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Hi, Deviants!

Meet the report for the past week:

  1. Updated links in sections #links and <#497272674289057792>;
  2. Almost all accesses are transferred, of the mobile code is next in turn (deadline until November 11);
  3. Dex: work on the gateway;
  4. Restored cooperation with the SPP team -;
  5. Meet our new discord administrator@KDub (wise and fair);
  6. We got a listing on and you can get one of the cheapest hosting services for your masternodes DEV ($ 0.5 / 30 days). Attention! Payment for hosting is possible using DEV coins!

We also agreed on mutual advertising of our projects on different social networks.
1.We cooperate with another service, at the end of the technical and other settings we will publish the message
8.We are starting to prepare a race and games program for the whole community!

We want to thank the team of developers led by@InternetOfThings for the time, patience and perseverance. The existence and success depends directly on the outcome of their work.

The team is looking for a Bitshares specialist, active help (consultation) is needed on a volunteer basis.

We want to ask the community to keep it calm, we move forward in small steps - there is movement)
The team is doing their best to create products and start operating. It will be, but it will not be as soon as we would like.

Updating the roadmap is possible when the situation with the terms of the periods of work on products becomes more transparent.
So far, nothing is clear on the timing - programmers have just entered a full-fledged workflow.

We ask sellers: do not kill the price of DEV.
On the contrary, the higher the price, the more interest in our project - new people, the creation of new mn, increased liquidity, budget creation and implementation of ideas.

We are at the same "boat", we promote the project anytime, anywhere!

Good times ahead, your Deviant Team

Deviant (DEV) Masternode Statistics - Masternodes.Biz
The developers of DEV have aimed to provide the safest and most accessible infrastructure for coin usage. Since masternodes are connected constantly to the network and perform certain specified tasks continuously, DEV offers faster, and more private, transactions.

Hello, Deviants!

The team is currently working on:

  1. organizational tasks
  2. The Core team continues to grant us access and privileges, but is a slow process
  3. We have conversations with various services that supports DeviantCoin
  4. The financial side of the project

This week did not lead to significant results and progress, work on DEX proved to be more than expected, but our development team does not intend to give up on the difficulties - and we have a stable workflow.

Mobile wallet - developers are waiting to gain access to work, preparation for transfer is underway.

We decided to create our own explorer without using third party services

SPP - We received a positive response from the team that they will not delist Dev, but we are waiting for official news from them.

A list is being prepared of all the servers that have to be paid by December 1st.
@K Dub will soon receive administrative rights in the Deviant Discord Channel.

We have created a new telegram news channel -

There we will share everything in one place and it will be easier for you to find all the news

And at the same time the price of the coin is increasing optimistically, there are big purchases of coins: rocket: (: wink: don't be late to get a lower price)

Trust in our work, most of us are investors just like you. We provide our time and resources completely free of charge and this is the biggest proof that we believe in this project!

The DEV team is with you and for you!

Telegram: Contact @deviantnews.


Hello dear community,
As we have promise to you, we will have regular announcements with some details/progress about the project.

In this announcement we want to introduce the new Deviant Team members:

Management (coordination tasks, workflow management):

@408905575628537857> group management

@456014254798143499> group management
Each of them works on a voluntary basis, and owns different skills.
We want to thank every single one of them for the time and resources,we love you guys!

As of developement:
We are currently working on finishing the DevX
In particular, for Dex at the moment, the goal: figuring out how the assets and gateway works in bitshares."

Very soon we will start our work on the Mobile apps(IOS,Android)

And now something that all of you have noticed, we are currently 10 days of steady price growth.

Listing on the new crypto platform - Graviex:

DEV / # BTC -

DEV / # ETH -

DEV / # USDC -

Future DevX

keep believing in our work and we will do our best to be the best.


@everyone Hello Deviants,

With great pleasure we announce the growing of our team with a couple of dedicated and like-minded people, who are community members and early investors,
all of them possessing different skills, and now we have everything to move forward.
We now have 6 professional developers on board, a marketing department has been practically formed - 4 people.

There will be no takeover plan!

The new members of our team gave us strong motivation with their selfless help and great desire, they convinced us to continue following our dreams and Vision.
We will do our best to finish what we started and create a better/faster and more secure decentralized exchange.

