The explorer is stuck . I am rebooting the server. If it requires a reindex it will be many hours before its accurate again. Bear with it

Explorer is back online . Sorry It took me so long to notice

@here - The issue with the explorer is related to the wallet sync issues. I am working to resync the explorer. It will take some time same as initial sync as it requires a full reindex once again. Please be patient.

If you are unsure if you are on correct chain, You may enter the following rpc command

getblockhash 368205

The result must be exactly


If it is not you will need to download the bootstrap and re-sync your wallet using the addnodes from the bot .

So that is all I have for tonight. I felt an update was dues after a stint of silence. We are hard at work in the background and we will keep you all up to date. Also please expect MEE6 to start posting spam with a link to the new discord hopefully before mid week next week. We will also make a formal announcement when we begin porting all operations to the new discord.

As I have mentioned in my first official announcement, there is most likely going to be a coin swap at a ratio. Currently we do not have final specs of this new wallet and chain as we are still discussing the pros and cons to each set of proposed specifications. Our goal is to have a final specification that is much more beneficial for the project and are designed for sustainability with
reduced inflation rate . This project is no longer about how fast we can get coins cranking but how successful we can make it . A change to the coin reward structure and supply is essential to this plan. We have made contact with a couple well known and trusted blockchain developers and started discussing specs and wallet types for a new wallet.


A brief update to our progress as it stands this moment

As you all know I have successfully gotten a block explorer online and operational on our existing URL

We have made attempts to get the discord ownership transferred. However we have decided it would be best to start a new one. It is in progress and is looking good. We still have to port over some of the bots, finish adding the necessary info and setting roles accordingly. The BCARD bots are back up and running both in this discord and in the new one we are preparing.

I have also acquired access the the official BTT ANN thread and will be deciding on fixing the current one or starting a fresh new one for us .

We have been in contact with the current developers of the current webstore to negotiate transfer of ownership to the project. This puts the webstore in ownership of the project and not by a member of the discord/development third party team. Essentially this moves us one step closer to running as an actual entity and not just a hodge podge of ideas that the original dev hoped to get rich quick off of. We are just waiting on private funding and method of preferred payments to acquire this source . This purchase is essentially the same as a business hiring a firm to do work but in the end the business now owns the store and not a third party. A third party will be hired to develop additional pieces if needed. This will now mean if we sell or transfer the project to another party down the road, all aspect of the project are going to now be in one place for easy transfer like a typical sale of a business rather than this week + long struggle to gather all parts.


The block explorer has been rebuilt and is live @

The supply is current and correct as well.

feel free to tag me in the <#459426055011303424> channel with any additional concerns and I will do my best to relay as much information as possible and answer any questions you may have .


  • Currently the discord is in the ownership of another dev. We are working to contact this person to aquire the ownership rights. So far we have been unsuccessful and I have already begun preparing us for an unfortunate migration to a new DISCORD server

With that being said, please be patient - I will do my best to keep you all updated to our progress and decisions for this project.

The web store!

  • The web store will need a revamp and while taking BTC will be the initial offering as it is the easiest to impliment, especially if we are forced to deploy a new wallet and ticker, it would take some time to get our exchanges paid to update. Exchanges are crutial to being able to offer payment option for BCARD and other ALT coins as we need to have a way to call the exchange API for real time coin value to accuratly charge for a product. A feature which was developed as i understand but ended up costing the team their own funds to maintain. I have already made contact with some blockchain devs that could assist us in accepting other forms of payment such as bcard, other alt coins and even paypal but they are not willing to work on pro-bono terms. These implimentations would take time and at this time I could not give an actual time frame to full deployment. As of now the working platform as it is, even though it doesnt accept BCARD, does bring small dividends into the BCARD development fund to aid in payments to developers to better the platform. As it stands I have aquired zero knowledge of any of the current team actually taking a profit from any purchases. All funds have been and will continue to be used for product development and I personally will not stand for anything less than .
  • In addition, My plan for the web store will be to slowly develope it further in product availability and possibly some other great ideas to offer to all of you with BCARD (or its rebrand{new wallet}) at its core.

Some of you have mentioned a swap!
-If I take on this task it would be one of the first hurdles tackled. Everyone knows the PIVX based forks have recently been under attack. With the costs of maintaining such a wallet, it is a no brainer to get away from that style wallet and migrate to a more stable and secure wallet source. In conjunction there would be a ratio swap as well reducing the max supply drastically in order to sustain an actual use for the coin along with a sever modification in collateral and block-time and rewards. a max supply of 60 million and already 38 million in circulation is far to inflated for a coin designated to purchase actual goods (gift-cards). No-one wants to send 200k BCARD for a 20 dollar gift card and as the circulating supply goes up so will the amount of bcard needed.


Good evening

I start with a personal note!

I know some of you may have animosity towards me for leaving this project and some of you blame me for the downfall of BCARD and that is ok. We are all entitled to our own opinions, justified or not. With that being said I am back and just as before I am here for the community just as I was when BCARD first launched.


The current team here knows that BCARD is in danger and I have rejoined in effort to assist in tackling some of the major issues currently plaguing this great community. I have read many complaints about this team and this coin in the last few weeks and trust me your voice is being heard. I have joined discussions with the current active team and we have all for the last ~72 hours have been in full discussion about this project, its failures and its future direction. The team and myself know that many of you have all but given up on this coin and it pains me to read some of the commentary and see such a solid community in shambles.

So to be up front and open about the project as it stands at this moment it is at a standstill. From a failure of the original developer to produce a product, to a tattered takeover team over differences and lack of knowhow and proper funding to a web store that isn't actually accepting BCARD as medium of payment at this time . I am working with the team to acquire all sources related to get them all in one location and see what we are truly working with. By no means is the project dead, its just idle.

Now keep in mind - There will be no set in stone timelines and we are essentially trying to stop a tidal wave so I personally cannot make any promises on the future I can only give my word that I will do everything in my power short of taking from my daughters dinner plate to save this great project and community.

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We are now listed on Zolex exchange, Feel free to give them a try and trade.

As soon as you make a deposit on Zolex you will see in it your funds immediately and it clears really quickly (almost instantaneous), withdrawals are the same way. Our goal is to make Zolex our primary exchange for BCard.

Zolex also offers the users a referral program to further gains from the exchange.


If you would like to use our referral to support BCard please use the following link when you sign up.
Referral link:

i cant test it so i need your report plz

@everyone dear community for user MAC only here is a new version of QT ==>

@everyone ⚠ DO NOT APPROVE any proposals from unknown accounts. Your account may be stolen if you approve a malicious proposal. Warning from CryptoBridge!


We will be listing BCard in the webstore as a payment option, there will be a 5% fee for BCard and we will make it 8% for BTC purchases.

@everyone, for those of you that missed the news, we have enabled deposits/withdraws for Cryptobridge and for Crex24.