Thank you for supporting our project and always believe in us! Growth rate is the best confirmation! 🔝

Another programmer, Ilya, appeared in our team. He works with us tirelessly on our main task - the beta version of betting exchange release 🚀 We are moving according to the roadmap or ahead - this is our rule☝️

Please remember that we're with you seriously and for a long time, so a low rate of BTXC is just a chance to buy at a discount 😎🚀💰

Have a nice day@everyone 🙌

📢 Dear community! 📢
Here is a new video from Hack Crypto, which holds 11 masternodes! There is also BTXC! https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=146&v=mr1cWTGpC5c

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🔥 Dear community! 🔥

We want to show you how we do our job and have prepared a short story for you about it. You should know we have nothing to hide from you! 👐👐👐
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k7Nuq2Df3hQ&t=1s (English subtitles are available).
P.S. and ... Do you know those people and teams whose coins you have? Do you trust them like us? 😎

Bettex - Организация рабочего процесса....
Bettex децентрализованная биржа ставок на блокчейне. Bettex stock - токен для краудфандинга. Bettex coin монета проекта Bettex project на PoS консенсус прото...

Hi mates!
That's nice Sunday to get some good news about us!

Bettex coin network has 500 + active masternodes already!
Wow! This is a REAL support!💪🤝

Thank you, dear community! 🙏

🔥🔥🔥HOT NEWS 🔥🔥🔥

Dear сommunity!
Bettex coin listed on MIDAS decentralized exchange.
Please welcome to trade there!


Dear community!
Just for these days, we have raised $ 1600+ for development of our project.
And that’s only the beginning!
Fundraising continues!
The minimum required sum is $ 30’000


Hi mates! Here is Hack Crypto and his masternodes review

Have a nice day!@everyone

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🔥🔥🔥HOT NEWS🔥🔥🔥

Dear community!
Pro Blockchain released an interview with our CEO Vyacheslav. We kindly ask you to watch it (english subtitles are available). Here you will learn firsthand about Bettex's plans for the near future. We will tell you about our revolutionary solutions, about how you can make money on our decentralized exchange ⚽️🏀🏸 or become our investor and get a steady income💰.
@everyone, don't miss that!📈

18+ Bettex - децентрализованная биржа ст...
#Bettex #биржа #ставки 18+ Bettex - децентрализованная биржа ставок 🔥🔥36:53, 38:08 🔥🔥конкурс на 500$ , за самую хорошую идею для проекта. Целью проекта Bette...

🔥🔥🔥 HOT NEWS🔥🔥🔥@everyone
Dear community!
We have just received from HUOBI a list of documents required for submission to the listing, and we are proceeding with the registration.
⚡️At the moment, we plan to register a legal entity with further obtaining legal opinion ⚡️

! Dear community!@everyone
❗You need to update your wallets, as well as masternodes for the mandatory update of version 3.1.1
Please do so in the near future.
A link to the new version of the wallet can be found in <#461564769456095232>

Dear community!
We are actively working on our betting exchange and we want you to use it conveniently and comfortably. 👌
Therefore we delimit with you the design of exchange for mobile apps (on smartphones and pads) and ask to write in the comments in <#461565211187609601> , whether you like it and if you like - leave wishes for the design. Your reaction is important to us! if you don't like something, then click the eggplant and write in the comments what exactly 🍆 Thanks@everyone ! 😃

📢 Dear community
We are proud to announce about launch instant shared MN of the Bettex coin on Gentarium!@everyone
Мы рады сообщить о запуске инстант шаред ноды Bettex coin на Gentarium!

Bettex coin enabled on CB

I‘ve been communicating with CB developers for two days and I want to get an answer from them. The first news is dated back in October 2018, but they blocked only now and without warning.
our code consists of 2 parts, we took Peercoin and PIVX as a basis, but added additional checks when generating the block. Therefore, our coin is not subject to the possibility of such an attack. I asked to provide proof either to unlock the input and output of our coin.

Hi, mates! It’s important for us to know your opinion, please #vote in this poll!
Does BTXC need listing on the ABCC?

  1. Yes!
  2. No!
  3. I doubt, maybe better wait for a response from HUOBI!
ABCC Trade Volume and Market Listings | CoinMarketCap
ABCC trade volume and market listings

We are working hard and i think beta version BETTEX will be better and useful for blockchain industry and we will see Bettex coin price will be higher than 1$

I wish to make an announcement of the first video about "Bettex project" and to tell about my comprehension of general information.
✅ English version https://youtu.be/DWpcOCOMDrs
✅ Russian version https://youtu.be/mOf9RuyPiO4

📢 Dear community.
The new video, about PoS coins and@Bettex_coin.

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📢 Dear community.
🔥 I decided to reveal my identity and conduct the channel on youtube. I will record a new video in the coming days. I will tell about our plans for the development of the Bettex project and a few more interesting announcements.