The intentions of the new CDMCOIN team are not yet clear.

In the event that the new team will swap CDM in their coin, we advise all holders to follow their swap, otherwise the CDMs would remain in an invalid chain and would be lost!

We are waiting for the announcement of the new CDMCOIN team, to understand what kind of swap it is.
To us it appeared that the new team wanted to convert their coins into CDMCOIN, but from their announcement made in their channel, there is the possibility that it is the opposite.

⚠ ⚠ ⚠
We ask all owners to pay close attention to the announcements of the new CDMCOIN team.
⚠ ⚠ ⚠

At the same time we take advantage of this event, to remind the whole community, that our Team (BookingChain) has no responsibility for what the CDMCOIN team will decide and that since we do not have the source code, we cannot intervene in any way.

Thank you all for your attention.

For@everyone who have no way to follow CDMCOIN's discord server, here is what they have just published.

We invite all those who want to follow the new CDMCOIN team to join that server, as our BookingChain Project team will not publish further CDMCOIN news on this channel. Thank you all for your understanding.

However, there is a very important question to be addressed. There are about 2 billion CDMs in circulation right now. A part of the BOOC premine will be dedicated to the coins exchanged in the swap but obviously cannot be 2 billion. The change will therefore be 1:1000 or even 1:10000. This will be defined at the time of the BOOC release and will depend on both technical and market issues. At the moment we do not have the possibility to give reliable information on this aspect. We also thought to grant the swap only to some users but it is very difficult to make a selection of people (even if we have very clear the names of those to whom we would not like to grant it). However, we have not entirely abandoned this possibility.

I would like to highlight the fact that this swap must be seen as a real gift we make to the community. We hope that this will be appreciated even if it will not be a swap like all the others and surely will not find everyone agree.

These days many things are changing for CDM. But CDM is not dead.
If CDMCOIN is purchased, the new team will probably have clear ideas on how to proceed. Those willing to spend 3 BTCs (at present value, over $ 35,000) must have clear ideas. There is the possibility that, after the fears of these days, everything will be resolved in the best way.
If this is the case, you will not even need a swap.

However, there have been users who have been close to us and who have supported us. These users and the belief that BookingChain is a winning project, made us continue our support work in this channel. It is thanks to these people and to the part of the community that has not abandoned us that we have decided that we will make a swap from CDM to BOOC. This is why we have called it an "ethical swap". Because we want to do it, even if it is not our duty to do so. We want to do it out of gratitude and for our very belonging to this community.

As you all know though, we are not the CDM development team and we do not want to destroy CDM by burning all the coins in circulation with a swap to a new blockchain. I would say that we do not even have the right to do so.
What we can offer is a voluntary swap. Who does not want to convert their CDMs into BOOCs and is free not to do so.

Moreover, this type of swap can only be positive for CDM. If at the time of the swap CDM goes wrong, many investors would convert their CDMs into BOOCs by deflating a lot CDM. So a good thing. If at the time of the swap CDM should go well, then there will be no problems because there will be few people who will swap. Therefore, in both cases there are no negative effects.

At that time Fabio and I were simple investors and, along with hundreds of other people, we were very worried about what was happening and we were quite active on this channel. Fabio, first of all, tried to bring positivity and to find a solution to the problem. It was thanks to him that in October 2018 a new team was formed consisting of 13 users who were part of the community. In that team I had the role of moderator, Sekhar was one of the devs and Fabio had the role of coordinator and controller. After the events occurred there was the need to recreate trust with the community and Fabio had taken on the responsibility of checking that everything was done correctly and transparently. Unfortunately, due to facts that I would not like to explain now, the role of controller was inconvenient to many and therefore an excuse was found to exclude him from the team. I opposed this absurd action and stayed with him and, since I had already started the feasibility study of the booking platform, we decided to continue our work and create the BookingChain project.

In sincerity, we thought that the whole community appreciated our decision, that it supported us and urged us to continue. Instead, with astonishment and disbelief we must say that the answer was not exactly the one we had hoped for. Many have accused us of having broken the team and not having followed the new road map even though nothing had to do with the original one. We have been insulted and, hard to believe, in one case even threatened. Unfortunately, speculators are capable of anything to remedy their losses in some way. I have to tell the truth, in more than one case we wanted to close the channel and create a new one to start from scratch with BookingChain.

I know it is a rather long text but it is necessary to make you fully understand our decisions.

