On February 20 of this year, the developers will buy up all the AXS before the course of 175 sat. On CB and EPICA.


Since April 15 of this year, the threshold for launching the masternode for AXS has been raised. It takes 30,000 AXS to work one of your masternode.

CRYPTO-BRIDGE: 300 sat 🔥
EPICA: 780 sat 🚀

All who are willing to support our project AXS we propose to hold a small share.

We suggest changing the avatar of your profile to the AXS logo for a period of 7 days and not changing it all the time for anything else.

All those who put their logo on the avatar for 7 days will receive 20 AXS as a thank you.

You need to change your avatar on December 15 and hold it until December 21 inclusive. December 22, you can change the picture back, if desired

All those who changed their avatar will get access to a separate group so that you can keep track of those who participate in the action. And also receive insider signals 😎

To change status - drop "+" in English channel

Link to PNG file:

We have now launched a bridge for deposit. BTC deposit is already open. The BTC withdrawal will be available on Friday-Sunday (December 14-16).

Today we also expect activation for AXS, GXX, ZOO.


We are almost ready to launch a bridge for depositing and withdrawing BTC, GXX, ZOO, AXS coins. Today will be BTC. GXX, AXS, ZOO in this Monday.

In the coming hours, we will activate a deposit for AXS on EPICA.