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Results are in! Was a great first Twitter contest. thank you all for making it a success. More to come! 😉

BitMoney Giveaway Winners
The 3 winners have now been randomly chosen and I can reveal the details: In 1st Place and Winning 1 Masternode and 12 Months Hosting at IHOSTMN.COM we have....

Everyone lets get behind this contest and have some fun and maybe win!!! 125,000 Bit and Free hosting for a year !

#Win with #BitMoney - A Masternode & 12 Months Hosting Prizes for 2nd and 3rd too! For a Chance to Win... - LIKE - RETWEET - FOLLOW @BitMoney6 Winners will be picked Sun 17th @ 10pm GMT Good luck #Competition #GiveAway #Cryptocurrency #BitMoney6

You asked for it - and they have listed - BitMoney is now on https://www.ihostmn.com

We are now listed on CoinGecko - https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/bitmoney

You can now pay for your masternodes on the ZCORE network using BIT! 😃 Go and get hosting with ZCORE!

We are KYD certified - https://review.kydcoin.io/bitmoney/

Know Your Developer (KYD) - Trust between community and developer!
KYD is a platform that allows users of cryptocurrency to find and verify blockchain developers to create trust for investors, developers and projects.

(when we reach 100 nodes on the Zcore network they will allow the community to pay for their hosting with BitMoney)

Find us on Zcore Masternode Hosting Network - https://zcore.network/zms/834