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Its the time again, Development Update #5 is out! We got a little surprise inside! (it's about SignalHub)

Development Update #5
Hello Doges, Once again the DogeCash Team would like to thank everyone who has been assisting and been here since Day 1 until now. Everyone has been essential in getting us to the point we are at n…



Our announcement is now posted on the blog. We're going to be zoning in closer on SignalHub. The beta is looking amazing (and we'll be going down that invite list soon enough). Development updates soon to follow! Stay tuned!

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Announcement: After our meet, moving forward
Hey Doges! We’ve had nothing but a great week so far even though we didn’t have our Monday meeting. Instead we had it on Wednesday in order to adhere to the team’s schedule. We re…

Hello Doges,

We have posted our weekly development update into our blog!
Let us know what you think!@everyone

Development Update #4
Hello Doges, To close out August strong, we want to bring you a preview of our Mobile Wallet in development! Akshaynexus is working extremely hard to bring us this first version for iOS. We would l…

Hello Doges,

Weekly Development Update #2 is OUT!!
Come read, come see what we got cookin.

DogeCash Development Update #2
Welcome Doges to our 2nd installment of our weekly developmental updates. We have a few exciting items to talk about! HD Wallet is being added to our core code base. This is a BIP39/44 addition for…

Hello Doges!@everyone

Much work! Many good Doges!

We are bringing the much awaited for SignalHub closed-beta. This is an early registration. Any users signing up will have extended playtime when SignalHub goes live!
Who let the dogs out?!

Sign up.
Much access.
Such wow.

DOGECASH - The Doge is now the Master (node)
DogeCash is a transparent, community-governed cryptocurrency utilized by its high-quality platforms.

Hello Doges,@everyone

This is our 1st of a scheduled developmental update from within DogeCash. The team has been persistently working hard to produce results in our ecosystem, thus giving our users a robust amount of add-on services and products as well. So currently we are going over what we have lined up for you good Doges!

So come, we encourage you to read this blog post. There is much news!

Development Update
Hello Doges, This is our 1st of a scheduled developmental update from within DogeCash. The team has been persistently working hard to produce results in our ecosystem, thus giving our users a robus…

Hey@everyone !

We want to inform everyone of some changes moving forward (including leadership change). We've written about our discussions, and as a community we want to continue bringing wallet updates, platforms and more! Remember to share the word about DogeCash! :)

Changes with DogeCash
Hey Doges! First of all, thank you for hanging with us through this market shift. It’s been difficult lately and especially after the fiasco with around 100,000 DOGEC being stolen from a well known…


Explorer Maintenance

Just a quick update. We are making some server updates to explorer. Once they are done it will be back to fully functional. Aside from that can we get a 👍 or a 👎 for a 2nd explorer??


One small step for a Doge, one large leap for DogeKind.

We are bringing you the latest amazing addition to our project:

Trump got the secrets from Putin's soccer ball. It wasn't state secrets after all. After the top 2 personally approving such Dogec majesty to release such classified secrets for the masses, we are ready to publicly disclose that:

DogeCash Multi-MN IS HERE!!

As the loyal Doges we are, this is another integral part of our network. We are making sure we hold up to Masternodes for all. You have the option to deploy up to 40 MN on any VPS that meets our requirements. That means we are providing access to@everyone!!

When we say it, we mean it!

Does your family need a new water well? DogeCash Multi-MN brings you daily income for next to NOTHING. All for you!
If you think Putin's got bombs, better check DogeCash dropping yet another one!

This will be the backbone of some future services within the DogeCash ecosystem. We're all into launching new and exciting projects to the crypto space aiming for the Moon!

GitHub and FAQ:

Script at work:

Multiply masternodes one Server with only one IPv4 address. - dogecash/multi-mn-installation
DogeCash masternode installation script by @mcarper (Mike Carper) 😘
FAQ and Installation instruction on GitHub: DogeCash: For all support please visi...

All right Doges, lets give a warm welcome to our latest Core Team member Pavel Burylichev alias @521783403477991428>

Pavel is an outstanding frontend developer with a strong background who joined our team to make SignalHub look as sexy and amazing as we all have envisioned it.

Some great progress is already being made and we are more than eager to show you how beautiful and easy this platform will be. We will begin marketing efforts soon in hopes of building a traders database that can bring traffic and attention to our platform as soon as we launch it.

We'll continue to keep@everyone posted about the progress during the upcoming weeks!

Welcome Pavel!

@everyone Hello Doges!
Final Stex Update:
STEX says they are taking care of the issue and resuming DOGEC Deposits/Withdrawls next week.

Hello Doges!

Before we fully go into this announcement/update, a little bit of pretext:

DogeCash, among many other proof-of-stake cryptocurrencies were under the fake stake attack which required developers to take major attention to and get wallet updates to the community. After a few weeks of trial and error with beta testers (thank you!), DogeCash developers James and Akshay said “it’s time,” and a coin swap was issued. All wallet and masternode holders started their updates from the instructions sent in <#479673105422221312> (our Discord).

Aside a few bumps of maybe not deleting the right files, users were still able to easily get everything back up and running, and the rest of the masternodes came online within a day or so.

The DogeCash team contacted CryptoBridge and STEX to enable withdraws and deposits and off we went!

