ABET officially listed on Birake exchange network

We all were fighting for this listing as a community and we won it together. We appreciate all support which was and is given to our project.

Below all URLs to exchanges in Birake exchange network
Birake ->
Midas ->
Star-dex ->
Tokenhouse ->
Snode ->
Tuanexchange ->

Happy trading & stay tuned@everyone

- Altbet Team

New Altbet arrival

This is nothing new for many which was here in past weeks. ABET listing on MCT+ platform had place around 2 weeks but it was never officially announced by us. They deserve this ANN and we all are very thankful for listing.

Useful links & how to video
MCT+ Trading platform
MCT+ Website
MCT+ Video for beginner
MCT+ Discord

<#540943695466463242> -> new bootstrap uploaded
<#540927039843074059> -> updated to peers
<#540943762763939841> -> updated to 260684 block
<#540926831776497684> -> updated to the latest bootstrap & addnodes
<#540926920557330492> -> updated to the latest bootstrap & addnodes

Stay tuned@everyone

- Altbet Team

Quick update

We are quiet lately because there is a lot of work being done in background. Day by day we are moving forward and we believe we will be back on track sooner than later. Till the end of April we will be working on getting everything back to work as it was before. More specifics soon.

📊 Exchanges 📊
CryptoBridge - wallets has been updated and deposits with withdrawals are live since yesterday.
Stex - wallets has been updated and deposits with withdrawals are live since yesterday
Birake ( 7 exchanges ) - tomorrow we should be finally listed on Birake exchange network

Our blockchain
After several updates seems we are finally safe & stable. @202145535086297088> is watching it daily to be sure that everything works properly.

Missing wallet compilations
Today we should be able to release missing macOS & maybe ubuntu 18.04 compilation. Will also try to prepare guide on how to do your own compilation on ubuntu.

Collateral increase from 1k to 5k
No ETA yet but we plan to increase collateral by the end of this month.

Stay tuned@everyone

- Altbet Team

📰 Article by 📰

Interesting and full of details article which is worth to be read about whole situation.

Stay tuned@everyone later today I will try to put one more announcement about whats next.

- Altbet Team

ABET "controversial" Mandatory Wallet Update v2.0
ABET has released a mandatory wallet update to version 2.0. The Wallet v2.0 is a great achievement by the team as it was done without calling the necessity to SWAP. The new wallet version is claimed to be much faster, secure and stable. All the minor bugs and known vulnerabil...

🆘 Hack ABET Wallet v2.0 Survey 🆘

In order to understand more about the fud ongoing and the potential attacks against ABET, I am directing this survey in order to investigate about it.
I am not officially speaking for Altbet Core Team and they will come back to you soon to give you more detailed answers than mine.

I would ask you to remain calm and not point fingers to Altbet Team as soons as real proofs hasn't been shared yet.
As a reminder, i would like you to remember to only download wallets from official links & sources, to encrypt your wallets and not to store your passphrases anywhere on your computer.

As that being said, i would like you to take 2 minutes to answer this quick survey weither or not you have been stolen.

With your help we will be investigating on this hack and give you answers very soon.

Thank you@everyone

- Altbet Team

ABET v2.0.0 Hack survey

Altbet cash-back program

We understand some people have missed rewards in past few days and for that we are truly sorry. We care about our Altbet community so we decided to add experimental Altbet cash-back program on any buys taken off sell side while exchange is closed and@everyone is waiting for upcoming wallet update. We hope this will be fun way to support our project and situation on both exchanges.

How it works?
1⃣ Buy amount between 100 and 2000 ABETs
2⃣ Prepare proof of purchase from CryptoBridge or STEX
3⃣ Withdraw coins from CryptoBridge or STEX
4⃣ Prepare proof of public address where coins are held
5⃣ Hold ABET cryptocurrency at least 7 days after purchase
6⃣ Earn 10% ABET cash-back

💰 All cash-back payouts will be made around 12th April 2019

Stay strong. Stay an ALTBETer!

