To implement further plans for the development of the AXS, XLI, EPICA project, (returnable) investments are required. Each potential investor will be able to participate in the discussion of all stages of projects, have weight in decision-making and allow projects to develop much faster than now.

An amount of 0.05 BTC is enough to become an investor.

You will be assigned the appropriate role of investor (SHAREHOLDER) and open access to discuss current tasks and plans in development.

We believe that you believe in the project and are ready to constructively, carefully make joint decisions and participate in the life of AXS, XLI and EPICA.


Telegram AXS-CHAT



  • Crypto-Bridge enable D/W.
    Required to generate a new deposit address.


  • VACATION 2019

All of you remember that last summer we paid for vacation in Montenegro @182262355881754624> +1. We held a raffle among all members of the AXS community.

This year we want to organize a drawing among those who actively supports AXS project, and it is among the owners of the token AXST.

Only token owners will be able to take part in the drawing of the trip voucher for the month of August to any country on the basis that we pay 150,000 rubles for the winner from the Russian Federation or 2000 Euro for the winner from another country.

The second and third place - any alcohol to choose from with a budget of up to 15 thousand rubles. or 200 Euro.

The announcement will be visible to everyone, but the owners of the token will be invited to a separate channel, in which the draw will take place on June 1.

So that the winner could plan a vacation in advance and choose a place - we will pay for this trip before June 15.

The rules are simple:

  1. Purchase of AXST token until May 30.
    (quantity does not affect the result, 1 AXST minimum)

  2. Inviting a participant to a special channel.

  3. Raffle (bot) June 1.

  4. Until June 15, choose a tour.

  5. Vacation in AUGUST.

Support the project, win a ticket & hotel wherever you want!


Many people want to withdraw AXS from the Crypto-Bridge exchange to local wallets. Apparently in the node or the village. Write me.

Standard Deposit and Withdraw on the Crypto-Bridge will work in the coming days.

Withdrawing of coin from the exchanges is not mandatory


The SWAP process for the AXS will begin tomorrow. The instruction is simple - we will inform you tomorrow.

The Crypto-Bridge exchange tomorrow at 18:00 Moscow time will disabled deposit & withdraw of AXS until April 15-16th.


Tomorrow, on April 3rd, will be available BTC withdraw from the EPICA exchange. Limit 0.1 BTC per 24h. From April 15 - without any limits.


We are glad to share with you the good news!

Until June 1, 2019, we will launch the TRAVEL.AXS service for searching and paying for travels by AXS points.
Launch of the service will take place in several stages.

At the first stage, you will be offered certain tours that can be paid with AXS points (flight-accommodation-food-transfer). Except for the need to obtain a visa, or other documents, it is paid separately in specialized institutions.

At the second stage, the number of tours and directions will be increased.

At the third stage, a fully automated service for finding and paying for tours to most countries of the world for AXS points will be launched.

First of all, tours with departures from Moscow will be available. A little later it will be possible to order tours from St. Petersburg. If there is demand and need, we can later add tours with departures from other cities / countries.

This summer, you can relax by paying for your trip with AXS points.

May the power of AXS come with you!


  • In the near future, it will be possible to swap (convert as desired) ZOO to AXS. 1: 1


Due to the large number of people willing to sell coins of 175 satoshi, their redemption will be in the next 7 days.


On February 20 of this year, the developers will buy up all the AXS before the course of 175 sat. On CB and EPICA.


Since April 15 of this year, the threshold for launching the masternode for AXS has been raised. It takes 30,000 AXS to work one of your masternode.

CRYPTO-BRIDGE: 300 sat 🔥
EPICA: 780 sat 🚀

All who are willing to support our project AXS we propose to hold a small share.

We suggest changing the avatar of your profile to the AXS logo for a period of 7 days and not changing it all the time for anything else.

All those who put their logo on the avatar for 7 days will receive 20 AXS as a thank you.

You need to change your avatar on December 15 and hold it until December 21 inclusive. December 22, you can change the picture back, if desired

All those who changed their avatar will get access to a separate group so that you can keep track of those who participate in the action. And also receive insider signals 😎

To change status - drop "+" in English channel

Link to PNG file:

We have now launched a bridge for deposit. BTC deposit is already open. The BTC withdrawal will be available on Friday-Sunday (December 14-16).

Today we also expect activation for AXS, GXX, ZOO.