❓ Questions we are frequently asked:

• What we are actually working on?
• What makes our core team busy these days?

📝 Here's short update:

⚙️ Right now we are working on payment processor and DogeCash integration into online stores, this will allow merchants to use DogeCash as a payment method. Plan is to merge us with major shopping platforms, but this requires a lot of technical preparation. Hopefully soon we will be able to present working prototype where you can try our payment gateway in action. Again, the main goal is to push ahead upcoming donation platform, We are halfway through the technical requirements. In the meanwhile we still analyze and investigate our chain health, adding fixes to prevent handshake rejections, removing unnecessary forks, setting up filters.

🔅 We here are absolutely blessed to have such a wow community, thank you guys for staying with us, your support is deeply inspiring and motivating.

🦴 To walk through steps above faster we always welcome your comments. Please give us feedback on beta testing, this will help significantly to prevent bugs on official releases.

@everyone Cryptobridge is closing its service,discord of cryptobridge is no longer accessable,withdraw your funds asap

Important Notice
Gateway to Decentralized Trading


We're glad to announce we are now live on New Capital for trading.

Happy trading!

Community Exchange | New Capital
Our mission is to promote, fund and manage transformative projects that further the use of digital assets, employing blockchain as an essential component. The New Capital Community Exchange allows the safe, secure and efficient exchange of value between the cryptocurrencies t...

@everyone v5.0.1 Final update has been released.This is a Mandatory Update.
Changelog is:

[GUI] Cold Staking UI
Fix networking connection issues
[UI/Core] Fix unable to open wallet after encryption
[Spork] Guard chainActive.Tip() and chainActive.Height() methods call.
[UI] Fix color of topbar HD status and update colors for topbar.
[GUI][Model][Performance] Dashboard, remove call to isCoinStakeMine method
[UI] Bugfixes for MNR Chart and other misc changes
[Bug] Fix crash in send tab onclick of contactdropdown```
Download link is below:

Make sure to start mn from gui once you have updated,or console ,whichever way you prefer to start Masternodes.
DogeCash Core Code. Contribute to dogecash/dogecash development by creating an account on GitHub.

@everyone the issue has been identified,we will release a new wallet update,this will be again a mandatory update and will fix all stability and connection issues which was reported

@everyone ALL MN Holders,Please start masternode by starting mn again from console or GUI,

The new update has made conflicts for old message types,once done new peers can get connections and therefore have no issue connecting.

Hello Doges,@everyone

We're here for a quick update! Lately, we've been executing tasks and development in silence, but always check <#540201210741915648> for activity - We're always up to something.

Wallet version 5.0.0

  • New interface
  • Staking monitor
  • Income graph

The team had prepped to do 4.1.0, but we figured lets get the new interface out and fix some of the bugs users have reported with segfaults/crashes. This will be a major update and it will have our new interface!

Besides development, we are glad to announce a listing approval from New Capital exchange (this is even for free!). Pairs should be listed once we get the new wallet version out. Thankfully, this will help those out who are stuck between marketplaces due to recent restrictions regarding KYC and deposits. This also helps you expand your trading ability.

Prodoge and DogeCash are still in talks about how we are going to work out our partnership. Once we have hammered out all the details we will be announcing to the community what is planned.

We appreciate your time and patience with us at DogeCash.

Have a great week, Doges.

Thank you

  • The DogeCash Team

IF you see a error of hashprevblock == view.getbest etc etc do a reindex,that should fix the issue.

@everyone New wallet update is out,this release includes a revamped User interface and new statistics UI.More details in the Release notes here:

DogeCash Core Code. Contribute to dogecash/dogecash development by creating an account on GitHub.

@everyone We are happy to announce that DogeCash Coin is listed on - Affordable & Easy Masternode Hosting Platform!

You can now deploy your DOGEC masternodes for only $0.4-0.5 per month through platform:

  • Easy masternode monitoring and management interface.
  • Cold wallet setup - your coins stay in your local wallet (computer)
  • Move existing nodes easy and without any interruptions
  • Only $0.40 - 0.50 per month (price depends on the package).
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • 24/7 support

Feel free to check out the platform at

@everyone Hello Our Fellow Shibes!!

Some small but exciting news, weve had some issues with our normal explorer so we figured we would bring something useful out. We have forked Trezor Blockbook and it will now be an explorer for everyone to utilize to check on their coins!
Link is:

Psst. Maybe Trezor will officially add us as well

Have a fantastic Friday Shibes!

DogeCash Explorer
DogeCash Explorer


Early morning, GOOD MORNING!

We have applied for a new exchange listing, with the thanks of a team member and a community member pointing us out to this group. Our listing will be done by upvoting. So you know what I need you Shibes to get done.
Upvote this:

Hey, Doges!@everyone

Checkout the milestones we've completed and the new roadmap. It's been wonderful and will continue to be. Monthly audits for masternode/staking providers, and now small businesses can accept DogeCash using Prodoge!

