Status update

It is time to give some more information about our project. The evolution of Condominium.
We are expanding the original concept of the project significantly and Condominium will evolve to "BookingChain" and its action will be extended to all types of booking, not just for travel and accommodation. Also concerts, theatrical performances, sporting events, cinema and every possible type of reservation that can come to mind.

Among the necessary things that we evaluated during this period, the question of the name had its importance. It is essential that it is adequate, for obvious marketing needs. The name Condominium would be a marketing problem in spreading the concept of Booking, because "Condominium" means "apartments". Instead "BookingChain" we think would be more appropriate. This will be the new name of the project born as Condominium that will continue using the CDM Blockchain and its future evolution.

So, these are some of the goals we have in the lineup:

  • definition of the appropriate domain name
  • adaptation of the new logo and design
  • evolution of the White Paper
  • restructuring of the roadmap
  • creation of the project web page
  • creation of the booking platform
  • creation of the APPs for smartphones and tablets
  • affiliation of agencies and services
  • creation of additional services for users

As everyone knows, we no longer have any control over the CDM source code, and therefore we can only focus on our booking platform and all future evolution of this project. For this very reason, we can't guarantee henceforth rapid technical assistance, concerning the CDM managed by the CDMCOIN Team. Furthermore, our Team assumes no responsibility for the choices made by the CDMCOIN Team.

Thanks to all who will continue to support us with their great innovative spirit! ✊

  • BookingChain Team

We are pleased to announce the winner of the 100,000 CDMs for "The Best Destination" contest. The prize goes to @437184244859797506>

Congratulations to the winner!

In the last hours we have been able to verify that the self-proclaimed "official team" has changed the name of Condominium to CDMCOIN.
We have to admit that this move is perfectly consistent with the change of road map they communicated some time ago. Should we therefore say that Condominium project is definitively dead?

As we have always stated, we believe in the original project of Condominium and we are here to complete it. For us, Condominium is absolutely alive.

During the immense study work done in the past days we have evaluated several options.
Until recently we were thinking only of developing the booking platform. Now instead we have many other ideas and above all much clearer.

We are here to advance Condominium to a coin capable of supporting the needs of users and the needs of agencies in a variable market such as the crypto one.
To allow everything to be successful there will be very innovative things to create that we will develop with new technicians we can trust and who are of the same vision as us.

In this period of time we cannot give much information to the community and we are sorry for this.
But I assure you that we are working hard on this project and we are doing it seriously. So I know you will understand if we are still asking for patience.

In the current situation, the SCAMMERS can likely to increase.

Some try to impersonate team members so they get your trust and steal your coins.
Please, ALWAYS check you are talking with the real Team Members of this channel.

Remember: Team Members will never DM you first!

  • Check if they have a "role" displayed on this channel.
  • Do not download files you are unsure of.
  • Do not give your wallet.dat, passwords or private keys.
  • Check the full ID and profile in <#552485286517407764> by enabling developer mode.
  • If you are not sure, contact us directly in this channel.

Remember: This Team is not responsible for the loss of your coins, stay safe! ❗

Hello@everyone !
If anyone in the community is interested in the moderator role, please let us know DM.

We are very busy with developments and if someone wanted to help us with help in the support we would really be very happy.
The technicians at the moment are all engaged in development of the solutions.

Thank you all!

Hi guys! For all of you who have chosen to follow us, because like us, believe that Condominium must be a coin used to travel and not just a coin like many others, we thought to make you participate in this new engine that we are building, through a contest. Surely all of you, dream of a destination where you would like to be right now. Maybe on a surf, or on a hammock, or climbing a mountain, or ..., or ..., or ...

So we have created a special channel where you can indicate the destination, even with an image taken from the internet, which represents where you would like to go. Each member of the community can vote with a "like" the most beautiful destination and the winner will receive 100,000 CDMs!

