Path to 120 Block Time Part[2/6] ESBC
I’m back!! good to be here writing the secon article of this series, this is the week recap for the ESBC “Path to 120 Block Time” if you…
Path to 120 Block Time Part[2/6] ESBC
I’m back!! good to be here writing the secon article of this series, this is the week recap for the ESBC “Path to 120 Block Time” if you haven’t read the Part 1, what are you waiting for? This week have been BUM! explosive we have so much to talk, i...

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Only ESBC keep strong price
we also have a battle of bulls and bears, choose your side

Crypto Bear Market Strategy : MASTERNODES
Lets Take a Look at Bear Market Strategy for Masternodes. Even in Downturns there is Potential to Make BIG Gains! Here are 5 things for you to Consider as Be...
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Today I have blocked 94 addresses, two on the staking and the rest to which payments were made to non-existent masternodes. In total, approximately 5216 ESBC. Unfortunately, the network sometimes still behaves unstably and some security features have to be kept off. But thanks to the existing system of bans on the fly, I think we will be able to fight back from those who want to use this for their own selfish purposes.

If the intruder reads this, I am ready to understand and forgive, and pay compensation in BTC exclusively for the coins that he bought on the exchange, provided that he gives the wallet file to send his compromised coins for burning. Do not create a new discord account for this, write me a direct message from your main account, I will not disclose it.

I want to apologize to all the users who are disapprove my actions regarding the projects that I consider a Scam.
I want you to know that I do this to protect inexperienced investors and support real projects.
Real projects will not be able to develop while scammers take a large share of the market. Our project is one of the few who could win this crazy market.

@everyone we working on update structures for betting platform
if you have problems displaying pages you need
for PC - ctrl + F5
for mobile - go to history, clear history, clear cache

Which coins would you like to see added to #Binance DEX?

I'm not going to talk about the importance of supporting our project in this tweet, you should understand that.
You can support the ESBC if you want. No any Bounty for it, I want to see only real support.
The more creative your comments, the more likely we are to be noticed.
Thank you, good day!

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We begin hunt for scams crypto with @409048727664328731>
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Masternode Scams are littering the Masternode space, it's Time to Start Calling them out!! This Scam Alert is for Alphacup (ALCUP). Pre-mine Wallet Emptied a...

I know that many ( not all of course) are excited about price and waiting for good news.
We work with updates every day, as well as support the activity with the community and provide support immediately.
Future actions that may affect the price:
1. I will send request to CMC after downtrend now
make do it earlier no make sense, no events can break trading trends, only we can do it.
2. When we are convinced of the stability of our blockchain, we will make a feedback vote for a new exchange It's not just a promise, we have a budget for it.

More than 80 masternodes have been disabled.
Please monitor Your masternode and stay tuned for updates this has a strong impact on ESBC Blockchain.
If you do not have time for this, I recommend using the services of our partners.
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After the blockchain split in the side branches of the chain the active mining of blocks continues (coins mined in these branches will be lost when returned to the official supported chain). Also, as a result, we have a significant number of nodes outside the main chain, they are trying to remain active as their block chains are active, and such masternodes destroy the intranet consensus on award payments.
On main seednode running a script for tracking activity of the nodes, if the node did not show any signs of activity for 90 minutes the script block node address at the blockchain level for 5 minutes, which should lead to its shutdown. I will observe the results of work in the next few hours.
Also in this regard, it may not be available to send coins from the addresses associated with the nodes. If you encounter this behavior, wait 5 minutes and try again.

If someone else will write me a private message with the text "why the price is falling" I block you in private chat. I'm sick of these questions. I have more important tasks, no one says that we are Hero when the price is rising, and more than 90% of you can't even give like or make retweet.
I'm tired of your selfishness, just sell the coins if you're only interested in the price. We can discuss prices, market, events and mistakes a lot. But don't you dare write to me about it in private messages!

we detected split blockchain (maybe the attack)
Stability restored, you need to check current blocks in your wallet
our explorer is in the right chain
You can see the current block on the main page of the wallet
or command esbcoincli getblockcount on your vps
to fixed use
or full sync with addnodes from
for vps