@everyone Bitcointalk , Twitter , Twitter Cams and Reddit Giveaway are all ACTIVE as of NOW. Visit <#505421225816883220> , <#535872779086594058> , <#535872822615080960> , <#535935617129775104> channels for more information's how to participate

@everyone BTAD Loyalty Program is Active.You can find everything about Loyalty program in <#535873608766193684> channel. For any questions about program please use <#535985737229795337> channel.




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@everyone Hello, BTAD community. We would like to ANN something. BTAD Team made decision to Run : HUGE Giveaway , Loyalty Program , Affiliate Marketing where we will Allocate minimum 1 000 000 BTAD for our community. Where we will Run Giveaway :

  • Twitter - On our Both Twitter Account
  • Reddit
  • Bitcointalk
  • Medium
  • Discord

Loyalty Program : Everybody with BTAD inh their wallet will earn EXTRA Coins thru our Loyalty Program. More information how we will do that we will post in next 1-2 days.

Affiliate Program: Promote BTAD , Sell Banner Marketing spaces on our Platform and earn extra BTAD. More information in next 1-2 days.

HUGE Giveaway will start on 21.01.2019.

Be ready to earn HUGE Amount of BTAD in coming days , months .... More about ALL OUR PROGRAMS in coming days.


@everyone New MAC Wallet and Source code in <#524240295676739594> are ready for Download.

@everyone Download your new BTAD WALLETS v. -from <#524240295676739594> channel. You can find instructions how to update in the same <#524240295676739594> channel

@everyone Please read <#522243894537355264> channel and find out when will be and what you have to do.

@everyone Voting is now officially closed! New Masternode collateral will be 25 000 BTAD Coins. Soon we will post more info about fork and updates.

@everyone Bitcoin Adult team is looking for serious and ambitious marketing expert with previous experience in crypto related marketing. Few main missions that this new team member needs to accomplish are creating and running active social channels and blogs like telegram/reddit/medium/steem/facebook etc and promoting this project using mentioned and other marketing tools. Potential candidates will also need to find self-initiative way to prove themselves and show us that they are the right person for this job. Attempts with main mission only to grab free coins or $$$ will end up with unnecessary spending our and your time. We will leave contest open until the end of the year and the person who make biggest progress will become the part of the team and our partner. All candidates whose effort will be visible and recognized from this team and community will also be adequately awarded even if they dont enter in the team but just to be clear with all of you there will not be any upfront payments or free coins until we dont see what are your potentials. Dont get us wrong but if you message me or @469625861218369546> with simple question what do i need to do to become the part of the team, you are obviously not the self-initiative and creative person we are looking for. If you will have any additional questions, you can always DM me or @469625861218369546>

@everyone in the following days/weeks until the end of the year our site might be temporarily unavailable for users. Maintenance mode will be periodically necessary for few implementations and new features. The team has also decided to take some measures to push the price up with creating higher demand. We belive that there is a high chance that current downtrend of Bitcoin price might be result of price manipulation and SEC delayed decision on a proposed bitcoin exchange traded fund (ETF) wich has lead to the current state of the crypto market where most buyers wait to see where is the bottom for Bitcoin price. Our mission is to be ready when that time comes. Our reward structure was not created for current state so last few months with lack of buyers has made significant inflation. To resolve this problem the team has decided to take measures to stop additional inflation. Every day amount equal to 10% of newly generated coins will be burned and the measure to protect early investors will be that we will not reduce your rewards. Instead of that, mentioned amount will be sent to burn address from the team side from the premine amount. One other thing that we need to do is that we need to increase collateral. Masternode has become too cheap and that is also one of the reasons why supply outbid the demand. Almost all our investors has already generated huge amount of coins so we suggest collateral increase from 25,000 to 50,000 coins. We will open <#519914731058888724> channel for future collateral. In this way we want to protect our early investors and since rewards structure will remain the same the cost of VPS will also save you some money and amount of received rewards will reamain the same.

We strongly belive that in future BTAD will be accepted by all relevant cam sites and we are working to achieve this. Premium Cams section are just simple iframes until we import all sites with API codes without bugs so this is just example until we dont finish it. Premium membership and premium content are parts wich are not finished but it will be by the end of the year including our own cams. To prevent inflation, advertising on all our sites including whitelabels and all future sites will be paid exclusively in BTAD and payment for advertising will go directly to burn address so in that way we will create additional demand and those coins will not come back on exchange. Once again, this is only a working example with quick design that will be modified with time. Registrations are disabled for@everyone until we dont finish the site. Any sugesstions in wich directions we need to move after you see are welcome.