Soon the development of the new BOOC cryptocurrency will begin and in the BookingChain road map we defined a specific swap phase between CDM and BOOC.

Technically a swap is done to allow the movement of coins from one blockchain to another. Usually this operation is done by the developers of a cryptocurrency to bring users to a new blockchain with a different structure or with functions different from the one used so far. When the swap is started, the coins exchanged by the initial blockchain are burned in exchange for coins from the new blockchain. The exchange is made at a predetermined rate which can be 1: 1 or even 1: 1000. Once a coin has been exchanged and burned, it can no longer be exchanged. The swap works only in one direction and it is not possible to convert the coins of the new blockchain into those of the initial blockchain.

Before explaining the swap process we will face, however, it is necessary to remember how the Condominium project, the CDM cryptocurrency and finally our team, were born.

All of you, users of this community, know very well that the original Condominium team, at the very moment when the development of the booking platform was starting, after some dumps that significantly lowered the value of CDM, abandoned the project and the community from one day to the next.

This is a special announcement we want to make to explain the process of what we have called "ethical swap".

There are also other reasons related to trust and unclear facts:

  • After our negative reply, we were subsequently asked to buy only the CDM source codes for 1.5 BTC. This made us further angry.

  • We have reason to believe that the source code in Sehkar's possession is not complete and that it is not sufficient to have full control of the project. We hope the new team will make the necessary checks before paying.

  • How is it possible that in a team of more than 10 people only Sehkar makes the decisions and no one says anything? The ban is limited in India, is it not possible to leave control of CDM to other members of that team instead of trying to sell it? I wonder, if someone bought CDM, who would be the 3 BTCs? To the whole team or only to Sehkar?

  • Sehkar says he is forced to sell the CDM project to recover from his expenses. But since he works on CDM he receives 10% as dev fund from all generated rewards.
    The dev fund was created precisely to pay for the work on CDM. And does he care about the losses that all investors have had because of his decisions?

Finally, we have already been working on the project for months for free and we do not intend to spend another 3 BTC for something we do not need.
We have already studied and planned all the steps necessary to bring BookingChain success and we continue serenely on our journey.

We believe this thing is truly incredible.

Sehkar has created the MNHost platform (which among other things, has recently had some problems and is no longer online), no one has seen the Gift Card service yet and the sources of CDM, of course, are not his property. Sehkar has neither the knowledge nor the technical skills to work on the code of a cryptocurrency. In fact, version was made by another dev. How can we accept such a proposal?

Sehkar can do whatever he wants with his projects but he can't afford to sell the CDM source codes. But the problem for him is that nobody is interested in his projects if, together with those, he doesn't give the source code of CDM.

Another reason why we are not interested in his projects is that BookingChain already contains similar services that will be integrated into the booking platform. These services will be offered in such a way as to be characteristic of the platform rather than separate services and will be very different from MNHost and Gift Cards even if they will offer the same service.

A few days ago we were contacted by a member of the CDMCOIN team with a offer to buy, for 3 BTC plus 10% of future income, the MNHost and Gift Cards projects and the CDM cryptocurrency source codes.
The reason for this offer would be the alleged imminent crypto ban in India and the willingness to recover the expenses incurred for work on the project.

Why didn't we accept this proposal?

First of all we would like to say that the request has left us stunned in several respects.
We would never have thought that the person who took away the source codes a few months ago, codes that the team with confidence had democratically decided to deliver and entrust him, could have the courage to come forward to try to sell them.

After the announcement made by Sehkar in the CDMCOIN channel of his intention to sell the Condominium project, we would like to make you aware of what happened in the previous days and our thoughts about it.

For those who do not have access to the Discord channel of the CDMCOIN TEAM. This is the announcement just posted by Sekhar.

Any suspicious "BOTs Login" in our server will be deleted immediately without warning!
Thanks for understanding.

Estimated community ...
We decided to activate a new sub-channel in this discord-server to try to better explain what Masternode-Coins are.


We realized that while some have become quite experienced in the meantime, others have had no way (or time) to learn more about masternodes. We have estimated that at least 70% of the community has simply invested some dollars in the hope of earning money thanks to the high percentages of ROI typical of masternodes, but they have not deepened that much. There are two reasons for our decision:

  1. We think it is right to know well what is invested in.
  2. Not knowing the true nature of masternode-coins, many investors get scared and easily make unnecessary and destructive DUMPs, driven by fear or lack of patience.

