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@everyone The Deposits are now working

@everyone Due to the System Update the Apps aren't fully functional right now. We will finish the Website Bugfixes and push out the IOS-Update and Android Release than

@everyone Today two years ago Bitradio has started it's platform. Now we have over 200.000 Users, amount steadily growing. 🎉 🎉 Thank you to everyone who has joined us and will join us in the Future. 💯 We will announce an update today, a new feature will be part of the announcement so stay tuned and have a nice Day👍

@everyone If you have tried to reset your password or to create an account and didn't received your email. Please check your emails again, it should be arrived now

@everyone Next hint for our #Challenge There is a password hidden in the .rar which you need to unzip the .rar Try to find it

@here Small hint for our #Challenge:
Maybe you need to convert something to a .rar, and a programm like Notepad++ could also be useful

  1. Android App

We and some users of the community tested the Android app and there are a few bugs to fix. After rolling out the new content/radio station structure and feature we are ready to publish the Android app.

  1. New wallet Version

We know we have some issue with our existing wallet. So we have to replace it and rewrite a lot of things. We also work on this over 5 months now. An exact date is not possible to address. We plan to update it in Q1 2019.

More Details will come soon. We work hard to roll out some of these features before our second Birthday on 19.03.2019.

Have a great Sunday


Hello everyone,

with this post, I want to give you a quick update on things we are working at the moment.

  1. Creating a new Content System for users
    Admins, Moderators and some Users with a special status were able to edit and add radio stations for since the start of the website.
    To get a much better quality of radio stations in our database we want to roll out this feature to all user which have an account on and want to help us adding and editing stations.
    This Update requires a new structure of our database for the website and our apps. This is the reason we don't have rolled out our Android app yet.

If we had rolled out the app we have to make changes and we don't want to do this work again. So first we publish this new feature early March (that's the plan) and then go for the release of the Android App.

With this feature, we will also change Premium. Our premium feature was built for users which helping us getting the biggest radio station portal in the world. At the moment every user is able to buy premium for a month. This will change. Users wich are helping us creating these content / adding or editing radio stations will get a free Premium account for a month or up to 36 Month. Maybe it's also possible to buy Premium again. But we have to find out what's fair.

A user which is investing time to get radio stations working will earn this premium more than a user which is buying it for 1 BRO. Let's see what we can do with this. But there will be free premium Accounts for all of you helping us creating this content.

@here The Masternode and Premium Payment Bug has been solved and all funds are credited

@everyone Here we have our new Bitradio #Challenge. In the following Picture we hide a Private key with 250BRO on it (BVfu3PVL661MuoZDyfztGXUjsA2kNXNVqG)

@here Today is the World Day of Radio For this occasion we are preparing a new #Challenge which will be released in the next days ‼
Stay tuned

@everyone We are very sorry for our IOS-App User that the App is not working. Unfortunately the current situation forces us to keep it enabled. We are working on a workaround, but we can't give a ETA when it will be ready.

@everyone Due to the current situation we were forced to activate Cloudflare. This has the consequence that the IOS-App can't get a Connection. Please be sorry for this inconvenience

@here We are aware of some issues on our Website and are working on it. Sorry for the inconvenience

@everyone As we want to expand our Social Media presence we would like to know on which social media platform you would like to see Bitradio? Please tell us on which platform you would like to see Bro

@everyone ‼ Important Safety Information‼ Due to the current Cryptopia Hack we would like to remind you to keep your Coins not on exchanges! The best and safest place for the Coins is the Desktop Wallet which you can download on our Websites.

biteBTC has announced how people can request their coins. Due to a fire they lost data from September to January .. so every account created during that time is gone. You need to follow their description and claim your coins until end of this month.

@everyone Uwe:
Thanks, guys and Girls for 2018.

It was such a great year with you all. Here are some things we plan to make in 2019. I wish you all a great new year 2019!!!

See you next year!