CoinExchange reports BBP wallet is back online@everyone

Biblepay wallet is back online in CryptoBridge@everyone

Mobile Wallet Updates (Android & iOS)@everyone

This latest update should fix the syncing issues users had in iOS lately.

Both versions are now available in Google Play/App Store.

Biblepay Explorer
Biblepay CryptoID Block Explorer and Statistics. Access detailed blockchain information on Biblepay (bbp) transactions, blocks and addresses

V1.1 for iOS is out, fixes crash on startup@everyone

‎Biblepay Wallet
‎Based on the strong Breadwallet client, it connects directly to BiblePay network without requiring 3rd party servers. You will be able to operate 24/365 with any internet connection. Your funds will be safe thanks to industry-leading hardware encryption capabilities, even...


solved, please download DMG again if you were experiencing this issue.

@everyone MacOS users
It seems that from 10.14.5 onwards we need that the MacOS app is sent to Apple to "notarize", otherwise it won't pass through GateKeeper.
Older versions don't have this issue.
We will work on it

r/BiblePay - Biblepay for Mac
1 vote and 2 comments so far on Reddit

@everyone One click sanctuary setup script enhancements
New command line script options

-u Run unattended with defaults (upgrade if .biblepayevolution found, clean install if not)
-n Don't run apt-get update/upgrade/dist-upgrade/remove
-s Swap size (1G by default). Size values not validated.

@everyone Android users

Biblepay Mobile wallet App for Android has been reviewed for compatibility with Biblepay Evolution

BiblePay wallet - Apps on Google Play

@everyone MacOS users

Signature certificate for Biblepay Core Evo wallet DMG file (MacOS) was expiring today, so it has been renewed.

You should not notice any difference, but in case you have problems opening Biblepay Core, please report.


BiblePay - Helping Orphans Globally. Contribute to biblepay/biblepay-evolution development by creating an account on GitHub.

Evolution Upgrade

Evolution Mining Economics

BiblePay vs DogeCoin Comparison Matrix:

Nutrition Information

Current Block Rewards:

---- 10.0% Charity
----  5.0% IT (Software Development)
----  2.5% PR (Public Relations)
----  2.5% P2P (Letter Writing, Preach/Priest)
- 40.0% Proof of BibleHash Mining (POBH)
- 40.0% Masternodes (Sanctuaries)```
**Mining Guides:** 
- Windows

- Linux

- Raspberry PI

- <>
- <>

**BiblePay Mining History**

July 23rd 2017: 
- POW (Proof of Work) [Heat Mining] at launch {called POBH (Proof of BibleHash)}

February 2018:
- PODC (Proof of Distributed Computing) [Cancer Research Mining] added

February 2019:
- POG (Proof of Giving) [Daily Tithing/Donation Mining?] added
- PODC got voted on by masternodes for removal

March 15 2019:
- POG removed
- PODC removed

Note: it all reverted back to just POW while Rob works on updating to Dash Evolution, after which I believe POG will be added back in

New BiblePay Explorer

The proposal to fund a new BiblePay Explorer is now live.

Due to a misunderstanding with minimums (they wanted at least 6 months), the ad version of the explorer is running. My apologies if any ads being displayed are promoting non-Christian values.

Anyone can contribute BTC to fund help continue the Explorer.

This run much faster than the current explorer and offers many analytics that the Iquudus Explorer.

Biblepay Explorer
Biblepay CryptoID Block Explorer and Statistics. Access detailed blockchain information on Biblepay (bbp) transactions, blocks and addresses

"Biblepay-Evolution is ready for testing in TestNet:

More information on GSC's:


We could use at least 20 testers in testnet to test ABNs, GSCs, Deterministic Sancs, and we will also eventually need to test Evo in testnet against prod (meaning we need a few of us to sacrifice some capital and temporarily create DIP3 Sancs for prod in testnet for a couple months to ensure we are prod ready)."

  • Rob, Lead Developer


TestNet - BiblePay-Evolution & GSCs (Generic Smart Contracts)
TestNet - BiblePay-Evolution & GSCs (Generic Smart Contracts)
Generic Smart Contracts
BiblePay | 10% Charity | POW/POBH CPU Mining *novel* | Sanctuaries
BiblePay | 10% Charity | POW/POBH CPU Mining *novel* | Sanctuaries