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We have gone totally nuts and to celebrate the #Jade and #PoS release we are launching a contest with a total prize of 4.000 $CRW πŸ’£πŸ”₯

πŸ₯‡ 5 $CRW Systemnodes
πŸ₯ˆ 2 $CRW Systemnodes
πŸ₯‰ 1 $CRW Systemnode

Start gathering entries to the contest by completing the available tasks

5 Crown Systemnodes
1 Winner will be drawn randomly by the platform. We will then draw 2nd and 3rd place runners up, who will also win1st place winner will receive 5 Crown Systemnodes2nd place runner up will receive 2 Crown Systemnodes3rd Place runner up will receive 1 Crown Systemnode ...


Crown Jade v0.13.0 will be released on 28th of March!

This release includes

  • Custom Master- and Systemnode Proof of Stake consensus algorithm
  • Unique CRW address prefixes

Read the full ANN on Medium:

This is a major milestone for Crown Platform. We owe this success to the amazing Crown Community and our developers. Thank you, everyone!

Jade Release on 28th of March
Version 0.13.0 includes the unique Proof of Stake solution and CRW prefixes


posting this message from @379049527098998784> here for more exposure:

Denarius made a big push on the Cryptrade vote overnight and are only 10 votes behind Crown right now. Another (free) exchange listing can only be a good thing so please go and vote for Crown in the Cryptrade #vote-commands channel and one vote (per IP) per day on the web at
If we can maintain the number 1 spot until 16 March we get listed on this new Cryptobridge style exchange for free.
Everyone please take a few seconds to vote every day.

Vote - Cryptrade - Decentralized Cryptocurrency Trading Platform
Cryptrade is a decentralized cryptocurrency trading platform built on top of bitshares 2.0 which provides traders secure and easy way to buy and sell cryptocurrencies and tokens online instantly.

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There is an extra giveaway in the reply ;)

❗❗ Give away ❗❗ Main prize: 2 systemnodes (1000 Crown) Second prize: 1 systemnode (500 Crown) Steps βœ…Follow @bitladon @CryptoBenelux1 @CrownPlatform βœ…Like and retweet this post βœ… Tag 2 friends βœ… Buy € 25 of #CRW on #bitladon and post your clientnumber ...

@everyone you can give proof of this by hitting πŸ‘ real

Crown (CRW) - Jade Release
CRW releases Jade by end of March.


🎬 check out the new animation video "We are Crown" 🎬

We are Crown!
Want to learn more? Visit us on or join the conversation at Telegram or Discord! Lin...

❗❗ Give away ❗❗ Main prize: 2 systemnodes (1000 Crown) Second prize: 1 systemnode (500 Crown) Steps βœ…Follow @bitladon @CryptoBenelux1 @CrownPlatform βœ…Like and retweet this post βœ… Tag 2 friends βœ… Buy € 25 of #CRW on #bitladon and post your clientnumber ...


I apologise for the technical problems we experienced during the live stream. The full Q&A session is now available on YouTube. Enjoy and don't hesitate to comment and ask further questions.

00:01:05 - Staking process in MNPoS, staking, minting
00:10:20 - Reward distribution in MNPoS
00:17:50 - New proposed distribution with 5 CRW block (1.5 minter - 1.85 MN - 0.4 MN - 1.25 Governance)
00:19:00 - Jade and Emerald. Which features will these releases include? When are they planned?
00:27:00 - Proof of Stake release planned for end of March, exact date to be announced in 2 weeks!
00:28:15 - MN / SN privkey security with PoS
00:37:45 - Non-Fungible Tokens. What are they? How are they being implemented into Crown?
00:46:25 - Demonstration of a NFT transaction in testnet. Explanation of parameters and variables
01:01:00 - Outdated database? Alternatives and solutions
01:11:30 - What is a double spend attack? Differences in PoW and PoS
01:21:10 - Wrap-Up and Manchester ANN

Crown Platform development Q&A Session with Artem and Ashot
0:01:05 - Staking process in MNPoS, staking, minting 0:10:20 - Reward distribution in MNPoS 0:17:50 - New proposed distribution with 5 CRW block (1.5 minter ...