-Altbet Team

CryptoBridge disabled

Deposits & Withdraws has been disabled due to upcoming wallet update. More details shortly.

Stay tuned@everyone

- Altbet Team

Quick update

🔊 The last days are getting louder and louder about the missing masternode rewards. We are aware of this and you can expect update soon.

🛤 We are not perfect, problems and mistakes will happen, but one can be sure. We are and will work here on continuous development to prevent any problems encountered on our path to success.

According to Gentarium - we believe they are not guilty of missing masternode rewards. Issue is probably somewhere else and will be fixed shortly. We are just sad how whole situation was handled by Gentarium, making everything even harder than it is.

💪 P.S. I can guarantee that we will go thru this and we will become stronger than ever 💪

Stay tuned@everyone, great news are very close to be released.

- Altbet Team

🇷🇺 Russian Telegram Group 🇷🇺

Since we have a massive Russian Community and since our new recruitment of @&549395109305647115> we are delighted to announce you the opening of a Russian Telegram Group

Here you will be able to read the announcements in your native language and find some tech support.

Here is the link of the Telegram Group :

Thank you for your support@everyone !!

  • Altbet Team
Altbet Russian Talk революционная онлайн-платформа ставок на основе собственной криптовалюты ($ABET) Присоединяйтесь к Discord : Следите за нашим кан...


More or less useful tasks which had to be done

➡ Added @&557559606919036928> Role which will be assigned manually by me to those which are part of our discord for a while and are active
<#506473735931559937> reward display fix
@506482064741236737> optimizations
➡ Slaveexplorer migration to new server
➡ Daily scam reminders fix on <#473641071558262784> & <#473647876032167946> channels
<#530419588106813451> reminder fix
➡ Added more Altbet emojis
➡ Overall discord organization

🗳 Birake voting 🗳

If you are truly supporting us, feel free to participate in current contest

More details may be found here: <#554696649658859550>

Stay tuned@everyone, interesting weeks are in front of all of us.

- Altbet Team

Quick update
@here It was at least 1 week since my last announcement, which means that is time to update all of you with current works.

🤔 Whats going on currently? 🤔

As soon as we will finish tasks mentioned below we will focus more on e-Sport & Sport betting development

@473617112133271552> Currently planning most priority things to do in upcoming days / weeks and preparing marketing campaign with @351181691651620866> & @429396677913214996>

@202145535086297088> in past weeks was and is working on huge update which will be big step for Altbet in long run if it comes to blockchain, wallets & features. More details soon.

@483690171552759808> is finalizing upcoming Lotto which was mentioned before. You can expect release shortly.

👪 New team members 👪

Please welcome new marketers which will help us with Altbet marketing

@365598730243670018> - He has expierence in standard Marketing, few months ago he decided to start his journey with crypto and for now he will be mostly focused on Twitter promotion

@353625672817573888> - Has already been in this space for a while, he have his own discord group where he is already promoting Altbet. He will be promoting Altbet in multiple places such as Discord, Twitter, Medium and more....

@337611522765225986> - not a marketer but will be helping us with content reviews to keep our annoucements and other things in proper english

Telegram Referral Bounty

Altbet's Telegram Channel has been growing a lot the past month and we have now more than 1000 members.
We have been having the idea to run a referral contest to grow this channel a bit and give you the opportunity to earn some ABET.

For this giveaway we will offer 200 ABET 🎁 💯
🥇 100 ABET
🥈 50 ABET
🥉 25 ABET

A random Telegram user will receive 25 ABET at the end of the contest.


1⃣ Join our Telegram Channel :
2⃣ Be active on our channel
3⃣ Message@chatmodbot (on telegram) privately to get their unique referral link
4⃣ Spread your referral link to your friend -- They will need to enter Altbet Chat Group through the referral Link to give you 1 referral

End of the Contest : 15st April
Check Competitors & Winners : 15st April - 21 April
Announcement & Rewards : 22 April - 28 April

Thank you --@everyone

PS: The leaderbord will be shared every Sunday.

