@everyone If you hold CRW or any one of over 160 other currencies on Cryptobridge you need to withdraw them before the delisting deadline of 25 November 2019. If you haven't already done so you will have to complete KYC on Cryptobridge to be able to withdraw.

If you fail to withdraw them you will forever LOSE those coins when Cryptobridge shutdown the daemons and (they claim) delete the wallets.

@everyone the Cuban Community has released their first video from La Habana introducing to Crown Platform:

Crown Cuba: Introducción a Crown Platform desde La Habana
Produced by Kevin "@kevinml07" Maurence Pablo Luis "@pablon" Lara Alejandro "@DiazRock" Díaz 👑 Contribute CRW to the Cuban community: CRWQuvimjCeyogjbcpmNNXb...

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Hello Crown friends.
I made a request to add Crown to the ZCore platform. They host masternodes. Their stable platform is worth 2 USD / month. If we have 100 votes, they will add us. PLEASE VOTE! Thanks.

Crown (CRW) - ZCore Masternodes System
Crown (CRW) - ZCore Masternodes System

@everyone We just published a new article on Medium -
regarding a security vulnerability in linux systems. Masternode, systemnode and linux wallet users should patch their systems as soon as possible.

sudo vulnerability: patch your systems
Attention masternode and systemnode operators, anyone running a linux wallet


The Crown blockchain turned 5⃣ yesterday. The growth this network has experimented since then is exponential. Thanks to everyone who has contributed to Crown ever since!

We have big milestones ahead of us starting with the NFToken Framework mainnet release in a few weeks, codebase updates and (finally!) Trezor support.

With Crown Core Emerald we will start to see use cases functioning on the mainnet chain. When i joined the project 2 years ago, this was the goal. And now the time has come!!

Thanks for supporting Crown all the way!

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To further encourage community engagement and discussion, we have implemented a comment section for proposals on CrownCentral. Every registered member is now able to voice their opinion on active proposals. Either click the proposal name or comment icon, please see:

Moreover, we are also working on a weekly newsletter, proposal history page and comment email notifications. Thank you for your continued support! ❤

Peace ✌

Overview | Budget Proposals -
Oversee Crown network statistics and budget proposals at a glance and easily monitor your Masternodes and Systemnodes.

@everyone We published a new article on Medium! Moving home:

Moving home
The Crown homepage is moving to

@everyone We published a new article on Medium! Development update September 2019 on September 10, 2019 at 01:32AM:

Development update September 2019
Still moving forwards, not quite as smoothly as we’d like.

@everyone we published a new article on Medium! Backing the Crown blockchain value by registered assets (via NFTs) on September 06, 2019 at 12:25AM:

Backing the Crown blockchain value by registered assets (via NFTs)
Fiat was once backed by gold — that made sense. If crypto is to succeed, it needs to be backed by a fundamental value and not mostly by…

@everyone we published a new article on Medium! CROWN TOKEN FOR AFRICA UNBANKED, WAYS TO FINANCIAL FREEDOM THROUGH CRYPTOCURRENCY on August 31, 2019 at 11:42PM:

Africa is one of the biggest market for Cryptocurrency projects due to a huge amount of people that are “Unbanked”. In 2014, a staggering…

@everyone we published a new article on Medium! Development update August 2019 on August 10, 2019 at 01:57PM:

Development update August 2019
A rundown of events since the July development update

Check out Artem's explanation and demo of the NFToken Framework at the UNCHAIN Convention Berlin in June:

Non Fungible Tokens on Crown Platform - Demo at UNCHAIN Convention...
NFToken registration DEMO by Crown Platform Developer Artem at UNCHAIN Convention Berlin [Breakout Room] 15. June 2019 Crown Core "Emerald" v0.14.0 will rele...

I AM GIVING AWAY 10.000 $CRW FOR THE @binance community awareness campaign - like and RTweet within 48h - follow @CrownPlatform - join and - Once we hit 150 RT, 10kCRW will be distributed among all participants who claim th...

You guys at @binance @cz_binance @Binance_DEX are missing a mayor symbol at your exchange: the #Crown $CRW ✅ launched in 2014 ✅ industry leading MNPoS #masternodes generating blocks ✅ #NFT framework enabling hundreds of usecases ✅ community driven/ selfsustain...

Development update July 2019 - Crown Platform - Medium
Slow is smooth. Smooth is fast.

@everyone @357427622889652224> has pubished a technical article on the Crown Platform NFT Framework. Everyone can start studying and understanding the new functionality. NFT framework testnet prelease v0.13.9 will be live tomorrow!

Crown Platform NFT Framework
Non-fungible Tokens on the Crown Core

13 things you should know about Crown Platform
I love 13s, so I picked up 13 key aspects of Crown, which I believe everybody who is interested in the project should know about.

My first medium contribution, we need more people to join in and open medium accounts, its super easy!

We have just published the June development update on Medium -

Development update June 2019
Onwards and upwards

The Crown Registration API (NFT Framework) Testnet release is expected for 20th of June.

We will be showcasing the new functionalities at UNCHAIN Bitcoin & Blockchain Convention Berlin on Saturday 15th of June. See you there!