Just a quick update@everyone. We will be looking to issue the next release on the 28th of February. Block 350,400 will be on the 5th March, so you will need to update before this date otherwise you will be on the wrong chain.

This wallet release include substantial improvements to the Mainnet and implements proposal C2 and C3. The PoV platform, is yet to be integrated but QR interactions and campaign setups have been tested on the network. We will be able to show this hopefully just after the next release is rolled out.

We will swapping out the Github repository for a new one which will be attached to the correct upstream repositories. This definitely makes life easier for us but it will mean that another that is watching, staring or forking the current repository will need to do this again on the new one.

Also.. advanced warning that I’m away on holiday Skiing in France until next Sunday (24th February). I will be available but there might be a delay in response. If anyone needs anything urgently please contact other members of @&430815615104581679>.

Thanks, CC

Its Absolute's 1st Birthday today! The Genesis block was created one year ago today. So congratulations and thank you to@everyone in the community for supporting ABS over the past year. It's been an eventful year for us and we all looking forward to adding some great functionality in the year ahead.

MasterNodes.Pro is looking for the best masternode coin for Q1 / 2019. Show your support for Absolute! All coins listed on MasterNodes.Pro are a part of this vote so we are looking for good engagement from the community. Simply got to the voting page on their Discord server and type: ^vote ABS

Coming in the top three would definitely befit us!

Details on the vote are here@everyone: https://news.masternodes.pro/masternodes-pro-search-best-masternode/

Link to the Masternode.pro Discord here: https://discord.gg/PZSHcgK

MasterNodes.Pro's Search for the Best Masternode Coin!
Hello Masternode enthusiasts and friends!MasterNodes.Pro is looking for the best masternode coin for Q1 / 2019. Show your support for your favorite project and join our discord to cast your vote! All coins listed on MasterNodes.Pro are a part of this vote. The voting starts o...

As wages are now being paid to members of the community, we are able to output reports for the community to look at. Here is the first report that we have created from Harvest, which is the hourly logging system we are now using. We will output these twice a month, so you are informed on what@everyone is doing.

$ is a prefix for points within this report

Harvest: https://absolutecoin.harvestapp.com/client/invoices/937f3ab0578808096797ad27d421e81775a5a897

Absolute 10 Masternode Giveaway with 2 Months Free Hosting at Pecunia Platform has started. https://gleam.io/rEgNr/absolute-masternode-giveaway-with-free-hosting-at-pecunia … #win via@gleamapp The more you participate, the better your chances of winning! Best of luck@everyone

Absolute Masternode Giveaway with 2 months free hosting at Pecunia
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We are excited to launch a new Gleam Masternode Giveway will be starting tomorrow and will run for 6 weeks@everyone. 10 Masternodes are up for grabs, plus free hosting for two months at Pecunia.

Hosting via: https://pecuniaplatform.io/

We will be adding a number of additional goals to the campaign as time progresses. The more points you obtain by completing the goals, then better chance you have of winning a masternode! Best of luck to all those that enter!

We have created a new short video which will be one of many explaining the different aspects of Absolute. This first video gives a brief overview of ABS for@everyone that has just discovered the ABS and PoV platform. We will also be producing a set of new video setup guides for Masternodes in different environments which will tie into the new release.


Absolute ABS - A Brief Overview
Absolute is the first Proof of View (PoV) Cryptocurrency which is aimed at providing services for advertising, promotions and events via smart contracts. Our...

We would like to welcome @435466736502964226> into the development team, Joe has been working with Decred to create a full Golang node and Android mobile wallet and has decided to come and work with us to develop the mobile environment which is an important step forward for us in the progression of PoV and our Mainnet.

Once all the repos are setup on Github, we will begin the task of configuring the Golang node for the ABS network. Its release wont be until later in the year, however we will fill@everyone in later in the month when we have a better understanding of the steps required the integrate this technology into our chain. Please feel free to reach out to @435466736502964226> and say hi!

Thanks, CC

We are pleased to announce that have successfully integrated with the help of @397478672229203968> a WooCommerce plugin for Absolute, which we allow payments in ABS, exclusively. The plugin has fully automated payment verification, API based, with no middle man service or fees. Merchants get 100% of payments, directly in their wallet. Merchants also don’t need to have a connection with wallet over a server or any service, the plugin payment functionality is completely decentralized. Payment is done directly from buyer to merchant. WooCommerce is primary used within Wordpress, so this is a good addition to Absolute functionality.

A user guide for this is available here: http://bit.ly/ABSWooCommerceGuide

I will make sure that this gets added to the website as soon as possible@everyone.

