⭐ Quick update ⭐

Last time we mentioned about Stex.com & Crex24.com exchange listings. As we promised to be transparent about whole process then its time to give an update:

1⃣ Stex.com - We passed verification process and fee has been paid. Currently we are waiting for test & listing which should have place in less then 5 days.
2⃣ Crex24.com - Today we received email with offer and we will start listing process shortly

If everything will goes as planned then we should be listed on 2 new exchanges till the end of this month.

Stay tuned Altbetters & enjoy your weekend@everyone 💪

- Altbet Team

🚀 Look into numbers & stats 🚀

It was around 2 months since we checked into these numbers last time. Last number check had place on 20/12/2018.


🌐 Altbet.io Platform
➡ Total Unique Visitors Last month: 16742 - 11.5% increase
➡ Maximum Unique Visitors Per day in last 30 days: 1731 - 3.6% increase
➡ Minimum Unique Visitors Per day in last 30 days: 1156 - 167,5% increase

➡ Price in USD: 0,995$ - 96,6% increase
➡ Price in SATS: 0.00027751 - 123,4% increase
➡ Masternode amount: 803 - 280% increase

🎮 Discord
➡ Members: ~4200 - 16,6% increase

🐦 Twitter
➡ Followers: 1868 - 8% increase
➡ Tweets: 384 - 128,5% increase

✈ Telegram
➡ Members: 1021 - 18,2% increase

➡ Followers: 1333

🚀 As we can see above, many numbers have improved since the last comparison and we are still at early stage of global adoption and full potential and functionality.

👏 Congrats to@everyone who is creating this awesome project with us. Without all of you this wouldn't be possible.

🌕 This year is ABET year and it will be fun road, hold tight.

Stay tuned.

- Altbet Team

New video by Hack Crypto

😳 Today I have browsed through messages which I missed during huge amount of work in past days / weeks. And I found video from @451126413383172107> which I forgot to ANN.

🚀 Long-story short, what I find out while watching this video is that Altbet is 1 out of 11 projects that has been stable in bear market when other projects lost close to 90% of their value in last weeks. This is insane.

👏 Congratulations to all Altbet supporters, investors and holders - you are amazing !

Stay tuned@everyone

- Altbet Team


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Altbet Recruitment

The amount of work is increasing day by day with the development of our project. Therefore, we decided that the time has come for recruitment for several positions.

🇷🇺 Russian Moderator 🇷🇺
We are looking for someone which has fluent English & Russian language. Below examples of tasks that will be required:

➡ Translations (website, whitepaper, bitcointalk thread etc)
➡ Announcement translation from English to Russian
➡ Russian channels moderation
➡ Daily activity on discord & telegram
➡ Basic knowledge about qt wallets, discord & telegram

📈 Marketers 📈
We are always looking for new ways to promote Altbet platform which helps with adoption and global reach. Below list of people we are looking for with certain skill set:

➡ Social media influencer on platform such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc
➡ Writer with crypto audience (blogs, articles, reviews) on platform such as Medium, Reddit, Own blog etc
➡ Youtuber with crypto audience

⚒️ Tech support ⚒️
We are looking for 2-3 volunteers, one from Europe time zone and one from one United states time zone which would like to help me and our community with <#473641071558262784> or <#502789779893518337> issues. We anticipate a bonus for activity.

If you think you are suitable for any of the above positions, do not hesitate to write directly to me or to our email: offic@altbet.io

We have also prepared dedicated channel for this <#544550073670041600>

Stay tuned@everyone

- Altbet Team

⭐ Quick update ⭐

We have decided to keep all of you informed about further exchange listings which may have place in very near future. As many of you know, we asked Escodex to delist ABET from their exchange. The reason was simple - cooperation with them was unprofessional and to be honest it was mistake to list on their exchange and for that i'm truly sorry.

