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This is the section for Governance funding proposals. All Proposals submitted will be posted here.

@everyone Just wanted to let everyone know, we are in the process of migrating the Bulwark explorer to a new server. There may be outages until this is complete.

Thank you.

@everyone The 2.2.0 Spork has officially been activated.

If you've already updated to v2.2.0, then nothing will have changed for you and you're already good to go.

All wallets/nodes not on the most recent version will be getting removed from the network.

If you have NOT updated your wallet/masternode yet, please do so as soon as possible as you will not be able to earn valid rewards until you do so.

@everyone zBWK is now in Maintenance Mode till we got a fix ready.

Read more here:

Report: “Wrapped Serials” Attack
- by PIVX Core Developers Furszy & Random.Zebra

Proposal to fund the acquisition of a mobile wallet:

Proposal to fund further hardware developments:

Proposal to fund a 3D printer, for further hardware work:

Proposal to continue our marketing efforts for the next month:

Mobile Wallet Proposal - March - 1/3
Jumps in to the proposal section again Introduction: This proposal is for funding our listing on to a mobile wallet platform, known as MyStakingWallet, a project created by the team behind Linda coin. Before I give a summary, I would advise you read their official docume...
Hardware Development Governance Proposal
Governance funding of this proposal would assist in paying research development, parts sourcing, manufacturing, and distribution of all current and future Bulwark privacy hardware products. Research: Funding to allow for time allocation to research improvements on current ha...
3D Printer Governance Proposal
This proposal is for the funding of a 3D printer for Bulwark’s current and future hardware developments. Being able to own and operate our own 3D printer will allow for cheaper and more effective case printing for our hardware products. Additionally, it makes being able to...
Bulwark Marketing Proposal - March
Hello again Bulwark team - hope you are all doing well! It’s that time of the month again where we are raising our proposals, and looking forward through the next month while reflecting on the past one. Over the past month, we’ve seen a reversal of the previous downtren...


Hey all! Don't forget to check out the proposal forum!

What's up Bulwark gang, looks like something's in the air as 4 new governance proposals have popped up on the forums and blockchain! Make sure you check them all out, and v...

Bulwark Core 2.2.0 Mandatory Update
Bulwark Core 2.2.0 Mandatory Update Bulwark 2.2.0 is a mandatory update to address multiple security issues. Please update as soon as possible! How to Update As always, it is recommended to backup the existing wallet.dat file to a safe location before upgrading if you ha...


Bulwark v2.2.0 is now released!

You can get it here:

This update primarily introduces fixes to the recent PoS issue that has been going around.

This update is MANDATORY. Please update your local wallets as well as your masternode(s). If you have been using the latest script, the auto updater that was included in it should automatically update your node for you.

Otherwise, please use the following command in your VPS if you'd like to get it out of the way sooner rather than later.
bash <( curl )}

Same deal for the Secure Home Node:
bash <( curl )

The spork that will remove all older versions, only leaving the updated v2.2 nodes/wallets on the network will be activated in approximately one week.

Thank you for all your support!

The primary development repository for the Bulwark project - bulwark-crypto/Bulwark


The new Bulwark v2.2.0 update has now been pushed to Github!

We'll be pushing out built binaries (for your local Windows, Linux, or Mac wallets) out in the next couple hours.

Keep an eye out for the official launch announcement so you can update your local wallets and masternodes accordingly.


Hello there team, our Bulwark monthly for January is now live - sorry for the delays!

Bulwark Monthly: Bulwark. For the Community, By the Community.
A lot has happened in the past month, with sweeping internal changes, hardware teasers, exchange listings, and more - so we're very pleased to say that the latest edition of Bulwark Monthly is here and we can give a full breakdown of what's happened so far!

Hello again Bulwark Gang! For those of you behind on recent events, our community member @235386916948672512> created a well written summary of what's been happening!

Be sure to check it out at the link below!

Bulwark: What happened, the reaction, and the future
A summary of recent events within the Bulwark community, written by our community member Topkek1337xd. A must read if you've been out of the loop!

The summary of our meeting has been posted here, the video footage is currently uploading!

Bulwark Community Meeting #02 – Summary
A rundown of what was discussed during the 2nd Bulwark Community Meeting, a must read for any Bulwark fan looking to stay up to date on community action!

@everyone As requested yesterday in our second community voice chat, we've published a list of all the coins that will be available upon launch at Bastion over in it's Discord.

For those that aren't in that server yet and would like to be, here is the invite link:

Bastion Exchange
­ Personal Discord Invites

@everyone Thanks to everyone who attended to the first Bulwark Community Voice Chat! See you on the next one!

@everyone 5 Minutes to go until we kick off our first Bulwark Community Voice Chat. Feel free to hop into voice and say hello!

@everyone Reminder: Don't miss out on the Community voice chat discussion today!

22:00 UTC / 8AM AEST / 17:00 EST

@everyone ``` **Technical** -Added Docker container support to the core system. -Modified setstakesplitthreshold to act in more natural and anticipated behavior. Staking BWK will be split - equally as long as it does not go below the split threshold. -Fixes #148 provide better handling for unlocking of the wallet when in anonymization and staking only mode checked. If unlock elevation is requested then the wallet is locked to ensure proper password requirements. -Implemented new coin staking requirements at the consensus level that will be activated via Spork. New requirements will ensure that stakes meet the 12hr requirement before being valid for staking. -Incremented the active node protocol version for the next release. -Added extra handling to wallet UI in regards to banned peers and updating the banned peer list on change. -Added warning to console dump commands (dumpprivkey & dumpwallet) and a general warning to console. -Modified build system configuration to work with latest build tools. -Use correct COINBASE_MATURITY value in MultiSend. -Improved logging and print calls. -Stop using dummy strings in client wallet version information. -Cleaned up Travis CI build configuration in favor on private build cluster. **Miscellaneous** -General documentation cleanup and updates.``` **UPDATE IS MANDATORY FOR ALL WALLETS, MASTERNODES AND SECURE HOME NODES!** **Download**

@everyone The Bulwark masternode explorer is live on Check it out, it has a ton of cool info!

@everyone Bulwark's birthday was Saturday! In case you missed it or are a new member of the Bulwark community, check out this blog! It's huge and covers tons of topics from our first year. Big shoutout to <@431924523374215190> for writing this one, she went all out!

@everyone Huge announcement! Governance is live and the Bulwark Core Team has submitted our first proposal! Check out our blog for more info on how to submit your own proposal or vote for ours! If you'd like to go straight to our proposal: If you would like to vote yes on our proposal, copy this line in your console and press enter: ``mnbudgetvote many eebbb3643f66a46afba00663a0b7c413f427e20a0ea0c7c840855f4ea6339565 yes``