⚡ Dear community!⚡

We remind you that Bettex team is going to the blockchain Crypto Games Conference 🔥. April 25-26, Minsk! And our betting exchange will be represented there. The best place and the best time for it!

The Crypto Games Conference is the first and only gaming conference where developers, entrepreneurs, and investors meet and discuss how the blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies are set to change the gaming market

⚡️Hi mates! ⚡️
Trittium makes a vote among five coins at its service. If BTXC wins, you'll get Bettex masternodes hosting for 15 days for free there! Last time the winner scored only 41 votes. We need to catch it up to April 23. This can be done here at community campaigns.

Let's do that@everyone ! 🤜🤛

⚡️Dear community!⚡️

BTXC on MedicCoin ❤️ masternode hosting platform is now available! We wish a good profit and health for@everyone !

⚡️ Dear community! ⚡️

Bettex Coin is listed at trttNodes platform and available for investment.
You can learn more about that insta-shared masternode service here

How does trttNodes platform Work?
Same investment = Different rewards sometimes, why?

Midas announces zero fee platform @everyone
@everyone there is some very exciting news from Midas.Investments who lists BTXC!

Midas have become the only investment platform to offer a zero fee, 0% investment opportunity across all coins listed to their platform forever.

🔘 No fees taken in BTXC or MIDAS.
🔘 No fees to invest in the BTXC Instant Share node.
🔘 No fees to host your node on the Midas platform.

Earn 100% of rewards for BTXC and all other coins listed to Midas - even without VPS costs!

For more information: Join the Midas Discord and check out their <#461563031722393616> channel, or read the article published on MN.Investments -

Midas Discord -

Midas launch zero fee platform alongside the revolutionary MIDAS L...
We are excited to become pioneers once again and become the first investment platform to launch zero fee investing alongside the revolutionary new utility for MIDAS - the ‘MIDAS Lock-in’.

⚡ Bettex at Crypto Games Conference ⚡

This year, our project will be part of the World's larging blockchain game convention! Crypto Games Conference will be held April 25-26 in Minsk, Belarus. We are participants of this event, come to us! 🤝
More about it at

The Crypto Games Conference is the first and only gaming conference where developers, entrepreneurs, and investors meet and discuss how the blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies are set to change the gaming market

⚡ Dear community! ⚡

Beta version of Bettex decentralized betting exchange is available for tests!
Try to bet, write us suggestions about it’s interface and features. And of course win! 😎

Please welcome

Decentralized Betting Exchange
Decentralized betting exchange based on the blockchain.

Our friends from EvoNodes once again remind about safety and say that their service is securely protected.
Read more here -

EvoNodes Weekly 3–21–19
Hello all!

According to recent information the last Altbet wallet has a virus that can steal coins from your other wallets if you install it locally. Bettex owners: DO NOT INSTALL ALTBET WALLETS on the same computer as your Bettex coin wallet to mitigate this risk.
This is just a warning for your local wallet security.

⚡ Hey, cryptoservice owners, community admins and bloggers!

If you want to make an offer to our project, you have something that will bring success to all of us, so send it only here:
Discord - OFS | Bettex project # 1973
Telegram -
or mail at

Looking forward to good ideas and offers! 🙏 💸 💪

OFS Bettex project
You can contact @OFS_Bettex_Project right away.

⚡️ Hi, Dear community! ⚡️

Good growth rate of our coin, is not it? 😉 But no wonder, we started a big promotion campaign in the Russian market with our main media partner RKT8 Media Group. The next stage is the promotion on the global market and the launch of our betting exchange!

Stay with us! 🚀

❗️⚡️Dear community⚡️❗️

New version of the Bettex Core wallet 3.2.0 is on now! Please be sure to upgrade to it - work will become stable, and the design will be fresh 😎
Make setup as usual.
Exchanges will activate BTXC deposit and withdraw soon!

Thank you for being with us in a difficult time, we really appreciate it! 🤝

❗️ Important news ❗️

Hi mates, during the day we’ll release an updated version of Bettex Core wallet. Required to install for stable work.

Stay tuned! ✊


In Discord clones of Bettex project team members are detected, using the same login, number and avatar. Usually clone’s page is marked "Discord Nitro". Please check ID and make sure that you don’t write a fake.
Our real ID are :
CEO 459368455834173441
CVO !461452792184307722
CTO !482457311537790987
CDO !483986119936180224
CIO 517814676445462549
OFS 475259242006183956
Butcher 433829649357996043
promanager 373223941336072192
yetme 403479055074066443

Thank you for your caution! 🙏

Dear community! is up again ⚡️

Dear community!
We inform you that the network is almost stabilized 👌

Instruction restore Bettex Core wallet

  1. Make sure you have the latest version installed. If not, download from our website

  2. Close the wallet if it is running.

  3. Navigate to the wallet directory, that is, the Bettex folder.

  4. Make backup copies of three files - wallet.dat, masternode.conf, bettex.conf, save it in a separate place.

  5. In the Bettex folder, delete all files and folders except two - masternode.conf, bettex.conf.

  6. Open the bettex.conf file with a simple text editor and add the lines to it:
    addnode =
    addnode =
    addnode =
    addnode =
    addnode =
    addnode =
    addnode =
    addnode =

  7. Download the archive using the link (approximately 300 Mb) and unpack it, there will be two folders. Copy these folders to Bettex folder.

  8. Open your wallet. It should open and start synchronization, which will take approximately 10 minutes.

  9. Copy to the Bettex folder the wallet.dat file that you saved before the start. He will replace the one that is new. Do this even if the wallet is open.

  10. Close the wallet and then open it again.
    After that, your wallet should work and show the correct balance.

  11. Check the status of the masternode on its tab and run those in the missing status (via start alias). Currently, nodes on zcore and gentarium are working.

Note. In some cases, VPN / proxy interferes with the start of wallet synchronization. Disable at the time of recovery.

Please write to us in <#461566040195858432> if you have any questions 👌

Bettex coin
Decentralized betting exchange based on the blockchain

Morning friends! Within an hour there will be a new instruction, on it you will be able to restore your wallets.

We already stabilized that situation, and all wallets will work fine later. The best is: to do instruction steps from main post, and if wallet still don’t work after you done all that steps- just don’t do anything. All will be recovered automatically, and Bettex team will notify community about this further. Funds and masternodes are SAFU 👌

❗️⚡️Dear community! ⚡️❗️

DDoS attack was made on the Bettex network, but now nothing threatens it. The network is stabilized 👌. For the stability of your Bettex Core wallet please do next steps:
👉 Download and install the latest version of the wallet from the
👉 re-sync your wallet
👉 Add these lines to the bettex.conf file:
addnode =
addnode =
addnode =
addnode =
addnode =
addnode =
addnode =
addnode =

to add that you need open it through a simple text editor and after saving rename the extension back to .conf

Re-sync of the wallet means such actions:

  • make backup copies of the files wallet.dat, masternode.conf, bettex.conf (and also the backup folder)
  • then delete from the directory all files except these three that are written above. In the directory you will only have three files (wallet.dat, masternode.conf, bettex.conf) and no one folder
  • then run the wallet and wait for full synchronization, which may take one hour.
    At the end of it, your wallet and balance will become normal.

Write in <#461566040195858432> if you need help! 👍