@everyone The vote is over. You chose collateral MN - 20 000 CLG. The new collateral of 20 000 CLG kicks in soon! Follow the news.🙂

UPDATE: Reward increase today brought a hiccup in the chain. Thanks to @415929603777888257> the issue was diverted and we are back on track again. The next updated wallet will take care of any future issues. The new website will be live soon. New features will be added to the wallet along with increased masternode collateral (amount of increase pending the vote 👆 ). Stay tuned for the new wallet release coming soon! Thank you for supporting the project and we will be updating again soon on new developments.

@everyone Guys, the vote will last one week👆 👆 ! We are waiting for your votes ..

@everyone We would like to consolidate the value of our coin by raising the masternode collateral. This will allow us to move forward with the Collegicion Platform as well as the Collegicoin Travel Platform. We believe at this time the value of the coin has leveled out since the swap. By raising the masternode collateral we can give more value to the coin to accommodate large purchases through the Collegicoin Platforms as well a incentive to avoid dumping coins. Community Voting open to raise the Masternode Collateral to
10k 1⃣ 15k 2⃣ or 20k 3⃣

@everyone Guys,There were some problems with the registration of our foundation in Russia. Now we are looking for options for registering the fund in a neighboring country. In the near future, we will resolve this issue and register our Collegicoin Foundation.💯

Each person used the services of our partners (hotels, hostels). Will receive a gift from our project... Here's a t-shirt:

@everyone Wow. We have the first person who will go to Moscow(Russia) and use the services of the hostel. Paying for accommodation in CLG! That's cool! I'll keep you posted.

@everyone A new direction of development of our project. We have partnered with some hostels. Fully working direction, today you can rent a room in the hostel using the coin CLG😀 . This is great! Further, only better! Follow the news.


@everyone Very soon there will be changes in the roadmap of the Collegicoin project. We were working on a new idea for our project. The idea was implemented by our team by 95%. The idea is that the CLG coin can be used by students for travel. Namely, to pay for accommodation in hostels and hotels at the place of stay of the student. Today negotiations with several owners of hostels and hotels in the territory of Russia( the city of Kazan, the city of Moscow, the city of Simferopol) are held. In April 2019 we will sign the necessary documents for our cooperation with the owners of hostels and hotels. And in April, on our website will be presented proposals from our partners hostels and hotels. Using the CLG coin as payment for accommodation in hostels and hotels, students will be able to receive a discount of 10-15% of the price in us dollars.

@everyone Our action plan March-April 2019:
1⃣ The publication of the white paper.☑
2⃣ Publication of light paper. ☑
3⃣ Listing on "blocknet" exchange. ▶
4⃣ State registration of Collegicoin Foundation.▶

@everyone I handed over the documents to the state registration authority. Very soon, our Collegicoin Foundation will become a legal entity.

@everyone Our whitepaper is out!


@everyone Today is an important day for our Collegicoin project!
We had a business dinner with representatives of ITECH GROUP.
This company is one of the leaders of the Russian market of web development.
Today we have entered into a partnership with this company!
ITECH GROUP will develop and create an online education platform - Collegicoin education platform. The development of the online education platform may start a little earlier than the deadline.

@everyone We need more people around us. If you feel you can offer something or get to know someone else, please let me know. We need a moderator at a minimum. We need people to help with marketing too. Together we can make this new thing better than Collegicoin ever was. There are probably many good intentions here!

@everyone IMPORTANT!!! Coin swap is over! The old chain is closed. Lots of good news to come ...

@everyone NEWS: Hi guys. I received a letter yesterday from the Kazan Trade and Economic College. Two young teachers. They like the idea of our project. And they are ready to participate in it, in our future online education platform. And this is awesome! I meet with them on March 6, in the city of Kazan, Russia.

@everyone Check out our new bounties <#548586786159591433> and <#548586826257006602> Also, don't forget about the <#548032061349298176> Good Luck to you all.

@everyone collegicoin is now live on NodeCheck Platform

NodeCheck – Pro-active masternode monitoring and stats service
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@everyone Graviex has completed the coin swap for their users and trading has resumed! We are back! IMPORTANT You cannot send coins from your OLD wallet to Graviex. They will be lost forever! We are officially on a completely different chain.

@everyone !!IMPORTANT!! All coins from the old chain must be swapped out by 1 March at 5:00 PM UTC. At that time the chain will be shut down completely. All unclaimed coins will be transferred to the community in the form of bounty companies.