@everyone who has a twitter Account, please reply to that tweet with $bro<span id="every">@bitrad_io to support the Community

In celebration of our upcoming 1 millionth block we will be organizing a vote for a #Luxgate listing free of integration fee. - $LUX holding still applies. Make sure to tag your favorite project's Twitter handle below. The 4 most mentioned projects will battle for a free l...

@@everyone Uwe:
Will make the payout for masternode and staking shares later today. And will bring 7000 new masternode shares online today.

Get your Bro ready - Update for Oktober 2019 - Staking Shares - Forum
Hello everyone,a small update for the month of Oktober for you.1) New staking sharesToday ee added 15 new staking nodes. A lot of users want to buy more shares so we added 15 today. Within the next week, we will add another 50 staking nodes. So buy some… - Update for September 2019 - Content System - - Bitrad....
Hello everyone, there was no update in the past month, but we are still here and are here to stay. We had some things we had to work on. Some legal stuff and other things had to be done fist. With this post, I want to let you know what our next steps…


Hello dear community,

we have the possibility to be listed on the following platform. This is a platform for a staking pool and masternode hosting.

For this we need the cooperation of as many members as possible.
The vote is unfortunately not free but must be paid with a RDCT token.
The good thing is, we can exchange the token directly via our exchanger. At the moment a vote costs about 3 Bro, this depends on the price of Bro and the price of the token.

The platform is currently available in three languages.

Please vote all so that our project will be better known and more people will know that we exist.


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Our Content System is now out of Beta!! You are now earning APS for editing Stations on Check it out Youtube tutorial coming soon #Feature #Development #Bro &BRO #crypto #radio #stream

@here you can track the Masternode stats on

Ihostmn - Masternode Hosting And Sharing
1 click managed masternode hosting and sharing platform. Manage all your masternodes from one place.

@everyone We are now added to, a masternode hosting service which hosts your MN for 1 Euro per month

@everyone Wallets on Crex24 are now working

$BRO (@bitrad_io) was updated. Users have to generate new addresses. Note, if you send BRO to your old BRO address - you'll lose these coins.

@here Theofficial Explorer is back synced

Bitradio Explorer
Bitradio CryptoID Block Explorer and Statistics. Access detailed blockchain information on Bitradio (bro) transactions, blocks and addresses

🔈 The New BRO Wallet is now officially released!

A Guide for the Swap can be found in our forum:

Stay tuned🎤@everyone

Contribute to thebitradio/Bitradio development by creating an account on GitHub.
How to Swap to the new Chain - Forum
How to swap to the new Wallet ( Open the Windows search and enter %appdata%, a folder with that name will show up. Enter it Search for the subfolder Bitradio and enter it Now copy the wallet.dat to a save place where you can access it easilly …

@everyone The new Wallet will be released today. Stay tuned

@everyone 📱🚨 The Android App is released🎉🎉

Furthermore the Waller Update and Chain swap has been announced in the Easter Update:

We will swap on Block 500,000, but read that article to get all information😉

Stay tuned😄

Bitradio - FM Radioplayer - Apps on Google Play - Update for April 2019 - NEW WALLET - - Forum
Hello everyone, we wanted to make a wallet Update because of some issues we had in the past. Our new wallet is now ready and we will start this new Blockchain in about two to three weeks from now. Because the protocol changed a lot we have to go to…

@here We now have a FAQ Section on
Stay Tuned for more updates very soon

@everyone The Deposits are now working

@everyone Due to the System Update the Apps aren't fully functional right now. We will finish the Website Bugfixes and push out the IOS-Update and Android Release than