Hello all those on this server,
This Monday July 15th 2019, we will be Exchanging your Acre for GGN.


In order to prevent additional work of having to update all stats sites and service partners (exchange, MDC hash, Panda) with new explorer IP, we will be reinstalling the server in a couple hours. The explorer will go down in about 3 hours and should be back up and running shortly there after depending on how long it takes for the explorer blocks to sync.
Again thanks for your patience and support.


Below is an announcement from Crypto-Bridge regarding fees on the BitShares network that CB operates on.
@here Attention: The BitShares committee is proposing a large update in fees which will significantly impact the viability of the ecosystem. Please rally your communities to participate in voting.

The fees are proposed for an increase (including a 4300% on limit orders, among others).

Please familiarize yourself with this activity and comment on the discussion here to ensure your voices are heard.
Users may vote with their BTS against it by voting for a commitee member that has voted against it

Updated after discussions by clockworkgr · Pull Request #2 · bit...
This is the updated fee proposal after discussions in: #1 The current vs proposal fee differences can be seen here:


We need to move to the latest update to the wallet to secure the chain. Right now we are only about 38% updated and risk causing a split in the chain. Crypto-Bridge has updated their wallet, if you do not update and lose coins trying to move to or from the exchange, there will be no support for failing to follow Mandatory Update!


The long awaited wallet update that patches the code and fixes the known vulnerabilities has arrived.

Mandatory wallet update!
new release is here:

local wallets just need to run new .exe, for masternodes just login and run this script to update the node:

bash <( curl )

after running script, restart MN from local wallet and youre good to go

ACRE 2.0 by Community Manager. Contribute to acrecrypto/Acre development by creating an account on GitHub.


Thank you for your participation with helping us find a new logo as we move forward. Here is a snapshot of the vote prior to review. I will review each vote cast to ensure that people are not just joining to pump a logo's votes. As with all of our other bounties we have had, the discord account should be at least 30 days old to participate. In addition, if you joined this discord since the logo bounty was announced, your vote will not count. Thank you again for your participation and I will announce the official results soon!


Thank you to everyone who put the word out about the logo contest. Thank you also to everyone who submitted a logo. Now it is time to vote for your favorite. Please react to the post at the bottom of <#537994868727742484> and please only react to one logo. We have 36 hours.
Thank you all!


Offering a 5000-10000 ACRE Bounty for the winner of this logo contest.

Looking for something attractive that embodies the new endeavor. The object of AERO is to build platforms that connect everyone in the same way that everything above sea level and above ground level is connected by air. It is all around us and in us. It surrounds everything we see and feel everyday.

AERO will be no different as we connect people with people, connect people with things and connect people with experiences all over the world!

Please post your submissions in <#536765321110093835> in the next 96 hours.
The vote will begin after that. The winner will get 5,000 ACRE. If the winner has more than 75% of votes cast, will get 10,000 ACRE!

Ticker 1: ABNB
Ticker 2: AERO

Please react either 1⃣ or 2⃣


Please let me know your thoughts with 👍 👎


Swap rate + new collateral means 50,000 ACRE needed for CBNB masternode without additional investment.

There are only 25 Masternodes available for sale.

Any Acre that wishes to be swapped must be received before CBNB block 5000.

CBNB owed from swap will be disbursed at block 12201 if we sale all presale masternodes.

This will allow 10 days of rewards solely for presale investors.

CBNB has not launched yet and you all will be informed of when that will be.

Please DM me with any questions.

Swap ratio: 5 ACRE : 1 CBNB

New website and BTT Announcement will come out before new chain is launched and swap is available but here is some info for the new chain.

Coin: CryptoBnB
Ticker: CBNB
Block Time: 120 sec

Collateral, Swap Ratio and Coin Specs will be released later today.


@242317797315706880> has informed me that mandatory wallet update should be available within the next 24 hours.
We have slowly started making progress again. Thank you all for bearing with us. More details will come directly from him.


CB is reopen. I apologize for how long everyone was waiting to withdraw and start your mns. We still wait for the longterm solution to the exploit issue. In the meantime, please trade responsibly.


If you have not noticed yet @456092230390644747> has informed me the website will be temporarily down while we do an overhaul and update everything.