I will leave, I'm working in some good projects, and I think that we have already done here, tired to wait, time to move on, good luck all
If someone want to know is beetok
Beetok is a new cryptocurrency Exchange.
The Exchange will go fully live in a few weeks
They will start pre-sale of Beetok Coin too, all details and Info are on BEETOK DISCORD.

If you want to know more about Beetok Coin, Beetok Exchange, feel free to Join us on discord and we will Help you.
Want to see the exchange? Everyone can try our demo right now.

I've found an a awesome project guys, check it out here, 2 days left to grab up to 1000$.

@everyone check out new service from to runpecunia platform to run Coin2Play masternode
Very cheap price $2.69/month or $14.69/6months

@everyone We would like to announce again, as widening the scope of the project, we launched new coin, Safegames, join the server now
Both c2p and safegames will be developed with a little different in strategy, customers types...
The pre-sale will start soon, everything was ready.

Hi all C2P-followers after week of hard work we are happy to bring you a good news

According to the plan we are keep developing project.
🎲 Platform progress 🎲
✅ -Animation are done in Game of life
✅ -Bonus game and sound are done
✅ -Game Crypto adventure done
✅ -Animation are done in Crypto adventure
✅ -Bonus game and sound are done
✅ -Super bonus game done
👉 -Next game Black Jack
-24/7 Support will be active till end of February

Also good NEWS - from now you can sign up, deposit and withdraw C2P or BTC to your personal account on balance and play real money

We already have more than 150 accounts active on weekly basis
You can check and track our progress on

🇸 🇦 🇫 🇪 🇬 🇦 🇲 🇪 🇸
Our company is continuously growing in achieving its highest level. We need positive and active members in our community . In this case, our whole team is very happy to have you here with us.
We are very proud of what we have today thus we are looking forward for best and brightest future of our company with You. Welcome aboard guys and girls
More news coming soon stay tuned

@everyone, a new constellation are ready to shine in the Crypto sky. 🌠
The invite link will be here soon. Be ready to welcome new member of C2P family.
And, the platform is developed continuously by our full-time Devs. They do with all of their efforts, and we need to be patient.
Thank you all, have a nice week.


Why make a new coin?
It gives great value we have a gaming platform and we have a sales platform.
We have investors who have joined the team who have decided to do this way and make business unique.
SafeGames will supply all machines for SafeCasino. cc / Coin2play - so it will be a so-called Showroom/Casino.
Each time a white label device is sold on ,

  • 10% goes to the marketing
  • 10% to the marketing.
    -80% will go to our 10 developers who are full employed at Maxiemind so we can always make new games month by month.

Why is it a good Solution?
By getting more games at / Coin2play more people will also use the Casino and Webpage.

The evolution of money as we know will change, and the evolution of every industry all the time is fast, this strongly implies that Cryptocurrencies projects, probably in many forms, will be in our future.
I have faith in SafeGames Masternode platform because they already have developed an actual working product.



Coin2play make big steps this week that's why we little late. We are working on the most important thing to make you happy.
This week we list us on Trittium and soon you will be able to use the Instant Shared MN service.
Progress in are allredy visible some bugs are fix and all works great.
Sound in games will be added next week
Deposit bonus on platform starts 1.3.
New game Crypto adventure will be lunch on next update of platform
We decide you are very important to us and we will make Free Coin list competition were your voice decide. Free coin list competition will start for 1 week and after that we will publish our list terms and conditions.

SAFEGAMES.CC-Build your own casino(redigeret)
Hello Coin2play friends and investor's.
I just want to introduce you why we chose to make platform.
We have chosen to make as it gives us a very great value in the structure of our company and good relation in future work. will work with the development of playing platforms and games in the casino world.
We currently have coin2play which is a coin that is based on you being able to use our own casino
In the future, it will be Safegames who will stand for alt development for

@464151868382248981> and team

Best Regards

You can check and track our progress on

We already have more than 100 accounts active

Also good NEWS - from now you can sign up, deposit and withdraw C2P or BTC to your personal account on balance and play real money

  • 24/7 Support will be active till end of February -