@everyone !!IMPORTANT!! All coins from the old chain must be swapped out by 1 March at 5:00 PM UTC. At that time the chain will be shut down completely. All unclaimed coins will be transferred to the community in the form of bounty companies.

@everyone Important you cannot send coins from your new wallet to Graviex. They will be lost forever! We need to wait for Graviex announcement about wallet update and transition to a new chain.

@everyone You can now setup you Collegicoin masternode on https://mnhosting.nl for under a dollar a month! this is a one button setup!

@everyone is in regards to the coin swap. Please DM (direct message, private message) me to get the address to send your coins to and for further instructions.
Please keep in mind that I alone do the swap of coins. You may not receive an immediate response from me. I will answer all of you, and all old coins will swap to new coins.

@everyone We are ready to start the manual swap of the coins after @415929603777888257> announced that the pow status is finished!

@everyone Hello! Network snapshot taken. I'm getting ready to swap. As soon as everything is ready with me, I will inform you.

@everyone Just a reminder, the last block of the snapshot taken is 219672 and ALL MINED REWARDS after this are not valid.

@everyone A snapshot of the CLG chain will take place on February 18th at 12АМ UTC. Any blocks mined after that time will not be valid.

@everyone The network is not ready. The developer will do everything correctly within a few days. Do not install a new wallet. Watch for announcements. Will the announcement of the new network and new wallet!

@everyone Old Explorer is available at Today launched a new chain. A new wallet, and information about the swap will be published soon.

@everyone Information: To date, the team has done a lot of work. A new wallet is created, a new chain is created. Now the wallet and chain are being tested by the developer. We are not standing still! Updating soon..

@everyone Now the network is running a new site. Do not be afraid that you missed swap coins. Swap will be announced soon. Follow the announcements.

@everyone the official pool link is down, in the mean time you can go to

@everyone As you all know, the project has a new team now. And I hope you understand that a project without major changes will never be successful. With this in mind, we are announcing the start of a new Collegicoin project. The objectives of the project will be new. The number of coins will be halved. New algorithm and much more. We will announce the swap of the coins in the near future. Swap coins will be 50:1. New project site, road map will be released soon.

@everyone We are busy to make a new wallet this wallet needs a hard fork, we are now busy to make a pivx wallet so we can make the new website and cooperations with the stores! more news is coming!

@everyone Today is the start of a new life for our project. From now on, our project is open to the community. The CLG coin is a community coin. Any changes in the project will be open to the public. We are open to suggestions for improvement. Together we will make our project a success!

@everyone We are working on a new and improved website. For that occasion we are also changing certain team roles. We need to present this project in a professional way. More on that later.

Dear Collegicoiners,

It is with great sadness that I advise I must step down from administrative duties for our coin. I realize that while I have a great passion for this project, the project itself has evolved beyond my capabilities. As many of you know I am an adjunct professor who isn’t involved in programming at all. In fact, my experience is in Communication. Because of this, I felt like in order for the project to survive, and in fact thrive, it was important to turn it over to people who have a much better understanding of marketing and development of cryptocurrency projects.

Although I am turning the administrative and decision making of the coin over to @494148079302475787> , I will still be a part of the coin. I’ll be a user of it just like many of you. I will continue to mine, trade, and use CLG wherever it will be made available.

Today, the website, Discord channel, Twitter account, Github account, and any other aspect of the coin has been turned over to Moneta and his team. I can assure you I have total faith in his abilities as he has proven himself as a strong crypto enthusiast with much more experience than I.

I do this because I care about the coin. I hope none of you take this as a negative, as I believe it can only be a positive. It’s important for administrators to know their limitations in any industry, let alone crypto, and I have reached mine.

Please join me in supporting the new development team for Collegicoin. I am very excited to see CLG grow!


@everyone @494148079302475787> just payed out fee, thank you! https://dextro.io/?page=voting

Happy New year everyone. Thank you so much for your support this year. We're still only 3 months old so let's remember that and know that we'll continue to grow slowly, but will do it the right way. We've always said we weren't going to be a get rich quick scheme but we would do our best to change how education is using paid for. Big this coming in 2019 so let's all get ready for the ride!