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@everyone Important notice to mobile wallet users:

Please don't use a public address from the mobile wallet in a monthly budget proposal.

The Breadwallet thin client library we are using, does not curently support funds coming from a coinbase transaction, and it crashes after the superblock reward is received.

When I finally add support to the SPV client library for coinbase txs I will release new versions for both Android and iOS.

Sorry for the inconveniences.

@everyone Android mobile app update (

Bug fixes:

  • bug in showing send-to or receive-from addresses
  • bug when switching from manual node to automatic mode (keeps manual mode until app restart).
  • amount overflow bug when sweeping paper key

@everyone Mobile wallets update

For Android and iOS:
Added compatibilities with protocol

Available now in Google Play and App Store.

another one bites the dust

@everyone Coinexchange.io is Closing Down
It is with great regret that we must inform the community that the board of directors of CoinExchange.io has decided to close down the exchange.

This is purely a business decision and there has not been a security breach or any other type of incident. Unfortunately it is no longer economically viable for us to continue offering market services. The costs of providing the required level of security and support now outweigh our earnings.

Trading and deposits will be suspended on the 15th of October 2019. Please cease any deposit and trade activity as soon as possible.

The website and withdrawals will remain operational until the 1st of December 2019. We ask that you please remove all funds by this date.

It has been a fantastic journey and we have enjoyed playing a part in the crypto currency space. We thank everyone that has traded or listed a currency with us.

So sadly it is goodbye for now however we may return in the future if market conditions change.

@everyone Biblepay v1.4.4.9 leisure update. MacOS and Linux binaries are ready.

@everyone BiblePay v1.4.4.8-Mandatory Upgrade for Entire Network
Please upgrade before block 148,000

Reference: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2388064.msg52567442#msg52567442

ZCore voting seems to be finally enabled. You can also leave comments. Thank you!@everyone

Thank you all!

User Suggestions - ZCore Masternodes System
Add and vote up suggestions for ZCore Masternodes System.

@everyone Please help us upvote Biblepay in ZCore Masternodes hosting platform!


BiblePay | 10% Charity | POBH CPU | Sanctuaries (Masternodes) | Or...
BiblePay | 10% Charity | POBH CPU | Sanctuaries (Masternodes) | Orphans

BiblePay - Leisure Upgrade
(Mandatory upgrade for Sanctuaries)

  • Fix OneClickMining initial crlf issue (Meaning that biblepay.conf will
    not be corrupted if user starts with one-click-mining config)
  • Add Payment Option 4 for Cameroon-One, and fix BIO URL
  • Apollon Integration for Deterministic Sancs: Add 'exec blscommand
    mnppriv blsprivkey'. This allows the user to set the deterministic
    masternodeblsprivkey in the sanc biblepay.conf file. NOTE: The
    EncryptAES256 and DecryptAES256 were added to support this feature (this
    is so no other node can discover your mnprivkey or your mnblsprivkey
    during transmission or initialization).
  • Update Health feature for Sanctuaries only: Set healthupdate=1 to
    enable, healthupdate=0 to disable, default is Enabled on Sanctuaries
    only. If this is enabled, you will see your Sanctuaries health status
    (IE Best Block Hash, GSC voting level) in the pool. This will be
    valuable when we host with Apollon.
  • Disconnect nodes who ask for too much gov data
  • Fix governance.dat bloated file size, on boot. Reindex governance.dat
    on boot if > 25 megs.
  • Clean up GSC contract data after 1 day. Sanctuary Quorums: Vote to
    delete duplicate contracts.
  • Decrease memory consumption (by purging gobject cache)
  • Limit network bandwidth (by removing unecessary and expired govobjs)

Note: The sync time and network utilization will improve after people start utilizing the new version

"BiblePay - Leisure Upgrade

  • Fix reindex process (MIP)
  • Show correct maturity icon for superblock transactions in transaction
    list UI in QT
  • Add exec register (this is to be explained in a future release) - for
  • Add BIO URL for Cameroon One in listchildren
  • Move 'sendgscc' to a dedicated RPC command.
    Add ability to send a single GSC transmission (sendgscc campaign_name
    donation_amt) - this sends a specific GSC transmission.
    Add ability to send a customized foundation donation amount for POG
    (sendgscc POG donation_amount).
  • Modify BiblePay miner to only send an automatic tithe if it is
    conceptually profitable. (The GSC creator will check the ROI, and only
    send the automatic tithe if the ROI > 0.01). Note: You may still
    forcefully send a tithe regardless of profitability with sendgscc.
  • Fix bug in PDS where BiblePay will forget a PDS value after one year
    (increased PDS storage duration to 7 years).

This is our Windows release
MIP will notify when Linux/MAC is ready


  1. If you belong to multiple campaigns, now when you send a Healing diary entry from the UI from sendcoinsentry, POG will not be sent as a second transaction (only Healing will be sent).
  2. If you would like to manually send a POG transaction (with a tithe) for a specific tithe amount, you can now do this: 'sendgscc pog tithe_amount'. The wallet will only send one transaction for the amount specified (therefore you don't need to change any keys).
  3. The wallet will no longer automatically tithe unless it believes it will be profitable.
  4. PDS means Persisted Data Cache. This just means BiblePay will not forget your CPK nickname or prayers for 7 years (or other PDS settings).
  5. Press ctrl-f5 to refresh the biblepay.org web page before downloading. If you ever receive the old version (<) please clear your browser cache."


Apollon Network

Has confirmed that BBP masternodes are supported on their MN hosting platform.@everyone

From CryptoBridge:@everyone The following list of coins might experience a delay in transaction processing, please bear with us while we are resolving the technical issues:
..., BBP...

CoinExchange reports BBP wallet is back online@everyone