@everyone Hello guys we where thinking that Christmas is coming so we would like to understand the demand at this time for the mastrnode management system. If you want to use it let us know clapping our medium about it. https://medium.com/@crowdcoinpeople/whitepaper-and-mms-design-1-2-44c21eda986f

Whitepaper and MMS Design 1/2 – Crowdcoin – Medium

@everyone just got back from the event at bloomber abou t the destiny of cryptocurrencies, I am ready for complains and appels by pm until 6.30 pm lodon time. Enjoy your weekend LP

@everyone back online on masternodes. Online

@everyone while waiting for coin marketcap and masternodes online the current roi is 2470%/year

@everyone https://medium.com/@crowdcoinpeople/the-swap-is-complete-9859ab3fb18c

The swap is complete – Crowdcoin – Medium

@everyone the swap is over since yesterday i am just completing those that are in the process, for those that are really late there is a chance for 0.01 btc each transaction ( no more free first transaction)

@everyone swap is finally terminated

@everyone 1 h only remaining before the deadline of the swap operations

@everyone #whitepaper #designMMS fresh news!!! https://medium.com/@crowdcoinpeople/whitepaper-and-mms-design-1-2-44c21eda986f

Whitepaper and MMS Design 1/2 – Crowdcoin – Medium

@everyone a minor vulnterability have been found pls update your wallets (just recompile or donwload again version 2.0.0)

@everyone we are finally out of cryptopia and it's the best thing ever, final delisting on 15 December. Why its great? Becouse they will no more manipulate our coin with random delistings, weird requests and months to reply to an email. (I have never feel so relief after a delisting :)) cryptopia is going to be replaced before the delisting is complete :)

@everyone coins on stex are available the swap with them have been successfull

@everyone ONLY 1 TRANSACTION EACH user now on following transactions costs 0.01 btc each

  1. Access your wallet with the old coins
  2. Ask me in pm your address to send to the old coins
  3. Send me the transaction id
  4. Downloaded the new wallet sync( use addnode 5.send me the address of the new wallet, wait until the coins arrive

@everyone writing here becouse many have not seen this message that have been fixed in general

@everyone swap started https://medium.com/@crowdcoinpeople/the-swap-begin-11992a2e18ce

The Swap Begin – Crowdcoin – Medium

@everyone last medium before the swap starting on monday https://medium.com/@crowdcoinpeople/crowdcoin-tech-swap-a-qa-937a4b567815

Crowdcoin Tech, Swap a QA – Crowdcoin – Medium
Hello from Luca Paterlini fouder of Crowdcoin,

@everyone https://medium.com/@crowdcoinpeople/crowdcoin-swap-422e98f755e1 rescheduled

Crowdcoin Swap – Crowdcoin – Medium

@everyone news https://medium.com/@crowdcoinpeople/coin-swap-new-coins-specs-e20980922d84

Coin Swap: New Coins Specs – Crowdcoin – Medium
Hello, in the last article I have spoken about the future plans of Crowdcoin and about the Coinswap that has been planned.

@everyone I just published “Death of Crowdcoin, long life to Crowdcoin” https://t.co/JU0CmiFprS

Death of Crowdcoin, long life to Crowdcoin – Crowdcoin – Medium
London, Sept 28th, 2018