Ok@everyone the website is currently being migrated. Once its in place we should be able to open the portal to the community. When this happens most of the Discord server will be reset regarding permissions and structure. The migration is going to take a few days as its a fair implementation. I will let you know who things go over the weekend.

I’m pleased to say the development of ABS has officially formed into a limited company - Absolute (ABS) Development LTD at 71 Shelton Street, Covent Garden, London. This is the next logical step for the community, currently we are funded totally through the development team. With us moving to a subscription based environment for areas of the community, this will allow us to collect small fees and use these to pay for basic costs and further development.

These subscriptions will be collected in ABS, BTC or direct via Paypal on the new website. Hopefully we want to create a more interactive space which members can use to talk about other areas in the crypto space and also obviously look at campaigns from the PoV network.

More to follow soon@everyone. Thanks, CC

First off apologies for me being missing in action for the past month. Commitments elsewhere have caused issues for me lately and not being around on Discord to answer questions is my not good enough on my part. So, I’m sorry if people have been thinking the worse.

Things are fairly quiet in the community at the moment but I have been working on trying to develop a sustainable footing for ABS to continue to operate.

So, this is where we currently are:
Issues on the current releasee are continuing, so it has been decided to allow a partial release which will allow us to push through the changes required for the switch to Lyra2REv3. This should remove current issues with mining instabilities.

Parts of the PoV system will we think need to be tided to existing capture methods, technology from google and other app-based capture systems could be used to try and implement a useable database. This would allow us to log certain details about adverts and campaigns rather than everything. There are issues in Europe with GDPR and how large amounts of user data on the chain which has we’ve found out, can become a problem if and when the crypto space becomes more regulated. Data on the chain needs to be useable but also be locked or encrypted so that its only useful for each campaign manager. If they wish to remove their data obviously they can’t but they could delete their “key” to the data. In simple leaving the data in the chain but making it unreadable.

The main absolute block explorer / will be going offline today while we migrate servers. It should be back online later on today. Apologies for any inconvenience caused@everyone

In other news:

The exchange Upbit has approached us regarding joining their exchange, we are in the process of listing there and will let@everyone know the outcome as soon as we know more.

We have been consulting with several individuals within the UK advertising and marketing sectors regarding GDPR rules. As we will need to comply with these when we start storing customer data on the chain. This is very important step and the business model wont work unless we can get this right.

@424221151519309828> is continuing his work on PoV. We need to complete the ongoing work to upgrade the chain. Once we have over come the current problems regarding compatibility of order OS versions (namely Ubuntu 16.04), we need to activate the special transaction protocol which will allow addition data to be added to the chain.

PoV node collaterals will be rolled out after this next release, currently these will be set at 25,000ABS. Only these nodes will receive PoV rewards when active. Normal nodes which the network is supported on will also continue.

As some of you have noticed I haven’t been active in the last week. Just to confirm that everything is ok and that I’ve just returned from a summer holiday and will be continuing work on the project. I’ve personally have quite a lot going on elsewhere in my life, so has been a challenging month.

So moving forward we will be making some changes to how the community is organised and run. This will affect@everyone within the community.

We need to make some changes to the project so that it can continue to support the basic running costs of ABS. These will be there so that we can continue to fund the project at its most basic level.

Development is happy to continue funding the project short-term, but we will be switching to a partially closed community which will be accessible via a small donation, approximately 15 dollars a year. This will be processed via the website and allow community members access the community portal and most of the discord server and other social accounts.

I’ll be making sure that the environment has good value for the donation, although with help of others within the community, I’m sure we could build a good base of knowledge in the crypto community. All wiki, installers and scripts details will be inclusive of the portal.

The development team will be setting up a limited company within the UK next month, which the donations will be registered and processed against.

So I have successfully pushed the QT wallet up to version 5.9.6 today, this will make it possible to produce Arm QT wallets soon. Some of our dependency set is now ahead of Dash, which is good to see.

I will need to continue with a new round of Gitian builds to see where we are on compatibility for 16.04. I will continue to update you again soon.

