Our friend CryptoTube has just released his YouTube 1X2 video (link below) for his Holiday Giveaway.
We have donated 2500 1X2, which he is giving away to 5 lucky winners (500 each). Rules for the contest are right in the video, and he also gives a nice update for our project.
Check out the video, and give him some likes on YouTube. He is a big supporter of our project, and does a quality presentation. Also, check out his Discord channel (link listed a few messages up). He covers some great topics in his other videos too.

1X2 SPORTSBOOK & CASINO (CHRISTMAS GIVEAWAY) The 4th Project in our Christmas Giveaway Series is 1x2 Coin. 2,500 Coins up for grabs - 5 x Winners of 500 Coin...

Minor ann for all: @369917746630230018> will be releasing the new Discord Bot in two stages, with the 1st release coming later today or tomorrow.
Phase 1 will allow !balance, !bet, and !rain features, and that will help get the community up to speed and familiar with the bot.
Phase 2 will be !wtb, and soon after !wts, which will allow the buying and selling of 1X2 right here on our own Discord.
For everyone able, when the bot goes live, throw a few 1X2 onto it and play around with it. While the beta testing went perfect, we want to push it with more people in the real setting, before we add the trading portion.

As 1X2 continues to grow, we will keep attracting more attention, from curious to malicious.
To address the increasing phishing attempts, we have created a new channel <#652242058546905089>
It allows all our members to take screenshots and place them here, so we can more quickly alert and protect our community.

Part Two
One of our Q4 Holiday surprises is about to go live:
Our own @369917746630230018> has been working in secret on a new, easy way to trade 1X2, and he is in final testing, as of yesterday. Next week (or sooner), we will be releasing his Discord tradebot right on the main channel. It will allow buys and sells of 1X2 with BTC, and have a few other commands as well. Note we will initiate buy side first, and sell side shortly thereafter. This will provide an easy built-in setup while Dev gets ready to release the P2P Trade Platform.
Exchange Talk:
While both Birake and StakeCube are on the smaller end, as far as daily volume is concerned, we are interested in adding a few options, and getting community feedback. We will be setting up a vote channel, to get an idea which one the community leans toward more.
Note that we have also started daily voting on StakeCube's voting system, and if any of you are involved with them, your votes for 1X2 will help speed us to that goal. As of right now, our Dev has been the main one voting, so how about some help from the StakeCube fans in our community?
Also, I am in need of my own Santa's Helper, regarding some specific exchange oriented research we are getting ready to initiate. If you have some time to commit for some data digging, DM me directly at @602130517957279744>
Finally, note that both Crex and Graviex have been actively updating their info this week on the pending Euro KYC deadline, so we are taking a wait and see approach there, as previously mentioned. When the dust settles, we will make a commitment on exchange(s), but in the meantime, let's focus on the Birake - StakeCube discussion a bit, and either MOD or myself will set up a vote channel for it on Wednesday/Thursday. Midas should be firing up their Alpha next week as well, and we are listed with their Instant Buy program, so will also be on their upcoming platform.

Our Sportsbook processed over 10,000 total tickets for the month, setting a new monthly record. In the Casino, our newest game, Fortune Fruits, saw the most action of the 3 games, and we will be adding a much wider variety in the Slots category within the next few months. Video Poker is also coming along nicely.

With the news of CryptoBridge closing, many of you will be wondering the effect this will have on 1X2 itself. Rest assured, we have plans for this, as it was always a possibility, especially after their KYC surprise event.

All Casino info is regarding 1X2coin only. Per our Panamanian licensing terms, information on btc and/or fiat may not be published.

Numbers continue steadily increasing on both Sportsbook and Casino. The Sportsbook had another winning month, though it was modest, as we had another high number of winners. The Casino had another large increase in total plays, month over month, with our new Slots game being the biggest single driver of that.

Our own Matwaterโ€™s 1X2 hosting service, <#601868354223079434> is still in high gear, and remember you pay for the hosting fees in 1X2, making it extremely simple. He is adding an additional ~40 Masterodes each month, through December.

