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TweetFacebookLinkedInBy sports bets and odds offering, 1X2 Coin Sportsbook is, without doubt, one of the biggest crypto sportsbook in the world, covering more than 15 sports, 10000 leagues, 200000 and more teams and individual competitors. It is oriented around its own crypto...


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🚩 Website updated

πŸ“— Check out our latest updated website : Added Sportsbook link, updated roadmap and updated new links on 1X2 website


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Hello Dear 1X2 Coin community πŸ‘‹

πŸ“— -First 45 cycles of block rewards passed.

πŸ“— -First cycle was 15000 blocks (approx 10 days and 10 hours)

πŸ“— -Next 44 cycles were all 7000 blocks (approx 4 days and 20 hours each)

So, we are now between 316k and 323k block, which bring us to max rewards per block cycle – 12 coins.
We managed to bring you beautiful and high potential product in this period, using only 1X2 which was my plan initially.
For new MN investors, and those who already do not have enough nodes to stake nice amounts of coins daily, now is the best time to buy nodes and hold them.
In next 32 cycles which is roughly 160 days (few days less), the rewards will start to decline, 0.25 coins per cycle. And that is GOOD thing – for total supply and future price, so that we do not experience inflation and other potential problems.

In order to make this project much stronger, in all measurable points (price, trade volume, 1X2 Sportsbook customer base, MN investor base, 1X2 Casino Games customer base etc.), the plan from now on is straight:

πŸ“— -We will bring strong news to crypto world about us in following days and never stop investing in marketing.

πŸ“— -We will continue to improve current events and odds and usability of our 1X2 Sportsbook.

πŸ“— -We will launch 1X2 Casino Games, targeting next week, starting with 1X2 Black Jack.

πŸ“— -We will develop and launch in following few months - 60 and more in house build casino games as planned.

πŸ“— We will make some partnerships that will benefit big to both us and our partners And much more ,stay tuned....

πŸ“— All those games, starting from 1X2 Black Jack, will be just part of Sportsbook site , landed there on main page, Easy to access.

πŸ“— We will NEVER launch BTC deposit/withdraw on our 1X2 Sportsbook for betting on sports , we will only use 1X2 coins for that until end of blocks.

πŸ“— There will be affiliate network launched soon after launch – so you can all earn by referring new players to our 1X2 Sportsbook. There will be also welcome bonus.

πŸ“— We will have one feature not included in most big online sportsbook – those are bet slip systems , so you can select for example 5 matches and select system 2/5 , 3/5 or 4/5 where on system 2/5 you win if only 2 matches from 5 are win. Systems are good for high odds.

πŸ“— Bet with bookies section on our discord will stay in parallel to cover any possible sport/league/match that we do not offer, and those are handled by hand in old fashion way by our bookmakers. They are doing awesome job as you can see in confirmed payouts channel – they covered so far more than 400 bets.

πŸ“— There is ongoing promo in that section so please check it out and make your first small bet just to see how it goes. Lots of them earned so far.

πŸ“— Have to focus next few days to finish the product with my dev partners, so for any additional question please ask @387515259239530498> – he is here to answer.



🏈 ⚽ πŸ€ ⚾ 🎾 🏐 πŸ‰ 🏏 🏌 πŸ“ 🏸 πŸ’ 🀼 🎲 🀽 🀾 πŸ₯Š 🎰

πŸ“— 1X2 Sportsbook will be launched on Monday, 6th May 2019, probably in CET afternoon.

πŸ“— To try to describe you how big work this is – well just the point that just in Soccer we will cover more than 860 leagues, some of them are youth and reserves for which you probably never heard or you don’t have in local fiat sportsbook.

πŸ“— For 1X2 Sportsbook there will be also be 24/7 support, which will try to solve all issues in minutes.

πŸ“— While debugging, we are now working on docs, massive 1X2 sportsbook betting rules, faq, promotions etc. Sportsbook cannot start without those stuff.

Now some news never published in this channel.

πŸ“— When price stabilize, we will offer first option to buy 1X2 coins directly from Sportsbook, and latter when price starts to rise stable, we will offer option to sell 1X2 coins directly to Sportsbook – this will give us product independence.

πŸ“— Immediately after launch, we will start developing our games which will be part of 1X2 Sportsbook. We will start with Black Jack, then Slots, Scratch Cards, Dice… Those 4 are planned to be launched in May 2019, and will accept 1X2 coins and BTC for deposit/withdraw.

πŸ“— In June we will launch multiplayer Texas Hold’em , we will upgrade Black Jack to multiplayer too, add real full Roulette. They will all accept 1X2 coins and BTC for deposit/withdraw.

πŸ“— We will continue from that point to add games every month, until we reach number like all pro sportsbook sites have.


🚩 Sportsbook Update!!!

🏈 ⚽ πŸ€ ⚾ 🎾 🏐 πŸ‰ 🏏 🏌 πŸ“ 🏸 πŸ’ 🀼

Hello dear fellow members of 1X2 Coin community! πŸ‘‹
Time is come that we MOVE FORWARD, big steps. πŸš€

πŸ“— In less than 10 days we will launch our 1X2 Sportsbook, product which we announced in previous months and which will add value and usability to 1X2 Coin.

πŸ“— We did it in-house, with my developing partners, and we outsource odds and results and all data from well-known provider.

πŸ“— Believe me, it was huge job, and took lots of man hours and sweat, but finally it’s here – in last testing phases, ready to be fully launched in less than 10 days.

