ESBC MASTERNODE CHRISTMAS GIVEAWAY Kicking this Christmas Giveaway Series off in Style with ESBC - a great all round Masternode project. Big thanks to Crypto...

Deposits will be working all exchanges tomorrow
already most exchanges have opened deposits

🎄 The holiday season is upon us, time to share with our family and friends. Here in ESBC we want to thank you all for being part of this family is been a good year.🎄

This is a celebration month we will have some surprises so stay tuned.

The ESBC team.

Thank you @210283793272012801> for the art

urgently withdraw your coins from CryptoBridge, withdrawal works right now

the max bet change 1500 to 2500

Event "Betting Hunters" successful completion
The winners received rewards on their own accounts
Expect similar events with higher rewards in the future.

Be sure to withdraw your coins from Snode and CryptoHashTank

Due closing @snode_co masternode service and delist from @CryptoHashTank You need withdraw all your ESBC Deposits on exchanges will be temporarily closed until users receive coins @Crex_24 @Citexofficial @graviex_net @StexExchangeR @CryptoBridge @birakecom @TradeSat...

the max bet change 500 to 1500

@everyone The biggest delist from CryptoBridge
don't forget to withdraw your coins.
You can also sell them and place buy orders of ESBC

The maximum bet size has been increased to 500 coins

Updated scoring system at the Event "Betting Hunters"
Earlier the system deducted your active bets from Betting profit

@everyone Do you want to win an ESBC bronze masternode just for betting? Participate now in our "Betting Hunters" event … The 10 users with the best betting winnings have a prize! Dont miss the opportunity and register now if you havent done yet here: (write me if u have questions)

@everyone As announced today, our betting platform has enabled deposits and withdrawals again so that everyone can start depositing ESBC to bet on their favorite games ... We also do a small tutorial to show the correct way to make reports when anyone see errors in the results. You can watch it on the <#638461553900912644> channel

Betting Platform online
deposits and withdraw is enable
all users who won test coins got 15% of win amount test coins on account

Trick or here and the ESBC team wish you a Happy Halloween

Our community is important to us so we want to give you a day full of candy and maybe some scares "BOO".

Be very careful and wise and mostly very alert to the channels

You may find some randomly rains and secrets giveaways all day.


Thanks to @210283793272012801> for the art

Got confirmation of my yesterday suspicions after a big sale in the market.
I know my pleas to be careful and not to use other wallets near the ESC don't accept all, but I still remind of this.
I received confirmation that 75,000 coins had been stolen, I think another 25,000 had been stolen from another user. Because of such cases suffer not only the user who was robbed but and everyone in the community.
Transactions scammers
Like last time I bought most of stolen coins
They were sent to my address as confirmation
Don't panic, the market is in hands of ESBC community.

If you were not careful and need safety tips, write to the channel <#438035113851224084>
If someone writes to you on behalf of team, be careful, we don't usually do that.

find out how you can win coins without risk
Added the ability to search the game by team name.
clear cache by pressing keys ctrl+F5
do not forget to support the article with claps

Win ESBC without risk
All users receive 5000 test coins on their betting balance. New registered accounts too. 10% of coins you win you will be able to withdraw…

Thank you for your support and help in testing the Betting platform
The best testers and amount of reports

| pdigy1  |      289
| II      |      385```
**These guys get 10 coins for each report, it was an opportunity for each of you.**

Today we will update platform and launch an event where you can use your betting skills to win real coins without risk. 
Expect the next announcement today

all who lost coin used previously spider wallet , I wrote about this on past large thefts. If you have used this wallet, please take precautions.