• Still not enough??
    Alright, you talked us into one more ๐Ÿ’
    Here is another gift in celebration of our 1st Bday:
    ALL deposits made into Casino, that are fully lost (meaning no withdrawals are made from deposit to full deposit going to zero) will receive a 50% fund injection into their Casino account.
    EXAMPLE: You put 1000 1X2 coins into Casino and that deposit goes to zero. We deposit 500 more 1X2 into your account. No catch, no gimmicks, basically free betting with that bonus. Also, this promotion will continue, with each separate deposit, until we announce the end date.
    This 50% Bonus Deposit will begin on Nov 1st, 10:00 UTC, and end upon community announcement.

๐ŸŽ† ๐ŸŽ† ๐ŸŽ‚ ๐ŸŽ ๐Ÿน ๐ŸŽ‰ ๐ŸŽ‰
Welcome, best MN community ever, to the 1X2 Birthday Party. We are officially one year old today, and we would like to take a few minutes to reflect on what we have accomplished.
Come to think of it, why don't we just let our friend CryptoTube handle that? He is better at it:

(Give him some likes on YouTube guys - pro grade work, once again)

As you may have seen, our own @435631142805438475> is handling the first half of this, with his Mega World Series Baseball Promo. Stay tuned to the main channel, as he will release the official opening date & time for placing your picks. We have 5000 1X2 coins to give away on this one, so read up on his tips. The deadline to enter is before the 1st pitch of the 1st game is thrown, which is scheduled for Tuesday, so don't miss out on the chance for some free coins and some good old community smack talk.
Part 2: CASINO
Not to be forgotten, the Dev is also giving away 5,000 1X2 coins on a Birthday Casino Giveaway. The rules are as follows:

  • All prizes are awarded based on total amount bet, for one full week (all qualifying bets must be in BTC, 1X2 or a combination of both).
  • All winners will be contacted via their listed 1X2 Casino listed email and username. Due diligence will be made to alert the winner(s), but if not claimed within one week, the prize will go to the next person in line.
  • Contest will be for any combination of all 3 online games (all 3 will be tracked and combined, for prize purposes)

1st PLACE: 3000 1X2
2nd PLACE: 1500 1X2
3rd PLACE: 500 1X2
Casino Giveaway Event will begin THIS SATURDAY starting 10:00 UTC and will end at 10:00 UTC the following Saturday.

1X2 SPORTSBOOK & CASINO (Birthday Special)
1X2 SPORTSBOOK & CASINO (Birthday Special) Casino: SportsBook: 1X2 Coin has just reache...

Here is the original ann, so it is easier to find:
simdipToday at 1:50 AM@everyone OK GUYS, this is just to start preparing you for the MEGA WORLD SERIES 1X2 COIN BIRTHDAY GIVE-A-WAY... worth 5000 - 1X2 coins
the Baseball world Series starts in a few days and usually lasts a week... There will be 5 categories to enter in. Each category has the chance to win 1000 - 1X2 coins...
the categories will be: Most Hits, Most Home Runs, Most RBI's, Most Strike Outs, and Correct Series score
You will enter each category individually, and if there are multiple winners, the 1000 coins will be divided between winners
I haven't run this past the @406059360729694209>, but I am sure he will agree in the spirit of the mighty 1X2 coin
you happen to pick the winner of ALL 5 categories (lets call this the Hail Mary), when you will win a BONUS 5000 - 1X2 coins... on top of your winnings...
yes a BONUS 5000 coins...
SO, if you are not too familiar with baseball, currently the New Your Yankees are playing the Houston Astros
and the Washington Nationals are playing the Saint Louis Cardinals... in the championship series
the 2 winners go through to the World Series Next Week...
In the meantime I suggest you do some Homework and familiarize yourself with all the stats for the hitters and the pitchers so you can make expert tips for the competition... To do so, just go to the following website and you can check out how all the players are performing in the current Championship series...
Major League Baseball
Sortable Player Stats
MLB's official statistic page detailing player stats with milestone tracker and statcast leaderboard, the latest in MLB technology.

Sortable Player Stats
MLB's official statistic page detailing player stats with milestone tracker and statcast leaderboard, the latest in MLB technology.

Also, while Dev, Mod and myself originally were not going to participate, that feels unsportsmanlike, to celebrate our 1st birthday. So, any picks the 3 of us make, should they win, will go 100% into the 1X2 Fund.

While most of our birthday announcements are planned for our actual birthday, we decided doing @435631142805438475> Mega World Series Promo then would not allow everyone enough time to do proper research and make their picks, especially noting that not everyone is familiar with American baseball. Note that ALL picks must be placed with @435631142805438475> here on Discord, and ALL picks must be placed before the first game of the World Series begins. Here is the schedule, as of right now. We will update it as times are confirmed:

๐ŸŽˆ ๐ŸŽ‚ ๐ŸŽˆ
The countdown is on for 1X2's first birthday, and we cordially welcome our whole community to take part in the celebration. Invite your non 1X2 friends to the party too, and don't forget to claim your referral rewards for any new members on the Sportsbook and/or the Casino.

