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Mining Energy Consumption: Problems and Possible Solutions
Mining Energy Consumption: Problems and Possible Solutions Subscribe: Cryptocurrency is a payment method, Bitcoin is a huge in...

@here The next Exchange will be Crypto-Bridge



GRAVIEX - GRAVIO Ecosystem Exchange
GRAVIEX - GRAVIO Ecosystem Exchange

@everyone We have successfully finished 1st stage of pre-sale! All the fund that was collected will go to Exchange listing.

We have filled form for Crypto-Bridge listing, as soon as we will be listed presale of the coins will end!

Thank you for your support and undersanding! 🚀

Hello@here . ECP wants to announce "Bonus" campaign. "Bonus" campaign allows you get 500 bonus ECP coins or can get free +1 MN when you buying MasterNode. For participate in bonus campaign you should buy at least 2 masternode. Buying 2 MN you will get 500 ECP coins free. Buying 3+ MN you will get +1 free ECP MN. For participate in campaign you should contact with admins.