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12/10/2018 Millennium Club is a Masternode Hosting platform designed to assist investors with a simple, easy to follow setup of their masternodes.

- AGDN for masternode payment

- Easy setup for new users

- Responsive support

-2 AGDN Per Day Promotional Price until January 31, 2019

Visit us for your hosting needs.

~Millennium Club Team


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Millennium Club
Millennium Club crypto currency investment website.


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Project has exited scam. In order to revive this project, head on to this link down below created by an awesome community. We did not wish that to happen however@Tpot has bailed on us and @483053098319872001> has never been active at all, giving us false promise.


Armageddon AGDN is listed to BitmxittzEx.

Thanks again @450377846121168903>




We have been listed on EXCHANGE and it is all thanks to @450377846121168903> for contributing to the community! Really grateful for his endless support and his faith in the project.



BIG NEWS ❗ ❗ @450377846121168903> has paid for a new article as well as a freshly made banner on coinmarketalert. You can find it on homepage...

CoinMarketAlert -Cryptocurrency Price Alerts and Notificatons Service
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our dear enthusiast @450377846121168903> had OFFERED to make this video, have a look and give him some thumbs up 👍 please share with your family and friends!

Armageddon's Website - Armageddon on - 🚨Welcome To CryptoCheckTV - Expl...


We are listed on coincodex. Thanks to @450377846121168903> for countless effort and bringing it up.


Armageddon (AGDN) Price, Chart, Value & Market Cap | CoinCodex
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Need help setting up your Armageddon masternode? Check out this guide:

We are not yet on Coin Market Cap but we are now listed on Coin Gecko!

& I have added alot of resources in <#483332873844424714> so please take a look 😃

Armageddon (AGDN)
Name : Armageddon (AGDN) | Website : Links : Bitcointalk | Github | Explorer | AGDN Wallets | Discord | Twitter | PDF Guide Exchanges : CryptoBridge   Masternode Guide This guide is to show you how to setup a Cold node. Never ever …
Armageddon (AGDN) Price, Chart, Info | CoinGecko
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@everyone I am going to try and keep this as short as possible

  1. I am sorry for being inactive. I will be here daily from here on out.
  2. Thank you @198601506767896577> for trying to keep things as calm as possible its greatly appreciated.
  3. New exchange listing is coming so we can get listed on CoinMarketCap
  4. Bad news about the platform - our back end dev has ghosted on us and took the 8,000 AGDN on the platform. We are looking to hire a new developer who can help us upgrade our system. We want to run off dockers for faster syncs/deployments. On top of the bad news we will be removing all nodes currently being hosted through the platform. They aren't running properly and to keep it frank we cant afford to host 350 nodes for free at this time. If you think you can help feel free to pm me.

We will be working hard to either make this platform work again or hand this project off to community members who have shown interest. We know the armageddon platform has ALOT of potential and we will not be giving up on you guys.

@198601506767896577> you should lock <#483332855142023169> and chat in general

@198601506767896577> hope all is well I messaged u back the community wants to help. We assumed the worst hope u get back to us soon

I answered you

You're not the only one to say "I can market" that's every person who messages me

Ok great so what can we do to help I was the one who messaged u “I can market” wit whatever your going thru it’s fine it’s your private matter but let us know in detail what u need so we can help organize devs or offer services. In chat some guys said they were programmers

Yes, glad you are back

Thanks for addressing the community, glad your back!

As far as permissions go and me giving any sort of authority, I'm sorry, but I don't have access to what you're looking for at this point. I'm doing my best to keep things going. I wish I had access to the ownership of the platform, pre-mine, etc, but I don't. So work with me and let's do the best we can.

@everyone "The result" is that everony who participated in the bounty and listed was paid as of last week. I don't really feel like going too much further into why I wasn't around. If there are others out there who want to help continue to push to make this project a success, please feel free to message me now. I cannot answer to spam all day, so don't messag me saying "I can market".