Spread the word!

Let’s talk Partnership, Masternode Quality, new Roadmap
Hello Doges! Great things ahead! Without an initial change to DogeCash’s roadmap, we were able to do most of what we set it out to do (up until this point). After running into and patching th…

Hey, Doges!

We're happy to announce VAULT Investments has stepped up to the plate and has agreed to the DogeCash Masternode Quality of Operations. This is an effort to strengthen security and transparency regarding masternode providers and staking services alike.

Together we’re striving to set a new standard in the MN ecosystem, and that is to not "say" quality service will be provided, but to prove it and agree to it. That's what VAULT has did and will do.

We look forward to working with them in keeping DogeCash coins safe.

Check VAULT out over at their Discord

Hello Doges,

Just for some clarity on our previous announcement. This in no way means #DogeCash is shutting down. We just are trying to give this platform as much opportunity to success as it can be. Funds for Team are soley due to a funding shortage to cover opportunities until SignalHub generates an income. SignalHub is not our idea as a main source of income but a start. We are sourcing potential investors for the situation as well. We are collaborating with several projects that in the upcoming weeks you guys will see more of the background action. We have Prodoge which is an awesome non custodial payment service that is integrating DogeCash. We plan on making this partnership much stronger in the coming months. We have been invited to another upcoming conference which we will talk more about coming up. The team is also going to make some changes upcoming in our support for pools/hosting sites. Starting a new standard for Quality of Operations. Stay tuned for the waves we are going to create.

Hello Doges,

We have some requests.

DogeCash Funding Requests
As we know SignalHub beta logins are going out this week. It is integral everyone looks out for their emails and helps us move through the beta process efficiently. DogeCash is requiring funding to move forward. We are asking for a total of $40,000 USD to crowdfund us for 3 Months of Marketing SignalHub effectively costing $20,000 USD.
The breakdown is as follows:

Weekly Ads - This is a ad space to purchase on the cheap and on the expensive to hit reddit, 4chan, twitter, bitcoin talk adspace, general crypto related sites and etc, weekly cost around 700$ running daily ad's across all these. $8400
Youtube Videos - Idealy 12 Videos, each costing around 400$ varying per influencer but setting budget at $5000
Referral Program - Referral system needs to be built with codes costing $500
Facebook Adspace - 1 Time Fee, 100$ to have a prescence of SignalHub on facebook. Not preferred Marketing attempts.
Market Buy DogeCash for AirDrops - $1000
Graphic Design costs - this is in relation to banners and everything we would run on these adspaces. $5000

Remaining Costs:
Team Payment of $20,000
Breakdown is as follows;
$5000 - Akshay
$5000 - Uchu
$3333 - Liquid
$3333 - Daniel
$3333 - Snick

These funds are imperative to the continued success of our project. We have renewed everything from Domains, Web Hosting, Servers and project related overhead for the next 2 years. After doing so has left DogeCash with $0. This funds will propel the marketing ideas for SignalHub and push for its success and invigorate the team to dedicate and continue to dedicate as much time as they have been in bringing even more to DogeCash. Aside from us saying what we need, in return what do you need from us, so that this funding request can happen?

This is our current wallet address where funds will be held in a multisig wallet for security purposes: 32mN6kuSngtD6fwSH6uNqTWSGdMUZY6LME

Hello Doges,@everyone

Its the time again, Development Update #5 is out! We got a little surprise inside! (it's about SignalHub)

Development Update #5
Hello Doges, Once again the DogeCash Team would like to thank everyone who has been assisting and been here since Day 1 until now. Everyone has been essential in getting us to the point we are at n…



Our announcement is now posted on the blog. We're going to be zoning in closer on SignalHub. The beta is looking amazing (and we'll be going down that invite list soon enough). Development updates soon to follow! Stay tuned!

Read full,

Announcement: After our meet, moving forward
Hey Doges! We’ve had nothing but a great week so far even though we didn’t have our Monday meeting. Instead we had it on Wednesday in order to adhere to the team’s schedule. We re…

Hello Doges,

We have posted our weekly development update into our blog!
Let us know what you think!@everyone

Development Update #4
Hello Doges, To close out August strong, we want to bring you a preview of our Mobile Wallet in development! Akshaynexus is working extremely hard to bring us this first version for iOS. We would l…

Hello Doges,

Weekly Development Update #2 is OUT!!
Come read, come see what we got cookin.

DogeCash Development Update #2
Welcome Doges to our 2nd installment of our weekly developmental updates. We have a few exciting items to talk about! HD Wallet is being added to our core code base. This is a BIP39/44 addition for…