We want to thank all of you for your endless support and that you believed in us.
We are proud of you Deviants you created a strong and friendly community and you deserve to enjoy the fruits of your investment

From now on we will be as transparent as possible, open for communication and providing all the needed information.

There will be some changes:

1.Once a week we will publish a report on the current project situation, even if it will be minimal news or small results.

2.It is no secret that we still have some financial issues, so everyone open to provide help are welcome
Development will not stop because of those issues, we will find a solution together as a family.

  1. At the moment developers have restoring DEX and there will be an analysis of upcoming work, partial completion within coming weeks, then work on the interface.

The whole group works on the basis of volunteering, we are still looking for talents who can help us.
In particular, we need Android dev and another iOS dev.

As you have been informed we are expanding our trading reach and are already listing at Graviex Exchange.

Sincerely yours, Deviant Team.


(#DEVIANT) got listed on #GRAVIEX . Many of us had issues with Cryptobridge KYC

ready to trade:




@408905575628537857> @416766655637618688> thanks for paying the fees

What more to say, the fine trickles finally lead to an avalanche when the cryptocurrency market finally crashed in August 2018 taking the price of our tokens down along with it. With no permanent developer on board, paying up companies and freelance developers only helped to make progress at snail's pace eating up resources at an even more alarming pace. We still maintain a transparent list of how we spent our resources, so we have no regret whatsoever and available for any community member to inspect. We still think we can make it happen, but the absence of a lead developer and our personal assets drying out, it has become close to impossible to keep funding this project without external support.

We sincerely look forward to outside help from other coin community members to come forward and help us because we think this dream is still alive given the right opportunity. All the assets and resources of DeviantCoin are ready for an official take over. We invite other coin owners who are interested to take over this project. We also request the community members to kindly inform other coin owners and developers so that we can discuss the terms with an interested party. We promise that our presence will continue and we are ready to help the new flag bearers with our sweat, time and talent. This is in no way an announcement to abandon the project. We are here to stay and support the project and make this dream a reality.

DM @350379126177267717> or email

It was only during the later part of 2018 that we really started bumping on to enormous security challenges and outside attacks from nefarious groups who were trying to bring down and tarnish our image and the well being of the community. The hack of June 2018 was probably the onset of a chain of events that really turned our plans upside down. Most of the money kept aside for the core part of the development was utilized for handling the security issues and the hard fork event which happened in July 2018. We also faced challenges from hackers impersonating as friends trying to you steal the essence of our original vision, which is of building the most secure and fastest decentralized hybrid cryptocurrency exchange. To make matters worse, the chain of events also lead to the loss of our core development team.

Later part of the year we tried even harder to harness community support to build and finance the original roadmap even though whatever was left from the initial crowdfunding was hardly going to be enough to accomplish that. We decided to pledge our own resources and personal assets in order to complete what we set out to do in the first place. It is rather disappointing to note that the entire blockchain community works in a predatory environment where the strong take advantage of the weak and does not let the community or the technology prosper due to their own vested interests.


Dear community members,

It is with a heavy heart that we are doing this announcement. It is exactly 637 days since we launched this project. We have to admit it wasn't really an easy ride. We have a dream and we have a vision and we still think it can be achieved. However, the time has come to evaluate where we stand and whether the present model of development is helping the community or not.

When we started off our development work, the primary aim was to stabilize the blockchain and spread awareness about our goals and build a collaborative community that could help us take the dreams forward. We have to say we were 100% successful in achieving that goal and we could bring together some of the best minds to work on this project. During the peak of our development work, there always used to be at least more than a thousand members always active and always supportive of whatever we were trying to do. We were able to achieve all of our roadmaps in the first year. We were able to launch applications on mobile and web and even got us listed in most of the major exchanges at the time. We have to wholeheartedly thank each and every one of our community members for that.

@everyone Beware of scam notifications if you have received any DM from anyone. We have NOT changed any of our link repository nor announced anything. A big thank you to our members who had reported this.

Official links for the channel are found by <#482543771787984916>

We have been getting reports of users receiving messages from scammers using admins profile as a bait.
Hence we are releasing the official profile ID list so that you can verify if you receive such messages.

