@everyone On the channel of our PR partner passes Airdrop on the coin of our project! Those interested can take part!

@everyone Dear community! We fixed all the errors in the app! In the near future, we will test the application and announce the release date!

@everyone Dear CASAX community! There were errors while testing the app! We are forced to postpone the announcement of the release beta version of the application for 2 weeks in this connection! We apologize for the delay!

@everyone Dear participants of CASAX invite program, thank you for your work in promoting the server! 🎉 The bounty campaign just ended! The list of winners will be published in a few minutes (channel <#492490559706103830>)

@everyone important news -- CaSaX app beta will be announced next week, immediately after this, listing on bigger exchange (not yet determined which one) will be paid.