Also setup all of the hooks now we can make applications when the API is ready.

will bubble these down to other dialogs

decided to use hints

@everyone we have laid out the create commission dialog. Another step closer to V1!

@everyone one small thing but fixed the styling of the dialogs to match the branding

So we have completed a large part of the V1 release. You can now apply for commissions without login using the wallet! Here is the updated application screen:

@everyone as requested a list of valid people who you can trust in this group has been added to <#569118094719582231> as you guys asked for this

There appears to be a boost issue on Mojave. We are investigating it and will upgrade boost if possible. Please ear with us.

@everyone the MacOS build ( DYSTEM-Qt.dmg ) has been updated to Mojave on release v1.1.3. Builds are here

dystem-core codebase. Contribute to Dystem/dystem-core development by creating an account on GitHub.

@everyone here is the latest blog post update

Project update — Feb 2019 – Dystem – Medium
Progress so far

@everyone may take me till the weekend to get the medium article completed.

@everyone we are having bit of a change up with the project in order to ensure its long term sustainability. I am writing a medium article to explain things in the normal format and will post the details shortly.

@everyone small update on the applications screen. Forgot to add the ability to post your portfolio and a message to the commissioner. This reduces the steps to 1 from 2 on the web MVP.

@everyone Ok so we now have the in wallet UI for the apply to commission all nicely wrapped up. Will add some validation and then start the new end point after lunch.

@everyone we have finished the client Ident system 1.0 ! this is a huge leap forward and the UX works nicely. Im now going to move over to allowing users who have registered to apply for commissions on the Web service.

@everyone we updated and rebranded the twitter page to be more on message. Our new tagline is "Earn Crypto."