@371411597304004608> Oh, sorry. Yes, Crypto-Bridge. I meant to write CB, instead of CBC.

Ahh yes, I see the announcement in the cryptobridge discord channel

@407297149986930691> Does CBC mean Cryptobridge?

@448028222832115715> The coin will be delisted from CBC on 13th of Feb

at least they should say who it is over

I dont know... is the Coin Dead or is the Team still working? No one can tell us a little bit.

Omiron Coin Developer#2814 steel a live ?

all gone,forget it😂

"ETA for the new wallets is 2 weeks..............." from 05.11.2018

is the new Wallet online? Where can i download it?


@everyone A preview of the new wallet design, after re-branding from Cosmos [CMOS] to Omiron [OMR]

ETA for the new wallets is 2 weeks.

@everyone The explorer is back up -

@everyone Check out the development update. Everything will be moving much faster from now. I have realized that not enough is being invested into the project and it's time for a change.

Omni Battle DAPP Framework + Developer News – Omiron Developer ...
There has been some cause for concern from the OMR community, regarding a lack of tech updates, marketing and that it has been poorly…

@everyone Medium article being released tomorrow on the Omni Battle DAPP. I would like to apologise for the delays, in regards to development of the DEX. The previous developer that planned to work on it, has chosen not to. I am on the lookout for new devs though and have posted an ANN on BitcoinTalk.

@everyone Weekly medium articles will be posted to keep everyone updated on the progress of the Omni Battle DAPP. One can see the GitHub commits that have been made from our webhook in the <#486875648737148928> channel.

@everyone Explorer will be delayed for another day. The chain is very large now, meaning re-indexing takes quite a while. I have updated the whitepaper to reflect the re-brand from Cosmo(s) to Omiron. The website is also down, so I have to send a support ticket to see what's going on...