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We've been cited in an article comparing us with ANON and DEV ! Time to show some DKPC love ❤

Recently, some of our community members asked us to compare some low cap privacy #masternode gems. We picked three coins which we think fits the criteria @ANON_WeAreANON, @DeviantCoin & @DarkPayCoin. Pick your favorite! #DKPC #ANON #DEV #passiveincome https://t.co/FrBuFW3...

@everyone the <#538105649607737355> will remain open for a few more days as the team is hard at work right now and can't lose focus, time for extra questions !

@everyone The team will start answering the <#538105649607737355> in a few hours, there is still time left for a few questions !

@everyone Just to let you know, we're officially onboarded at BlockFolio Signal, got a call with them last friday night, very nice people, their CEO was a member of the founding DASH team, hence totally getting what we are looking to do here with our governance system. Waiting for his assistant's e-mail now !

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0.2 $BTC ~ two micro/low caps - 0.1 BTC each. What you buy? Shill me.
What’s the next big #cryptocurrency? What are we all sleeping on? 🧐
*NEWS* I am working on an article and I need your help. Shill me your favourite #crypto #altcoins with a marketcap below 5 million. Please RETWEET for engagement. Thank you in advance!


Finally received the firm's quote for our DAO owned legal structure !

DAO owned and governed Panama based Foundation :
registration : $2995 one time
registered agent and office : $600 yearly
fully encrypted tresorit folder : $240 yearly
Local physical director : $4800 yearly
DAO governance specific legal work : $2000 one time
total = $10635 = 3.14 BTC at the time of writing

The financing will be put to vote at next superblock
Since we have a max 2% allocated funds you are strongly advised not to sell your rewards so the price can go up and we can finance the legal backing
This is the most important step towards DarkPay's global recognition as the second legally recognized and compliant DAO after DASH , as well as going further with more prestigious exchanges related partnerships ;)
We have a month to push the price up in every single way we can, it's time everyone does their part of the job to spread the word around !

$dkpc is now available on @Staking_LAB ! #DarkPay #DarkPayMarket #passiveincome #masternode #Masternodes


I know some of you have been stressed out by that downwards price action, but let's remain logical :

76% of the supply is locked in masternodes

There is anywhere between 100 000 to 200 000 DKPC for sale at anytime on CryptoBridge which represents an average of 0.05% of the current supply....!

1 BTC would take us right back at 2K sats = x5 from here

1.44 BTC would take us at 4K sats = x 10 from here

2 BTC would make us X100 from where we are now !

DarkPay is still young, products are being developed and will be delivered, partnerships are being built. All is being done according to the roadmap. Those that will get the most out of it are those that got in early, and support the project by HODLING and SPREADING THE WORD AROUND.





#DarkPay's #AMA session n°2 remains open for 7 more days ! Don't be shy gals/guys ! Here's where you can ask any question you'd like about the project : https://t.co/ZMkOTLd7sm $dkpc #DarkPayMarket #masternode #Masternodes #passiveincome #bitcoin #cryptocurrencies #crypto

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What is the biggest event in #crypto occuring in 2019 🤔🤔? If it is a project, please share the project, event, and dates 🙌... If it is something like #Bitcoin hitting 30k, provide reasons. #CryptoKing
Who are some of the hardest working teams/people you know in crypto? Tag then below, let’s shine some light on the work they are doing.
If you had to pick one, what would be your second favorite digital asset holding after Bitcoin? Vote and retweet to get a good sample size. Comment with your reasoning or if you have another choice that you prefer.

#DarkPay featured in our friend @stvmcg new video ! Thanks again for your support mate ! https://t.co/QVUddqsVYn #DarkPayMarket $dkpc #masternode #masternodes #cryptocurrency #crypto #bitcoin

#DarkPay got featured in @BitcoinMagNL thanks to our friends @altcoinbasenl ❤️ https://t.co/RtPnzboB8y $dkpc #DarkPayMarket #masternode #masternodes #passiveincome #cryptocurrency #Crypto #bitcoin

⚡️@DarkPayCoin⚡️ 🗣️New currency DARKPAYCOIN (DKPC) listed on https://t.co/B3wPGqTW7W ✨https://t.co/Tx0o1wciVX ✨https://t.co/4MFhaDZmR6

@everyone time to have a few words about DKPC ! Thanks in advance ❤

I have a few bitcoins I want to invest in 2-3 short term projects (1-3 months). And 1-2 long term projects (6 months - 1 year).... Crypto Twitter please help 🙌. Please include the project and what is so impressive occuring in the next period of time 😎. #CryptoKin...

Here's #DarkPay's very first monthly recap ! We’ll now post a monthly overview so everyone can follow the project’s development at a glance ;) https://t.co/j0pkGh6ecU #DarkPayMarket $dkpc #passiveincome #masternode #Masternodes #cryptocurrencies #Crypto #bitcoin

@everyone we can all vote for DKPC to be listed on StakingLab !

#community #coinvoting. top coin = listed @Staking_LAB & @clicknode vote for: @akroma_io, @Loki_Project, @BeanCash_BEAN, @scashofficial, @bit_send, @XSNofficial, @Allsafecoin, @DarkPayCoin, @PayDayCoin . Want to bring out your vote? Go to https://t.co/ip7weeXTS9 . Happy #v...

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Have you bought any coins recently? If so, which one(s)? #readysetcrypto #crypto #coins #cryptocurrency
Shill me some good masternodes you're currently running for passive income that are under $1mill m.cap. Projects that have a use-case other than just being a masternode coin. GO!
What is the biggest event in #crypto occuring in 2019 🤔🤔? If it is a project, please share the project, event, and dates 🙌... If it is something like #Bitcoin hitting 30k, provide reasons. #CryptoKing
Who are some of the hardest working teams/people you know in crypto? Tag then below, let’s shine some light on the work they are doing.

$DKPC Privacy is a right, not a privilege! $TOR nodes are available for deployment on DarkPay network NOW! @DarkPayCoin