Finally, as anyone active on our channel knows, I have stated that Q4, 2019 will be full of big events. One of these certainly is our P2P trading platform, which is in live testing now, and will be released perhaps as soon as this week. The other is the biggest single Announcement since the inception of 1X2 itself, and our Dev will be presenting that one himself. Stay tunedโ€ฆ

Monthly data report: November 2019
Total # of users: 549 (note: these are active users)
Total deposits: 361550 1X2coin
Total withdrawals: 349207 1X2coin
Total # of tickets: 10784

Total # of users: 1249
Total deposits: 191063 1X2coin
Total withdrawals: 152339 1X2coin
Total # plays (3 games): 6,180,788

@here (continued)
Numbers continue steadily increasing on both Sportsbook and Casino. The Sportsbook had a winning month again, after a month of paying out a high number of winners (this is positive too, and normal). The Casino had a huge increase in total plays, month over month, mostly due to the addition of our new slots game, but also because Blackjack and Lucky Numbers continue to increase in monthly plays.

Our own Matwaterโ€™s 1X2 hosting service <#601868354223079434> is in high gear, and remember you pay for the hosting fees in 1X2, making it extremely simple. He is adding an additional ~40 Masterodes each month, through December.

Told you it was going to be long ๐Ÿ˜‰

@here (continued)
Our originally planned 50% Cashback Bonus has been temporarily delayed, due to competing coding time constraints with the Trading Platform. We will still create this bonus, but after the Platform is complete.

This brings us to the Trading Platform. Due to the ongoing changes with Crypto exchanges, and especially in light of the new EU incoming regulations, the Dev has determined our own trading platform is the most logical path forward to gain true independence for our user base. This is not to imply that we are moving away from being listed on exchanges, but that we desire our own in-house solution, as we continue to grow. This will operate much like a Local Bitcoins type of system.
Coding is moving along well, but is very time consuming. The estimated release date for the Trading Platform is Dec 1st, and we will try diligently to hit that target, but note it is an estimate.
With this platform will come the following (subject to change, but this is the current plan):
Bringing 1X2 buyers and sellers together on a safe, peer to peer platform, with a rating points system for easy reference of each userโ€™s overall reliability.
In addition to BTC, these 1X2 trades will also have the ability to be exchanged with ETH, Paypal, GooglePay, and AliPay. We are looking at other trading pairs, including fiat, and these will be added over time and growing stability of the platform. More details will be provided as we approach launch. This one is a big deal, and something we have been looking toward for a long time.

All Casino info is regarding 1X2coin only. Per our Panamanian licensing terms, information on btc and/or fiat may not be published.

Monthly data report: October 2019
Total # of users: 517 (note: these are active users)
Total deposits: 348382 1X2coin
Total withdrawals: 317225 1X2coin
Total # of tickets: 9817

Total # of users: 1092
Total deposits: 175994 1X2coin
Total withdrawals: 117113 1X2coin
Total # plays (3 games): 5,199,174

This will be a busy monthly report, so letโ€™s get into it.

1X2 had our first birthday celebration, and we thank our community for joining in, both in the Casino and World Series festivities.

A special thanks to @435631142805438475> for really knocking one out of the park in creating and hosting the Mega World Series Promo, and to @409048727664328731> for delivering another great video, in honor of our birthday event.

Our Casino crossed the 1000 registered players mark, and our brand-new slots game Fortune Fruits saw a ton of plays, in spite of only being up for 3 weeks. It is a safe bet to say the new Slots game is a hit.

Our Casino Bonus Promo is going to be different for November than the original plan, due to time constraints (more on that below). The November Promo will be as follows:
Weekly bonuses for each full week in November, beginning and ending at 10:00 UTC, each Saturday, starting Nov 2nd. This will work just like our Birthday bonuses, with prizes going to the most funds played, but this time separate prizes for 1X2 and for BTC.
1st place (one winner in each): 1000 1X2 / 0.1 BTC
2nd place (one winner in each): 500 1X2 / 0.05 BTC
3rd place (one winner in each): 250 1X2 / 0.025 BTC
So, for the most funds at play in BTC, 0.1 BTC will be awarded to the 1st place winner. A completely separate 1st place prize of 1000 1X2 will be awarded the same way, to most weekly funds in it.