πŸ‘‘TODAY πŸ‘‘ Q&A with the @CrownPlatform dev team at 2 pm UTC Share the stream and don't miss the fun #MNPoS #NFT #Staking $CRW $BTC #blockchain #cryptocurrency @nonfungibles @blockchainhotel @BChainSolutions @Katalytics_DE @YandaTrading @Pres...


Crown Platform is now being featured on Success Files hosted by Rob Lowe!

Enjoy the 6-minute corporate identity video in the business section:

| Success Hosted by Rob Lowe
An award-winning program highlighting new stories and innovative concepts through groundbreaking short-form and long-form documentary presentation. The program, anchored by a veteran production team with decades of industry experience, effectively communicates critical storie...

Thanks to your help we’ve managed to save the superblock and many nodes with it - thank you@everyone! Special thanks to Ashot and JosΓ© for jumping in!

What happened?
In short: due to a bug in the code, Masternodes ended up in an infinite loop after receiving a certain finalized budget. This caused many nodes to hang/be unresponsive.
Ashot quickly spotted and fixed the bug and Crown core v0.12.5.3 was released. We then asked all masternode owners to update and manually vote for a finalized budget. To clarify: we asked you to vote for a budget that best reflected the state of the network before nodes started hanging, not because it was our favourite budget as some people thought.
The superblock has now passed successfully and proposals have been funded!

What do you need to do?
Make sure you update both your local wallet and nodes to v0.12.5.3 as soon as possible, at the latest before the next superblock in a month. See instructions here

Thank you again! πŸ™

Critical update to v0.12.5.3 – Crown Platform – Medium
Update instructions to solve node freeze

@everyone @&511848779570348032> we need every masternode owners help right now.

This is the finalbudget that contains the proposals passing before the crash.

"590a34358210e9e0ccf3beef26063ef0cd4fd9a776511921053a9c8081a1c623" : {
"IsSubmittedManually" : false,
"Hash" : "590a34358210e9e0ccf3beef26063ef0cd4fd9a776511921053a9c8081a1c623",
"BlockStart" : 2203200,
"BlockEnd" : 2203200,
"Proposals" : "crown-dev-dec-2018,communications-q1-19,design-services-j19,dec-crowntech-webdev",
"VoteCount" : 11,
"Status" : "OK",
"IsValid" : true,
"IsValidReason" : ""

We need to manually vote it with all our masternodes, since else we will lose the dev proposal and some of the smaller ones aswell.

Please unlock your wallet before voting.

The command to vote this budget is

mnfinalbudget vote-many 590a34358210e9e0ccf3beef26063ef0cd4fd9a776511921053a9c8081a1c623

We only have around one or two hours to vote. Thanks for your help


Please update to the latest version, we encountered a technical issue with the budget finalization making the node network loop.

This issue is now fixed and you can update your Crown software to v0.12.5.3 using the guide published on Medium.

Thanks to Ashot for working all day long on fixing this.

Critical update to v0.12.5.3 – Crown Platform – Medium
Update instructions to solve node freeze

there is a crowdfunding going on for Crown to be present at CoinFest 2019 in Manchester, begining of April.

Ps. Please don’t decentralize your body by playing with fireworks.

Hi all,
We would like to wish you all a fantastic 2019.
We’re definitely looking forward to making new progress after the holidays and releasing PoS and parts of the platform in the coming year!
We’re always looking for new contributors in terms of development, QA, bizdev, communication, and so on. So if your goal for 2019 is to learn to code, to learn more about blockchain, or to start up a new Systemnode, let us know and maybe we can work together!

Stay safe, stay decentralized, and talk to you soon.

The Crown contributors

@everyone a new development update has been published on Medium. Check it out

December Development Update – Crown Platform – Medium
MNPoS, Crown Platform, Community Projects, Christmas break

Please update your nodes – update guide here:

Upgrading nodes to v0.12.5.2
Upgrading nodes to v0.12.5.2

@everyone Please note the old nodes were cut off, as mentioned before