Until we received a response from STEX stating the swap did not go well, and DogeCash supposedly owes 20,000 DOGEC for it. This is said incredibly polite, but we are not sure how we’d owe 20k for a bad swap – We sent the same instructions to STEX as everyone else. If it were somehow our fault, we would gladly hand it over, however we received no technical documentation for any customization STEX may have been using. That leaves the DogeCash developers thinking there are no special requirements to adhere to, just send the update.

As of May 27, 2019 we still have no proof of STEX’s claims of owing money and that the coins were lost or withdrawn, despite asking. In fact, May 27th is the last we’ve heard anything from them.

We are doing our best in attempting to help STEX resolve the issue so our DogeCash community can resume their normal activities. We also help you understand how we would not want to simply pay for something that cannot be proven, and that we’re definitely not speaking ill on STEX - We’re simply looking for resolution and wanted to inform everyone.

Other updates to follow, stay tuned!@here

Hey guys.
MNO listing fee has been paid and our listing will be resumed shortly.

Thanks for all the feedback, support and suggestions you have sent our way during this swap process. We are discussing many details regarding the direction of the project for the next months and we are excited about what's to come.

1.- We are looking for a new marketing director to resume our marketing strategy at full throttle. Please help us find the right fit to help us spread the word.

2.- SignalHub. We have resumed progress in the platform. We are in the talks with a top-notch frontend dev that will help streamline lots of details. We have also made good progress in terms of backend and will soon begin (hopefully with the help of our new marketing director) a marketing campaign to begin rolling the voice out and build a traders database that we can begin to work with once the platform is ready.

Other details we are discussing:

1.- The possibility of creating a UI based version for the governance tool. Our main goal is to open the possibility for the entire community to cooperate with us and be able to place proposals for the community to review and vote. All proposals will be checked by us and we'll make sure that every single entry goes in hand with our ideals, however, it is all of you who are going to have a final voice into what is going to be done and what isn't.

2.- We want to resume work in terms of our wallet's UI. This time without removing any features, but just giving it a nice facelift. We don't consider this to be a priority at the moment but we will take care of it sooner rather than later.

Other than this, I feel that we are in a great moment to finally get back in track after confirming for quite some days that our new chain is rock solid, so let's work together to continue building this small but beautiful project that we've treasured for so long now :)

Thanks a million times for being@here 😃

Straight from CryptoBridge

 DOGEC swap has been completed. It is required to generate a new deposit address```

Hello Doges!


Now that we have got past that part. There is some really BIG IMPORTANT Information CryptoBridge wants us to relay.

Everyone MUST create NEW Deposit Addresses on CryptoBridge.
DO NOT send any coins until you have done so.
The wallets were disabled and in order to be able to get coins you need to generate new deposit addresses on your cryptobridge account/site.@everyone


During our swap, we will get back the coins we locked on exploiters addresses a few months back. The total of coins we will get is of 95,045.88 DOGEC and we want to know what you’d like to do with them?

 Burn them.

 Distribute them equally between all addresses.

 Distribute them proportionally to your coin holding.

 Airdrop them to Masternode holders.

Reallocate them to our team funding.

go go!

Hello Doges!

As you may know, there’s been a huge wave of exploits targeting MN/POS chains and its been really hard to keep up with the security of our own chain. So far, the team have managed to keep it safe in 99% of the situations, but it is taking a toll in our productivity and we had to take action.

We have dedicated endless hours trying to upgrade our current chain to the latest PIVX release, but we have come to the conclusion that it won’t be possible given that we have thousands of issues inherited from our fork codebase and the best solution is to begin with a 100% clean, up-to-date codebase.

The team is customizing a new PIVX fork while maintaining all the wallet features you have requested to keep and we are already making tests in the mainnet. So far it is working smoothly and we will be ready very soon, however, this process will require a coin swap. After evaluating many options to go through this process in the most hassle-free way possible, we have decided to use the ResQ Chain platform for the swap, which has been proven to work flawlessly in many projects before and it is as simple as, sending coins to one address and receiving your new coins in our new wallet.

We also have removed Zerocoin from the roadmap as well as codewise on new chain in light of recent events regarding zerocoin exploits and the added liability it adds to the dev team.

Moving to a new codebase will ensure that our dev team can finally dedicate their time to working in the products that will be a part of the DogeCash™ Ecosystem and that we can continue to grow together as a community.

We thank you for waiting with us for a formal announcement. We wanted to be 100% sure about the path that we would take in order to address the situation in the best way possible.

Swap details will be announced in the next few days along the release of new wallets and explorers. 

Thanks for standing strong and for your constant support@everyone

DogeCash is happy to announce that starting today, we will be holding a Q&A session, every Friday at 10 am EST. Via Google Hangouts to strengthen the bonds within our community and continue building the future together.

Please join us at:

Hello Doges,

It is time for our Charity Vote! But before we do a full vote with the governance platform, we need some ideas! These can be any charity or a personal cause. We just need you to fill out our form. During the Core Team Q&A we will be holding on Friday, April 5th. We can discuss the options and put them up for a vote! Whos ready?! Awoooooooo

DogeCash Poll
Charity Ideas/Core Team Q&A

DogeCash™ can now be traded on Block DX #Decentralized Exchange.
$DOGEC is now ready for cross-blockchain #dApps with #Blocknet integration!

Find out more & get Block DX here:

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