Hello Doges!

We are very pleased to announce we have upgraded our explorer! It is not our new Insight Explorer as this is requiring more polishing.

In the meantime we have put this explorer together as you have made it clear it's important to have. We feel it's important, too!

After a long day fighting with servers to get the explorer operational, it's now fully functional. If you happen to notice any bugs, please let us know.

Also, this will be our primary explorer until Insight is completed.@everyone


Hello Doges!
@everyone Here is a temporary link for everyone to utilize explorer until we bring out the new version.
We apolgoize for all delays but sometimes real life hits us and causes us to slow down here. But we are back and ready to rock!!
Limited Functionality Explorer!

Hello Doges!

We wanted to make a small announcement to@everyone in regards to usage of premine.

During the chain update we went through a few days ago, we blocked offending addresses that took advantage of the exploit, effectively locking thousands of coins in these wallets forever, however, a good person got caught in the crossfire and we accidentally blocked his address containing legit coins and unfortunately causing him to lose a masternode.

In light of the situation, we are going to use some Premine to compensate this user and reimburse the 5,000 coins so he can once again launch his much loved DogeCash™ Masternode.

The locked wallet can be found here:

We will also have to spend 15K coins to cover development costs. These coins won't be sold to the market, but instead will be distributed between team members to cover for the endless amount of hours we have invested in the project.

Thank you for your continuous support, we'll be in touch soon with more updates.

DogeCash Team

Hello Doges!

For the time being, we want to inform users there may be some issues with depositing/withdrawing coins to CryptoBridge.

The following deposit addresses DO NOT WORK FOR CRYPTOBRIDGE!

These addresses are having issues and will be removed soon, after all transactions to them verify and sorted!

We appreciate everything during this hectic time and we want you to know we are<span id="every">@here</span> for you working on it!

DogeCash has been nominated to the BitvenCrypto awards in the “Top Masternode” category along Alqo coin, Beetle coin and RESQ.

If you believe in our project, please take a few seconds and vote for us :)


Vote now for the #BitVen Round 2 top #masternode in the past 3 months award 🏆 @ALQOCOIN @dogecashcoin @beetlecoin @RESQChain Leave a comment on which MN you would like to see in round 3 #XLQ #Dogec #BEET #RESQ #ALQO #DogeCash #Crypto #Vote #Voting #Masternodes 👇...

@everyone Hello DogeCash Community!

We have officially launched our Subreddit!

With this release we have made a more detailed post to inform everyone about the current situation that just occured. We wanted to give as much as we could so please feel free to comment and feel free to spread our Subreddit!

Important Read

DogeCash Team


We are currently working in a new Insight based explorer. It is a huge deal since DogeCash™ would become the first PIVX fork to have an explorer based in this technology. The pros are endless, starting with a tremendously powerful API that will open many possibilities for our project and the ability for easy integration with web wallets and support for Copay.

We will make sure to host it in a powerful VPS to make sure that its performance is flawless and that it delivers real-time, up to date block information.

We will keep you posted on the release date, stay tuned folks!

Hello DogeCash Vets!

We have got CryptoBridge deposit/withdrawls fully back online! You can now move coins in or out of the exchange.

DogeCash Team

We are proud to announce that the fork was successful and we are now safer than ever. We will release an official announcement most likely tomorrow, explaining a bit further the situation behind the need to update our chain in such a quick way.

Our explorer is having a few issues to catch up with the fork at the moment but you have nothing to worry about. We are already working on it and it should be back to normal shortly. Also, some statistics sites will take a while to refresh and get updated with the new info, so let’s give them some time.

The entire community successfully managed to update every single masternode in our chain to the 2.5 Version (just 1 missing) within a 24 hour timeframe, which is AMAZING given the short notice given.

Congratulations and thanks to everyone involved. This shows that we are truly a community and together, we are unbeatable! 😃 🚀

We have confirmation that NodeHub, Satoshi Solutions, Snode and Gentarium have updated all their masternodes to the new version. If your masternodes are hosted in any of these services, you have nothing else to do at the moment.

If your masternodes are hosted at Pecunia Platform, you need to log in to your dashboard and click "update" in all of them, one by one.