Altbet Discussion is a revolutionary online mutual betting platform based on own MASTERNODE cryptocurrency ($ABET) Join our Discord : Follow our announcements : @altbetio

BIRAKE Voting Contest

🎉🎉🎉 Today, Monday 11.03 Community Coin Vote on Birake has started! 🎉 🎉🎉
Campaign will last 1 week, starting today. At the end of this week the coin with TOP VOTES will WIN a FREE LISTING on BIRAKE Network Exchanges!

1⃣ Join Birake Discord :
2⃣ Go to #🗳community-coin
3⃣ React with the emoji 🇯 on the message in the Birake Discord channel #🗳community-coin
4⃣ Don't vote for more than 2 other coins than ABET or your vote won't be counted by Birake system

PS : If you are a bit active in the Birake Discord server, your vote can be counted for 3 votes so say hi & a cool word for ABET 😜
@everyone Let's show how strong is Altbet Community 💪

  • Altbet Team

I'm taking quick holidays

Altbet was started around 6 months ago since then I worked each day at least 10 hours per day. Time has come to get quick holidays to not burn myself. I'll be less active from 9-16th March but that doesn't mean I won't be watching how things are doing. Whole core Team will have eyes on Altbet too.

@483690171552759808> is and will be working in background as usual on platform development
@202145535086297088> will be around to help + he is working in background too on blockchain improvements

But as a reward in my absence, I decided to leave a surprise. Today before I will leave my place, you can expect a long-awaited major announcement

Stay tuned@everyone

- Altbet Team

🙏 We need your support again ! 🙏

⏰ StakeCube opened a new Voting round with ABET in the list.
We would like you to show your support by voting on their website below :

🥊 Every vote counts !!
🥇 1st place will get a free Listing on their platform
🥈 The Coin on the 2nd place gets a discount of 50% for the paid listing (valid for one month)
🥉 The Coin on the 3rd place gets a discount of 25% for the paid listing (valid for one month)

👪@everyone #altbetters Ask your family, friends or girlfriend/boyfriend to grab phone and help us beat this competition and get us on the podium 🚀

Register here :
Vote here :

🚀 Let's win this competition together, it means a lot for us.

  • Altbet Team
Stakecube | Login
Proof-of-Stake Pool
Stakecube | Proof-of-Stake Pool
Welcome to the fully automated and community driven Staking Pool.

New Altbet arrival

It was a while since our last arrival but here we are again. All of you know that lately we have experienced some issues lately with our and could have more features. Well we have solution for this. Listing on such amazing platform which is will solve our issues once for all.

From now on we will be using CoinExplorer as our main Altbet explorer. Once you will see how great their platform is then you will understand our decision.

If there will be any questions according to CoinExplorer, I'm sure @351970250398629889> will be happy to answer them.

What is CoinExplorer? is a robust block explorer which provides an easy to understand interface that anyone can use, beginner or expert. It displays every aspect at a high level of accuracy with excellent communication between the core developers for any issues that may occur during the coins lifetime. The overall design is minimalistic yet informative making it easy for anyone learn.


Stay tuned@everyone

- Altbet Team

🔮 Lotto sneak peek 🔮

🎉 Already shared this screen few days ago but here it is once again for those which might missed it.

🎟 Like I said before, we need probably around few days more to start beta tests and shortly after that we will release game.

⚒ Progress is being done daily.

👨‍👩‍👧 Stay tuned@everyone and have a nice weekend with friends and families.

- Altbet Team

Altbet banner is live on MNO

We had to launch our banner earlier then we planned because our code was avaiable till February ends.

If statistics will be promising we will pay for more views but if numbers will be not that good, then we will consider changes in banner. Anyways we consider this as a test before marketing campaign.

P.S. With dark theme it looks great, don't you think?

Stay tuned@everyone

- Altbet Team

BTT Signature sneak peek

They were done few weeks ago but almost forgot about them. Signatures will be used in our upcoming marketing campaign.

🤔@everyone What you think about them? Do you like it?

- Altbet Team