Most of you may remember that we mentioned few exchanges in Major Announcement Part 2 which we have under radar. That being said we sent 2 form requests to exchanges below:

1⃣ Stex.com - our project has been approved, now we have to deal with payment, the verification process and formalities
2⃣ Crex24.com - we are still waiting for response

If it comes to Major Announcement Part 3, please be patient. In last moment we decided to change few things which will delay this Announcement to few days later - Trust me, its worth to wait for it 😉

Enjoy your weekend, spend some time with friends and family.

Stay tuned@everyone

- Altbet Team

⚠ Attention - scam warning ⚠

Everyday scammers tries new ways to cheat people. Always double check everything in Crypto and confirm with several peoples.

Stay safe@everyone

- Altbet Team


WARNING!!!! 🚨🚨🚨⚠️⚠️⚠️ Looks like there is a new phishing #CryptoBridge app on the #GooglePlay store. Whatever you do, please don't download this app! There is no official @CryptoBridge app on the market yet Please share this tweet so people don't ...
Thanks, @cryptotrader85! Remember, we need to look out for one another regardless of our opinions and loyalties. Scammers and hackers are the ONLY common enemy - not projects, teams or individuals. https://t.co/BvDhRmbxcZ


💥 Instant shares on Gentarium are live 💥

We have just received information from @!469115201908768768> that Gentarium launched instant shared masternode for Altbet.

How it works? - source Gentarium
That's shared MN whose filling you don't have to wait. For example you have invested some coins, you don't need to wait when somebody will invest remaining coins. You will immediately get your percentage of MN rewards. This function is in beta test.

More informations under link below:

- Altbet Team


New Altbet Review + Airdrop

@409048727664328731> did solid and detailed review about our project. Take a look and don't hesitate to participate in Airdrop which he prepared for our community.


- Altbet Team

Welcome to the ALTBET Review and Airdrop - this mutual betting site looks a strong prospect for taking Cryptocurrency betting to the masses! Remember to ente...


💥 Quick update 💥

There are four things that I would like to discuss quickly. Will start with bad news and finish with good ones.

Midex voting competition
Unfortunately, in the last minutes we dropped from 3rd to 4th place but hey - That which does not kill us, makes us stronger 💪

Thank to all people which supported us in <#534352546446311424>. You are the best! Next time we will get what's ours.

This is kinda also my fault because I started promoting this vote competition with a delay while other projects started this 1 or 2 days earlier - sorry for this 😦

If it comes to 10 random picks, first I have to verify cheaters and after that I will pick and ANN winners 👮

CryptoBridge checkout
I don't have much time to follow every ABET movement on CryptoBridge but when I actually find it, things are always showing bright future for our project.

➡ Around 80% of our coin supply is locked into masternodes
➡ Buy orders same as sell orders are looking great
➡ Organic and healthy growth since 3 months

This are things which are huge proof of how strong our community is. Thank you. 🙏

CoinExplorer listing
Well, since Midex didn't worked out as we planned, lets at least get our listing on Coin Explorer platform 🚀

Leave comment under this tweet https://twitter.com/MyCoinExplorer/status/1083324094354022401, that you would like to see $ABET<span id="every">@altbetofficial on their platform.

Major Announcement
I'm actually really close to get all informations together which I would like to include there.

Hopefully it's gonna be huge surprise... 🎉

Stay tuned ✌

- Altbet Team


⏰ Voting reminder ⏰

👪 Last chance to participate in <#534352546446311424>.

💰 Vote for Altbet and become one of 10 people which will win 50 ABETs each

We have probably less than 1 day to compete in community vote by Midas.

🙏 All support will be appreciate

- Altbet Team


Huge thanks to @168437121588264960> for this video. As always high quality content 🚀

Take a look how much fun he had while playing games on our platform.


- Altbet Team

I Turned $25 into $100 in 5 Minutes on ALTBET! (Win $25 for FREE)
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🎉 New Altbet Arrival 🎉

What is MNS?
They want to provide the most complete statistics which are required by each masternode currency. Currently they are developing some new services, which in a while might be operating in Beta phase.

