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Hello@everyone please welcome one of our active community member @324607091677593601> as one of our Social Media Strategist. Thank you

@everyone am stating it very clear again. SWAP for old beetle is no longer happening and for the scammers and fools still setting up nodes on old chain, Please keep doing it you will have no where to sell or exchange it and no one will respond to you we have people setting up nodes up to 29 on old chain then they come here to try exchanging . All un swapped coins are 100% used so stop wasting your time.

@everyone Here is our New Video championed by the Chinese Community. It also introduces Towin Application which is currently been developed by the Chinese team. Happy Viewing

Beetle Coin - Pure Strenght

@everyone Please do not share your masternode.debug file with anyone. One of active community member just got rubbed off his node @394902213866160129> .Please be careful if you need any assistance only message to me taurus#6233 or beetKeeper#1584. We always reply our messages.

@everyone we now have 12 exchanges where you can buy/sell your #BEET. More to come

@everyone donations still on for our Next Listing unfortunately we only able to raise 5100 BEET from community. Due to this we are already working on dev FEE to be included in our next code updates. This will allow us have some funds for further project development. Please do your part donate here XPvG397e4SaLGcZrxyd42QByRo9oBb85c2

Hello@everyone BeetleCoin has been added to Stakinglab's weekly coin voting round 1. The winner of the round will be listed on and for FREE. Lets show the BEET strength. Please go vote for BeetleCoin now at
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Please like comment and retweet our reply to POLISPAY tweet. We stand a chance to be listed on POLISPAY.


@polispayapp #BringToPolisPay #BEET

@everyone if you part of BEET Japanese and Korean community and available for some quick translations works please DM me. Regards

@everyone Thanks to all that voted and supported BEET towards this listing. Congratulation to BEET once again.

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@everyone do your part and contribute towards our next exchange listing thank you to all that donated but we still have a long way to go having raised only 5100 BEET. Please donate now to XQydgKa6h2JZBHqRBjcu2kV7cY7xeNb3ZU

Congratulations@everyone we are official in top 500. Ranked #373 in coingecko and #426 IN coinmarketcap. Next stop top #250

@everyone we listing on soon. We need everyone to contribute to this. As you all know the Beetle team has been working on growing the community and listed on several exchanges in the past months. This efforts has also reflected on the PRICE significantly. By listing on AEX.COM we stand the chance to further increase our users which will make many more people to join us. We need all Small and Big bag holders to donate BEET for this listing. Send as much as you can to this address XQydgKa6h2JZBHqRBjcu2kV7cY7xeNb3ZU We plan to raise 2,000,000 BEET to be airdropped to the thousands of users on the exchange. Help the team to succeed. Thank you

@everyone we are glad to inform you all on our Wordpress Plugin for woo-commerce. You can now accept BEETLE Coin on your websites without the need of any Middle Man. Follow the link below to download the Plugin and attached is also the installation guide.

Hello@everyone BEET is available on You can launch BEET nodes on the platform at good prices. Regards

Good news@everyone the beetle team are able to negotiate with this young and growing exchange and we glad to be listed. Please read more information about the listing by following this link.

@everyone we are listed on our Friends Exchange. Exchange-Assets. BTC and LTC trading Pair are available as below.

Happy Trading !

Trading BEET/BTC | Ask: 0.00000215, Bid: 0.000002
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Trading BEET/LTC | Ask: 0.000215, Bid: 0.0002
Exchange Beetle Coin, purchase and sale of Beetle Coin for Litecoin at a favorable price and minimum commission

@everyone we noticed many miners are still mining beetle coin and coming around to make false claim of how they bought long time ago etc. Please if you see any mining pool still mining old beetle tell them to stop as they wasting resources and no one will swap or listen to any claims

@everyone please cast your votes. Support us to grow

#CommunityCoinVote is now live! Please cast your vote every 24hrs for "BEETLECOIN" on @txbit_io and let's make this a success. || #Altcoins #cryptovoting #cryptocurrency #listing #exchange

Hello@everyone we are listed on Staking Returns. A website that focus on Staking Coins Market Cap. Please feel to visit for more information.

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