We hope that this effort will also be appreciated by the whole community and that the <#582130810786938890> sub-channel will become a useful and constructive place for discussion for all.

Your BookingChain Team

Status update

It is time to give some more information about our project. The evolution of Condominium.
We are expanding the original concept of the project significantly and Condominium will evolve to "BookingChain" and its action will be extended to all types of booking, not just for travel and accommodation. Also concerts, theatrical performances, sporting events, cinema and every possible type of reservation that can come to mind.

Among the necessary things that we evaluated during this period, the question of the name had its importance. It is essential that it is adequate, for obvious marketing needs. The name Condominium would be a marketing problem in spreading the concept of Booking, because "Condominium" means "apartments". Instead "BookingChain" we think would be more appropriate. This will be the new name of the project born as Condominium that will continue using the CDM Blockchain and its future evolution.

So, these are some of the goals we have in the lineup:

  • definition of the appropriate domain name
  • adaptation of the new logo and design
  • evolution of the White Paper
  • restructuring of the roadmap
  • creation of the project web page
  • creation of the booking platform
  • creation of the APPs for smartphones and tablets
  • affiliation of agencies and services
  • creation of additional services for users

As everyone knows, we no longer have any control over the CDM source code, and therefore we can only focus on our booking platform and all future evolution of this project. For this very reason, we can't guarantee henceforth rapid technical assistance, concerning the CDM managed by the CDMCOIN Team. Furthermore, our Team assumes no responsibility for the choices made by the CDMCOIN Team.

Thanks to all who will continue to support us with their great innovative spirit! ✊

  • BookingChain Team

We are pleased to announce the winner of the 100,000 CDMs for "The Best Destination" contest. The prize goes to @437184244859797506>

Congratulations to the winner!

In the last hours we have been able to verify that the self-proclaimed "official team" has changed the name of Condominium to CDMCOIN.
We have to admit that this move is perfectly consistent with the change of road map they communicated some time ago. Should we therefore say that Condominium project is definitively dead?

As we have always stated, we believe in the original project of Condominium and we are here to complete it. For us, Condominium is absolutely alive.

During the immense study work done in the past days we have evaluated several options.
Until recently we were thinking only of developing the booking platform. Now instead we have many other ideas and above all much clearer.

We are here to advance Condominium to a coin capable of supporting the needs of users and the needs of agencies in a variable market such as the crypto one.
To allow everything to be successful there will be very innovative things to create that we will develop with new technicians we can trust and who are of the same vision as us.

In this period of time we cannot give much information to the community and we are sorry for this.
But I assure you that we are working hard on this project and we are doing it seriously. So I know you will understand if we are still asking for patience.

In the current situation, the SCAMMERS can likely to increase.

Some try to impersonate team members so they get your trust and steal your coins.
Please, ALWAYS check you are talking with the real Team Members of this channel.

Remember: Team Members will never DM you first!

  • Check if they have a "role" displayed on this channel.
  • Do not download files you are unsure of.
  • Do not give your wallet.dat, passwords or private keys.
  • Check the full ID and profile in <#552485286517407764> by enabling developer mode.
  • If you are not sure, contact us directly in this channel.

Remember: This Team is not responsible for the loss of your coins, stay safe! ❗

Hello@everyone !
If anyone in the community is interested in the moderator role, please let us know DM.

We are very busy with developments and if someone wanted to help us with help in the support we would really be very happy.
The technicians at the moment are all engaged in development of the solutions.

Thank you all!

Hi guys! For all of you who have chosen to follow us, because like us, believe that Condominium must be a coin used to travel and not just a coin like many others, we thought to make you participate in this new engine that we are building, through a contest. Surely all of you, dream of a destination where you would like to be right now. Maybe on a surf, or on a hammock, or climbing a mountain, or ..., or ..., or ...

So we have created a special channel where you can indicate the destination, even with an image taken from the internet, which represents where you would like to go. Each member of the community can vote with a "like" the most beautiful destination and the winner will receive 100,000 CDMs!

How to participate in "The Best Destination" contest:

  • post and describe a photo of your desired destination, starting from this moment, also indicating your CDM address, in the <#552634241565982729> channel
  • The photos can be sent from now until the last day of this month.
  • The whole community will be able to vote with a 👍 always by the end of this month.
  • The 100,000 CDMs prize will be sent to the winner at the end of the first week of April.

Have fun and good luck to the winner!