@everyone APR is now listed on
APR Coin finished in 1st place in the 01vps community vote for April for new coins to be added to the one click masternode service.

For more information contact @!371133007429632002> or visit the <#573289151185551400> channel under the Third Party Services category.

🎇 *CONGRATULATIONS* 🎇 to @APRCoinOfficial for winning a 1-click auto #masternode setup recipe at for as little as €1/month! Find the $APR masternode install guide for your #VPS here: 🚀

12 of the winning Twitter IDs have not claimed their prizes yet. If you are winner of the giveaway please send a direct message through Twitter to @ aprcoinofficial to receive your reward within 48 hours.

The APR Discord bot has undergone a successful update and required maintenance and is now fully functional again.

Congratulations to the following 30 winners of the giveaway who will receive 100 APR each. Please send a Twitter DM to @ aprcoinofficial with your APR receiving address:

Winning Twitter IDs:
@ DiggerCoinRon
@ yohenz1
@ Krishna05348593
@ Tisaya4
@ Myzteriouz15
@ Gibran20066011
@ roseg946
@ Stakeh0lder
@ VickyZh19785619
@ shadidalam2
@ sandeeppramanik
@ Zencryp
@ dark_mark125
@ CryptoSkylab
@ cumakoff
@ Bhai788
@ TrnickiO
@ IrishGirlCrypt1
@ rball02
@ CryptOOwler
@ iddo_iddo
@ MisterAAAA
@ ibrahimklczb
@ crypto_alerter
@ pisces_usagi05
@ EdjePedje
@ cryptosardoboy
@ TheLibrariann
@ molik789
@ Margoslen

Rewards will be sent within 48 hours of receiving your Twitter DM.

The APR Discord bot will be undergoing an update and required maintenance in the following 24 to 48 hours. An announcement will be made once the bot update is completed.

3000 APR Giveaway celebrating 1 year since the APR blockchain genesis block:
(30 community member winners of 100 APR)

To Enter:
Follow on Twitter

Draw: 29 Apr 2019

3000 APR Giveaway celebrating 1 year since APR genesis block: (30 winners of 100 APR) To Enter: Follow on Twitter + Like + Retweet + Join APR Discord: or Telegram: + Comment your Discord or Telegram Username below Draw: 29...


Optional Wallet Update: V3.1.0
Solves Connectivity and Syncing Issues:
APR Coin V3.1.0 is a a non-mandatory and optional update that resolves any connection and synchronization issues new or existing users may have faced when using fresh wallet installations.

If you have not experienced any issues with connections or syncing please disregard and feel free to stay on the wallet version you currently have installed.

Master Repository for APR Coin. Contribute to APRCoin/zenith-repository development by creating an account on GitHub.

There are now 102 businesses adopting APR as a payment method and more to be added as they are submitted and verified.

If you know or own businesses that are ready to adopt APR as a payment method please see the <#475021006700937256> for details on how to receive a 1000 APR or 750 APR bounty reward.

The first new business verified in the updated <#475021006700937256> has been added to the <#480463604076773397> channel. Great work by the community members for their initiative.


New bounties for payment method adoption are live replacing the old bounty in the <#475021006700937256> channel.

The Rewards are as Follows:
1000 APR per brick and mortar business that successfully begins accepting APR as a payment method through your efforts.

750 APR per online business that successfully begins accepting APR as a payment method through your efforts.

All rewards are pending the verification and validity of the businesses.

To take part in the bounty you must fill out the Google Form below which will be updated to reflect the new rewards:

For the proof of adoption, please share a link to an image or video of the business displaying the "APR Accepted Here" graphic, or the APR Mobile Wallet.

If you require a translated version of the graphic please specify the language and the team will have it created for you.

Bounty Form for Payment Method Adoption
This form must be completed and submitted successfully in order to be eligible to receive the following bounty rewards: - 100 APR Coins per brick and mortar business that successfully begins accepting APR as a payment method through your efforts. - 75 APR Coins per online b...

The <#550447417988874240> channel has been created for the Clicknode one click Masternode service.

You may use this channel to contact the StakingLab/Clicknode team with any questions you may have regarding the Clicknode service.

The official Discord for the service is available through the following link:

@everyone StakingLab has decided to delist APR Coin from their main service. Please withdraw your coins before their deadline of 20/03/2019.

APR will still be supported on their service which lets you host one click Masternodes:


The MNPro will be providing APR with a new banner for their APR statistics page due to the support shown by the APR community in the MNPro vote.

This banner will run for 500,000 views and will go live this week.

APR finished in 8th place among all masternode projects and communities in the final count for voting.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to vote for APR in this contest.

**The <#545273904558768159> Bounty channel is still open and you are also eligible for the bounty reward if you have already voted.

Details on how to receive your bounty reward for voting for APR are located in the <#545273904558768159> channel. Many community members have not yet claimed their bounty reward.

Thank you to everyone who voted for APR.

A <#547863235752099893> channel has been created.

The is channel was created to help community members collaborate with one another on the development of their own use cases for APR. Anyone on the community is able to create their own APR use case for personal or private use through the MIT License.

If you are currently working on a use case or have an idea for one and require assistance where your skillset may be lacking, you may be able to work together with other community members through this channel to complete it.

APR is now in 7th place in the MNPro best masternode and community vote.

Voting users must remain on the MasterNodesPro Discord server the entire time the voting is active. If a voting user leaves the server the vote will not be counted. This has only occurred two times for APR so far.

Many community members have received a bounty reward for voting. Details are available in the <#545273904558768159> channel.