We are proud to announce that Dinero can now be exchange on #DIN is listed on the automatic exchange platform

It has been tough for me, as I have been continously seeking for assistance/help financially and technologically to be able to proceed further with the project.

I am planning to have a new wallet to be released (based on PivX code) that will include PoW/PoS & Masternodes. The premine amount will be the 15000000 DINs which is almost equivalent to the current circulating supply. Governance budget structure will be included (it has been tested to be working same with Pivx). Please see below for the Coin Specification:

Coin Name: Dinero
Ticker: DIN
Prefix: D
Algorithm: Quark
Proof-of-Work Block Reward (internal): 10 DIN (until Block 10000)
Proof-of-Stake Block Reward (After Coin Swap): 10 DIN
Reward reduction: 0
Block Time: 2 mins / 120 secs
Premine: 15000000 (Amount estimated with the Current Circulating Supply) -
Masternode Collateral: 6000 DIN
Coin Swap of 1:1
Masternode Reward

50% - Masternode Owners
50% - PoW/PoS Stakers

Governance Budget: 2880 DIN/Month
SuperBlock Block Reward %: 2
Estimated # of Blocks/month: 480

In lieu with the events that have happened to the project, I have considered to step-up and engage the current community members and seek for help financially.

In order to proceed with the Proof-of-Stake shift, I will be needing donations amounting upto

2.09 BTC (at the time of writing) or $20000 USD to pay the current exchanges listing Dinero to have the wallet updated with the new one.

All donations and assistance will be highly appreciated in order for us to proceed with the next phase of the project.

I have also considered preselling the premine should everyone would agree with it.

Here is the BTC address to where you can send your donations:


@everyone If you have any questions/concerns/suggestions/feedbacks, please do not hesitate to ask me on the General Chat or in DM.

@everyone I know it has been too long since I last have given everyone else an update. To be honest, it has been a rough market for the project and for me. Dinero, as you may all know, is not in a good shape and it does require help. With that being said, I am releasing this statement to provide everyone else an update regarding the current status of the project.

The coin was based on Dash code and thus it did adopted Proof-of-Work and its Masternode feature. The project was started by an individual under the guise of "Dinero Dev". For some unforeseen event, "Dinero Dev" opted to move away from the project but required a few individuals to take over it. @!389783938127626240> and myself took that responsibility and did the best we could to salvage on what was left of the project. All access to project has been given which also includes the Premine. The original concept was to use the premine as a source of funding until the Masternode Governance feature is enabled. However, as unfortunate as it may be, the coding didnt work and Governance didnt took place.

When we (me and Mindminer) took over the project along with a few individuals, we thought that "burning" the premine is the best thing to do as it would make the project more "Decentralized" in nature. Along with the hope that a few C++ developers would be able to fix Governance and the code while day-to-day operations of the project are being looked on.

Unfortunately, Premine was burned, Coding and development went to nowhere and we are now stuck on a broken Dinero Wallet code that wont help in funding the whole operation.

There were times when closing up shop was the option for me. The individuals that joined the team slowly got out of the project and requested not be part of it whatsoever.

This is without email notice again.



News Information

DIN Delistin

18/07/2019 09:11:22 AM

DIN will be delisted on July 31 2019

Please withdraw all your coins before July 31 2019, withdrawal after that date will not be possible

@everyone TradeShitoshi just made the following announcement

@everyone - the NEW simplified Dinero Website is now online.

Dinero Coin - CryptoCurrency - Private Instant Payments Globally -...
Dinero Coin

@everyone - We would like to give everyone a heads up about a project that many early DIN members are involved called DeVault, while Dinero will not officially be backing DeVault we thought it useful to the community to provide a quick introduction:

DeVault is focusing on being a digital community economy for everyone by combining a digital cash base with aspects of a community governed DAO system, a custom cold rewards system, 1 coin = 1 vote and of course a community budget. Coins are mined through a SHA256 ASIC miner similar to Bitcoin and other crypto currencies.

More details are available on or simply follow@DeVaultCrypto on twitter, we hope to work closely with the DeVault community to help push for the mass adoption of DIN all around the world.

for General knowledge, use this online Howey Test to determine the status of the cryptocurrency project you are interested with:

Howey Test Wizard
Howey test for blockchain tokens and crypto projects. Based of Coindesk's spreadsheet

@everyone take time to read and understand the context of this document.

DLT Framework | Securities (Finance) | Value (Economics)

Dinero Coin Brand Logo Usage — Steemit
NOTICE TO THE PUBLIC: The Dinero Coin Project logo is copyrighted by DineroCoin Project with website hosting url… by dinerominer

@everyone please take time to read. It has come to my attention that the DineroCoin logo and name are being used against "fair use" of the MIT license agreement and intellectual property rights.

NOTICE TO THE PUBLIC: (Fair use of DineroCoin Project Logo) $BTC $ETH $BNB $XMR $DASH $USDT $XRP #blockchaintechnology #cryptocurrency

Block Reward Reduction is still expected to come by Block 350400. We are still down by 3011 blocks as of sending this ANN.@everyone

@everyone - FYI - Block Reward Reduction is estimated to take place on or before Feb 16 2019 UTC once Block # 350400 is generated. The Block Rewards will be reduced from 27 DINs to 24.570 DINs.

@everyone - $DIN is now listed on It is another alternative for MN hosting.


"In less than 24 hours from now, Dinero will be celebration its 1st Year Anniversary. The first Dinero Block was generated last Jan 25, 2018 9:25:48 PM UTC.

We would like to thank each and everyone for sticking around for past year. We've seen a lot of ups and downs with the project. So far, the Blockchain, the Wallet services, the Masternodes are running as designed.

Thank you for your continued support"

Hi@everyone! Hope all is well and 2019 is treating you well so far.

Just to be clear on the progress on the switch to Proof of Stake and fixing the Governance system... The developer who offered to do the work was not able to do so. We are still looking for someone to complete this work. If there are any skilled blockchain developers in our community, please come forward! if anyone knows someone, please let them know we are looking. We are willing to pay a fair price for the right person to do the work.



DINERO now has official group on blockciti. if you guys have account on blockciti or plan to join there, dont forget to join our official group and spread the word:

Groups - blockciti Howdy
Come and join our community. Expand your network and get to know new people!

The Dinero team would like to wish you all a Happy New Year! We thank you all for your patience with us during the bear market, during the search for a full time C++ dev, and for your continued belief in Dinerocoin. We currently have a working product that could revolutionize payment systems as we known them, and there is so much more we can still do to improve... Remember that it is all of us together who will shape the future of not only this coin, but of the world around us!! We truly wish the best for everyone here in 2019, may it be the year we all hope for.

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ok - theres a new modus in town - most likely the people behind this so-called exchange:
the scheme:

  1. A person will DM you asking for help in withdrawing BTC
  2. The person will offer a commission from the BTC to be withdrawn
  3. The person will then ask you to register to the site
  4. Once registered, he/she will ask for the BTC address that you have on the site - Be wary though - the BTC address is legit
  5. Once you provide him/her the address - an internal BTC transaction will then be executed by him/her to transfer you XXX BTC
  6. The scheme - the website will require you to "deposit" BTC before you can withdraw. The claim is due to EU regulations of fraud towards bots and etc.
  7. If you deposit your personal BTC and you try to do the BTC withdrawal - nothing will be withdrawn and once you check the your BTC address from the exchange - there will be no "actual" transactions of BTC transfer.
    please be careful with emails, DMs from any anonymous person saying they will give you something in return.
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