@everyone please watch out for scammers providing fake Githubs for our wallets. We will never direct message you with our github link. Always use the official source from the website or discord and never reply to retards scammers.

@everyone if you run a classic and basic node and your rewards display incorrectly i.e. 0.0000, please update your wallet following the link below to download new wallet. This will allow it to display correctly.
Note: This is not a mandatory update its for people mentioned above.


Beetlecoin Wallet. Contribute to beetledev/Wallet development by creating an account on GitHub.

@everyone 900 nodes up and still counting. The Beetle 🚀 keep moving.

@everyone both explorer updated and are on current chain

Please ensure to use them as your reference to know if your wallet is on correct block.

@everyone we are happy to announce that we will be listed on . Deposit starts from 23/5/2019 and trading starts on 24/5/2019. We are back in action after a month long work on upgrading the chain. Happy deposit and trading. Please read more about this on You can translate the article to English to understand more.

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BeetleCoin Tier MasterNode Released — Steemit
BeetleCoin team released wallet v2.1.3.2 which is a mandatory upgrade. This release uses 70104 protocol and also comes… by lezz
BeetleCoin Tier MasterNode Released
BeetleCoin team released wallet v2.1.3.2 which is a mandatory upgrade. This release uses 70104 protocol and also comes with security patch…
BeetleCoin Tier MasterNode Released
BeetleCoin Tier MasterNode Released
BeetleCoin team released wallet v2.1.3.2 which is a mandatory upgrade. This release uses 70104 protocol and also comes with security patch release. This being a mandatory upgrade, all BeetleCoin investors should update to this version immediately in...

@everyone we are glad to see the numbers of Basic and Classic nodes going up. We have spent several days ensuring our upgrades go well and are happy with the success achieved so far. Please feel free to tell us if you are facing any issues and we will do our best to help out. Now is also time for you all to advertise BEETLE Basic and Classic nodes as they have juicy rewards. Help beetle to grow further.

Hi@everyone dont be stupid do not believe anyone asking for you to dump or run some commands on your wallet. None of the team members will tell you to do this. We have put so many measure too in the wallet which warns you on running commands for scammers. You will loose all your coins if you reply to scammers sending you PM. The Admins do not send pm

@everyone we added some warning message to the command dumpprivkey or dumpwallet. Please take note to read and never run these commands on your wallet for any body. The scammers use this method to steal coins.

@everyone if you get stakes of -72, it is either caused by being stuck at forked chain or still using old wallet. after update , you will have to do recover transactions in your wallet repair to clear forked chains. Please upgrade now to avoid all unnecessary issues

@everyone the reward structure is stabilising and the appropriate reward for classic node basic node and standard node are been received. Please ensure to update your wallet if you have not done so to avoid negative stakes in your reward. Regards

@everyone we have activated Tier Mn and the reward for stakin is currently 3.75. Please make sure you are on the right chain by follwoing this step
how to check if the chain is right.... open the debug window and type:
""getblockhash 354886""
if the result is
you and on the right chain.

If you are not on the right chain you MUST download the new bootstrap following the link below.

@everyone we were supposed to released the latest v2.1 on 1/05/2019. Everything works well on our test net but we have some issues on the main net. We are fixing the bugs and reviewing where things go wrong. We have a lot of features added to this release so we need to ensure a stable version is released to community. We will continue working on the fixes and will update community once everything is rectified. Thank you for patient.

@everyone new wallets ready to be deployed. Announcement and download links will be available shortly. We are glad to introduce BEET V2.1 to you all.

@everyone some of our v2.1 Features incoming.

Dear@everyone STEX has decided to give beet another month of trading and expect at least $500 daily trading on it. If you want to keep trading BEET on STEX, now is the time to buckle up and ensure we have the minimum daily trading requirement.

Hello@everyone BEET will be delisted on STEX tomorrow. The reason is trading volume do not meet the usd500 requirement. We have been trying to keep the exchange for a long time and been creating volume from time to time. We cannot keep up now with the exchange demand so we will let it go. If anyone in the community is ready to ensure their is usd500 trade on it daily I can still discuss with them to keep BEET. Regards

@everyone trading enabled on Bit-Z. You can now trade your beet for btc or usdt. Happy Trading and congratulation to BEETLE Family.

BEET/USDT -market performance,current price data,historical trend ...
Bit-Z provides BEET to USDT trading service,daily price data,historical trend data,BEET to USDT past performance,high low trend chart
BEET/BTC -market performance,current price data,historical trend c...
Bit-Z provides BEET to BTC trading service,daily price data,historical trend data,BEET to BTC past performance,high low trend chart