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@everyone We are now on Blockfolio Signal, simply add "D" to your watch list and you will get Signal updates from us!

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@everyone We now have a Denarius Fortuna Stake Hosting site. The service is fully functional, website design and visuals will be continually updated over the next few weeks. You keep your D collateral in your wallet and the Fortuna Stake wallet is held on the server. The You can pay via D, BTC or ETH

@everyone I present to you....the newly updated Community Forums! You can now view recent posts and topics from our <#441173711463251968> channel here


@everyone Denarius v3.3.7 is now released and available! This update includes the following:

-Fixed QT segfaults across all OSs
-Fixed QT compiling across all OSs
-Added buzzkillb Ubuntu 16.04/18.04 Denarius QT installer bash script
-Fixed Trade D link to in QT
-Updated Refresh button in QT
-Fixed macOS compatibility/building Hashes

SHA256   48ba0a1faef06be8782b000e181ed7cc19bd46fa3b0d39a8a826f92dbe64c764
MD5    8ca1c600eaef106a36d2146f8f86bf66
SHA-1    4dd38dd66a7c27b8f6e35e95ab1d6b6b71b2b987

Denarius.exe Hashes

SHA256   2d36271560d448283bc39712e2ace64a1b21a2c3538580c101a20f8a2c6a43ba
MD5    72c68308f762ed5cfb97663a27c5d1c0
SHA-1    8de3e5a87f58448bc240ca4088a9f73d218b5c12
Authentihash    aa29fecf16852ba696fd361c6671d0d9e92ff3d30a74f47002e72592bc7bf638
Imphash    2852de0dcb5e0559e5231e10136fad4b

Denarius-v3.3.7-macOS.dmg Hashes

SHA256   683ed887479beab00254d53e95ce4d8779d617d2a45532522fffc28c5381f869
MD5    11ae922f86f487ec039215a3b8340096
SHA-1    63066c793718fe392b34fb6df618a34bbe7be644

denariusd-v337-ubuntu1604.tar.gz Hashes

SHA256   e1f44f94de8d85c0f5fa5a2138b91b4ad695d925c269900815700625028ffd84
MD5    fc16dc11a21d62a85f499ff2482b85ad
SHA-1    f1e84c3d0e712e6ac616480a09854333dc3e3d96

Download this release for all OSs from here:
You can also git pull our master branch for updates and also utilize our new bash script to easily and quickly install the Denarius QT on Ubuntu Linux by @327709028102963200>

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@everyone ZDNet did an article on the recent "hack".

Update: My Github Account is now 100% secured. The old infected/compromised binaries were removed from the Github. A new v3.3.6 Windows Binary was posted in our releases with SHA256, SHA-1, and MD5 hashes to validate after downloading, ensure that these hashes match after downloading the Denarius.exe to ensure it is clean. This new binary was validated by multiple InfoSec professionals to be clean.

Release Notes and Binary Hashes:
Direct Download Link:

The Github source code and repository itself were not affected by this issue so any denariusd nodes running are clean and safe.

~Denarius.exe Windows Binary Hashes~

SHA256   3888badd7498c9c6b26825fbf041415def4ae8597207963c38d40f5cd01b7895
MD5    b02a43a707e934143d9ba7a903d44458
SHA-1    7ec9d647fa7a72cb84615048b9660bd1279dc4bd
Authentihash    f9b4b5182df8c06e4c54f7eb6adf5e8c2b7398cbec3da0483a579191147306c7
Imphash    2852de0dcb5e0559e5231e10136fad4b Hashes~

SHA256   b9c721b7c7feb5a8e7f0ecf030804f1715e37c8bcaa91887be3986ddb0a1bc31
MD5    8b27223883ca0b0a583f094b38fb448a
SHA-1    60608f97d1fc3283e84ddf4ed456148bc968e20f
Backdoored cryptocurrency software found serving AZORult malware |...
Windows client for Denarius cryptocurrency found compromised, but clues suggest the same hackers also backdoored many more other cryptocurrency software clients over the past few months.

