We are now at Telegram
Follow the link please https://t.me/cryptoflowcoinofficial

@everyone For those of you that seen it and those of you that missed it. You will notice the account "cfl-platform" on the CryptoBridge BTS from now on and it is what it says. Once people use the platform to purchase any of the MN coins we have up there a certain portion of the profit will be used for buy backs of CFL. This will be ongoing and only increase as more and more use the platform.

@everyone So in 24 hours it looks like as late comers to the party and from nowhere we have made it two thirds of the way up the MNPro list over taking nearly 40 other coins in that short time. Excellent work and thank you for the support!!!
Please remember if you vote don't leave the server until after the voting is over otherwise your vote is removed.

@everyone We are a little late to the party on this one but I know we have a strong community so lets have a shot anyway. The MN_Pro vote is live the last week and we have joined in. There is still over a week left so lets see what we can do.
To vote just join MN_Pro Discord: https://discord.gg/ktjuc5d
Find #voting channel and just type ^vote CFL
Thank you all in advance and lets see how it goes
Just to be clear we are already on MNPro but this is a vote to show community strength and plenty of advertising for the winners 😉

@everyone We are glad to announce the next coin to be added to the CryptoFlow Platform will be Klimatas

They are currently still in Pre-sale and will be added to the platform on the 1st March!!

Klimatas is an ambitious project who aim to research and develop projects that will make the world more sustainable.

You can check them out more at the below links:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/KlimatasCrypto
Discord: https://discord.gg/vewVuue
Website: https://www.klimatas.com/

Klimatas (@KlimatasCrypto)
Klimatas B.V. - Disruptive Sustainability 🌱 Investment platform inspired by the #SDG

@everyone Platform use has picked up massively since the announcement regarding the MN coins and the ability to carry out trades now unverified. Those of you that have used the platform I'm assuming you have all had nothing but good experiences as we have not had one complaint so far. If you want to help further please do spread the word of your experience using it.

@everyone Platform Upgrades complete!!

1. User Profile page now added to be able to change/alter your account.

2. Unverified users can now use the platform up to limited amounts.

3. Verified users have now limits set that will increase upon usage.

4. The moment you've been waiting for! You can now purchase CFL, BECN and MARC via the platform directly for Fiat.

5. Another upgrade coming in a couple of weeks to open the platform up to more global users.

As always thanks to @399689856315555850> for video!!

Unverified: Day, week, month!

Not long now@everyone !!!!

Dev's working flat out over the weekend, its coming!!!

New CFL Explorer Available

With this new explorer you will get a more mobile friendly use as well a nice desktop breakdown of all this new nice features:

  • Masternode stats - income featured in CFL, BTC, Euros and Dollars, as well as a complete information regarding MN
  • POS Mining - A new tool for the stake war madness
  • Exchanges - Where we have all the information about current price in the market and some more considerations in it
  • Connections - Where you can grab the addnodes every time you need it

follow the link : https://cfl.ccore.online/

Thanks CryptoCore for this tremendous tool your explorer is

*we will maintain our two explorer available, all the info at <#472486323412795403>

@everyone Please note the Platform is currently going offline for the weekend while the changes are been implemented. A lot of interest coming in from other coins also so things going to get busy

Can@everyone with over 25 MN's of CFL please DM me and prove it. I'm looking into something interesting for those Loyal investors. If you are one of those people and don't want to be involved then thats ok also.

@everyone Apologies if you experience any disruption on the CryptoFlow platform this week. It will not effect the use of the platform however just some visual aspects may be missing. There is nothing wrong this is just due to the upgrades coming which should hopefully be here by the end of the week!
CFL, BECN & MARC all available directly by Fiat by the end of the week!

@everyone Keeping the community in mind CFL & OWO are now partnered with Quotation Coin.

We will be participating in QUOT powered arbitrage pool as VIP members!
CFL and OWO will use 50% of its gained profits from the arb pool towards our projects development as well as the other 50% for buy back CFL and OWO from market.

QUOTATION PROJECT (QUOT) is a turnkey solution for crypto businesses and an integrator of existing crypto business solutions and adapts traditional investment systems and trading platforms for successful work with cryptocurrencies