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Which Stablecoin do you want to see listed on the upcoming AIAS Exchange? Add a Why as a comment below. You Vote We List. @Tether_to USDT @TrustToken - TrueUSD @Circle - USDC

@everyone Coming SOON

AIAS Cloud.
AIAS Cloud World's Fastest Managed Cloud and VPS platform

Anyone looking for hosting their Blockchain and Masternodes will soon have an option to host it with AIAS Cloud Network.

  1. Shared Hosting and VPS Hosting
    Cost-effective shared web hosting

  2. Semi Dedicated Hosting
    For demanding websites

  3. Email Hosting
    Your personal email on your mobile phone!

  4. Managed WordPress
    Managed WordPress Site quickly & easily!

  5. Managed WooCommerce
    Managed eCommerce site with WordPress & WooCommerce

  6. Blockchain and MN Hosting
    Hosting for Blockchain Projects

and much more -

PS. We are bringing an extra utility on AIAScoin as anyone interested on hosting services could use AIAS as a payment option.

Stay tuned for more info.

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@everyone Join us on Kiva and help alleviate poverty by making loans as small as $25! Join my lending team, AIAS Charity, so that we can work together to expand opportunity for borrowers worldwide.

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@everyone AIAS Coin(AIAS) is added to TOP Masternodes
People, let's vote for "AIAS Coin(AIAS)" Our coin: "№240

MASTERNODES TOP | Rating | RANK | LIST COINS with Masternodes

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@everyone Great distribution of AIAS Masternodes around the globe!
"1038 known Master Nodes on 378 servers in 37 countries"

PS. Thank you all for your support 😃

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@everyone a total of over 500K AIAS added on the AIAS Buyback Wallet since we announced it on the last AMA:

From the date of the transfer of the AIAS coins to the Buyback wallet coins will be locked up for minimum of 12 months

Prepare your eth and AIAS (ETH & USDT pairs)

@everyone Tomorrow bitker will be enabled for trading
register here:

BITKER aims at providing user-friendly OTC Trade, Spot Trade, Contacting Trade , Margin Trade to meet all kinds of digital asset trading requirements.币客交易所提供“一站式数字资产交易”服务,将涵盖OTC交易、币币交易、合约交易、杠杆交易...

AIAS Coin (AIAS) will be listed on BITKER – BitKer – Medium
Dear BITKER Users: