Little bit more detailed changes@everyone
Agouti - First Decentralised Charity is moving forward, my friends. Time to make it more serious and more future-proof.
New wallet update is comming. This is compulsory update. What's new?
Change of block time: drastic slow down from one minute to 20 minutes. Agouti is not a currency like Dash or Pivx, nor New Gold like Bitcoin.
Agouti is a tool, we don't need speed or privacy. All we need is reliability. Making blockchain database growing at this speed is not helping at all.
Wallets itself getting bigger from staking and masternode rewards, making application working slower and slower.
20 minutes block time will help keeping good performance.
Change of block rewards.
Slowed down rewards halving from once per year to once every 2 years. From September we will have 8 AGU per block, 7.2AGU for masternode owners and ~0.8AGU for stakers.
That's biggest decrease - 60% , in September of 2021, 2023 and 2025 there will be 50% decrease and we will end up with 1AGU per block untill we reach 3 million coins.
Coin burn.
Expecting to remove from circulation ~600 000 AGU . That's nearly 1/3 of all coins.
Final figure depends on how much will be left for last giveaway and promotional budget.
Increasing of superblock reward from 864 AGU to 3456 AGU.
That will give as more oportunities to help. That reward will be subject to halving every 2 years as well.
1728 in 2021, 864 in 2023 to end up at 432 AGU level in year 2025.
Adding new hardcoded seeds and seed servers will help with synchronisation and keeping free from unwanted splits.
Updated logo and graphics. Just cosmetic changes, but pleasing feature.
Security patches will be applied to this and following updates. Next wallet update expected in middle of September this year. Hopefully we can get rid of ZeroCoin completely then.

We are going to have a chain swap in September as planned@everyone .
Main changes are:

  1. Higher maximum budget for proposals. It doesn't mean, it has to be used in full every month, but 840AGU is too little for now.
  2. Burning ~500 000AGU left from initial pre-mine.
  3. Changing block time to 20 minutes. AGU is not an every day cryptocurrency and never planned to be, 1 minute block time is not necessary. It will help with reducing database (snapshot) size ,~60MB expected after 1 year compared to 500MB with 1 minute block.
  4. Removing privacy features. Zerocoin is disabled now due to vulnerability, but as a charity, having privacy features seems inappropriate. (discussion is welcomed).
  5. Suggestions?

new snapshot added

I think, lack of messages here means that nothing is going on for many of you. From now on, all small and big progress updates will be@here. Call @everyone will be just for major ones.

@everyone blockchain explorer (and VPS) is going for maintenance. Please use explorer2 for now.

Hello@everyone Another partnership in hosting. Visit and beta test masternode hosting. This is just trial to test servers load, but everyone is wellcomed to have max 3 masternodes there.

Deploy your Masternode VPS with just one-click!

Hello@everyone Goooooood news! Here we have 20% discount on 21CRYPTOS magazine subscription especially for you guys! Just type code AGOUTI21 in the checkout. If you never had any, here is February's edition for FREE!!!

@everyone I'm closing round-6 channel as not needed any more. If someone didn't received payment , contact twitter agouticoin

@everyone On Monday 4th of March we are starting 7th round of giveaway! Be ready! Be prepared!

@everyone I have confirmation, money arrived to the receiver of first budget! I have it on the paper! Now I'm waiting for confirmation , could I use it publicly. Venezuela still has bunch of nasty people on top, who make more harm than help.

All necessary "addnode" for agouti.conf are included now in agu-mn_sh installation script. Wallet update as soon as Pivx 3.2 release, so probably end of the week/next week ;-)

@everyone explorer back online.

Agouti AGU Blockchain Explorer
Agouti AGU Blockchain Explorer

@everyone Next week wallet update addressing recent PIVX vulnerabilities.

@everyone Blockchain explorer may become not accessible in next couple of days. Ongoing work on the new, better one.

@everyone I have some good news! I managed to buy one nice advert. Agouti will be in February's edition of magazine!!!

@everyone After very hot voting I decided to close down LUQ discord. After 2 weeks of voting just 6 people bothered to visit and read the message. Voted 4 to 3 in favour of closing down. Voting is finished now. I will close it down tomorrow.

Whitepaper in 9 languages now. Croatian and French added today. Welcome@everyone to read it.

Agouti added to PoS List@everyone - PoS List:

Proof-of-Stake Coins List !
The Best list for your Proof-of-Stake coins !

Hello@everyone CryptoBridge is live!!!