@everyone - CatoCoin is closing in on 100 Masternodes and the COLLATERAL RISES WHEN WE HIT 100.
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MAJOR NEWS ANNOUNCEMENT: We are proud to announce that CAT Coin has now been integrated on #Social $SEND platform, along with their in-built #exchange

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@everyone - stay tuned for major news coming about 24 hours from now. Major new use case or CatoCoin!

@everyone - We have some exciting news about CatoCoin coming this week - STAY TUNED!!!


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@everyone - I've informed the exchanges to re-open for Cato deposits and withdrawls. We have made good progress identifying the issue encountered earlier this week.

@everyone - Do you have a CatoCoin masternode or several masternodes? Wondering if it's up & running and paying out hourly? Now you can find out for free and have it monitored for free with That's right! CatoCoin has teamed up with for masternode monitoring. Signup is simple and free and you can signup anonymously too. CatoCoin highly recommends - Join today!

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@everyone - Dateline: 9/16/19 - CatoCoin Scores Masternode Hattrick on MNO - CatoCoin grabs: Highest ROI, Highest Market Cap and Highest Volume of ANY Tiered Masternode Coin - Now is the time to start your CatoCoin masternode or buy coins for an additional masternode!


@everyone - CatoCoin is happy to announce that we will soon be listed on the Flits platform!

@everyone - I've been informed that the value of Cato on is not reflected properly in the value shown on I contact MNO and it appears as through they use a blended rate from multiple exchanges that trade Cato - see here:

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Get CatoCoin (CATO) volumes and prices by exchange.

@everyone CatoCoin is up 374% in very active trading and is listed on the Pecunia platform! - Get your CatoCoin masternode started today before collateral rises soon. Get locked in at the current collateral now! Catocoin holders more than tripled their BTC value overnight!

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@everyone : Once again CatoCoin is the overall top performing Tiered Masternode Coin with the highest Market Cap and highest REAL ROI and only coin with it's own Casino - GET ON THE CATOCOIN TRAIN! it's never too late to board this train to the future!


@everyone - Please check out our Arabic Video :

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For Inquiries contact: 💬 Chat with us on Telegram: @Pyramidscrypto @Pyramidscrypto1 👉 MN :

@everyone - PSA Public Service Announcement - this person is a scammer. Tried to get me to sell him Cato privately - claimed ohis CB account was lock - I told him no and then he changed his profile name and pic. Do not sell coins privately to anyone. Use the exchange

@everyone - we never stop working - check out and please share our latest explainer video

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