๐ŸŽ ๐Ÿ’ฐ ๐ŸŽ‰
The Casino 5k Giveaway is over, and here are the results:

1st place: 3000 1X2 username : loice email:
2nd place: 1500 1X2 username : hugo3 email:
3rd place: 500 1X2 username : tao email:

IMPORTANT: All winners must notify us within 7 days, to receive prize. All 1X2 prizes will be placed directly into each user's Casino account, to prevent any potential scammers.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the contest. Remember, we still have some World Series prizes yet to give away too. โšพ

๐ŸŽ‰ ๐ŸŽ† ๐Ÿ‘
The 1X2 team is pleased to announce that, after extended teamwork with our wonderful community,
we have now reached Level 3 on Discord Nitro Boost. What does this do for us? Glad you asked:

  1. It gives us access to far more emojis. While this is more for fun than super important, it allows us to start creating many more 1X2 specific emojis.
  2. It gives us a Vanity URL for Discord. Now, any of us can provide someone with this link: and it will take the recipient directly to our Discord invite page, without having to go to our website first.
  3. It adds professional grade audio, which will sure come in handy when we create the multiplayer card rooms and link them with Discord chat function.
  4. It increases the max upload from 50MB to 100MB, for all our users.

Our Dev is confident we are the first crypto coin project on Discord to achieve Level 3 Nitro, and we could not have done it without community support.
He is so confident in fact, that we are offering a 500 1X2 coin bounty for the first person to find a Crypto Coin project not ranked in the top 100 on CMC ( that has a Level 3 Nitro already.

Just a reminder we are about halfway into our Casino Contest, with 5000 1X2 to give away to the winners. Betting can be in 1X2, BTC, or a combination of the two.
Contest will end this Saturday at 10:00 UTC.
For full details, scroll up.

Time is running out for the World Series picks, so make sure you get your picks in at <#563377254999130143> before the first pitch is thrown, at 20:08 EST, which I believe translates to UTC 01:08 tomorrow morning:

  • Still not enough??
    Alright, you talked us into one more ๐Ÿ’
    Here is another gift in celebration of our 1st Bday:
    ALL deposits made into Casino, that are fully lost (meaning no withdrawals are made from deposit to full deposit going to zero) will receive a 50% fund injection into their Casino account.
    EXAMPLE: You put 1000 1X2 coins into Casino and that deposit goes to zero. We deposit 500 more 1X2 into your account. No catch, no gimmicks, basically free betting with that bonus. Also, this promotion will continue, with each separate deposit, until we announce the end date.
    This 50% Bonus Deposit will begin on Nov 1st, 10:00 UTC, and end upon community announcement.

๐ŸŽ† ๐ŸŽ† ๐ŸŽ‚ ๐ŸŽ ๐Ÿน ๐ŸŽ‰ ๐ŸŽ‰
Welcome, best MN community ever, to the 1X2 Birthday Party. We are officially one year old today, and we would like to take a few minutes to reflect on what we have accomplished.
Come to think of it, why don't we just let our friend CryptoTube handle that? He is better at it:

(Give him some likes on YouTube guys - pro grade work, once again)

As you may have seen, our own @435631142805438475> is handling the first half of this, with his Mega World Series Baseball Promo. Stay tuned to the main channel, as he will release the official opening date & time for placing your picks. We have 5000 1X2 coins to give away on this one, so read up on his tips. The deadline to enter is before the 1st pitch of the 1st game is thrown, which is scheduled for Tuesday, so don't miss out on the chance for some free coins and some good old community smack talk.
Part 2: CASINO
Not to be forgotten, the Dev is also giving away 5,000 1X2 coins on a Birthday Casino Giveaway. The rules are as follows:

  • All prizes are awarded based on total amount bet, for one full week (all qualifying bets must be in BTC, 1X2 or a combination of both).
  • All winners will be contacted via their listed 1X2 Casino listed email and username. Due diligence will be made to alert the winner(s), but if not claimed within one week, the prize will go to the next person in line.
  • Contest will be for any combination of all 3 online games (all 3 will be tracked and combined, for prize purposes)

1st PLACE: 3000 1X2
2nd PLACE: 1500 1X2
3rd PLACE: 500 1X2
Casino Giveaway Event will begin THIS SATURDAY starting 10:00 UTC and will end at 10:00 UTC the following Saturday.

1X2 SPORTSBOOK & CASINO (Birthday Special)
1X2 SPORTSBOOK & CASINO (Birthday Special) Casino: SportsBook: 1X2 Coin has just reache...