How to participate in "The Best Destination" contest:

  • post and describe a photo of your desired destination, starting from this moment, also indicating your CDM address, in the <#552634241565982729> channel
  • The photos can be sent from now until the last day of this month.
  • The whole community will be able to vote with a 👍 always by the end of this month.
  • The 100,000 CDMs prize will be sent to the winner at the end of the first week of April.

Have fun and good luck to the winner!

After the events of the last days we took time to analyze the situation and think about how to proceed.
Our intention has always been to complete the original Condominium project and to make CDM the best cryptocurrency used in the tourism sector.

The first important step is undoubtedly the creation of the booking platform.

In recent weeks we had started a feasibility study of the platform that, although not yet completed, has made us more aware of the amount of work necessary to create a good product.
Leaving everything now and abandoning the dream that we were now savoring is not really possible.
We also feel a responsibility towards the community of Condominium, a community which we have also been part of since the beginning.

When husband and wife do not get along they can also separate but the children do not have to suffer. Smart parents help their child grow and become strong.

So, with great pleasure, we would like to inform you that we intend to proceed with the development of the booking platform and to continue the technical support of CDM.

In these days we will better define all the numerous details of the project and of our road map.
We therefore ask you to stay connected to this channel to get updates on the progress of the work.
Soon we will change the channel logo so that you do not have the annoying double image.

Thanks to all of you who have always supported us!

For all issues related to MNHost, please contact@Sekhar in the new discord created by himself, because MNhost is owned by him. The same to all requests regarding the masternode Holders option.
Thank you all for your understanding.

That said, we do not want to convince anyone to stay in this discord, because we understand the current situation. And I hope for Condominium that also resists this blow. Meanwhile, we retire for a few days, to make all the possible evaluations and possible next steps. As soon as we have a detailed evaluation, we will communicate it in <#449309055090032640>.

It is with great regret that I have to tell you that part of the team suddenly decided not to make the travel platform anymore and to follow@Sekhar. Despite the internal discussions, since the platform for the agencies is feasible, simply by registering the Company in another country rather than in India, and despite having given, for my part, the willingness to create the Company here in Switzerland, in order to continue the creation of the travel platform,@Sekhar announced on Telegram that he no longer wanted to do it and wanted to move to a new Discord. Unfortunately, a good part of the team has remained on its side, because@Sekhar has access to the GitHub and also the wallet to pay the salaries to the team. So they preferred to follow@Sekhar. A part of the team does not agree with the decision of@Sekhar. With the part of the Team that did not want to follow@Sekhar, we are currently evaluating how to proceed. Personally, I consider this act a betrayal of@Sekhar to the whole Team and the community and an illicit appropriation of data, passwords and accesses by@Sekhar and the part of Team that supported@Sekhar in this unexpected change of route. I will do everything possible so that Condominium finally has a travel platform, as written in the Whitepaper and as we had already started doing.@Sekhar did this because, since he could not register the Company in India, he could not have everything under his personal control.

Following some requests from the community, we decided to create an explanatory announcement regarding the payment in CDMs for servers on MNHost.

The hosting service we have created for our community, is an exclusive service, offering the service at only 2.99 USD / month and also a discount of up to 10% for CDM MN holders. No other hosting service with IPv4 is so convenient. We have chosen IPv4 because it has a much higher quality than IPv6. We want to offer the highest quality at the lowest possible price. We still have to pay service providers for the servers. So it is a service created to bring benefit to the community and not intended to be largely profitable.. The idea is to be able to pay these servers in CDMs, but we also have a moral obligation not to create dumps through this service. In fact, if we accept payment in CDMs, when CDM has a value lower than 50 SATs, when converting into USD (the service providers are paid in USD), we would create a strong dump due to the need to sell CDMs to pay providers for the servers. This means that until CDM has a value higher than 50 SATs, it is not economical to accept CDMs. With this move, we want to assist to the rise of CDM in the markets by minimizing the selling of CDMs in order to pay for the servers.

Thanks for your understanding and collaboration.