Thanks CC

Another quick update to keep@everyone in the loop about what is going on. We've hit a problem with glibc compatibility at the moment, which is causing some issues with backward compatibility with 16,04 ubuntu and all Debian OS from the Linux Gitian builds. Mac and Windows are fine.... so we are working through resolving the issues at the moment. This issue has affected other builds based on the Bitcoin architecture from a dependancy update in May of this year. We are trying to find the correct solution for us based on where the code set is.

I've had a few people from the community contact me regarding including a QT wallet for the arm compile. This will be possible but probably not for a few weeks as it requires us to move to QT5.9.6 which is doable in the short term, once we have the right dependency set available we can move forward and include this in the release.

Another quick update@everyone. Looks like I have over come the initial problems with Gitian setups but still have some issues with Linux 32-Bit glibc compatibility. This is due to us mixing code which is 9-12 months old in places with a new operating system (Ubuntu 18.04 hosted on Debian 9.9) and dependencies which are up to date. This has been quite challenging over the past two days but it will be worth it moving forward.

Builds on Mac and Windows at running as expected, so I will do a nightly build of Linux and see where we are in the morning. If we have to push the cut off point back a few days from the 10th of July, then this can be down before I release the code. I will let everyone know where we are in the morning.

Thanks, CC

Ok, quick update@everyone. The source code is ready however there is a issue with Gitian and hosting on Ubuntu 18.04 which I’ve been working on all day. I’ll update you a bit later about delivery of the Binaries.

Quick update, Apologies for not being around for the last few days to answer your questions. So update 12.2

Ok@everyone, The next update (12.3.1) is almost ready for testing, so the community should expect the release with the next few weeks. This will be a staging release for Deterministic Masternodes to be activated on the Network. The process for setting up, building and configuring new Masternodes will also change significantly when these new nodes are activated. We will make sure all the documentation is available as before. requires us to pay our yearly subscription to the site on the 9th of June. The amount required is 0.1BTC, we are looking for donations to allow us continued listing there. @&430815615104581679> will continue to fund all running costs of the project but we will leave this to the community to decide if it is worth continuing our listing there.

@everyone, The network has been experiencing some slow downs in block processing today due to rapid changes in hashing power (number of miners on the network). Timings will stabilise again once we converge on a new hashing average.

The block reward reduction has successfully been implemented@everyone. Rewards are now totaling 15 ABS, split between 12 for MN and 3 for Miners.

Today has also seen the implementation of a Bridging Bot which will Link Discord Announcements and the General channel with the Telegram Supergroup. We will work to try and get more integration throughout the social networks in the coming weeks.

Annual halving readjustment at block number 385440 will happen tomorrow, so we will monitor the network to check everything goes as planned.

In other news@everyone, we need to renew out listing which is due to expire on the 9th of June. The fee is 0.1 BTC, I personally think that its important that we stay listed on the site. So we will need to raise this either through governance or via donations.

Donations can be made via <#430823600413605888>, any amount is appreciated.

Thanks, CC

A triple redundancy seed crawler service has been configured for the ABS network and is now live@everyone. This should remove the need for “addnode” to be added within the absolute.conf. The service is configured to service only 70210 nodes on the network and will supply new connecting nodes with the best available connections to allow syncing to be completed as quickly as possible.

All 70209 protocol Masternodes will no longer receive rewards on the network as of 12:00 UTC today. Please update to v0.12.2.5 to maintain receiving your masternode rewards.

A reminder to@everyone to make sure you update to v0.12.2.5 before block 385440 otherwise you will be on the wrong chain.

Reward Cut off for all 70209 protocol nodes will be Sunday, 07-Apr-19 12:00:00 UTC

You can download the wallets here:

The guide for upgrading existing nodes from 12.2.3 and 12.2.4 is available here:

Fresh VPS installs can be created by downloading the precompiled binaries using this script:

Here is an update on development and community wages@everyone. February and March have been a particularly busy period for us with over 1000 commits on Github.

Below are wage history statements for February and March.



We use a app called Harvest to keep track of expenses and wages, we will publish the running cost of ABS via this systems as well soon.

A reminder to@everyone to make sure you update to v0.12.2.5 before block 385440 otherwise you will be on the wrong chain.

You can download the wallets here:

The guide for upgrading existing nodes from 12.2.3 and 12.2.4 is available here:

Fresh VPS installs can be created by downloading the precompiled binaries using this script: