Hello@everyone we noticed some nodes are on the wrong chain please verify you are on the right one. Easy way to do it is to check your blockhash with this hash on 588034
If using our script run this


For windows single node

```getblockhash 588034

for linux single node

```beetlecoin-cli getblockhash 588034

If the hash corresponds with the above you are on the right chain. If not you can dm me for further instructions on resolving it.

@everyone its a good day in crypto and for us we keep working towards bringing excellent stability to beetle chain which we know will pay off for the BEETLE community.

Our non mandatory new wallet is released v2.1.4.6. Please upgrade your wallet by installing the new one.

We fixed some bugs on this new update and this update is focused on making our chain more stable.

Please check your nodes and wallet to ensure you are on current chain and make sure to invalidate any wrong block on your wallet.

Beetlecoin Wallet. Contribute to beetledev/Wallet development by creating an account on GitHub.

We have a new non mandatory wallet but its recommended. If you setting up new wallet please ensure to always search for the latest wallet using this link.

Our version is released which is focused on stability and uses our new seeder services aimed at providing good connections to your wallets.

Have a great week ahead@everyone.

Beetlecoin Wallet. Contribute to beetledev/Wallet development by creating an account on GitHub.

@everyone we received some info that some people nodes are stuck on a block if you using our Linux script you can run this to invalidate

./ invalidateblock 108f1d2ffe218a9ab88199d6c326e2715a028b7e4318a6b64c9fd52fddcc3667

then restart

./ && ./

If you using windows you can use the debug console and run this then close and open wallet to resync

invalidateblock 108f1d2ffe218a9ab88199d6c326e2715a028b7e4318a6b64c9fd52fddcc3667

Here is a link to our latest bootstrap too

@everyone our new protocol is enforced. We have been monitoring it and everything seem to be working fine including all our security features. Please ensure your node is working properly too and let us know if you face any problem.

@everyone we are glad to inform that all our exchanges have upgraded to the latest version. We will be activating the new protocol in few hours. Please upgrade your wallet to avoid being left behind.

@everyone the following exchanges below confirmed upgraded to our latest version. We will be confirming with other exchanges by end of the day. Please ensure to upgrade to continue to participate in the beetle network.
AEX Exchange


@everyone please take note we have reach majority number of nodes upgraded to our latest version. Thank you to everyone that have upgraded.

roo<span id="every">@MainBeetSeed3:~#</span> beetlecoin-cli  masternode list|grep version|sort|uniq -c
    407     "version": 70105,
   1209     "version": 70106,

We have also notified all our 15 Exchanges regarding the upgrade.

We will be switching to protocol 70106 soonest and your nodes will not be able to participate in the network if you still running old protocol.


@everyone please help upgrade your nodes as soon as possible. We will be locking out nodes running on 70105 soon as we currently have majority running on protocol 70106.

roo@MainBeetSeed3:~# beetlecoin-cli masternode list|grep version|sort|uniq -c
712 "version": 70105,
850 "version": 70106,


@everyone we have very little nodes updated. Please take note this is a mandatory update and the wallets running on 70105 will be banned from the network soon. So please update as soon as possible.

beetlecoin-cli  masternode list|grep version|sort|uniq -c
   1399     "version": 70105,
    171     "version": 70106,


@everyone please always follow this link to install latest wallets.

Beetlecoin Wallet. Contribute to beetledev/Wallet development by creating an account on GitHub.

@everyone a simple way to update your single Linux Nodes

1. keep your old TX first check in conf 
2. download file
wget -O
3.) chmod +x
4.) ./
5. choose N then choose Y , fill your old TX there

If you are using our latest script please run this command to update your nodes

bash <(curl -s

@everyone our most awaited wallet is released. This release fixes alot of bugs and add several security features to BEETLE. Please upgrade your wallets as soon as possible. Feel free to contact us for help on updating.

Note:- Never accept help from anyone not part of the beetle team. You can loose all your cons if your dump your wallet or private key to anyone.


Beetlecoin Wallet. Contribute to beetledev/Wallet development by creating an account on GitHub.

@everyone we released a new version a week ago which is aimed at fixing some bugs. Please update your wallet. to v2.1.3.6

Our new multinode Mn script also used the new wallet.


Beetlecoin Wallet. Contribute to beetledev/Wallet development by creating an account on GitHub.

@everyone we now have multi node script.

Multi Masternode Installation Script
To install multiple masternode on a Ubuntu 16.04 VPS run this command:

bash <(curl -s

If curl isn't installed run this command before:

apt-get -y install curl


@everyone mercatox has enable deposit and withdrawal having upgraded to v2.1.3.5. Regards

For windows Hot-Wallet users on the v2.1.3.5+... Multiple Nodes on same IPV4. Please make sure you have a good grasp on running the first node before trying the multi-node.

Beetle MultiNode
New wallet update (as of update) Please make sure to update your wallets. Check with the website or the wallet releases at http...

@everyone please make sure you using the latest wallets v2.1.3.5 for those that are yet to upgrade please do that immediately. It’s the responsibility of all node owners to keep their nodes updated always. Regards

@everyone in case you miss this tweet

Older version of BeetleCoin wallets are no longer allowed to participate in Beet's network. Make sure you are on v2.1.3.5. ➡️⬅️ #altcoin #Masternode #cryptotrading #cryptocurrency