@everyone first twitter giveaway was paid, rules upstairs

@368739994749108224> @426489769929998336> @437671044799660034> @462586562333507595> @472600388202397700> @478440134107332608> @435368763383087105> @440651049112567818> @365169847224762379> @425312841851994132>

@everyone As anticipated days ago, a giveaway has been launched on the <#541843017930244127> channel of 50ESBC for users with more followers and activity on Twitter ... If you think you should be part of the @&541842932739866634> group contact me to review your activity personally and give u the role if it were the case :)
RULES UPDATES !!! from now on, the giveaway will be created weekly when it reaches 10 comments in each tweet of ESBC, during the 7 days of the week 😃

i made the request for listing ESBC on Zcore masternode System (Hosting)
You cate support ESBC with your vote or comment

ESBC - ZCore Masternodes System
ESBC - ZCore Masternodes System
vote for add #ESBC on @ZCoreCrypto https://t.co/JyP7cZUUbK did you support #ESBC?

A nice bonus for those who like to bet on UFC
more info in https://twitter.com/ESBCrypto/status/1094160667299532800
discussion and support in <#532431213336723467> channel

#UFC 234 @robwhittakermma VS. @KelvinGastelum was placed on https://t.co/6cg0fjs7Ss Place minimum of 5 bets of 100 #ESBC and win extra 500-1000 #coins details in comments

#ESBC are live on Midex #Exchange https://t.co/PbvMMeSouA Thank you @MIDAS_NEWS and @birakecom teams HAPPY #trade @coinlibio @coingecko @_mn_o_ @LiveCoinWatch

Thank for review @345446577789337601> from Reden team
We will support this review, details in <#542474688765362186>

ESBC - [Reden Review]
In Review 8 I'm reviewing ESBC, this is also the first review officially as Reden Reviews. UPDATE: I spoke with @cryptotony on discord his name is Sergey (So...
Thank you for review @thebeard_bunker Watch https://t.co/KIot1LpE8Q and like and comment 5 #best comments get 50 #ESBC more #Airdrops and #bounty in our #discord #Airdrop #bountyhunter #giveaway

important update twitter bounty
every day we make a new tweet, you need to retweet it and publish report in <#511787687049691156> channel, active members who support conversation getting role @&541842932739866634> and can participating in <#541843017930244127> every week 50 ESBC for 10 winners
who have more 200 Followers get role initially
Best of luck!

#ESBC price of #USD #BTC #ETH good trading on @Crex_24 @graviex_net @StexExchangeR check good services for monitoring and #promotion @LiveCoinWatch @coingecko @coinlibio @CoinCodex

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congratulations the winners of the Giveaway vote!

@everyone The DEV has decide add to the <#541018274272378881> active users from <#511787687049691156> bounty, because many users wanted help us but spent their votes before!!! Join now and paticipate!! Good luck!!! 😃

Because of the great success of the Midex voting competition, ESBC are running a giveaway in the Crypto Ants server.
All you have to do is simply join and find the giveaway room and click the 🎉 to enter.

This will be a massive 300 ESBC coins up for grabs to a lucky person.


@&540996684692586546> join in <#541018274272378881> for big giveaway
and bonus
tomorrow voting participants will be able to get additional coins on the servers of our partners



We paid rewards for vote after proof from Midas.investments team
retweet this tweet + good comments and get 5 esbc in <#511787687049691156> channel
comment should be under tweet don't write comment when you retweet**

@StackOfStake @snode_co @_mn_o_ @Trittium_cc #ESBC has come first place in the Midex community vote winning ESBC a free listing to the Birake network and Midex. Congratulations: RUNNER-UP @PaycoreC THIRD PLACE @pawsfund Thank @ESBCrypto and @MIDAS_NEWS Community!