BITG trading is now live on Mercatox exchange. We are constantly working to secure more exchange listings for BitGreen and increase liquidity as our network continues to grow.@everyone Trade BITG now:


Quick Update:

Hardware wallet (Ledger) support and hardware wallet masternode setup guides will be live by end of July. We will also implement Atomic Swaps (BIP65) in early August. We have just started development on these fronts and an official press release is coming this week.@everyone

@everyone, the Stakebase team has released an a July Progress Report Update:

Stakebase is a cryptocurrency exchange utilizing BitGreen as a quote-currency for trading pairs.

To avoid confusion and help them streamline communications, we are archiving the <#496855140947722241> channel in Discord.

If you have any questions about Stakebase, please reach out to the Stakebase team on Telegram:

Welcome! Please visit our site at!
Stakebase Progress Report: July 2019 - Stakebase - Medium
We would like to share some recent Stakebase development updates.

Time for some warnings again:

1 Don't answer to any DMs of Teammembers. Everything can be faked with Discord Nitro. Noone of the Team will DM you first especially not on support cases.

2 Activate 2FA. Everywhere. But also on Discord.

3 Don't click any invite links of DM spammers forged urls are evrywhere.

4 Be careful with clicking links of your friends see this link:

--FAQ THREAD ABOUT THE NEW #Discord VIRUS-- I wanna explain the virus as clearly as I can in this tweetstorm. Please, for the love of all good in the world, READ and spread this around. Literally anyone who uses @discordapp even a little should know this stuff. ADD TO THE...

MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT: New Exchange Listing!

Trading is now live on! Crex offers increased liquidity for BitGreen - one of our main goals as we continue to develop the ecosystem. Additional, larger exchange listings for BITG are on the way. Stay tuned and look out for more announcements.@everyone


The CryptoBridge API has been updated to comply with CoinMarketCap's new data integrity protocol. The volume is now visible on CMC. Additional compliant exchange listings are finalized and will be announced shortly - stay tuned.@everyone

BitGreen (BITG) price, charts, market cap, and other metrics | Coi...
Get BitGreen price, charts, and other cryptocurrency info

We now have a fully functioning Telegram mobile wallet, thanks to the work of our awesome community members! We appreciate the hard work of @447366843259158530> and all users who helped test this new feature. You can now use the BITG Telegram Bot to generate and manage a BitGreen wallet.@everyone

🍃 Try it now:

You can contact @BitGreen_wallet_bot right away.

We are excited to announce our upcoming listing on Mercatox Exchange. Additional exchanges are a critical part of our rebranding process. This is the first of multiple exchange listings we’ve been actively working on. Our goal is to increase liquidity and make BITG accessible to all worldwide.

Mercatox is a very liquid exchange which has daily trading volumes up to 100x as large as CryptoBridge. Currently Mercatox has ~$20M in daily volume. We encourage@everyone to do your own research about the exchange and create an account at before trading launches! We have confirmed payment and will be listed in 15-20 days.

Our recent governance proposal was featured in a Crypto Briefing article by discussing Masternode Governance and the implications of the Cryptopia hack.@everyone

🍃 Read more:

What’s At Stake: How Blockchain Governance Found Its Voice Over ...
Blockchain governance is evolving. BitGreen stakeholders are voting in response to the Cryptopia hack - with far-reaching implications.

@everyone In response to recent news from Cryptopia regarding the January 2019 hack, we have decided to initiate a governance proposal to determine the desired response from our community and stakeholders. This situation is time sensitive, and we ask that all community members learn about the situation in order to make an informed decision.

Please read about BitGreen Governance Proposal #BITG-003 below:

BitGreen Governance Proposal (#BITG-003) — Hardfork to Tempo...
Should BitGreen issue a mandatory hardfork & wallet update to temporarily lock Cryptopia’s user deposits until they announce their plans?

We are pleased to announce BITG’s first official New York based meetup! The BITG Team will be in attendance at Consensus 2019 and hosting a community event on Sunday, May 12. There will be a major announcement at this event, as well as a preview of new on-chain governance features. If you will be in New York for Consensus and are interested in attending the event, contact a Green team member via Discord or email We look forward to sharing major news about recent developments within the BITG community.@everyone


Re-Launch Party

Coin Vote #5 is now live on Stakebase: IOST vs. Tezos vs. Qtum! The coin with the most votes will receive a free listing. Please help spread the word to these commmunities!@everyone

Congrats to the Reddcoin Community for winning the last coin vote!

🍃 Medium:

Coin Vote #5: IOST vs. Tezos vs. Qtum!
The coin with the most votes will win a free exchange listing!

We released The Green Report for March 2019. Stay up to date with BITG. This month: StakeBase Beta Launch, Roots Network Members Program, Coin Vote #4!@everyone


The Green Report — March 2019
The Green Report is a monthly blog designed to keep the BITG community informed on recent developments. Make sure to check out the last…

🍃 Introducing the Roots Network Members Program! Please read about this exciting development for the Roots Network in our Medium article below.@everyone

👉 You can now submit in <#476096635273740338> to become a Roots Network Member.

🎁 A special thanks to the Roots Network Top Contributors for the first 6 months! @482995511058759680> , @447366843259158530> , @449643130845659157> , & @359226832509337612>

Read more:

Introducing the Roots Network Members Program
As the Roots Network continues to expand, we are always looking for new ways to increase community engagement, reward content creators…

@everyone it has come to our attention that bots have infiltrated our Root Bounty Submission forms and have overloaded our submissions with fake links. We will be temporarily shutting down the Roots program so we can go through all the submissions and find the legitimate Roots Bounties to send them $BITG. We will reopen Roots once we have a method to prevent fake responses. Thank you to everyone who participates and we will get this fixed as soon as possible!

@everyone BIG announcement!
⭐ Stakebase preview video is now up! ⭐

StakeBase UI Preview
As we ramp up to our fast approaching initial trading+staking launch, we wanted to share a preview of the new website

👀@everyone coin vote #4 is live on Stakebase: ReddCoin vs. Neblio vs. Polis! The coin with the most votes will receive a free listing.
Please help spread the word and encourage the ReddCoin, Neblio, and Polis communities to vote!

➡ Medium post:

Coin Vote #4: ReddCoin vs. Neblio vs. Polis!
The coin with the most votes will receive a free exchange listing on!


Earn 2 BITG sent to your wallet for voting for $BITG in the PolisPay vote! If you'd like to participate, follow the instructions from the tweet in the announcement above! Then submit your screenshots to show that you voted to our roots submission form (section 9):

BITG Roots Network Bounty Submission Form
Please submit basic information and select your bounty type.

@everyone Please vote for $BITG for the PolisPay platform! To vote go to the link below an follow the instructions in their tweet! 🍃

Thank you!

Hello PolisPay users! We're offering FREE LISTING to your favorite coin! Please follow the instructions on the image for a chance to see your favorite coin listed soon on #PolisPay! We'll contact the dev team of the winning coin on 19/03 at 12:00 PDT $Polis #cryptocurrency

We would like to inform you about a new tool for proof-of-stake and masternodes! You can monitor your BITG wallets & masternodes via Monkey Tracking ( ) - available on your browser or on your phone!@everyone

Monkey Tracking
Not only will Monkey track your addresses and give you a notice when your balance changes but also keep an eye on your Masternode status!
Monkey Tracking - A new Portfolio App
Your personal, fully automated portfolio tracking application. Apple App Store Google ...