@everyone landing page launched! Big thanks for all the community who believed in us.

Aprox: 2019-04-30 StorADE Backend System launch
Aprox: 2019-05-20 Activating StorADE checker for masternodes (Block 475201)
Aprox: 2019-05-20 Excluding rewards for all masternodes with dublicate IP.
Aprox: 2019-05-20 Recalculating MN/Stake rewards 80/20% (Block 475201)
2019-05-30 Adeptio 1 year Birthday
Aprox: 2019-05-31 Launching platform
Aprox: 2019-06-07 Reward Halving /2

@everyone People who have a problem with MISSING masternode issue, please change the maxconnections=32 in the adeptio.conf file.
Thank you.

@everyone Before we release storade live we want to make small voting:

  1. Make storade private for masternode owners
  2. Make storade public for everyone with a payback for masternode owners

Upvote the number 1 or 2.
Thank you

@everyone We just finished coding for storADEserver ipv6 masternodes. Please take a note that auto-updater will update your files at midnight. You should check your masternodes at:

@everyone We want to say big thanks for community! Not a secret that adeptio block-chain had some problems recently. Although, now we are healthy and fully operational with latest releases.

These problems occurred because of our development and integration of storADE functionality. All new wallets from version v2.1.0.0 or above and block 475201 > will activate a feature called storADE checker. All masternodes should have a working storADE service in order to get the rewards. Plus rewards will be raised up to 80% for masternode and 20% for stakers.

Above updates was mandatory in order to get as much as possible masternodes disk space. Next project stage is near by follow us and don't miss the latest news.

Healthy Wallets:
v2.1.0.0 | v2.1.1.0 | v2.1.2.0

Deprecated Wallets:
v1.0.0.1 | v1.0.0.2 | v1.0.0.3 | v2.0.0.0

Latest wallet versions at our github:

Sorry for inconvenience

Adeptio (ADE) Core & Wallet . Contribute to adeptio-project/adeptio development by creating an account on GitHub.

@everyone If you experiencing wallet sync issues, please use the latest available adeptio wallet. Don't use old wallet versions v1.x or v2.0.
All instructions how to fix sync issues at our wiki:

If you need any help please don't hesitate you are welcome at "help & support" section.

@everyone We found some noise in adeptio blockchain. Some nodes make your nodes to stuck at block 385303. We are investigating to prevent it in the future. Adeptio BlockChain is working fine.
If you still can't resync or get rid of stucked blocks use bootstrap from github repository:

If you need more help, go to General Chat.
Adeptio Team


Dear community,
a bit early Q2 wallets arrived. We have important fixes and enchantments with this build (including major PoS vulnerabilities corrections)

Release v2.1.0.0 Heron is a mandatory version. Please upgrade your masternodes and cold wallets as soon as possible.
Old version nodes & wallets (v1.0.0.x) is now rejected by the network.
Old version nodes & wallets (v2.0.0.0) will be slowly rejected by the network.

v2.1.0.0 version features and fixes:

Proof of Stake vulnerabilities fix ( );
A change in Masternode / PoS reward system;
Blockchain scans for active storADE systems;
storADE system is now required in order to start a masternode, get masternode rewards;
ZeroMint is now disabled by default (v2.0.0.0 bug with daemon "missing ADE coins" with ZeroCoin protocol);
Issue fix with port manipulation for more than 1 masternode ( #18 );
*Other new features & enhancements;

More information how to migrate at wiki:

Full Release notes:

“Fake Stake” attacks on chain-based Proof-of-Stake cryptocurre...
This article is the public disclosure of a series of resource exhaustion vulnerabilities investigated by a team of students consisting of…
Adeptio (ADE) Core & Wallet . Contribute to adeptio-project/adeptio development by creating an account on GitHub.

Please be aware. No one from the Adeptio/storADE team will ever contact you and ask for personal or sensitive information. Please be safe and report any incidents to general channel.

Merge branch 'PoSfix' · adeptio-project/adeptio@99d05f0
Critical fix for Masternode reward · adeptio-project/adeptio@ecfbd80
set storADE check to 475201 block · adeptio-project/adeptio@a832703
Disable ZeroMint by default · adeptio-project/adeptio@81273f5

Disable ZeroMint by default · adeptio-project/adeptio@81273f5

@everyone What's next in adeptio and storADE development?
Currently we are working on the next 5 topics:

  1. Adeptio and storADE masternode merge (masternodes will be dismissed from rewards without storADE)
  2. Adeptio POS vulnerabilities fix -
  3. Change Reward system POS/Masternode 20% - 80% - in order to increase as much as possible masternodes and storADE VPS, not staking wallets.
  4. Release Adeptio version in Q2
  5. Introduce storADE independent streamers.
Adeptio (ADE) Core & Wallet . Contribute to adeptio-project/adeptio development by creating an account on GitHub.
New Vulnerabilities Show Proof of Stake's Flaws - BeInCrypto
A number of voices in the blockchain community are seeking a solution different than the PoW consensus mechanism for block validation.
Adeptio (ADE) Core & Wallet . Contribute to adeptio-project/adeptio development by creating an account on GitHub.

@everyone Adeptio successfully migrated from Proof of Work to Proof of Stake. Please take a note that mining no longer active, only Minting - staking.

Adeptio Masternode
Create 1 Click ADE Masternode for only $1.99/mo paid in crypto

Adeptio is now on AmsterDEX:

@everyone CryptoID blockchain is up and running:

Adeptio Explorer
Adeptio CryptoID Block Explorer and Statistics. Access detailed blockchain information on Adeptio (ade) transactions, blocks and addresses