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We're excited to unveil the first part of the long awaited Bastion family of cryptocurrency products. Bastion is proud to announce three exciting product additions that should cater to your daily crypto needs.

  1. Bastion P2P:

Our take on the growing "Local Bitcoin" market where you can Buy and Sell cryptocurrency near you. We offer a wide variety of payment options, filtering and clean UX to make it easy to trade your coins. We'll be expanding our coin offering after the full launch but you can already register and check out the new platform.

  1. Bastion Subscription:

The "Swiss Army Knife" of crypto. You can now trade all your coins from Binance, Gdax, Gemini, HitBTC< Kraken, KuCoin, Poloniex, Bittrex,,, Exmo, Live Coin, BTC Markets, CoinEx, Luno, OKCoin, BitMEX, bitbank all in one place!

Track your portfolio and trade all your coins in one convenient place.

  1. Bastion Full Exchange:

Our "Bread And Butter", the full exchange will offer multiple coins and upcoming fiat options. Stay tuned for further releases! Until then, be sure to check out the projects we have launched so far!

Bastion's new family of products is built upon multiple frameworks and requires additional deployments so stay tuned for updates as we roll out THREE projects at the same time!

Bastion is a #1 trading exchange platform � Bastion
Bastion is a suite of cryptocurrency tools that simplifies your cryptocurrency trading, wallet, analysis, and more.


Hey guys Bastion Exchange is almost here. And we've got exciting news for Bulwark Coin. For the next 30 days Bastion listing fees will be a flat fee of 50,000 BWK per coin listing. Please contact @331964637878943744> for any listing inquiries & exciting partnerships. Any community members that get a coin to sign up will automatically receive 1 FREE BWK masternode (This deal expires in 30 days).

We're super excited for such close partnership with Bastion and happy to see Bulwark being so prominent on Bastion. Together with the upcoming Carver2D Rev3 blockchain explorer and exciting Bulwark Platform additions we believe that Bulwark will offer something for everyone.

Hope to see you on Bastion Exchange soon!


Recently there has been a wave of bots joining multiple of crypto related discord servers which imitate the appearance of well known discord bots, such as:


etc. I am just pushing out this announcement for your own safety, so take care and whenever you spot one, be sure to report it to one of our mods here, so we can ban that bot.

@everyone Hello everyone, we've activated a Proof Of Stake Spork for Bulwark. This will fix 475 min confirms/12 hour min age. 👍

Bulwark Masternode Owners: We're resyncing the nodes on platform and you should be able to start them soon on the new spork (they will require a restart from your wallet).

This is part of our "Fair $BWK Block Distribution" initiative, stay tuned for more


The time has come! Bulwark is officially launching the open beta of it's Masternode Hosting Platform!

This platform was built from scratch and from the ground up with the idea that it would be a quick, easy, and responsive way to spin up masternodes at very competitive prices.

We are hosting Bulwark masternodes for approximately $2/mo/no and will be listing all other coins on the platform for $3/mo/no with the exception of any partnerships we may be setting up in the near future for new listings.

Keep in mind that while a lot of work has gone into this platform, it is in it's beta phase so there may be some small bugs or revisions we may have missed. If you have any suggestions for how we can improve it, please feel free to send a DM to @331964637878943744> @!236668935318142977> @130499945039003648> or myself.

For new coins potentially being listed, please refer to and vote on Stu's announcements above. If you have 10+ masternodes of a particular coin that you'd like to see and migrate to the platform, please DM one of us and we'll see what we can do for you.

This platform has had a whopping 500 collective hours put into it over the last two weeks so we hope you like it!

Check it out at and let us know what you think!


These are the MN i have personally. If you want a different coin added please PM me with the coin name and either website or Github link please.

We are about to launch the BWK hosting platform.
So i have all our community catered for may we please vote on the other coins people host as MN so i can add them to the platform for you.


@everyone WARNING Telegram has made some new updates to the platform and have made your Phone Number Privacy setting set to be able to be seen by Everyone in your contacts by default. Now you are able to change it to "Nobody" People are being SIM hacked and having their Crypto Stolen, because of this.
Go to the Telegram App>Settings>Privacy and Security>Phone Number> select Nobody

How do I particpate?

We will work out the logistics and best way to undertake this coin swap process and provide an announcement to both community's at a later date in their respective discord servers.
How long until this occurs?

Handing over of the Discord server for purposes of announcement handling and cooperation will be effective within the next couple days. As for the new platform launch under the Bulwark brand, it is difficult to provide a time frame as it will require us to receive the source code, get a test environment up, test it thoroughly, and then begin making tweaks and revisions where we believe it is necessary. All pertinent announcements will be posted in both BWK and ENCO discord servers as needed.

