@everyone - Here is our final ROI chart that will take effect when the Block chain reaches 485,313. We have reduced the collateral requirement for Tier 2 from 60,000 Cato to 50,000 Cato, Tier 1 and Tier 3 Initial requirements remain the same as announced earlier. We expect Block 495,313 to be reached on 6/1/19

@everyone - the posting of new source code and wallets will be delayed a few days as we finalize our testing.

Happy Saturday!

@everyone - The New CatoCoin Collateral & Rewards Schedule is shown below. This will take effect when the new wallet reaches a specific block number. All existing Masternodes will be disabled as will any staking operations in effect by existing wallets. New Wallets must be in place by then in order to stake or start new masternodes. The 'Fork' block number will be announced soon and everyone will have a few weeks to get new wallets installed before the soft fork occurs.

@everyone - A decision has been made that Tier3 will increase to 65% of the reward and POS will be reduced to 5% with the new wallet and fork. This was made so that it would be more profitable for People buying Tier 1 MNs to be more profitable than people who just chose to stake and not lock up their coins.

@everyone - April 15, 2019 - Fork Announcement
Beginning with a selected block number (yet to be selected) all existing CatoCoin Masternodes will be invalidated.
CatoCoin holders will receive at least 21 days notice before the selected block number will be reached in the block chain and wallets will be made available at least 3 weeks in advance of the fork becoming active.
Beginning at the selected Block Number, CatoCoin Masternodes can be created from existing CatoCoin coins with the collateral requirements listed below
CatoCoin will continue to use our patented algorithm of collateral increases and changes in the rewards when a certain number of masternodes have been reached.
Of particular interest to everyone is that CatoCoin will be incorporating a Tiered architecture into the rewards schedule with 3 Tiers being added

Tier 1 will receive 10% of the block reward
Tier 2 will receive 30% of the block reward
Tier 3 will receive 60% of the block reward
POS % will be reduced to 10% when the fork becomes

When the fork takes effect the following collateral requirements will take effect and will increase along with rewards as the number of Masternodes Increase (as we have in the past)
Tier 1 collateral : 25,000 Cato
Tier 2 collateral: 60,000 Cato
Tier 3 collateral: 100,000 Cato

Thank you for your continued support of CatoCoin. This will be a significant step forward to insuring the continued viability and success of CatoCoin.

@everyone - There will be a fork coming for CatoCoin in the near future. Everyone will be given plenty of notice ahead of the fork and wallets and code will be posted well in advance so that everyone has plenty of time to prepare, Details will be disclosed soon, but you'd be well advised to stock up on Cato now.

@everyone On a positive note, Catocoin is working with a large Chinese exchange to bring new buyers into the Cato family!

@everyone - please tell other coins - @550015645757210667> is a scammer masquerading as a representative of Yobit. Mischa[]#1774 go someplace else - your scam attempt failed here.

@everyone - We added the Panda-Bot to Cato this morning - please let us know if you like it or not - thanks!

@everyone I'm sending this Announcement to everyone so that you do not make the big mistake this person is making.
We've created the <#480270691615244288> section in our channel to teach you how to trade Cato for maximum profits. This person is making a huge mistake.
They've listed a huge block of coins at the same price - this is a novice mistake
Why is this stupid? Because very few people will take down a huge sell for starters.
In addition this person should have broken the 16,000 coins up into lot of smaller sells.
There's a big gap of 24 sats between his sell and the next sell. (his is 484 and the next is 498), so he has plenty or room to sell cheaper than the next guy but he did not take advantage of that opportunity.
This person should have listed some at 474, 475, 478, 480, 483, 485 and so on and sold in smaller lots of coins - don't make this novice mistake when you sell.
Think first and read our guide here: <#480270691615244288>

CatoCoin has teamed up with trttNodes
1/2/19 - CatoCoin has teamed up with trttNodes for 1 Click Masternode Hosting ------------------------------------------------------------- trttNodes: https:...

@everyone - A few important items - Yesterday CatoCoin burned over 50,000 coins from the Casino - talking these coins out of circulation FOREVER. If you're a long time Cato holder - thank you. If you are new to Cato (any many of your are because of our recent advertising campaign) Welcome. Our updated CatoCasino ( is just a few weeks away and our latest video now has over 5,000 views and the impact is measurable! - See it here and please watch all of our videos on our Youtube Channel including our CatoCoin movie which has over 105,000 views!

Why you should own CatoCoin
1/18/19 - Why you shown own CatoCoin ------------------------------------------------------------- Website: Twitter:

@everyone: Getting ready!!

Why you should own CatoCoin
1/18/19 - Why you shown own CatoCoin ------------------------------------------------------------- Website: Twitter:

Invest $350 in Cato Masternodes and double your money in a year!

Invest $350 in Cato & double your money in a year
1/14/19 -Invest $350 in Cato and double your money! ------------------------------------------------------------- Website: Twitter: htt...

You should own CatoCoin!
1/13/19 -You should own CatoCoin! ------------------------------------------------------------- Website: Twitter:

@everyone - CatoCasino News!

1/8/19 -CatoCasino II is coming in February'19 with new & exciting...
1/8/19 -CatoCasino II is coming in February with more games! ------------------------------------------------------------- Website: Twi...

@everyone - Join the Twitter Contest

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CatoCoin has teamed up with trttNodes
1/2/19 - CatoCoin has teamed up with trttNodes for 1 Click Masternode Hosting ------------------------------------------------------------- trttNodes: https:...

@everyone - Catocoin wishes everyone a happy and prosperous New Years! - Let's make sure that 2019 is a great year for all of us and CatoCoin too!