πŸ“— In this period – do not fear looking at some nodes comes down, not larger than amounts of 50 nodes, I am using those coins for testing purposes and some of them will rest as 1X2 Sportsbook cold wallet.

πŸ“— More and more good things and products using 1X2 Coin will come in following months, apart our own 1X2 Sportsbook, so its natural that we expect price rise and stability. Next week will be possibly last chance to get yourself 1X2 MN or TWO at cheap price.

πŸ“—Thank you for your support and trust in us in all these times!

πŸ“— Now expect your investment to start to grow steady, and that you earn more than enough just by selling rewards or playing them on our games.

I was not reachable during weekend due to personal problems.
The issue with chain stop will not be present anymore.
CB is working – both deposits and withdraws,
CE I just contacted – they should enable trading in next 24h or less.
Let's go forward!

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Midas announces zero fee platform
@everyone there is some very exciting news from our Official Shared Masternode Service - Midas.Investments!

Midas have become the only investment platform to offer a zero fee, 0% investment opportunity across all coins listed to their platform forever.

πŸ”˜ No fees taken in 1X2 or MIDAS.
πŸ”˜ No fees to invest in the 1X2 Instant Share node.
πŸ”˜ No fees to host your node on the Midas platform.

Earn 100% of rewards for 1X2 and all other coins listed to Midas - even without VPS costs!

For more information: Join the Midas Discord and check out their #announcements channel, or read the article published on MN.Investments -

Midas Discord -


Some 1X2 owners wallets got hacked and the coins where stolen and dumped on the market.
This was a coordinated attack that targeted not only 1X2 coin but many other coins.
The hackers dumped all the coins on the market and this is the only reason why there was a slight price drop, but, as we always do, we will recover and get back on track.
Virus is deployed on local win machines running multiple wallets at once.
We cannot accuse and provide proof that any specific coin did all this damage, for now we will warn you same as some coins and hosting platforms already did .
Do not install new ABET wallet update and especially do not run it at same time with 1X2 Coin wallet.

Now, once again, we have to prove that we have a united community

Do not sell cheap until this crisis passes.

It is the best time to BUY 1X2 at low price , check our running PROMOS to BUY 1X2 with added benefits <#562619687616249856> <#562672377373392896>

NOTE :- 1X2 network is not affected and has no security issue!


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🚩 New PROMO and #channel ANNOUNCEMENTS

πŸ“— Check out #promo-sportsbook for ongoing 50% bonus

πŸ“— Check out #promo-1x2-coin for MN BUY PROMO for 100 , 1X2

πŸ“— Check out <#562604558073856010> for the winnings paid for BET WITH BOOKIE

πŸ“— Check out updated <#562607451984232469> for bet with bookie


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crypto-bridge have added a complimentary USDT market for your coin visible at because of your volume, allowing users to park their funds in USDT, shielding them from volatility when they're not trading. Please make our community aware of this addition. Thank you very much.


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🚩 1X2 BET with BOOKIE Channel Is Live

⚽ πŸ€ 🏈 ⚾ 🎾 🏐 πŸ‰ 🎱 β›³ 🏌 πŸ“ 🏸 πŸ’ πŸ‘ 🏏 🏹 β›Ή πŸ‡ πŸ₯Š

You can find all rules in <#557539377191059458> channel


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πŸ“— Until tipster site is finished, we opened <#557499253501460493> channel where you can post your match previews and tips.
πŸ“— All preview and tips must be coordinated with @361560060226174978> , our tipster coordinator, before they get posted.
πŸ“— For those with high win against lose ratio we will provide nice rewards each week!


We have noticed recently that few SCAMMERS are trying to impersonate us
by using @387515259239530498> @406059360729694209> and other helpers . And they are pretend to help to setup node and asking for Dumpwallet ,wallet.dat and access through team-viewer, password etc etc and are stealing coins, so we like to inform all users to be careful and not to share any wallet details to anyone.
Check <#502026768949968906> to find out how to identify real ADMIN and SCAMMERS

We made great progress in developing our own Sportsbook, we are still ON to launch in THIS month.

We will start taking bets via bookies old fashion way in next 24h, all will be explained in dedicated 18+ channel.

Tipster site also shouldn’t take long.

Here is preview of 1X2 sportsbook look and feel, and what we done so far, we are connecting wallets, and online data from 3rd party odds&stats provider, and doing final cosmetical changes, plus organizing referral system and bonuses.

If you didn’t get yourself a node, now it’s a time , its sure investment by any means.

Good evening @everyone

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🚩 1X2 Latest YouTube review

πŸ“—1X2 and Team is working hard to reach out more and investors from all across the globe .
So here is our latest Arabic review made on YT channel by @373181346278932482>


Ψ΄Ψ±Ψ­ Ω…Ψ΄Ψ±ΩˆΨΉ ΩŠΩ‡ΨͺΩ… Ψ¨Ω…Ψ¬Ψ§Ω„ رياآة - 1X2 COIN -
SUBSCRIBE ! Ψ§Ψ΄ΨͺΨ±Ωƒ في Ψ§Ω„Ω‚Ω†Ψ§Ψ© ------------------------------------ Website : Twitter : Master Nodes ...


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🚩 New 1X2 Banner Advertisement

πŸ“— Paid to advertise Banner of our all latest trending updates on MasterNodes.Pro and its live