I have submitted a proposal for development funds via the supper-block. All MN holders please read and cast your yes vote in support. You can view the proposal in <#438407295836094464> .Thanks

The forum tab on the website has been deactivated due massive spamming and no way for the new team to moderate it , due to it being under an old team members control. You can still submit proposals and see the status in the wallet and on the website 'proposal' page. A new forum will come with the new website. Until then you can also post your proposals for viewing in the new discord
channel <#438407295836094464> Thanks

@everyone Received a reply from Altilly. They will proceed to delist Crave but are willing to perform another review in 90 days to see how the project is progressing. It is highly recommended users remove their coins from the exchange a soon as possible to avoid any potential issues.

So, I previously sent an email to Altilly to have then update the explorer site. I checked my mail and it looks like Altilly may be planning to delist crave for the primary reasons of: low trade volume, and because there had been no follow through with the previous road-map (old team), "Whitepaper date is June 2018. Most information is not applicable to project anymore and all dates in the roadmap the are long gone. Most of the work described doesn’t seem to be done. No team info in whitepaper.
Whitepaper has a good structure and some explanation of the project and it’s
technical aspect. However, as the current team is scheduled to search for new
algorithm it’s safe to say that most of the points describes in the whitepaper
will be outdated and 2/3rds of whitepaper is purely describing Zerocoin
protocol." I have responded to them regarding the situation and that the new team is trying to get the wheels turning again. So we will have to see what they say or if they respond.

We've added 5 more links to @nova_exchange today. Nova is now a qualified API for new coins to list on $BTDX @Bitcloud_BTD $CRAVE @CraveProject $GNR @GainerCoin $IC @ignition_coin $PRD @PRD_core #CryptocurrencyExchange #masternodes #masternode

Crave is now listed on Nova Exchange.

Markets - Nova | The Standard Crypto Exchange Engine

Nova Exchange has replied to the listing request.
"We are going to proceed with the listing on Monday 10am CEST.
I will generate addresses and enable the coin for deposits in the following hours. Please make sure to deposit some funds for the creation of the market.
Regards from the Nova Support Team"

Crave monthly update for May and roadmap have been posted here

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Crave Financial Privacy (blockchain cryptocurrency) A decentralized, community-driven, and energy-efficient payment system which values the privacy of its users.

Nova Exchange (D)

May 20, 12:00 CEST

Thanks 😃

We will have to perform a tech and legal DD, and we will then proceed with the listing asap!
Regards from the Nova Support Team

Submitted Nova Exchange Listing Application.

The monthly community update for April 2019 is available here:

Monthly Community Update – April 2019 - Crave Cryptocurrency - A...
Crave Financial Privacy (blockchain cryptocurrency) A decentralized, community-driven, and energy-efficient payment system which values the privacy of its users.

"atcsecureLast Thursday at 5:45 AM

'This is an official message from the Blocknet team on behalf of the Service Nodes.

As some of you may already be aware, some people were recently removed from our community, as they were intent on attacking the team with falsehoods and unsubstantiated claims.

It has come to our attention that these individuals have since formed an unelected rogue group, sowing dissension and spreading false information, including privately messaging unsuspecting community members, under the guise of representing our Service Node community.

These members strategically attacked Blocknet immediately before our biggest product launch in over a year, the long awaited XRouter. Blocknet can only assume this behaviour to be malicious in nature and that this group is seeking to lead discussion away from our product launches and sideline the project from its great successes and milestones, positioning Blocknet as the leader of interoperability.

Furthermore, it has been discovered that these individuals may soon attempt to solicit funding via the superblock funding system and gain support for their proposals, again, by spreading false and slanderous information about the elected members of the Blocknet team, which includes the founding members.

We call on all Service Node voting members to remain especially cautious of these bad actors and to support proposals from non-malicious individuals. Notably, those that have proven track records in helping Blocknet and are also known by the community.

We believe that supporting this rogue group could send the project down an unrecoverable pathway. Therefore, we as a team shall not be willing to collaborate with this group on their proposals/tasks, should they pass.'

With that said, Blocknet has great momentum and we will come out on top with one of the best interoperability platforms in the industry, as we celebrate and promote the launch of XRouter."

This is a statement from Blocknet, and what can happen when a MN governance system becomes a tool of malice. This is something I have anticipated will become more prevalent, and something to look at when incorporating governance systems without forethought of this potential and putting a safety mech in place.