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Hello Crave ecommunity. At the moment i'm in discussion with James (as previously noted) on how to get the minecraft reintegrated. He said "At the moment the server costs around 50 usd a month to maintain and run". There are a few questions i still have though, so waiting on that. Also I will be contacting those members who said they could possibly help out and see if the paper-wallet-generator can be done. As for the zstaking and other more back-end stuff, Crave still needs a dev(s) who can implement this. As far as I know, its already in the code, but inactive. I don't personally want to play with the spork because i'm not there yet in coding , and don't want to mess things up. I will try to update the info in <#411238332106801152> soon, as the wallet & web updates have been done prior to Cooler and some previous team members becoming much less active or involved. The roadmap should continue with completing the roadmarks that were previously set forth unless the community decides to change direction on that.

Update: The read-only site is now live. The holding balance from the 14th Jan is pre hack and we will be using these holdings as a baseline for calculating rebates moving forwards.

Urgent Announcement: Terms of Service & Identity Verification Requ...
In light of the scrutiny around our announcement on February 25, we’d like to take a moment to more deeply clarify our position. While much of the response among those users who are closest to the team was positive, we also anticipated there would be questions and points in...

Just posted the February update on the website and forum.

Just go to the MasterNodesPro discord. Go to the vote channel and type ^vote Crave and your vote will be entered. Thanks.

"MNP_SidoToday at 7:41 AM
Hello, is looking for the Best Masternode Coin! We have a voting on our Discord running until 02/25/2019. The voting starts today. Of course there is also something to win for the best 3 coins. 1st place: 1 year free listing on MasterNodes.Pro and 250,000 view advertising banner on MasterNodes.Pro (Small) 2nd Place: 6 months free listing on MasterNodes.Pro and 100,000 view advertising banner on MasterNodes.Pro (Small) 3rd Place: 3 months free listing on MasterNodes.Pro and 50,000 view advertisement banner on MasterNodes.Pro (Small) News: Twitterpost: Who will be the best Masternodecoin Q1 / 2019? If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. Greetings from your team."

MasterNodes.Pro's Search for the Best Masternode Coin!
Hello Masternode enthusiasts and friends!MasterNodes.Pro is looking for the best masternode coin for Q1 / 2019. Show your support for your favorite project and join our discord to cast your vote! All coins listed on MasterNodes.Pro are a part of this vote. The voting starts o...
What's the best masternode of Q1 2019? What project has the best community! Let's find out! Voting begins 2/11/2019 with the launch of the new site!

Good day Crave community. It looks like Cooler applied the PoSv3 fix

PoSv3 fix by DRC333 · Pull Request #8 · Crave-Project/Crave-NG
Fix applied for PoSv3 vulnerability.

Thanks to Slothman help, I have gained access to the Crave Twitter account and the Crave website. I will be familiarizing myself a bit more with both before any updates to these sites. But it is a step forward in the ability to communicate with the community and potential partners, et,. Also a few members in the community have given me some leads on Devs or are trying to find some Des that can maybe at least do some piecework on implementations and do some checks & balances for Crave. These will likely take place after tax time passes, as it approaches for many, and I fully understand and can relate, lol. Anyway, I will update further as more info or details present themselves. Take care and have a positive productive day fam.

Crave Community, I suggest you do not continue to send any funds to Cryptopia until this event has concluded and answers have been presented. Stay safe out there!!

15 days later, the Cryptopia hack continues
After going dormant for many days following the $16 million heist, the Cryptopia hackers started up again today, siphoning an additional 1,675 ETH (worth about $180k at today's rates).

@everyone Here is the January , Communications Update on Craves status.

Hello CRAVE Community. You may be glad to know that CRAVE is now also a member of the MasterNodesPro family. Feel free to check out the CRAVE channel on their discord here and their website here Have a great day.😀

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