Stay Safe!

Much Love, Carsen.

@everyone if you are in doubt, right click my username on this message and message me. I have the yellow tag.

@everyone there is still a fake wookie going around. I will never send you PM s like this

@everyone We are striving to make D one of the most valuable badass crypto currencies on the market. We also need YOUR help. If you are able to help out in any way possible please make yourself known to any of the admins. We are looking for all sorts of help. Coders, marketing gurus, designers and are also after people who can help write articles on Denarius so we can spread the word........There is no 'I' in team 😉 lets do this!

@everyone Mandatory Update will be incoming later today, EVERYONE will be required to update, all mining pools, services, exchanges, FS, and regular wallet users.

We are happy to announce that #Denarius ( D ) can now be traded on #Altilly. Happy trading! @denariuscoin

@everyone Denarius has just been listed on Altilly.

altilly - Crypto Trading Market D/BTC
altilly - Crypto Trading Market D/BTC

@everyone there is a FAKE wookie going around behind the scenes, my tag is yellow.

I WILL NOT be doing any transactions OTC .

Stay vigilant

@everyone Buy a 6 month Fortuna Stake Hosting plan at and pay with DENARIUS to receive an extra 3 months Hosting free!! 9 months for the price of 6!

Coupon is valid until 15th August 2019


You must pay with Denarius at checkout

Hope you're enjoying the service


@everyone A fellow community member @277887914740809739>
(Twitter: posted a great article about us on Medium!

A Decentralized Powerhouse Waiting to Take Over

@everyone 400D EACH now!

additional 200 D from me for the first 3 from above

@everyone , The first 5 people to buy a FULL Fortuna Stake (5000 D) in the next 1 hr from now on either of the exchanges gets 200D each plus FREE Hosting for 6months on You MUST PM me the tx hash and screenshot/timestamp of your tx. It will all be verified on the blockchain. First in best dressed. GO

The first new decentralized fair payment system for masternodes »...
Overview of the new Decentralized Fair Payment System (dFPS) Masternodes are typically a node that can be ran on certain cryptocurrency networks. They take a certain collateral amount to provide a dynamic or static reward from the consensus method of that cryptocurrency. Popu...

d.F.P.S. Decentralized Fair Payment System for Denarius (D) Fortun...
Overview of the Decentralized Fair Payment System

@everyone As a thank you to all of you as our great community, we have decided to give you a little something in return. Use the discount code CTSTORE010 in the cointelegraph shop ( ) and you will get 40% off your entire order! Thanks guys, you're all awesome!

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@everyone Go give our article on The Merkle a like and a comment! Feel free to share it to all your friends!

Denarius - A true cryptocurrency in a sea of ICOs » The Merkle Hash
In a sea of altcoins, Denarius is by far one of the more interesting, innovative blockchain projects released yet. With a community driven decision making process, and an extremely hardworking, dedicated lead developer, Carsen Klock. Denarius looks exceptionally promising. To...

@everyone It is my great pleasure to announce the winners of the Twitter contest we've been having over the past week. We've had a hard time going through all the submissions and selecting the lucky two out of them all.
Congratulations to <span id="every">@asscror2``</span> and ash williams aka@s04076677</span> for winning the twitter competition! You both deserved 50D each for a great effort on twitter, and helping Denarius grow. Each of you, please send a PM on Twitter to `<span id="every">@Luigi1010101 with your Denarius address, or with your full ID in this discord if you want to receive it via tip inhere instead of directly to your wallet.

Thanks to all you guys for competing, we had a fun time reading and watching it all! Have a great rest of the day!

@everyone I want to draw your attention to the voting going on over at again. We're in second place with the votes right now and thats fantastic, but, only 30 people have voted for us. We believe in you all as our great community, and we would love you all even more if you would vote for us onthere and help us get listed. You need to sign up, but there's no KYC or other bullshit, just an email and a password.
With the number of people active in the channels here, we should be able to get that first place easily, if you all could donate 2 minutes of your time to the good cause.

Thanks in advance, and have a great rest of the day!

Voting -
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@everyone sorry for the ping, but it seems we had someone fake a team member, sending DMs to people telling them to update with a fake wallet. If you got such a message AND updated, send your coins to another wallet asap and get your computer cleaned. If you EVER get a message from a team member, go to the <#334361453320732673> channel and find the team member in the user list, right click and click Message. It will take you to your DMs with that partticular team member, that way you can verify. All wallet updates will be announced in this channel, we are not sending individuals messages about wallet updates. Stay alert and protect your crypto. If you find out someone is trying to scam you, report them in <#595707532555845643>.