Blockchain Update

Dear Altbet Community,
As many of you have been able to notice, our new blockchain is experiencing its first issue.
The blockchain is paused on the 71059th block.

If you see that your wallet is not synchronizing anymore, do not panic, our developer team is aware of the issue and is finding the simplest fix.

Updates of the issue will be posted in our <#626121167698395175> channel.

Thanks for your understanding@everyone.

- Altbet Team

📰 Changelog 📰

This should be done since the beggining but you know what they say? Better sooner than later.

Decided to implement <#626121167698395175> channel into our discord server which will be integrated with Altbet platform in next couple of days.

Changelog will include both, platform & blockchain updates.

Stay tuned@everyone

- Altbet Team

ABET is listed on Flits

ABET has been recently listed on FLITS.

Flits is a mobile app available on both playstore and appstore which offers masternode hosting and coin staking.
Flits has launched recently its 3.0 version with upgraded interface and improved speed and quality of service.
Each user has acces to his own private keys at anytime and the coins/funds are not accesible by flits but only from the user.
Nodes can be started/stopped at anytime.

Learn more :

  • Altbet Team
Flits - Masternode and staking app
Flits is a masternode and staking app making investing a lot easier. Android app is released and the presale is open. Newsletter makes its premiere today on Youtube

🎉 Hello@everyone ,
We are thrilled to announce you the first Newsletter on Youtube !
This video is the first of its kind and we are really happy to present it to you today.
📣 We are trying to get more awareness outside of classic social media like Twitter & our strong Discord Community. 📣

We hope this first try will be successful because it was a pleasure to make this video and we will happily make plenty of them.

We will be sharing the Article related to this Newsletter tomorrow and will send a big Email Marketing Campaign to our 20,000 users fanbase collected with the multiple bounties we have been having.

This video marks the end of an era when Altbet was only an underground project.

Please welcome this video with some noise, get us somes Likes and Comments.
Don't hesitate to interact below the video and we will make sure everyone has an answer.

Thank you ! ❤

Watch the Video Here :

- Altbet Team October Newsletter | Kids Are Back To School | ABET | Be...
Welcome to this video teaser of the October Newsletter ⏬⏬ EXPAND FOR MORE INFORMATION ⏬⏬ Today is an important day for In this short vid...

Help us get noticed in LUX tweet

🙏 We would like to ask@everyone to mention our project in this tweet, which might help us get listed on true decentralized exchange by LUX.

👉 Simply type: $ABET<span id="every">@altbetofficial

⭐ It huge opportunity and it means a lot for us. All help gonna be very appreciated.

Receive tip for ABET mention. More details in this channel <#629023715459334145>

Stay tuned

- Altbet Team

#Luxgate (our brand new, peer-to-peer, trustless DEX) is currently being beta tested! What project do you want to trade on a true decentralized platform with no KYC or 3rd party? Make sure to tag the project's Twitter handle so we can reach out to them about getting listed...

1 minute before going live ! New Youtube Series | Betting Platform | E-Sports
Welcome to this video teaser of the New Youtube Series. ⏬⏬ EXPAND FOR MORE INFORMATION ⏬⏬ Today is an important day for We are premierin...

Altbet is arriving on Youtube

Good morning/afternoon/evening@everyone
Today is an important day for

We are premiering today on Youtube for a long Series of Videos
Our community is welcome to watch this premiere on live with us at 7:00pm (GMT+2)

The video will be available on this link where you can set a reminder :

We will launch airdrops & rains the whole day in order to reach 100 subscribers on Youtube, so please start now by following on Youtube here :

Thank you for your attention

- Altbet Team New Youtube Series | Betting Platform | E-Sports
Welcome to this video teaser of the New Youtube Series. ⏬⏬ EXPAND FOR MORE INFORMATION ⏬⏬ Today is an important day for We are premierin...
Altbet Official is revolutionary online mutual betting platform based on own cryptocurrency that allows users to place bets on their favorite betting sectors with ...

CryptoBridge is restricting Coins Transfers to Verified Users

Hello@everyone ,
Our Partner Exchange, Crypto-Bridge, just announced they will be restricting deposits and withdrawals to verified users only.

For more information, please check the article below:

Altbet Team has been deciding to be actively looking for another exchanges and their eyes are directed toward CREX24 and Graviex.

Stay tuned

- Altbet Team

Is Crypto-Bridge Closing ? 😱
Through a short article, Crypto-Bridge Team is explaining they will be introducing user verification on October 1st (date of the announcement). This will be concerning every Crypto-Bridge users…

We are waiting for your feedback and will use it to improve Re-Designed Platform.
Altbet Team always thinks for the best of the users experience but the platform is needing some improvements regarding the UX/UI side and the team will use your precious feedbacks in order to give you the best experience.

