@everyone There is a new Crown block explorer available at
There's a short Medium article about it at

Crown Iquidus explorer
We are pleased to announce the availability of a new block explorer for the Crown blockchain.

@everyone @499535467058823178> is at the Malta AI and Blockchain Summit and will speak about Crown and Social Impact later today.

Are you at the @BlockchainMT #BlockchainMT Malta AI & Blockchain Summit? Come and listen (16:40) to Jan Brody, co-founder of @CrownPlatform, at the #SocialImpact panel. @MaltaGov @TheTimesofMalta $CRW #cryptocurrencies #BaaS #ROI #ROS

@everyone Following recent chatter about ways to ensure masternodes and systemnodes stay running until we resolve the increased memory usage issue, we have published

Crown watchdog script
This bash script is offered as a stopgap measure until the memory issue in Crown v0.13.x is resolved. Usage is entirely optional.

@everyone We're pleased to announce is back online!

CrownCentral has been updated to v2019.04.28:
 Webhost stability issues have been resolved;
 We now support the new CRW address format, allowing you to add System- and Masternodes to our node-monitoring;
 Weekly earnings email trigger has been improved, you should now receive one weekly email (instead of two or more);
 Statistics calculator has been updated, supporting the new reward distribution and the new MNPoS consensus mechanism;
 Additionally, check out the improved budget proposals page;
Thank you for your continued support and patience! 


Electrum for Crown has been updated and now supports the new [CRW] address prefixes.

All informations on how to get the most of the popular lightweight wallet can be found in this Medium article:

Have a great weekend, everyone!

Electrum-Crown Update
The popular lightweight wallet now supports CRW prefixes

New release v0.13.4.0 incoming
We expect to release a new Crown wallet, v0.13.4.0 at some time during the week commencing 30 April 2019.

community block explorer:

CRW FAUCET by @495741490643992596> running smoothly

Current Payout: CRW 0.05 (90%) or CRW 0.10 (10%) every 12 hours

Faucet Home

@everyone Coinomi is back up


$CRW deposits and withdrawals at #Upbit have been re-enabled.

‼️Generate a new address to deposit $CRW
‼️Do not use the old address. Your funds will be lost.

All informations here:


$CRW deposits and withdrawals at BittrexExchange have been re-enabled.

‼️ Generate a new address to deposit $CRW
‼️ Do not use the old address nor convert it.



CryptoID have updated for the PoS format blocks.

CROWN Explorer
CROWN CryptoID Block Explorer and Statistics. Access detailed blockchain information on CROWN (crw) transactions, blocks and addresses

Crown Core v0.13.02 launches MNPoS
Masternodes and Systemnodes are now solving blocks and staking. After failure to produce the first block with v0.13.02, Ashot’s patch…

Core of Crown blockchain platform. Contribution repository is available by this link: Github repository is a mirror. - Crowndev/crown-core

since block 2.330.000 could not be found, a new release is being prepared that will allow to generate the first PoS block. If this doesnt succeed, the solution would be to continue on PoW until the issue is tested and solved. The chain is stalled at block 2.329.999. There is no point in making transactions / syncing wallets right now.


‼️ Attention ‼️

510 blocks left for #MNPoS activation.

👉Make sure to be running v0.13.0
👉Masternode / Systemnode status needs to be "successfully started"
✅Mint blocks with #Masternodes and #Systemnodes

$CRW Current Block: 2⃣.3⃣2⃣9⃣.4⃣9⃣0⃣

MNPoS Activation Block: 2⃣.3⃣3⃣0⃣.0⃣0⃣0⃣


🚀🚀 The winners have been drawn by@gleamapp 🍾🍾

Congratulations to

@Jindrich1111 who wins 5 $CRW Systemnodes
🥈@198481337659817984>228 who wins 2 $CRW Systemnodes
🥉@SeeTheChange___ who wins 1 $CRW Systemnode

Please contact us with your contest credentials to receive your prize! 🍾👑

View results:

5 Crown Systemnodes
1 Winner will be drawn randomly by the platform. We will then draw 2nd and 3rd place runners up, who will also win1st place winner will receive 5 Crown Systemnodes2nd place runner up will receive 2 Crown Systemnodes3rd Place runner up will receive 1 Crown Systemnode ...


less than 2200 bocks for the MNPoS consensus activation. Take a look at the new block reward distribution:

at current MN / SN count

777 MNs = 6.07 CRW per day per MN
1134 SNs = 0.60 CRW per day per SN