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@everyone The website Is This Coin A Scam finally updated the BCARD page with our most up to date info. You can take a look at our page here.

Is CARDbuyers a scam?
Detailed information and reviews about the CARDbuyers cryptocurrency coin. Whitepaper, team, website, code repo activity and social media presence. Read reviews and leave a review to help the community determine if CARDbuyers is a good project.


We are now listed on Zolex exchange, Feel free to give them a try and trade.

As soon as you make a deposit on Zolex you will see in it your funds immediately and it clears really quickly (almost instantaneous), withdrawals are the same way. Our goal is to make Zolex our primary exchange for BCard.

Zolex also offers the users a referral program to further gains from the exchange.


If you would like to use our referral to support BCard please use the following link when you sign up.
Referral link:

i cant test it so i need your report plz

@everyone dear community for user MAC only here is a new version of QT ==>

@everyone ⚠ DO NOT APPROVE any proposals from unknown accounts. Your account may be stolen if you approve a malicious proposal. Warning from CryptoBridge!


We will be listing BCard in the webstore as a payment option, there will be a 5% fee for BCard and we will make it 8% for BTC purchases.

@everyone, for those of you that missed the news, we have enabled deposits/withdraws for Cryptobridge and for Crex24.


We have applied to a new exchange that has free listing promotion to the first projects that apply. Please make sure that you make a quick visit to our future exchange.

2019-02-12 14:05:32 Skipping Masternode with obsolete version 70811 (from seed like you can see portocol 70811 wallet 2.0.0 / 2.2.0 / 2.30 are dead )


getblockhash 273379

plz check your chain

@everyone New fix work fine and wallet 2.0.0 are banned correctly this mean they dont receive mn reward too and they dont affect 2.4.0 so mn reward should be receive with correct value and the 0 reward is done

getblockhash 263915

for MAC user wallet will be upload tomorow

for windows make a save of cardbuyers folder and delete all EXECPT cardbuyers.conf masternode.conf and wallet.dat and use take all and paste it in your folder before start the wallet


Dear Community
The problem caused by the CPU 100% seems to be fixed we invite you to update your wallet / vps

New wallet mandatory is released plz download and use only version 2.4.0

You have 2 days before see old version banned !!!
Cryptobridge will be updated and reopen after this delay

BEWARE, users of older versions will not be able to send coin to Cryptobridge with the old version, only version 2.4.0 will work

This update will fix masternode reward with 0 coin and will fix Pos exploit in same time Don't miss to update all your vps too

in case that you just have 1 masternode, update with:

wget -q
chmod +x ./

in case of using neo3587's dupmn script, update with:

dupmn systemctlall CARDbuyers stop 
wget -q
chmod +x ./
dupmn systemctlall CARDbuyers start

If problem try another way by copy paste this : wget && chmod 775 && bash

This update is really important, make is the more faster possible.

ps: Explorer can be not correct after the delay, if he isnt so i will share my peers list and all data needed for be sure to stay on the correct chain ( explorer will be resync after the delay )


Contribute to CARDbuyers/BCARD development by creating an account on GitHub.

Hello all anyone running denarius wallet please shutdown ur Internet and reset all passwords and. Dat files ur pc is compromised
This wallet check about your .dat on everycoin and send it to one ftp adress for people who remember socialtrader wallet doing same

1 delete denarius wallet
2 change your wallet.dat by sending your coin on a new wallet
3 put a strong password on it
4 start the new wallet

proof here :

like you can see he acces to every folder conporting coin

This probleme isnt related to bcard and if you havent denarius wallet on your pc so you didnt need to this