@everyone We had a recent security breach of our Windows application binary Denarius.exe, currently the source is secured, we are still investigating this issue, please scan your wallets, if infected, transfer funds to a fresh new uncompromised wallet.dat with new private keys. We are still investigating this issue and will provide everyone with another update soon. LONG LIVE D is a good option for now

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@everyone - cryptopia was hacked and is dealing with the authorities - it seems they only hacked ERC20 tokens at this time. However since they are dealing with the proper authorities - their site is currently unaccessible. Please be patient and use other exchanges to buy/sell/trade Denarius.

@everyone Most Exchanges and services are now updated to our latest v3.3.3 version and out of maintenance:

Cryptopia - Exchange
Crypto-Currency Trading platform.
0.00004000 D / BTC Market | Denarius Exchange |
Market: D / BTC | Last Price: 0.00004000 BTC | Currency: Denarius | Base Currency: Bitcoin | Join and start trading today!

Denarius Statement about CryptoBridge Exchange Update
This article is in relation to and a response to the

@everyone WITHDRAW YOUR $D FROM CRYPTOBRIDGE IMMEDIATELY. You have roughly ten days to grab your funds off. We are parting ways with the now defunct exchange CryptoBridge. They have updated their wallet to v3.3.3 to allow withdrawals for the next ten days before delisting us. If you need an exchange for D, most prefer currently (fully updated) or Cryptopia (once our wallet is updated there as well).

@everyone We finally have a solid and stable blockchain going again for Denarius!

Denarius v3.3.3
Mandatory Update, All nodes, services, and wallets must update to v3.3.3
-Protocol upgrade to 31005, FortunaStakes will transition to 31005 after block 1.5m
-Our blockchain is now stable, this release is stable (v3.3.3)
-Many improvements and bug fixes to our custom Fair Payment System (FSFPS)
-GUI Improvements for FortunaStakes
-Overall wallet optimization, HUGE Performance boost.
-New Fortuna Stake Icon in QT
-New features,statistics, and improvements to Fortuna Stakes in QT and daemon
-Overall syncing improvements for syncing and once synced.
-Added more checkpoints
-Staking Icon is now fixed to show green when staking in the QT UI
-Nodes require a heartbeat as well as timespan to be an active node
-Pruned Paydata to prevent overpayments
-Fixed Reorg Loops and overall reorgs
-Fixes to the Syncing Bar in the QT UI
-Fixed several possible conditions for de-sync on nodes.
-Improved the readability of the My Fortunastake tab

Huge shoutout to @315443285349105667> for doing a large amount of development,

...and thanks to the @&337044373621571628> for all their help and hard work as well!

Get it from here:
Windows 64Bit QT:
macOS QT:
denariusd for Ubuntu 16.04:


I will release binaries soon, my birthday is currently in progess, so yes, blockchain and everyone is on hodl until my birthday is over 😉

@everyone The latest wallet is v3.2.6 RC3 . QT Wallet is available here We will send out an announcement every time there is a new wallet release, that way everyone knows they need to update.

@everyone If you updated yesterday, you will need to update your Denarius nodes again and potentially grab the chaindata to sync, is updated for block reference, there is no version increment, you will just be able to sync to the network -

@denariuscoin #denarius $D Version 3.2 is out, we have a stable chain again and the pool up. Most have been notified to update again, this is a newer v3.2 than the last post. Everyone must update, lots of changes and fixes! $crypto #crypto #blockcha...

@everyone Denarius v3.2 is now available, IT IS A URGENT MANDATORY UPDATE and is REQUIRED by EVERYONE to UPDATE.
Denarius v3.2 brings tons of changes to Denarius and its inner workings, take a look at the release notes below!
Release Notes:
Download Win64 QT:
Download macOS QT:
Download denariusd for Ubuntu 16.04:

You can git pull our master branch for the latest release to update your denariusd nodes and Fortuna Stakes

IF you synced past block 1451336 on a previous version, please download and replace your chaindata with the one below:

@everyone Denarius [$D] v3.1 is now released! Everyone must update, it is a MANDATORY UPDATE.

Denarius v3.1 $D is now released! Get the mandatory update from #blockchain #rebranding $crypto #ctypto #cryptocurrency #altcoins #alts $BTC #BTC #DNR $DNR #masternodes #ringsigs #update