@everyone As both the Medium and HubPages articles were removed, I would like to make a public ANN on Discord to explain the referral program:

*You can refer the project manager to me and be rewarded a fixed 10% of the listing fee they pay! 

*The rewards can be paid out in the currency of your choice - (coin equivalent or ALP)

*All you have to do is get a developer to PM me, so we can negotiate the terms for listing and you can make a claim for any official listing

*To verify legitimacy, I expect you to also message me with the project name and I will ask the developer for a Discord ID reference```

Updates to AlphaCoinTrack:

  • SSL certificates installed
  • GIVES coin listed
  • Numbers added to make the alerts system clearer
  • As requested by @375368596454375425> , header and coin links no longer open in a new tab.
  • Broken links fixed - some links not currently available will direct back to
  • New requirements for listing: must have a working explorer, GitHub source repository, be listed to at least 1 exchange and have an active Twitter account

*I have re-published the suspended Medium article on HubPages.:

*Here is a video of what the alerts system looks like, for those who have not tested it already:

*Coins that list without an API for their block explorer will temporarily get an advertising banner in place of the realtime coin specs. Over Christmas, the realtime coin statistics will be added for each coin through RPC and a public API will be created so anyone can access the data.

Alpha Alerts Preview

@everyone AlphaTrack release is planned for December 6 21:00GMT! 8 coins will be listed upon the site being published, with plenty more to come. 🚀 🚀

Anyone can easily keep up-to-date with new listings, by following the official ALP Twitter account -

The demand generated from platform listings and advertisement will translate to increased network usage and a direct usecase for ALP. The utility derived from ALP is likely to have positive price impacts in both the short and long term, as developers are likely to liquidate their own holdings in exchange to cover the listing fees.

One final reminder to any coin developers / administrators, that the current ALP listing fee is very much temporary and we expect to raise listing fees substantially in the coming months!

AlphaCoin (@Alpha_C0in)

@everyone A Medium article was just released about AlphaTrack!

Check it out in the link below and be sure to clap, so we can get as much exposure as possible:

Suspended – Medium
This page is unavailable.

@everyone AlphaCoinTrack will not just be another CoinMarketCap clone. Check out the comparison table below to see the advantages coins have by listing on our platform, over CMC and its alternatives!

@everyone A price alert feature has been added to the extended tracker platform! On triggering the target price, you will be notified by a browser pop up message and ringing sound. ETA for release now is only a couple of days away. The base coin template is almost finished, meaning that it will be just a case of cloning it and replacing the API to add a new coin to the platform!

Marketing will start post platform release and we will target at least 30 coin listings by the end of the year!

@everyone Here is a preview of what each coin page will look like! Official release coming very soon...

@everyone Here is a preview of the Alpha extended coin tracking site home page!

We provide more than just simple price tracking:

  • Includes a realtime price chart over 50 seconds
  • Up to date information on GitHub activity from the source repository
  • Static charts on distribution model, dev team size and block reward schemes
  • A comprehensive rating systems, that uses coin age since genesis, GitHub activity and the static metrics to give an overall verdict for the project
  • Twitter livefeed
  • All important links to the project

The listing fee is discounted to 1000 ALP for any project that is interested in listing!

More info coming soon...

@everyone We are proud to announce that another marketing campaign has been started on CryptoChat that will run for at least a month.

TheCryptoChat - Your Connection To Everything Crypto
Your Connection To Everything Crypto

@everyone There will be a small delay for release of the extended stats page. The latest batch of coins will be added over the next 48hrs.

@everyone You can now track Alpha coin on Blockfolio 🚀 🚀

@everyone I have decided to separate coins not listed to CoinMarketCap from CMC. By default, all coins listed to CoinMarketCap are listed for free, however, these projects can opt for an extended stats page that includes information on social media following, GitHub activity and various charts depicting coin distribution and block reward structure.

Coins not listed to CMC that pay the necessary listing fee are automatically added to the extended stats page. The extended stats page will come under a separate subdomain of<coinname>

Any coin that has already paid the listing fee will be added to the extended stats page. The ETA for the first batch of coins that have already paid for listing will be October 21.

@everyone A new requirement has been added for listing to the Alpha Coin Tracking platform .

Any listing fee can be paid in the ALP equivalent of the coin looking to get listed. However, as a utility token, ALP must be used as part of the crypto essential tool package ecosystem, therefore any listing fee is immediately converted to Alpha (whether that means conducting an OTC deal or purchasing on the exchange).

What is done with the funds accrued will be determined by a community vote!

So far there have been 4 official listings and I can assure everyone in saying that this is only the beginning. The demand generated from our crypto tool package platforms will lead to more demand for the coin, as a means of utility instead of speculation.

On another note, I have considered the 100 ALP listing fee to be too low at the current price of 13 satoshis. This will be bumped to 1000 ALP temporarily and can be adjusted in the future, depending on changes in the price.