VPS users need to update manually in the next hour, otherwise your masternodes will go offline until they are updated.

Thanks for all the support we have received during this process, we are here monitoring everything to ensure that the update happens as expected.


Mandatory Wallet/Masternode Update

We are happy to announce Doge Cash Wallet 2.5.0!

Due to some circumstances brought to us by the community we have this wallet update. There was a need to make sure there was some extra validation in the area of staking coins. We have taken care of this issue! But now EVERYONE HAS TO UPDATE!

Any questions of course feel free to ask in <#479670879417270273>

DogeCash Team

Deposits and withdrawals have been paused at CryptoBridge and Stex while we apply some enhancements to our chain code.

In the meantime, it is great to see that our Discord community is thriving with joy and we thank all of our beta testers helping us work out all the kinks!"

Stay tuned to our next announcement.


We have released a mandatory wallet update including a fix to the fake stake vulnerability and a few more enhancements. Please update your wallets ASAP!


Deposits / withdrawals should be resumed soon at CryptoBridge and STEX.

Contribute to dogecash/dogecash development by creating an account on GitHub.

We have finished developing a fix for the fake stake vulnerability and we’re currently in testing phase. Updated wallets coming shortly.

Stay tuned! 😃

@everyone as you may know, there is an exploit known as “Fake Stake” that affects all POS based cryptocurrencies. Several teams are working together to find a fix to it and we aren’t an exception.

We decided to pause deposits / withdrawals at Cryptobridge and STEX to avoid our chain suffering from the exploit while we find a fix for it.

We are working hard to restore normal activity and we’ll keep you posted. This is only a precautionary measure and there is nothing to worry about at the moment.

Please stay tuned

Hello Doges!

We are extremely happy to announce that our bounty program is officially live!

🏆 Visit http://bounty.dogec.io for a chance to win up to 5,000 $DOGEC coins/month.

Lots of fun activities to earn points and more will be added every day!

This campaign is intended to boost our social media presence in many ways. We will be launching different strategies through it on a daily basis and will build a solid email database to follow up in the upcoming months.

The sooner you join and start earning points, the higher the chances to win some lovely $DOGEC coins!

Go go go!

DogeCash - A Masternode for Everyone!
Sign up to our bounty program for a chance to win up to 5,000 DogeCash coins!

Im so exited about all of this guys

Here are some DogeCash™ news!

We’ve been working hard in the Signal Hub platform. It is moving forward very nicely and we can’t wait to share the first few screens with you. We are working close with a couple of seasoned traders and they are helping us shape this tool to make it a “must” for any trader out there that want to sell signals. We have finished a first version of the Dashboard plus many internal pages. We have also finished the entire style sheet and are working hard to finish the first deliverables so frontend / backend work can get started. 

We have started working in a new venture as well, with the help of @504986115221225502> to create an amazing crypto bounty platform with a concept that is entirely innovative. Initially we are looking to use it exclusively for DogeCash™ but we are evaluating the possibility of converting this into a profitable platform for our ecosystem and let other coins launch their own bounties on it.

The redesigned / revamped wallet is in testing phase at the moment. All we can say is that it is looking gorgeous and we are more than eager to release it to the public. We will keep you posted about the release date during the next week.

Our advertising campaign is ready to roll out and we will launch it next week along an amazing bounty program and an amazing website redesign. It will include lots of viral social actions to help the DogeCash™ brand getting known everywhere plus attracting lots of new investors.

So friends, next week promises to be huge for our project and we hope to celebrate along all of you this tiny step forward on making our beloved DogeCash a currency to enter the history books of crypto!

P.S. I have decided after writing such an emotional update that, I’d release a very small sneak peek of the Signal Hub platform design 😄 Hope that you enjoy it!


We are happy to announce that DogeCash™ has been listed in Trittium Nodes. Please visit http://node.trittium.cc to enjoy the benefits of instant masternodes with profit staking and reinvestment features. 🚀

@here are some good news!

DogeCash™ has been listed in Pecunia. You can now deploy your DogeCash™ nodes on their hosting platform in a few clicks and get advantage of a very competitive monthly rate of just $3.65 USD per Masternode.