants, And all who learn to win will be able to withdraw more coins, some of the coins that you earn test coins.
Details will be later, after some updates
the event <#606254398187897042> continues
many in crypto are looking for how to earn coins without investment, do not forget to recommend our project to them, we always have interesting events and fast payouts.

You can't win if you play fair. @PeercoinPPC @BitBall_Erc20 @cryptoxygencoin @coinexchange_io

How to make voting fair? What factors are important to consider?)

Thank you all, the result is amazing!
Don't forget to get rewards <#609566646994075651>
all who vote will receive additional coins to discord wallet as of the birthday of ESBC

Thank you all, the result is amazing!
Don't forget to get rewards <#609566646994075651>
all who vote will receive additional coins to discord wallet as of the birthday of ESBC

Our opponents are obviously using fraudulent methods, but we have to get involved and show ourselves. You can get a reward for your support.

Which coin would you like to trade on The #WINNER will be listed for free. Please, click “Follow” @coinexchange_io before making your vote! @PeercoinPPC @eSportBettingPR @BitBall_Erc20 @cryptoxygencoin #Crypto #Vote #blockchain #news

Today, an update has been installed, bugs have been fixed and new e-Sports games have been added.
All registered users have 5000 test coins in their account.
if you have problems using the platform clear your cookies ctrl+f5
or relog in on platform

We continue to pay for reports of incorrect results
The rules a little changed:
for report you must have a bet
and provide screenshot with <#606254398187897042> from you page
reward 25 ESBC reward can be changed
all registered users have coins in the account, new accounts will receive coins in the account after the update.

@everyone Many want to see the price rise, I will try to do it for you.
If you rearrange orders higher or buy some coins it will help a lot.
I think we can easily gain a foothold on the price above 500 sat, if you support it

updated, all new accounts got test balance

During testing, the platform will be actively updated and data will be reset sometimes. Coins for testing get all registered accounts before the update, so if you do not have coins in the account you need to wait for a new update.
<#606254398187897042> winners:
🥇 @399020302002159616> 13 reports
🥈 @400275431569489920> 10 reports
They got 35 ESBC for each reports and extra reward:
1⃣ place 300 ESBC
2⃣ place 100 ESBC
The event was successful.
Follow our updates, we always interesting events with high rewards and timely payments
Now you can help to find errors of result bets and get 10 ESBC
use <#606254398187897042> channel

[Betting Platform]( working in Beta test mod 5000 ESBC were enrolled for test on your accounts


[Betting Platform]( working in Beta test mod 5000 ESBC were enrolled for test on your accounts

Reports results of box are not accepted before to the upgrade

Thank you for your support, we found a lot of incorrect results of basketball and tennis.
We paid more 300 ESBC
Reports results of tennis are not accepted before to the upgrade
Cryptomentor thank for your attention

just re-buy and withdraw coins ESBC from CryptoBridge

ESBC team CB accounts

ESBC market

Account 1.2.1643353(esbc-mm) - Bitshares Blockchain Explorer
account detail of 1.2.1643353(esbc-mm)
Account 1.2.1643405(esbc-volume) - Bitshares Blockchain Explorer
account detail of 1.2.1643405(esbc-volume)
Account 1.2.1640341(midas-instantbuy-esbc) - Bitshares Blockchain ...
account detail of 1.2.1640341(midas-instantbuy-esbc)
Asset BRIDGE.ESBC - Bitshares Blockchain Explorer

important information:
when available bets for X(draw) the result of the match is considered to be the main time
I received emails from those who are trying to help us, it seems that after the last update the system works well, so we increase the reward for the errors found again, 35 for report now