Please comment on the tweet below ⬇

How would you like us to improve the new re-designed platform ? We will take every single suggestions in the comments really seriously. #Feedback #Suggestions #UserExperience #Community

🐼 Panda-bot has arrived 🐼

Medium article:

The goal is to grow our community and encourage more discussion but moreover, we would like the participants to become part of the ABET community even after earning rewards.

Panda-bot guide:

We have prepared few specifics channels:

<#626107511484841999> - ABET will be given out daily at random through the courtesy of the Altbet Team. The amount of ABET given out will be also through the Altbet Team's discretion.

<#473641772208095232> - In order to be eligible to receive free ABET in <#473641772208095232> channel, ABET community is invited to discuss with the Team members. Panda-bot will randomly be checking the channel and will reward active users. Additionally, ABET will occasionally be showered down on recent chatters.

<#626238072270487595> - This channel will be dedicated to use all the panda-bot commands. Please refer to the section at the end of this article for the most useful commands.

<#626237992012611604> - This channel will be dedicated for all the panda-bot games.

<#626237930146365446> - Panda-bot announcements and updates, such as stakes, will be reported to this channel for the ABET Community.

<#626246241637892116> - The use of this channel will be restricted to the use of broadcasting the most recent ABET Twitter page Tweets.

Stay tuned@everyone

- Altbet Team

Discord nitro boosters

Its been long time since last announcement but we've been working behind the scenes and there is lots of great news & changes in near future.

While we are preparing updates and releases we've also decided that its time to support our Discord nitro boosters and overall put more effords into communitaction and community activities such as bounties, giveaways, rains etc.

For each of them we will create separate channels in Bounties, Giveaways & more... category.

<#626103719083376647> will be filled with all specifics later today and other channels will be added as soon as we will prepare whole content.

Stay tuned@everyone

- Altbet Team Article wrote an amazing article about ABET and our new platform
We are proud to be featured on after all our achievements.

Expand the tweet below for more details :

Read the full article here :

Stay tuned@everyone

- Altbet Team

@Masternode_Buzz wrote an amazing article about $ABET and our new platform : We are proud to be featured on after all our achievements. #masternode #betting #casino #Esports #blockchain
Altbet Launches The First Blockchain Mutual Betting Platform
OverviewThe global gambling market has continued to grow substantially in the last few years. It is particularly noteworthy that factors such as accessibility, anonymity, convenience and interactivity have further fueled the area of online gambling. Thanks to the advancement ... Partnership

As you know from last announcement we are partnered with MNB which is still preparing for us huge article but this announcement is not about that.

We just received information about their MNO banner update which includes ABET logo in it.

Stay tuned@everyone

- Altbet Team

SPP launched trustless mn hosting for ABET

What do they offer:

  • Easy setup
  • Just a few clicks to start
  • Only $0.019 daily or $0.59$ monthly
  • Charged daily in BTC
  • 4 tier referral system
  • Earn BTC while you share your referral link
  • You can have your VPS for free
  • 24/7 support

They prepared a simple tutorial for an easy setup -

Stay tuned@everyone

- Altbet Team

Let´s welcome @altbetofficial to Simple Masternode, the cold hosting solution from Simple Pos Pool. Host your masternodes for $0.019 daily or $0.59$ monthly with a unique 4 tier referral system. Earn $BTC and get your VPS for free

[RU] Altbet Youtube video

We promoted @411121864757477376> to be Russian moderator which is going to be helping people around Russian community.

@411121864757477376> also prepared for Russians an Altbet promotion video, thanks you.

💪 Whole project community appreciate that kind of help.

Stay tuned@everyone

- Altbet Team

хостинг за 0,99: биржа криптобридж: сайт altbet coin:

Release is comming

Last sneak peeks before we release redesigned platform. Today and tomorrow will be day to double check everything and link changes to our main domain.

Stay tuned@everyone

- Altbet Team

Let the fun begin

Today ABET reached 550+ active masternodes at the same time locking 5,500,000 ABET in masternodes collateral. Thats like 79% of our current coin supply.

Because of what was said above I decided to try something new / experimental.

If we will reach 81% locked coins by Monday I'm going to list us on new exchange & gonna host big giveaway.

Stay tuned@everyone

- Altbet Team

MEE6 scam

Just a friendly reminder and a warning for our members! You may have heard it or got a message of the fake MEE6-bot saying: You-Won-0.2BTC.

🙏 Please dont fall for this old scam trick!

ℹ If you need more infos or want to see what other sites are also trying to scam you, take a look here:

🔍 Always do your own research!

Stay tuned@everyone

- Altbet Team

🔵 MEE6 Discord bot SCAM ALERT Phishing exchanges !!
🔵 MEE6 Discord bot SCAM ALERT Phishing exchanges !!