Note: We do not PM you for selling coins or Masternodes. We have also listed the discord ID for further verification as there is a vulnerability which allows scammers to even copy the profile ID.
If you are unable to see the Discord ID, goto settings-->appearance --> enable "developer mode".

Admins@Akerboya --> profile ending with #9468 /Discord ID - 359011575425925133

@CrispDark --> profile ending with #6447 /Discord ID - 213413279257722884

  • @Street Jammer --> profile ending with #6383 /Discord ID - 350379126177267717
  • @NightCrawler --> profile ending with #8378 /Discord ID - 390207846173900801

For the goodwil of the community and others, please do not trade nor encourage anyone.Continuous offense will get yourself banned!!

Kindly do cross check the profile ID and the Discord ID if you receive any messages .


Dear members,
In an unprecedented act, one of our moderator's account was hacked into and numerous users have been banned thereby creating a chaos as witnessed by the community. Unfortunately due to a disaster event , we the admins could not be present. We have identified and are taking measurements to reinstate everyone's membership back to normality. Kindly, if anyone comes across those whom have been banned irregularly can put a DM to either Street Jammer#6383 or NightCrawler#8378

Regarding our developments, we are in the final case of fixing the gateway with an accurate ETA of two weeks. Even amidst chaos, we will strive to bring the platform to showcase the functionality. A big thank you to you people for sticking onto our hardship events. We will not let you down !


We are providing donation addresses for BTC/LTC/ DEV for us to meet 5000 € to move forward. We personally thank everyone by the community for staying with the hard times.

DEV Address:

BTC Address : 34rBcWEsPm25n8U1FCU6o5RpdH8Hnmx5Md

LTC Address: MKAb11L2LLRyLgyqzpsRBh2ExnrhTe5NY2


We got listed in ESCODEX and trading is Open

Trading fees is 0% here in escodex , build some volume , you would need few cents worth bts to pay network fees

Novaexchange Listed

Trading is open here

DEV / BTC trading - Nova | The Standard Crypto Exchange Engine

Update About DevX

85% work is complete , What's left to complete is Gateway Integration and Skinning , Currently it on a 3rd party gateway. We already have a fully working version . its ichiching to show it to you guys but , The CSS integration will be completed this week , wait until then .

DeviantX Wallet

The wallet balance audit is in progress, For some users the withdrawals are locked . once the audit is complete it will be unlocked, Others can withdraw coins , this bugs is fixed already. This issue is caused during the wallet update .



It's time for China Deviants!

For those who didn't notice yet, please welcome @398178459215724546> who recently joined Deviant Marketing team dedicated to China market.
Jason will be able to build a strong and big Deviant community on this very promising market with the help of our beloved Deviant mascot!

Now, Jason will need tools to reach this goal, and we're happy to announce that DEV is now listed on QBTC Chinese exchange and trading will start this Wednesday May 1st! Deposits will be open tomorrow Tuesday.

QBTC is known for its wide adoption within the Chinese community offering CNYT, the pair needed for them to invest in cryptocurrency's projects


As mentioned by our previous announcement, we have financial constraints raising up funds for DevX. We appreciate the concerns raised in meeting the same through public funding.We are exactly in need of 35000€ for bringing the final version to fruition and hence putting out a proposal for investors.

Hence, please reach out to me for funding which will be disbursed either by the end of the year with 20% interest or be disbursed weekly from the DevX profits once released.

Please do not encourage any direct messages from the team as none would ping you up directly. Please reach out to me alone for initiation.

Thanks for the great response so far!


" Grace under pressure " as put by Ernest Hemingway.

Without much ado, we would like you guys to have a sneak peek on the DevX front as communicated. Now, we are not trying to wantonly delay the release of DevX, we have had huge financial constraints and are working under immense constraints, both financially and the need to deliver. We are confident on the second part.

Regarding BSIP protocol, BTS released an update which will push our release even more. Hence, we will be doing the release early and then moving on to a Hybrid one when the time comes. In other words, the transition will be smooth and will be taken care without any hassles.

So, behold our sneak peek of our release below :


DEVX Sneak Peak - UPDATE