@everyone I am aware the block explorer is offline.. My host suffered a massive failure on one of their nodes that took out a bunch of servers.. they are working to restore my services.. As soon as they are restored I will get the explorer back up and running

@everyone just a very quick update. We are still here.. We have a new wallet in testing still. With a few changes we will be launching our second test net. We also have a temp discord setup for discussions where we will take the project next. This is technically considered a takeover.. but since we will be doing a swap we need to iron out our new path ..once we have that in stone we will start a swap from old chain to new chain.. we will not be keeping the Card Buyers name as we believe it is defunct and destroyed..

so far we have passed the initial testing and will test this wallet until about 5k blocks and ensure the POS and MN rewards are working proper and no unexpected forks or issues

we are testing a new wallet with the new chain params as we speak.. we have successfully premined the needed coins and set the new max supply and block reward in our tests.. We have the wallet and a handfull of masternodes running to ensure stability of the new chain. It is still a few weeks out as we do not want to release a half assed wallet. .. once we fire up the full test on the new specs we will allow a few to test that are fluent in how not to destroy their existing wallets

please dm me if you are interested .. only need a handfull of easy icons.. I can send you the ones we need re created so you can match the size and style

@here in need of a volunteer that is experienced in creating PNG icons .. we need a few for the new wallet to match the new ticker

@here in effort to show we are still here . We are now also listed on the new Northern Exchange. Please show some support

I am still working to salvage the CB listing . We will see why happens .

and i only trust one person to do it right now

For us to get a solid jump on a new wallet it would cost about .15 btc

The Masternode Setup Script can also be found there .


Since I was unable to aquire the existing github repo. I have created a new one that houses the current release. This will be the new official repo for the new wallet once we complete it.

All the binaries should be there and work. I have not found issues with them. If anyone discovers issues, please let me know right away .

Again this is only a new location for release Version 2.4.0

original Cardbuyers repo . Contribute to cardbuyerz/CARDbuyers development by creating an account on GitHub.

The explorer is stuck . I am rebooting the server. If it requires a reindex it will be many hours before its accurate again. Bear with it

Explorer is back online . Sorry It took me so long to notice

@here - The issue with the explorer is related to the wallet sync issues. I am working to resync the explorer. It will take some time same as initial sync as it requires a full reindex once again. Please be patient.

If you are unsure if you are on correct chain, You may enter the following rpc command

getblockhash 368205

The result must be exactly


If it is not you will need to download the bootstrap and re-sync your wallet using the addnodes from the bot .

So that is all I have for tonight. I felt an update was dues after a stint of silence. We are hard at work in the background and we will keep you all up to date. Also please expect MEE6 to start posting spam with a link to the new discord hopefully before mid week next week. We will also make a formal announcement when we begin porting all operations to the new discord.

As I have mentioned in my first official announcement, there is most likely going to be a coin swap at a ratio. Currently we do not have final specs of this new wallet and chain as we are still discussing the pros and cons to each set of proposed specifications. Our goal is to have a final specification that is much more beneficial for the project and are designed for sustainability with
reduced inflation rate . This project is no longer about how fast we can get coins cranking but how successful we can make it . A change to the coin reward structure and supply is essential to this plan. We have made contact with a couple well known and trusted blockchain developers and started discussing specs and wallet types for a new wallet.


A brief update to our progress as it stands this moment

As you all know I have successfully gotten a block explorer online and operational on our existing URL

We have made attempts to get the discord ownership transferred. However we have decided it would be best to start a new one. It is in progress and is looking good. We still have to port over some of the bots, finish adding the necessary info and setting roles accordingly. The BCARD bots are back up and running both in this discord and in the new one we are preparing.

I have also acquired access the the official BTT ANN thread and will be deciding on fixing the current one or starting a fresh new one for us .

We have been in contact with the current developers of the current webstore to negotiate transfer of ownership to the project. This puts the webstore in ownership of the project and not by a member of the discord/development third party team. Essentially this moves us one step closer to running as an actual entity and not just a hodge podge of ideas that the original dev hoped to get rich quick off of. We are just waiting on private funding and method of preferred payments to acquire this source . This purchase is essentially the same as a business hiring a firm to do work but in the end the business now owns the store and not a third party. A third party will be hired to develop additional pieces if needed. This will now mean if we sell or transfer the project to another party down the road, all aspect of the project are going to now be in one place for easy transfer like a typical sale of a business rather than this week + long struggle to gather all parts.


The block explorer has been rebuilt and is live @

The supply is current and correct as well.

feel free to tag me in the <#459426055011303424> channel with any additional concerns and I will do my best to relay as much information as possible and answer any questions you may have .


  • Currently the discord is in the ownership of another dev. We are working to contact this person to aquire the ownership rights. So far we have been unsuccessful and I have already begun preparing us for an unfortunate migration to a new DISCORD server

With that being said, please be patient - I will do my best to keep you all updated to our progress and decisions for this project.