@everyone is Closing Down
It is with great regret that we must inform the community that the board of directors of has decided to close down the exchange.

This is purely a business decision and there has not been a security breach or any other type of incident. Unfortunately it is no longer economically viable for us to continue offering market services. The costs of providing the required level of security and support now outweigh our earnings.

Trading and deposits will be suspended on the 15th of October 2019. Please cease any deposit and trade activity as soon as possible.

The website and withdrawals will remain operational until the 1st of December 2019. We ask that you please remove all funds by this date.

It has been a fantastic journey and we have enjoyed playing a part in the crypto currency space. We thank everyone that has traded or listed a currency with us.

So sadly it is goodbye for now however we may return in the future if market conditions change.

@everyone Starting October 2019, all users are required to submit user verification to use CryptoBridge. Find the details on their blog:

Introducing user verification - CryptoBridge
Since CryptoBridge entered the market, we are on a mission: Thinking decentral. Both in a technical and in a jurisdictional sense. While we still strive to present new challenges for international financial regulation, we are facing the 5th EU Anti-Money Laundering Directive ...

We have gained valuable experience, and understand what needs to be done to bring Aegeus’s vision alive.

As you know, the product itself reached beta phase and was very close to launching but still required some tweaks. We feel that the product needed to be more user friendly and to have an easier installation/setup environment. Ideally, a new structure in place for the flow of operations would be best. We believe in the project’s vision and that the vision can become the standard. With the new funding, we can propel progress forward, develop and execute a marketing plan, and deliver a working product.

We will provide another announcement as we work out the details. Please post your questions in <#425320914784092166> and we will respond as soon as we can. Again, Thank you for sticking with us through these stagnant times. With your continuous support, we can bring Aegeus’ vision to life.

Aegeus Team

Hello Community@everyone !

We would like to start by greatly appreciating your patience and support. We wouldn’t be here without you. As you know, progress on our project has stalled because our lead developer, MinDiff, the development team and other staff were forced to seek external/secondary employment to support their families and maintain their personal lives. Although our focus has been redirected, our hearts still yearn to be working for Aegeus and to bring Aegeus’s vision to life.

The main reason why development has stalled is because the initial funding has been depleted expending for the following necessities over the time:
• Exchange maintenance and updates (Wallet upgrades, hard forks)
• Exchange listing fees
• Hosting costs
• Team salaries
• Marketing efforts (in the start we spent a substantial amount on different placements on other websites like and

Although development has stalled, we remain providing support and providing responses to our community. MinDiff and I have constantly been strategizing on developing a plan to move Aegeus forward. Our plan is to re-brand the coin and conduct a crowd fund, which would provide funding for the following expenses:
• Developer salaries
o We can bring back the original development team, support team and other staff
• Marketing
o We can not depend on word of mouth
• Hosting costs for our website, explorer, seed nodes and development machines
• Exchange fees for coin updates, new exchange listings
• Provide resources to build a completely new and upgraded Aegeus wallet and blockchain

Hello Aegeus Community@everyone!

We are looking for developers with IPFS and C++ experience. Our Devs are looking for additional hands to provide support and development. Our lead Dev, MinDiff, is currently swamped with life situations and needs additional help to get the project moving forward. If you have the passion and skills to provide a helping hand or know someone who does, please contact @422769903871983616>.

@everyone Please vote for AEG to get listed:

@everyone Dear Aegeus Community,
There will be a slight delay in the release and this is only due to the following reason. MinDiff has had to take a full time programming position to support his family. Without the ability to focus full time, project development has slowed somewhat. Although opportunities have risen from speed bumps, MinDiff works with several other developers who have expressed interest in our project and may provide MinDiff some helping hands. We will need to delay the release until further notice. We will have a bootstrap update this weekend though and expect some activity in the marketing department over the coming weeks. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Future plans, dev update, and more! Thanks for the recording to @359402163925155850>

Aegeus (AEG) "Fireside Chat" / Community Update Coverage 4-6-19
The Aegeus team has invited me to join their chat and ask some questions on their latest community update. This time around we learn about Fatc4t's new respo...

Please vote for AEG to be listed on Zcore Masternode System!

Hey@everyone, just a follow-up on what @422769903871983616> said above.

Wallets and VPS' will need to be updated to 4.0.

Both the <#474129580936921088> and <#474129086491525140> channels have been updated to help guide you on how best to do this.

If you have any issues or simply just some questions, please do not hesitate in writing in the support channels where one of our moderators will gladly help you out.

This is a mandatory upgrade - before March 1, 2019
We address a bug fix in 4.0 related to the "fake stake" vulnerability. This is not an optional update.

Contribute to AegeusCoin/aegeus development by creating an account on GitHub.

Vote - Cryptrade - Decentralized Cryptocurrency Trading Platform
Cryptrade is a decentralized cryptocurrency trading platform built on top of bitshares 2.0 which provides traders secure and easy way to buy and sell cryptocurrencies and tokens online instantly.

We are already TOP 25 what an amazing community, can I just say that. But we can't stop now we have to keep going so vote vote vote and let's show this exchange what the AEG community is all about.@everyone VOTE VOTE VOTE, we can vote 4 times a day. Three times in their discord and once on their website

@everyone Aegeus has a chance to be listed on another exchange for free we just need the communities help, visit and type in AEG in the search box, you can vote once a day. And then go join their discord where you can vote 3 more times. That's four votes a day. Join us AEG community in taking AEG to the moon. VOTE VOTE VOTE!!!

Vote - Cryptrade - Decentralized Cryptocurrency Trading Platform
Cryptrade is a decentralized cryptocurrency trading platform built on top of bitshares 2.0 which provides traders secure and easy way to buy and sell cryptocurrencies and tokens online instantly.

@everyone Please make sure your CryptoBridge/Bitshares account is not compromised: The culprit of the attack seems to be Make sure you check your account if you have used this software. CryptoBridge itself is not affected.

@everyone CB and other bitshares exchanges has been hacked possibly, change your passwords there

Dear Aegeus community,

Some good news today, the community were asking for another shared masternode service and we listened.

We are very pleased to announce that Aegeus is now on the Trittium platform!!

💥 What they offer:
🔹 No tech Knowledge needed
🔹 3-Step investment setup
🔹 Auto-Reinvest rewards
🔹 Instant withdrawals for 95% of the requests (max 8 hours for the rest)
🔹 Frequent rewards (payments every 6 hours)
🔹 Low minimum investment (just 10 EUR value)
🔹 No cap on investment amount
🔹 Low fees
🔹 24/7 service

📖 TRTT Node Guides:-
How to invest with TRTTNodes:
Investors' benefits:
Fees explained:

TRTT node platform:
TRTT Official website:
TRTT Discord:

There has been an AEG channel created inside their discord of which i am the liaison should you have any questions/issues etc

Many thanks@everyone

The Aegeus Team


The last vote got cancelled due to some people not playing by the rules! Tut tut!

Please can you hop on over to twitter and give us a vote.

Coin price is pretty stable, buy orders are rising up, perfect time to attract new investors from seeing this competition!!

Let's show them how wonderful our community is!