  • Condominium Team

@everyone On February 7th we announced the availability of our very own decentralized exchange, Zer-Dex!

Today it is our pleasure to present the Zer-Dex website!

The zer-dex website will detail all the great features that the Zer-Dex exchange has to offer, detailed FAQs and the availability to request coins to be listed.

See for more information on our Zer-Dex exchange!

  • Condominium Team

We are happy to start invite bounty program for cdm community members. bounty reward 250,000 CDM

The bounty program starts on 02/15/2019 12:00 am ends on 03/01/2019 12:00 am UTC.

The top 10 “inviters” will win the following bounties:
1st place  —  30% = 75,000 CDM
2nd place  —  20% = 50,000 CDM
3rd place —  12% = 30,000 CDM
4th place —  10% = 25,000 CDM
5th place —  8% = 20,000 CDM
6th place —  6% = 15,000 CDM
7th place —  5% = 12,500 CDM
8th place —  4% = 10,000 CDM
9th place —  3% = 7,500 CDM
10th place —  2% = 5,000 CDM

How to take part in bounty program:

-> Create your own personalized “invite link“ to the CDM Discord server (use the “Invite to Server” button when on the channel).
-> Distribute your link to forums, Telegram channels, other Discords, etc.
-> When others click on your link — the CDM invitation bot keeps count of it.
-> Condominium team will receive the results from the bot at the conclusion of the bounty.

Contest Rules:

-> Minimum 20 joins to qualify
-> Condominium team members not allowed to participate

  • Condominium Team

We are pleased to announce the presale masternode service on MNHost Platform! Presale masternodes is a great way to gain exposure to new projects and be among the first to setup a masternode and maximize earning potential!

This will work similar to an escrow in 3 easy steps once the coin is listed:

  1. Sign Up at
  2. Select a Presale Masternode
  3. Complete transaction and receive coins

Presale Masternode Listings can be found here:

We are very excited to offer this service to the Condominium and MNHost Community! This represents a great opportunity to be among the first few to buy a masternode through our presale service. As always, payments are securely transmitted through Coinbase and Coingate

Join the masternode revolution today!

  • Condominium Team

We are excited to announce that Condominium (CDM) coin is now listed on Birake exchange and at the same time launch of our own decentralized cryptocurrency exchange running on the birake network. This is one of the great achievement of CDM team. Easily get started, register your account then you can start trading. It is friendly to use and very fast transactions (Deposit/Withdrawal, Buy/Sell). The platform with shared order book and active users within the entire Birake network, so you can quickly get the orders you want at your price.
Get started now:

  • Condominium Team

Attention all Condominium masternode holders and members. The CDM team is pleased to offer a coupon that can save you up to 10%. This discount would apply to your server chargers for ALL MN on the platform. For each Condominium masternode you have you will receive 1% off up to 10. For example: 9 CDM MN = 9% discount, 14 CDM MN = 10% discount.

Please DM @&456057652020248577> to obtain your coupon code.

Deploy your Masternode Simply

Dear Condominium Community,

We are aware of the "Fake Stake" attacks on Proof-of-Stake (PoS) cryptocurrencies.
Due to CDM being a fork from PIVX, we will be taking measures to ensure our chain is patched from this vulnerability.

We will be providing a mandatory wallet update as soon as possible and coordinate with supported exchanges for a wallet update.

Keep an eye on <#449309055090032640> for all the latest information and releases.

  • Condominium Team.

This is a reminder to everyone to avoid being deceived by others. Do not post private keys on any channel.

Condominium team is very happy to share that our MNHost platform is growing more than we expected, thanks to our CDM community. In just few days, we hosted over 350+ masternodes!

Due to the growing demand and support from everyone. Condominium team has decided to integrate world’s leading cryptocurrency payment gateway Coinbase with MNHost platform. MNHost users can now pay or add funds through Coinbase payment gateway easily and securely.

Head on over to to get started!

  • Condominium Team