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@everyone D4RK is now available for trading on Bisq.

#D4RK is now available for trading on @bisq_network #DarkPay #DarkPayMarket #privacy #coldstaking #Staking #passiveincome #masternode #Masternodes

@everyone we're looking for a talented webdesigner for DarkPay's new website. If anyone is interested please PM me. Portfolio required.



Hello guys,

hope you're fine, quite some time since last news, summer break for many.

Most tech peole are back, working on several things :

  • moving our servers to a "safer" place, perhaps Russian or eastern Europe VPS provider. If you have advices or serious offer, please PM us.

  • website coin+community update & finishing domain migration

  • development : a new daemon version and a new wallet version have been compiled and tested internally. We identified some bugs in escrow and order flow, so testnet builds weren't released for public use and hard fork planned near mid-august has been delayed and should happen between september 20th-30th : we will all have to update our daemons to initiate market functions in mainnet, including explorers, pools, and above all exchanges, so we have to let some time for all to update.
    By the way if some of you have serious Angular/JS skills and BTC-based chain knwoledge, please PM us.

  • swap support tickets : all valid support requests about this spring swap have been closed. If you still have unresolved issue, please PM us (ONLY if you have a valid swap form and swap serial ID, if not we can't do anything)

  • private messages : i still have 76 unread messages, so if i didn't answer you yet, i will answer asap :))

On the other hand marketing team is still working on "undergound" advertisement, we're also waiting for Bisq news after they commited code to list D4RK, also looking at similar exchange listing (with FIAT, IBAN, cheap, and without KYC...)

We will inform community next week about testnet progress and coming mainnet hardfork.

Thanks for your support, as usual !



Hi guys we're initiating a brand new testnet today so people can try creating their own markets before going live. We detected some small issues and will need more testers.
We'll share new executable ASAP for those who want to help testing and share our results in <#572686640431104000>

On the other hand we initiated with marketing guys some market/facial value support strategy, want to be sure all is good before starting the real serious things.
Those who follow our github know we also worked on other exchanges listings so we get back to CMC and find a way to offer a D4RK<->FIAT market. Our code has been checked and merged in Bisq exchange a few days ago so D4RK should be tradable in Bisq in the next few weeks.
To make short the plan is : testing the next 2-3 weeks, then other listing+CMC+MM, then mainnet hardfork for market launch.

DarkPayMarket update :
Plan is to make first private market test next week, then pushing the private market key/listing generation tool online if all goes well for team/partners testing, then going public july 26th

@everyone just a quick poll, how many of you would be ready to help fund a PR on CoinTelegraph ?

Those that still have DKPC on please withdraw them to swap for D4RK, 06/06 00:00 UTC is the deadline !

Home -

Team won't do any escrow at the moment for security measures, scammers are plotting smartly. Don't trust anyone proposing OTC transactions even through DarkPay's team.

Congratulations community! Already 33% of the supply was swapped in only a few days !

So you received your brand new D4RK...

-What's next now?-

Please let your wallet opened to help new chain start and hashrate if you can.
We need a minimal chainwork and stability before going further. We're all igniting a new, young chain.

-What about cold staking?-

We're working on community staking pool and scripts at the moment. Planned to release after swap is finished.
Hopefully with the help of community members vps staking scripts will be released even before.

See coldstaking as a masternode without fixed collateral. Basically you'll have to :

  • get a reliable Linux VPS like VultR or Digital Ocean (first month offered with DarkPay referal : )
  • download linux64 daemon and run it
  • generate a coldstaking public key from vps daemon wallet
  • define the receiving address you wish
  • fill the coldstaking pubkey in your local wallet

-What about exchanges?-

We have to wait chain is strong enough and swap is finished.
we're still in negotiation with some and we'll do our best to grant decent trading facilities asap.
Once swap is finished existing trading pairs will be disabled in STEX, CB & CRCO.

-What about market?-

Once all the above is done, we'll focus on delivering the market to community.

Work is now focused on :

DarkPay Marketplace dApp : this is the app that manages the personal market key delivery & listings (in community site), community moderation etc...
DarkPay desktop app : your D4RK wallet, so you can switch between markets and make your shopping -but also sell your products
Mobile wallet
Ideas boilerplate : many things we can do like in-wallet private messaging, gambling, gaming...

Thanks again for your support, stay tuned !

Please read swap instructions extra carefully !
Since we're using a fully blockchain based system for the swap there is no way to reverse clerical/manual errors
Please ask before doing anything if you don't feel comfortable with the process

Swap form is now opened until 06/06 00:00 UTC.
Get your $DKPC ready to exchange for #D4RK !
An exhaustive guide is available here :
Link to swap form :

Swap form will open tomorrow and close on 06/06 00:00 UTC
Get your DKPC ready to exchange for D4RK


As you may know the team's proposal won and is now integrated in our new chain
(testnet you can try right here) :
Linux :
Windows 32 & 64 :
Mac :

This means several things :

No more hyperinflation
Higher facial value per DKPC
DAO self funding ability
DarkPayMarket has never been so close
More mainstream marketing will be made possible with the help of DAO's self funding ability
DAO's legal backing is imminent


ROI hunters and weak hands, please dump ASAP so we can move forward without any toxic community members.
To our strongest and earliest supporters we'd like to say thank you for bearing with us, no matter what.

It's just the beginning.

@everyone Let's spread the DKPC love ❤

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New chain with newly voted parameters incoming. We should be good for public tests this week. #DeltaDirect #DarkPayPhase3 #DarkPay #DarkPayMarket $dkpc #passiveincome #Masternode #masternodes

Here's #DarkPay's monthly recap for March 2019 ! $dkpc #DarkPayMarket #masternodes #masternode #passiveincome #DAO #cryptocurrency

Here's DarkPay's monthly recap for March 2019 !

DarkPay’s Milestones for March 2019
Here’s DarkPay’s third monthly recap.

@everyone Thanks for your support and patience, you are a wonderful community ! ❤