Hello Everyone,

We have been working very hard over the last few months and are happy today to show you a preview to Blockfiniti;

This will be the Landing and Product information site for our new application. Please have a look and provide any feedback you might have to the team. The Landing site is not connected to the application just yet so registrations and logins will not work. The product itself is in alpha testing and we will be asking for members of the community to sign up for beta testing very soon so keep watching discord and twitter for this announcement!

Thank you for all your support and patience.

Blockfiniti is a next generation Peer-to-Peer Intelligent Data Platform. Built by Block-Logic Technology Group, this Ecosystem will be backed by Block-Protect, Block-Pay & Block-Purchase

Adjusting to market conditions.


In efforts to adjust to the current market conditions, Block-Logic committee team gathered today to discuss BLTG's economical standings compared to current market conditions.

  • Current Satoshi price
  • Masternode value & payout yield
  • Amount of coins locked
  • Amount of coin supply (also known as money supply)

BLTG’s Financial experts find that Bitcoin is pushing out of its Trough faze and soon will be entering its recovery faze. Though from BTC's low price of $3,200 on December 17th, 2018, it has currently gone up to $5,300, an estimated 65%. We find that once BTC hits between $6,000 & $6,400, it will then officially enter the recovery faze.

Therefore, in efforts to maintain BLTG's money value, the committee has approved the burning of 500 thousand BLTG’s to reduce coin supply, with a monthly review for future extra coin burning.

We also find that this current increase of BTC is also partially due to the approximation of BTC’s scheduled halving, which is estimated to be in May 2020, as well as
its increasing popularity and mass adoption around the world.

Example: countries that have extreme inflation and economical difficulties.

Finally, Block-Logic will also be considering the selling of BLTG’s at an OTC price, when funding is needed for special tasks such as marketing, exchange listings or technology development, using any of our preferred exchanges as a type of escrow. This will benefit the buyer so they don’t buy to expensive when accumulating and will also benefit the seller by not needing to sell at a price to low.

The committee really appreciates the Communities support for the information and opinions shared up to now and others to come. We are proud to see how solid and organically BLTG has grown and are excited about the amazing potential it provides.

Prosper, secure, safe and solid accumulation everyone.

Truly yours,

Block-Logic Technology Group Committee

Hi@everyone this is just a short update as we have reached another small milestone for Block Logic Technology Group. As many of you know we are building an intelligent data platform based on IPFS, but what you may not know is that our new website is already taking full advantage of IPFS but unlike our competition, we are pushing the limit of IPFS by not just storing media files but working towards a platform to allow our users to create fully interactive and responsive websites which takes full advantages of our peer-to-peer protocol, which one day will be powered by our network of Datanodes.

You can access our home page via the IPFS network at

In addition, we have also listed BLTG on the following exchanges:

Hi@everyone we have just heard that there are scammers replicating crypto github pages to serve wallet with malicious trojan. Please only trust wallets and Github pages linked from our website or <#525033593597067284> channel and be vigilant, report any suspicious activities to an admin. More info on this scam can be found

Homograph Github Domain spreads Neon Wallet Trojan | Prof. Dr. Chr...
Technical report, 2019-03-15. English translation of an article initially published in German at In March 2019, Jan-Hendrik Frintrop and me, we became aware of the newly registered domain giṭhub[.]com (xn--gihub-ns1b[.]com) which imitates Microsoft...


The Block-Logic team is proud to announce the release of our newly updated website. This is just one example of the many possibilities we intend to create in bringing a fully distributed and decentralized web to the masses. We hope you love it as much as we do and a big thank you to @416752985880788992> for his amazing work in the design and creation of the site.

Block-Logic Technology Group
Block-Logic (BLTG) is building the next generation Peer-to-Peer Intelligent Data Platform. This Ecosystem will be backed by Block-Protect, Block-Pay & Block-Purchase

Hello@everyone. Block-Logic has been presented with an incredible opportunity to help with an elementary school fundraiser for new school technology (e.g., Chromebooks) and additional recess equipment. We are calling upon the community to assist in whatever way possible to help these children achieve their goal.

We will run this campaign for a period of 2 weeks, after which 100% of all proceeds will be converted and payment made to the fundraiser in the name of Block-Logic Technology Group. Block-Logic will match all donations made in bltg 1:1

BTC Address: 1JAK2tBW1Gt8CdusHbwvbcWU5Tf53CnPD6

BLTG Address: BAk6eihHdHi7di4fbqZQWAPnR5z4tLWGh1

Thank you all in advance for considering this charitable event and helping to show the true power of community & crypto 😃

Hey@everyone, for some more information on our strategic alliance with Syntrophy check out this video (note around the 5 minute mark)

Syntropy: Distributed Blockchain through Axiom

BLTG is now trading on

February 2019 — Update
Hello once again from the Block Logic Team.

@everyone Hello once again from the Block Logic Team,

Have you ever had one of those months where you felt like you accomplished a whole lot but you didn't have much to show for it? This pretty much summed up February for the Block Logic development team. We have all been nose to the grindstone, hard at work on initiatives contributing directly to or supporting the delivery of our first application Blockfiniti. Unfortunately though, we are not in a position to announce anything just yet.

That being said we can give you some insights as to what we have been working on these past few weeks;

  1. A completely new website with enhanced content and graphics that better aligns with what we are about and provides an improved user experience. This website is almost completed and will be released shortly.
  2. Continued, front and back end application development of Blockfiniti, particularly focusing on user accounts, security and wallet integration.
  3. Testing and development of our own IPFS datanodes with custom IPNS and DNS to support the public edition of Blockfiniti.
  4. Conducted research on the best hosted cloud for our platform. After many hours of testing what is available we have ended up with a combination of cloud hosters, picking and choosing the best, most secure and cost effective solution for our needs.
  5. Updating the BLTG wallet with new graphics and bug fixes. This, once again, it not far away from being released.
  6. Final changes to the full length whitepaper. Draft to be released in a few days.
  7. Setting up a YouTube channel to showcase BLTG.
  8. The inaugural monthly Masterminds of Blockchain live discussion.

Looking ahead to March, it should be a big month for Block Logic. A number of February activities should come to fruition enabling us to make announcements and releases.

@everyone please take a few minutes to see what our Dev team has in store for 2019

Block-Logic’s Dev Team vision for 2019! – Block-Logic – Medium
Hello from the Block-Logic Development Team, firstly we would like to acknowledge all the support we have been receiving from the…


Some community members have been asking about the proposed attack vectors on PoS coins, and if it affects BLTG.

We are looking into it and if necessary we will apply a patch to mitigate these issues.

If you are concerned "are my coins safe" - yes they are. If you are questioning "can someone double spend?" NO.

the WORST case of this proposed attack vector is that it would fill a nodes disc with "valid" blocks from a forked chain. "similar to a DoS attack".

BLTG is now also listed on for easy masternode hosting and deployment 😉

Block-Logic Token Management – Block-Logic – Medium
As the new year approaches, the Block-Logic team would like to release a major announcement regarding the management of the BLTG Tokens…

Block Logic English live Interview 🔝 all about the Masternode ...
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@everyone the BLTG team are breaking out to celebrate the festivities with our families and will resume normal development in the new year, We would like to wish you all and your families a merry Xmas and a Happy New Year.
We will keep monitoring Discord/Telegram and provide help if and when required.

The BLTG Team

@everyone Here is a bootstrap of the blockchain up to the time of this post:
This bootstrap has 4 folders {block, chainstate, sporks, zerocoin}
Shut the wallet down, delete these old folders from your system and copy the new ones from the download to the installation directory, and restart the wallet.
Shared with Dropbox