I think, lack of messages here means that nothing is going on for many of you. From now on, all small and big progress updates will be@here. Call @everyone will be just for major ones.

@everyone blockchain explorer (and VPS) is going for maintenance. Please use explorer2 for now.

Hello@everyone Another partnership in hosting. Visit and beta test masternode hosting. This is just trial to test servers load, but everyone is wellcomed to have max 3 masternodes there.

Deploy your Masternode VPS with just one-click!

Hello@everyone Goooooood news! Here we have 20% discount on 21CRYPTOS magazine subscription especially for you guys! Just type code AGOUTI21 in the checkout. If you never had any, here is February's edition for FREE!!!

@everyone I'm closing round-6 channel as not needed any more. If someone didn't received payment , contact twitter agouticoin

@everyone On Monday 4th of March we are starting 7th round of giveaway! Be ready! Be prepared!

@everyone I have confirmation, money arrived to the receiver of first budget! I have it on the paper! Now I'm waiting for confirmation , could I use it publicly. Venezuela still has bunch of nasty people on top, who make more harm than help.

All necessary "addnode" for agouti.conf are included now in agu-mn_sh installation script. Wallet update as soon as Pivx 3.2 release, so probably end of the week/next week ;-)

@everyone explorer back online.

Agouti AGU Blockchain Explorer
Agouti AGU Blockchain Explorer

@everyone Next week wallet update addressing recent PIVX vulnerabilities.

@everyone Blockchain explorer may become not accessible in next couple of days. Ongoing work on the new, better one.

@everyone I have some good news! I managed to buy one nice advert. Agouti will be in February's edition of magazine!!!

@everyone After very hot voting I decided to close down LUQ discord. After 2 weeks of voting just 6 people bothered to visit and read the message. Voted 4 to 3 in favour of closing down. Voting is finished now. I will close it down tomorrow.

Whitepaper in 9 languages now. Croatian and French added today. Welcome@everyone to read it.

Agouti added to PoS List@everyone - PoS List:

Proof-of-Stake Coins List !
The Best list for your Proof-of-Stake coins !

Hello@everyone CryptoBridge is live!!!

Hello@everyone Web wallet added. Remember, web wallet is just a temporary solution. Don't keep money there, it's just to make life easier when you are far from your own computer. As I said 100 times before, If you don't hold private keys , coins are not fully yours. Server can crash, backup is done just once per day.

German whitepaper added@everyone

I would suggest to start LUQ wallets and check block height and difficulty (as usual..)

Good Morning /Afternoon@everyone. End of SWAP!!! Your LUQ coins will be send back in 2 hours.