@everyone few words about the following page, since there was a huge preasure to make the site public, few sections are not even close to finished so we need to publish something where 80% of work still needs to be done. Uploded videos on page are just for preview but in following days we will import at least 100.000 videos for start from sites that you can see in our Sponsors & Partners section. I dont know how many of you are aware how things are working in Adult Entertainment but for you who dont know just to be aware that those videos are not stolen videos from other sites. We have permission to publish all videos from our sponsors and partners that you will see on the site. How this thing works and why some paid sites give us permision to take all their videos is not important for this announcement but in few words we promote them and they give us content. Our videos will not contain redirections or ads, we use clean tube script and for now this feature will be available even for FREE accounts. About Cams sections, all cams that we implemented on site are free to watch but we made special section with cam performers from sites where you can use BTAD to buy tokens for tips and private shows.

@everyone Ladie's and Gentlemen's we are still here , @468408484858167306> and Team working around the clock on our Platform and that's the reason why we are so quiet recently. Maybe looks like we are late but if you check our Roadmap than you can see that we promise Our Platform in Q4 and we will keep our promise (We will release even before end of Q4). Our Dev is perfections so before he release something everything has to be perfect ( we can't do nothing about that , that's Our Dev ). So Please be patient with Dev and Team and SOON we will have Our Platform ready to GO.😉 Thank you

@everyone dont miss Live Chat with Famous Pornstar Jenna Jones, Show is FREE to watch on our site and if you like Jenna or you want to grab her special attention, you can purchase credits with Bitcoin Adult (BTAD coins) to tip her during the show. Friday, October 12, at 19:00 (GMT+3) Adults Only 🔞

@everyone BTAD is Listed on share node service!

P.S. BTAD Team don't have anything with that share node service so we are not responsible for any loss of your coin. Everybody who is willing to work with Mintnodes have to make your own research about Mintnodes service.

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We are still at the beginning of our project but as you can see in such a short time we achived big partnerships and implemented Bitcoin Adult as payment method on sites and network where hundreds of thousands of dollars circulate every day. We also started to work on marketing, one example of sponsored review and listing can be seen at . Advertising in crypto is extremely expensive and@everyone can help us to raise more funds by promoting webcam sites from wich we get up to 40% of all income made on the sites: & and in that way also participate in raising awareness for Bitcoin Adult. Team without community help as well as the community without team to lead them are sentenced to failure so we count on you. More good news coming soon!

You heard right, BTAD coin can now be used as payment method on 500+ sites where hundreds of thousands of dollars circulate every day. Bitcoin Adult also own whitelabel site in this network and@everyone can see it and use it on link . All income from this site will for now be used for marketing purpuse so feel free to promote it and use your BTAD for tipping 10,000+ girls, boys, couples, transgenders… Few more examples of sites where BTAD coin, thanks to this partnership, can now be used for tipping and private shows are:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and 500+ other webcam sites. If you are unfamiliar with webcam industry just visit Wikipedia ( to see how big is this network and how many Awards & Nominations they have in this field.

@everyone all of you that have been here for some times you already know that good news for Bitcoin Adult are just keep coming and that is the best prove that this team is strongly dedicated to this project. Before i continue i just want to say few things about some frequent questions. If there is any suspicions based on the fact that the price has slightly declined we want to strongly eliminate those kind of assumptions and say that we will never abandon this project regardless of the coin price or any other reason and all early investors & members that support us and have faith in us from beginning will not be disapointed. Maybe some things are moving slow but sometimes it is necessary to elaborate a lot of details and even go to the other part of the world just to show your potential partners or a webcam studio that there is a seroious team behind this project. You have seen that there was and still are many similar projects that are “working“ much longer from us and still didnt do anything or the progress after more then 6 month is just a blank website and white paper with empty words. Our website show our progress and contain more details from any other adult focused white papers and you witnessed many times that a white paper with empty words means nothing. We will launch our White Paper when every word in it will have strong backup. In just two months we have done more from any other projects and Bitcoin Adult is the only one coin focused on Adult Industry that is already in use and accepted on various adult shops and webcam sites. When we talk about adult webcams there are only few big players in this field and partnerships with them are huge steps since they control 80% of adult webcam entertainment industry. One of them is BongaCams & BongaModels. Bonga Network contain 500+ sites where 10,000+ webcam models (girls, couples, transgenders, etc.) are everyday online. On all those sites you can now use Bitcoin Adult as payment and tipping method.