For those of you that are not fully aware of what this masternode hosting platform is or what services it offers, please refer to the following guide and informational document.


I'd like to announce some very exciting news for both the BWK and ENCO communities!

As some of you may know, ENCO is a project that provided masternode and shared masternode hosting services. Due to some unforeseen financial difficulties in this altcoin bear market, they have decided that a solution is needed in order to give the ENCO community and it's product the best future possible.

After a few days of discussion between the Bulwark and ENCO teams, we came to the conclusion that it would be in everyone's best interest for the Bulwark team welcome the ENCO community and do a takeover of sorts.

What is happening?

The Bulwark Team will be absorbing the ENCO project and performing a coin swap at a 100:1 ratio. At the time of writing, ENCO is worth 5 sats. Given this ratio, it is financially beneficial for ENCO community members to participate in this coin swap seeing as how 1 BWK is valued at more than 100x the current ENCO price. During this process, Bulwark will be testing and reworking (as needed) the ENCO platform and re-launching it under the Bulwark brand.


Bulwark is now officially listed on Nova Exchange!

Check it out here:

The Cryptopia Listings start Today: OverPoweredCoinX, OverPoweredCoin, Bulwark, AdCoin, CopperCoin, Parallelcoin, XDNA, RateCoin, Bitcoin CZ & HATCH @OPCoin_official @BulwarkCrypto @getadcoin @CopperCrypto @parallelcoinduo @XDNA_Official @RateCoinXRA @bitcoincz_org @Hat...
BWK / BTC trading - Nova | The Standard Crypto Exchange Engine


I am happy to announce that today we are introducing 8 new services to Bulwark landscape. Available now! 👀 This is the definitely the most exciting news release of the year for Bulwark so far. ❤

You can now pay for the following services using Bulwark: (estimations are based on current price of $0.05USD/BWK)

  • KVM Linux Hosting - Scale your project on a 16 core EPYC 7401 with up to 64GB RAM at just $1,920‬/year. (~38,400BWK/year)
  • Domain Registration - Get your own .com, .net, .org, .biz or .info domain name at just $14.95/year. (~300BWK/year)
  • SSL Certificates - Symantec Secure Site Pro EV Certificate for maximum protection & trust at just $1,199.00/year. (~24,000BWK/year)
  • Masternode Hosting - Put your home computer to sleep and run your masternodes 24/7 for just $4.00/month. (~80BWK/month)
  • Website Security - Daily malware, SQL injection and XSS scanning & more for just $299.99/year. (~6,000BWK/year)
  • Email Services - Archive your emails for just $68.99/year. (~1,400BWK/year)
  • Spam Filtering - Incoming and Outgoing email protection $10.47/year. (~210BWK/year)
  • Website Builder - Drag & Drop Builder for your Business at only $360/year. (~7,200BWK/year)

All of this is possible thanks to

Levi and Stu run this cloud service provider and BWK is NOW useable for ALL invoices on website. This includes colocation, support request and more. 👍

Expect this service line to expand in the near future. You can check out the full lineup on new bulwark homepage:

There is also an affiliate network and we're hoping you're coming along with us on this new chapter in Bulwark. 🚀

Thank you very much voting to my second poll.
During the poll significant information came up that changed the cards on the table when already many people had cast their vote. While this is not good for the poll validity, it is a great effect of being a community. When we have to make a decision together we are pulled to share our experiences for the common good. This way we can make more informed decisions, even if this may require additional voting.
The very relevant information that came up is the following:

  1. I trusted coinmarketcap's reported volumes to evaluate exchange traded volumes. That was a mistake on my end and I apologize for this error. Coingecko seems to be much more reliable and showed radically different results. Coingecko showed that was actually doing 0.1% of their volume published on coinmarketcap, systemkoin only 6%.
  2. The only exchange that was reporting similar volumes in Coinmarketcap and Coingecko, has raised a number of red flags. It came out that they are just a rebranding of, an exchange that apparently scammed or at least offered horrible support service to many clients.
    The only exchange left in the poll that didn't raise any type of flags is Coingecko reports though that this exchange has less traded volume than our current main exchange Cryptobridge. Spending our entire listing funding to be listed in an exchange that is smaller than Cryptobridge seems in contradiction with my 1st poll.

For the above reasons I believe we should consider my 2nd poll as invalid for the time being. don't worry though, I am still waiting for feedback from over 40 exchanges and I'll keep submitting listing requests to the few large ones that are left. I'll put up a new poll as soon as we have new options.
Thank you for your participation to my polls and happy bulwarking!


We are happy to announce that Bulwark will soon be listed on NovaExchange and GreenDEX!