More informations may be found in links below:
Altbet statistics: https://mnstatistic.online/coin/ABET
Website: https://mnstatistic.online/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/MNSTATISTIC

- Altbet Team


🎉 New Altbet Arrival 🎉

What is MCP?
A cryptocurrency dashboard to monitor coin prices, balances, and your miners.

More informations may be found in links below:
Website: https://mycryptostats.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/MyCryptoStats

- Altbet Team


💪 Already mentioned this many times, that strong community is building successful projects 💪

Time has come once again when we need all of you to support us in 2 votings which may result in a free listings on valuable places. Last time we was able to win MNO 100k view banner and we are thankful and grateful for this.

We truly believe that we have another chance to show once again how strong we are if we work together for a better good.

Midex exchange listing:
Thanks to our partnership with Midas.invesments we have chance to participate in free listing on their Midex (decentralized exchange).

There is a lot of informations about whole process and because of this we decided to create dedicated channel for this - <#534352546446311424>

Please read everything carefully since there is also chance to win some ABETs while voting.

CoinExplorer listing:
Since weeks we have eyes on this beautiful explorer platform and right now there is chance to get listed for free.

All we have to do is to leave in comments that we would like to get $ABET<span id="every">@altbetofficial listed on their platform.

Link to tweet: https://twitter.com/MyCoinExplorer/status/1083324094354022401
CoinExplorer platform: https://www.coinexplorer.net/
CoinExplorer discord: https://discord.gg/edZ2VZB

- Altbet Team


Check out the latest Masternode Monday Update from Masternodes.Pro ! They have the latest news from ALTBET in this video!


Weekly MasterNodesPro YouTube Update 01/14/2019
Happy MasterNode Monday! This week we talk about a new feature on our website called MasterNodesPro Ranking. Data gets calculated each hour to determine the ranks of coins listed on our site and is updated every day.Rapids has partnered with PlayStation giving users the abili...


Masternode Youtube series are still ongoing. Steve aka HackCrypto is doing great job.

Take a look into his newest video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EPYP-ptT3RE

- Altbet Team

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🚀 Altbet has 500+ masternodes 🚀

Its huge milestone for such young project. Based on this, we decided to check into statistics and things are looking very very promising for us.

Coins locked (in MNs):
🌝 Around 80% of overall coin supply is locked. Thats impressive and promising.

📈 Slowly decreasing which should get us healthy growth over the next couple months.

🔥 Constant healthy and organic growth since around 3 months for now

Exchange / Volume / Demand:
➡ Average real volume: ~2 BTC daily
➡ Buy / Sell orders: Looking pretty decent,
➡ Current demand: Slowed down a little bit after crazy week, hopefully we will get back on good path after ANNs which will be shortly published.

Stay tuned, good news are closer and closer 💪 🚀

- Altbet Team


🎉 New Altbet arrival 🎉

Monitor is a great discord bot for Masternode sharing & Staking pool - made by cool developer @188399613810573312>.

The Monitor Bot will automatically pay out to your address on a weekly basis.

Monitor Shared Masternode Fee: 3%
Monitor Shared Staking Pool Fee: 3%


- Altbet Team


🎉 New Altbet listing on ZCore Platform 🎉

What is ZCore?
Innovative Blockchain Services Platform, offering several applications for ZCore Cryptocurrency within ZCore Central.

More details may be found on links below:
Platform: https://central.zcore.cash/mn/ABET
Web: https://zcore.cash/

- Altbet Team


🚀 We exceeded 400 masternodes in our network which gives us ~70% locked coins into nodes.

💪 We are stoked to have such amazing and strong community which is growing with us.

🙏 Thank you, thank you and one more time thank you for constant support and faith in us.

Stay tuned.

- Altbet Team