Here is the original ann, so it is easier to find:
simdipToday at 1:50 AM@everyone OK GUYS, this is just to start preparing you for the MEGA WORLD SERIES 1X2 COIN BIRTHDAY GIVE-A-WAY... worth 5000 - 1X2 coins
the Baseball world Series starts in a few days and usually lasts a week... There will be 5 categories to enter in. Each category has the chance to win 1000 - 1X2 coins...
the categories will be: Most Hits, Most Home Runs, Most RBI's, Most Strike Outs, and Correct Series score
You will enter each category individually, and if there are multiple winners, the 1000 coins will be divided between winners
I haven't run this past the @406059360729694209>, but I am sure he will agree in the spirit of the mighty 1X2 coin
you happen to pick the winner of ALL 5 categories (lets call this the Hail Mary), when you will win a BONUS 5000 - 1X2 coins... on top of your winnings...
yes a BONUS 5000 coins...
SO, if you are not too familiar with baseball, currently the New Your Yankees are playing the Houston Astros
and the Washington Nationals are playing the Saint Louis Cardinals... in the championship series
the 2 winners go through to the World Series Next Week...
In the meantime I suggest you do some Homework and familiarize yourself with all the stats for the hitters and the pitchers so you can make expert tips for the competition... To do so, just go to the following website and you can check out how all the players are performing in the current Championship series...
Major League Baseball
Sortable Player Stats
MLB's official statistic page detailing player stats with milestone tracker and statcast leaderboard, the latest in MLB technology.

Sortable Player Stats
MLB's official statistic page detailing player stats with milestone tracker and statcast leaderboard, the latest in MLB technology.

Also, while Dev, Mod and myself originally were not going to participate, that feels unsportsmanlike, to celebrate our 1st birthday. So, any picks the 3 of us make, should they win, will go 100% into the 1X2 Fund.

While most of our birthday announcements are planned for our actual birthday, we decided doing @435631142805438475> Mega World Series Promo then would not allow everyone enough time to do proper research and make their picks, especially noting that not everyone is familiar with American baseball. Note that ALL picks must be placed with @435631142805438475> here on Discord, and ALL picks must be placed before the first game of the World Series begins. Here is the schedule, as of right now. We will update it as times are confirmed:

๐ŸŽˆ ๐ŸŽ‚ ๐ŸŽˆ
The countdown is on for 1X2's first birthday, and we cordially welcome our whole community to take part in the celebration. Invite your non 1X2 friends to the party too, and don't forget to claim your referral rewards for any new members on the Sportsbook and/or the Casino.

Keep an eye on the clock. When it hits zero, we are going to get the party started.
For the Sportsbook, @435631142805438475> is working on his biggest promotion ever, in honor of the 1X2 event.
We have also set aside plenty of coin prizes for Casino events.
In addition, we have a few other nice surprises to unwrap on our Birthday, so stay tuned...

Countdown for 1X2 COIN 1st Birthday

Monthly data report: September 2019
Total # of users: 473 (note: these are active users)
Total deposits: 291729 1X2coin
Total withdrawals: 324804 1X2coin
Total # of tickets: 11275

Total # of users: 942
Total deposits: 147229 1X2coin
Total withdrawals: 97301 1X2coin
Total # plays (2 games): 2,928,642

We have once again employed CryptoTubeโ€™s services for another YouTube video to be released in October. This one will be more promotional, focusing on the entire project.

Dev has officially stated that Slots will be out by the end of this week, or we can all form a line to kick him.

Anyone notice how Dev came up with a new exchange listing on the very same day as CryptoBridge pulled their KYC stunt? If there is anyone still in doubt about how far ahead he has planned all of this out, I honestly donโ€™t know how.

All Casino info is regarding 1X2coin only. Per our Panamanian licensing terms, information on btc and/or fiat may not be published.

Numbers continue steadily increasing on both Sportsbook and Casino. We are also close to hitting the 1000 user mark in Casino.

Our own @369917746630230018> 1X2 hosting service is in high gear, and remember you can pay for the hosting fees in 1X2. He is adding an additional 40 Masterodes each month, through December. Get with him directly, if you are looking to fire up some more nodes.