After quite a few emails backwards and forwards between us and Delta, I'm please to say that the all the trading markets and logo are now correct on the delta app@everyone . https://delta.app/

∆ Delta - The best Bitcoin, ICO & cryptocurrency portfolio tracker
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So we will be starting the signature campaign tomorrow@everyone. Please feel free to support us on BCT if you are willing to add the banner. I believe we have a full compliment on members now added. Ask @404462318597177365> if you have any questions. https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5104043.msg49496169#msg49496169

We will be starting a Gleam Masternode Giveaway soon, I was going to start this tomorrow but we have just commissioned some new videos for ABS. So we will wait a few days before starting this campaign so that these can be added into the tweet requirements.

Our 1st Birthday is on 14th of Feb, so we will be doing a run down on what has happened within ABS since we started and what the plan is going forward over the next year.

More to follow soon, thanks CC

[CFNP] ABSolutecoin Signature Campaign | Earn up to $20/Week | Mem...
[CFNP] ABSolutecoin Signature Campaign | Earn up to $20/Week | Member - Hero/Leg

If you already have a rank, then these will remain set as they are until further notice. We will review ranks in 3 months and then decide with anyone rank needs adjusting based on their activity. Community engagement is so important@everyone, so we need to keep the community active in Discord and other social accounts as much as possible.

We feel that we are quite transparent now with working hours being logged within development, so its good that we can keep a log of who is most active in the community not on the pay roll and reward you when you are.

To start with we will issue a masternode on the 1st of month to the #1 rank on the leader board. Over time we many increase the number depending on engagement of the community.

We now have a new ranking leader board system@everyone controlled by a new ranking bot. The more you post in the community the more XP you will receive. After you have collected a certain amount of XP you will level up. Ranks are rewarded to those with a certain level number automatically. These can be seen below:

Signature Campaign has opened up on BCT@everyone, We will give people in here a head start and are more likely to enrol users that are within the community first: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5104043.msg49496169#msg49496169

[OPEN] ABSolutecoin Signature Campaign | Earn up to $20/Week | Mem...
[OPEN] ABSolutecoin Signature Campaign | Earn up to $20/Week | Member - Hero/Leg

Hi@everyone, here is an important ABS Update:

Next Release is incoming
So we are 406 commits ahead of the master (current release) now on Github, I'm still working through certain Backports and improving the code as required. It's important that we get a release out before block 350400, as this is the halving internal for ABS. This will be based on my calculations within the first week of March. So@everyone should expect an update well before this date. So take this as an early notification that an update is expected soon.

This will be similar to the previous releases and will implement hard fork one week after the latest version is released. The protocol version for this release will be 70210, after the hard fork is activated all 70209 nodes will be disconnected from the network and will need to be upgraded before continuing. More information will follow in early February on specifics regarding this release.

Insight Explorer
We are currently working on implementing a insight explorer for the community, this has been prepped on Github but has not been tested yet. If we get time before the next release we will attempt to get this online soon.

Harvest time keeping
We have implemented the time logging app which will allow us the report directly to Discord what we are doing. This also ties into the budget fund allow us to pay community members based on the work that they have completed. Please have a look at proposal W1 for more information: https://www.absolutecoin.net/doc/W1-Absolute-(ABS)-Wage18Q1.pdf

Anyone can be added with they wish to be paid for working on ABS. Please speak to me if you are interested in joining the system.

Both Governance Proposals have passed, thanks to@everyone that voted. If you haven’t already voted please vote on the proposals when it’s convenient for you, votes do matter and shows adoption of the system.

We have a few community members registered on Harvest now. So we can start logging hours worked and submit them once a week for payment form Governance.

This is just from this evening, I'll put a timesheet up a on regular basis and see if there is someway to automate it.

Two new Budgetary proposals are now active@everyone, ideally these would have been created a few days ago as the next superblock is going through tomorrow, so prompt voting would be appreciated!

We need 142 Masternodes to vote on these to get these funded. Funding proposals have been split into two areas:

(B) Proposals - Budgetary
(W) Proposals - Wages

We've decided to start a wages proposal to help pay for the many hours of hard work that the community puts in to moving ABS forward.

Wage proposals will be set quarterly depending on the price of ABS. Anyone can be included within the wage proposals. You will need to setup a Harvest account and then we can get you added to the absolute project there.

Link: https://www.getharvest.com/

We have decided to split time recorded in to categories based on what people are doing. These categories receive different points her hour which can be added up and paid as a percentage of the weekly budget based against everyone else's points.

I will see if its possible to get these logged hours to display within Discord as they are made.

We will also create the next quarterly statement to document running expenses for Q4 of 2018. This should be available within the next fews days, these costs will be billed in ABS based the average price of ABS this month.

Details of the points can be seen with the W1 proposal. I will document this in the wiki and separate pdf at the next available opportunity.

Proposal URL: https://bit.ly/B10-Weekly-Budget
Proposal URL: https://bit.ly/W1-Wages-Budget

If anyone is unfamiliar with voting for Goverance Proposals then a guide is available here: https://www.absolutecoin.net/doc/Absolute-(ABS)-Governance-Guide.pdf

If anyone has any questions, then feel free to ask! Thanks CC

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