Update on Swap Hi,@everyone Thank you all for your patience on our DUELIUM 2.0

While the swap requests are still being checked & verified for, I am happy to announce to our community that: 1⃣ DUELIUM 2.0 source code, wallets (Linux/Windows/MacOS), servers & block explorer are all ready at 100% 2⃣ Swap will start within 48 hours from this post, in the order of highest DL holders to lowest DL holders. 3⃣ All swap process will be done within 7~10 days from the start, please wait for my PM if you submitted swap form. 4⃣ New wallet download & address will be posted and will be announced to public within 24 hours from this post. 5⃣ CryptoBridge, Masternodes.Online, MNCN, & Most importantly the PandaWallet & Dice-Age are notified & will be updated soon too.

Once swap process is complete, We will start our new roadmap & new whitepaper to establish and connect P2P/B2B industries that utilize blockchain technology. This will also include the inception services for any project teams that want to start their own crypto-project & connect local businesses with them. Once we get our PandaWallet back, we will also promote more bounties to do a community based activities to help build our community better. Since all of the dev team budget is also being burned, I hope this will make our project truly more community driven with neighbors from global regions; furthermore, from the burning of more than 1,000,000 DLs, I would expect scarcity & increased value in our future.

Good luck & my best wishes for everyone. Let's go 2019!

Thank you @459162518011641866> & everyone@here We have made our swap announcement on twitter today!

❱❱ SWAP INITIATED ❰❰ DUELIUM 2.0 is ready to swap! We are now accepting Swap Registration Form, If you still own any DUELIUM, visit our discord & Request Swap today! DEADLINE>> January 31st, 2019 ✧ Join our discord for more info:

Hi,@everyone ! Thank you all for staying with us & being a big part of our community!
. 🎉 Today, DUELIUM CHAIN has successfully passed block #100K on October 10th of 2018! . 🎉 Thank you all for witnessing the stability of our network & we will continue to work hard to improve our technology and show more relatable business side of our project soon too! . 🎊 🎊 . Watch our blocks moving at: .

UPGRADED DUELIUM CHAIN IS COMING SOON! Successfully moving to block #100k soon too!!! Please like and Retwet@everyone

❱❱ WE ARE RENOVATING! ❰❰ UPGRADED DUELIUM CHAIN IS COMING SOON! Successfully moving to block #100k soon too!!! ✧ Join our discord for more info: Crypto-Bridge: …

UPDATE : END OF SEPTEMBER 2018 Hi,@everyone ! I try not to bother everyone with mass announcements too often, but it doesn't mean we're taking a long break. We are still working hard! 💪 😉 So I wanted to drop by to update our community with our weekly reports!

🏆 [Updates] 🏆

1⃣ Fun weekly community games are still on-going, thanks to our moderators & gamekeepers for their countless effort and devotion to the whole community members. Please keep checking back to play with other community members, and earn DL! (PS. also all invitations sent to Yahoo Fantasy Basketball Players, please check your yahoo email to join!)

2⃣ We're also making some major updates to our chain, (more information coming soon! 👍 ) This is to make our chain ready & secure for the upcoming live partnerships with gambling partners and retail businesses, and from this, we will be preparing a swap for all our DL holders when our updated chain is ready. 😉 👍

3⃣ The New Logo Contest deadline is coming up. (it seems people stopped submitting already, but just a heads up) As usual, I've received massive complaints of how rules should be changed, how people cheat or pay to get votes, but I do not intend to disqualify anyone, because I know some of you still wanted to try and participate with good heart! Few of our prospective partners already picked out what they really like for the new logo too, so Iet's see who will win at the end! 🏆

I hope everyone will have another wonderful week, see you guys all very soon! 👍