@everyone we released a new version a week ago which is aimed at fixing some bugs. Please update your wallet. to v2.1.3.6

Our new multinode Mn script also used the new wallet.


Beetlecoin Wallet. Contribute to beetledev/Wallet development by creating an account on GitHub.

@everyone we now have multi node script.

Multi Masternode Installation Script
To install multiple masternode on a Ubuntu 16.04 VPS run this command:

bash <(curl -s

If curl isn't installed run this command before:

apt-get -y install curl


@everyone mercatox has enable deposit and withdrawal having upgraded to v2.1.3.5. Regards

For windows Hot-Wallet users on the v2.1.3.5+... Multiple Nodes on same IPV4. Please make sure you have a good grasp on running the first node before trying the multi-node.

Beetle MultiNode
New wallet update (as of update) Please make sure to update your wallets. Check with the website or the wallet releases at http...

@everyone please make sure you using the latest wallets v2.1.3.5 for those that are yet to upgrade please do that immediately. It’s the responsibility of all node owners to keep their nodes updated always. Regards

@everyone in case you miss this tweet

Older version of BeetleCoin wallets are no longer allowed to participate in Beet's network. Make sure you are on v2.1.3.5. ➡️⬅️ #altcoin #Masternode #cryptotrading #cryptocurrency

@everyone old wallets using protocol 70104 had been disconnected from participating in beetle network. Make sure you upgrade your wallets if you have not done so yet. We also want to make this point clear to all. If you run a node you are part of the network operations and you must check on our discord or twitter for announcement from time to time. Regards

@everyone and has updated to v2.1.3.5. We have less than 24 hours for older nodes to be disconnected from participating. Please upgrade your nodes now. Regards

CEO交易所全球站 | 全球领先的数字资产交易平台
CEO交易所全球站是全球领先的数字资产交易平台,CEO交易所全球站面向全球提供比特币(BTC)、以太坊(ETH)、莱特币(LTC)、柚子(EOS)等多种数字资产交易服务,是安全可信赖的数字资产 交易平台.

@everyone we have reached a majority on v2.1.3.5 protocol 70105. We will be disconnecting all old nodes on 2019/07/27 @ 9:00am (UTC). Please take note of this and upgrade your node if you are yet to. Regards

@everyone QBTC has updated to version

@everyone BIT-Z has updated to version

@everyone cryptobridge is updated to v2.1.3.5.

@everyone TXBIT updated to v2.1.3.5

@everyone Please update your wallet now . We still have about 465 nodes using older wallets and over a 1000 node already updated. We will be banning older nodes from participating soon.

@everyone STEX has upgraded to v2.1.3.5.

@everyone kindly reminder the nodes on older wallet will be disconnected soon. Which means you will not get reward on your wallet. Please upgrade to v2.1.3.5 as soon as possible.


Beetlecoin Wallet. Contribute to beetledev/Wallet development by creating an account on GitHub.

@everyone southxchange has updated successfully to the latest version

@everyone Crex24 has updated successfully to the latest version First exchange to complete the update.

@everyone important announcement majority are going on v2.1.3.5. Please upgrade now. The older wallets will be disconnected from the network soon. Thank you for the understanding.