Keep an eye on the clock. When it hits zero, we are going to get the party started.
For the Sportsbook, @435631142805438475> is working on his biggest promotion ever, in honor of the 1X2 event.
We have also set aside plenty of coin prizes for Casino events.
In addition, we have a few other nice surprises to unwrap on our Birthday, so stay tuned...

Countdown for 1X2 COIN 1st Birthday

Monthly data report: September 2019
Total # of users: 473 (note: these are active users)
Total deposits: 291729 1X2coin
Total withdrawals: 324804 1X2coin
Total # of tickets: 11275

Total # of users: 942
Total deposits: 147229 1X2coin
Total withdrawals: 97301 1X2coin
Total # plays (2 games): 2,928,642

We have once again employed CryptoTubeโ€™s services for another YouTube video to be released in October. This one will be more promotional, focusing on the entire project.

Dev has officially stated that Slots will be out by the end of this week, or we can all form a line to kick him.

Anyone notice how Dev came up with a new exchange listing on the very same day as CryptoBridge pulled their KYC stunt? If there is anyone still in doubt about how far ahead he has planned all of this out, I honestly donโ€™t know how.

All Casino info is regarding 1X2coin only. Per our Panamanian licensing terms, information on btc and/or fiat may not be published.

Numbers continue steadily increasing on both Sportsbook and Casino. We are also close to hitting the 1000 user mark in Casino.

Our own @369917746630230018> 1X2 hosting service is in high gear, and remember you can pay for the hosting fees in 1X2. He is adding an additional 40 Masterodes each month, through December. Get with him directly, if you are looking to fire up some more nodes.

@everyone ---
2nd Today we saw first CB asking for KYC, then CE getting closed in 15 days from now, so this is bad situation for trading at current state.
KYC and AML (Anti Money Laundering) is not news, and it is ongoing process, which smaller exchanges avoided till now, but they all must comply until January 2020. You can find AML section prepared and even published on 1st page of other small exchanges which plan to continue the trades, its meter of time they will initiate it like CB did. Or close like CE did โ€“ im sure they calculate now risk of doing less trades than current amount.
Anyway, even CB way how to handle this AML switch is not neither nice neither smooth, and donโ€™t look completely fair, one positive sign is that they will stay in business and resume trading for verified customers. They are using German Fractal, which is safe imho. I did kyc in 21min and 20 seconds, using one of my girlfriendsโ€™ ids, pictures and address, so its not big deal.
I knew this would happen, didnโ€™t expect it on same day and without prior notice, but as always, I have been prepared:
You can start using Hong Kong based exchange, Finexbox:
Lots of Asians trading on other markets there so be patient if sometimes it is loading slow.
Other thing I am cooking, which will highly help for faster raise the awareness of 1X2 coin and its products is that in this month of October, year 2019, I will open you a way to buy and sell 1X2 coins via local bank account transfer, Paypal, Google pay, Amazon Pay, Venmo, Apple pay, Skrill, BTC, ETH, LTC and DASH.

@everyone Hello dear 1X2 community, hard 24 hours was behind us, but at the end of day we will go stronger.

1st two users got hacked, 24k+6k coins combined, all dumped and hurt the price on cb.
It is under investigation, both users will get their coins from my side same as I helped many of you in previous hacks of our coins.
Security wise, il share here in this ann some new added steps everyone should do to prevent this type of hack (same tips would prevent all wallet dat hacks so far, including trojan build in on abet wallet months ago)
This is all for win control wallet (where your collaterals are and mn config files). Can be easy used on Mac. Me myself hate both win and max and I use arch linux + i3wm, but I admit win is nice to have and I have separate machine containing NO BUSSINES files there, just using it for browsing and games, never do even remote desktop from there.

  • Put STRONG password and encrypt wallet if you didnโ€™t already do that at start.
  • REMOVE all wallet backup files except LAST one which you are sure is made AFTER you password protected your wallet. Backups are stored in folder
    /AppData/Roaming/1X2 Coin/backups (trojan used oldest backup which most often is not password protected)
    You can get infected in 1000s of ways, il try to prevent one โ€“ DO NOT CLICK ON ANY WEB LINK that someone shared to you by any way. Use just well-known sites. And sites you trust.
    Thatโ€™s 1st steps EVERYONE need to do and you are covered from current wallet dat stealing trojan

In addition to putting finishing touches on the upcoming Slots game in our Casino, our Dev is coding away at adding the following sports into the Book for October:
Auto Racing
Horse Racing
Harness/Trotting Racing
Greyhound Racing

๐ŸŽ โ›ณ ๐Ÿ‡ ๐Ÿ•

1X2 included in the alpha launch of the brand new Midas exchange@everyone

1X2 Coin have been selected as one of the best performing coins on Midas InstantBuy to be included in the alpha launch of Midas exchange.

Register for alpha testing and begin using the Midas exchange to receive an airdrop of 1X2 and several other great coins who have been listed to Midas exchange for alpha test launch. After alpha testing is complete, Midas exchange will list every coin listed to Midas InstantBuy.

To mark the alpha launch of Midas exchange, check out the video produced by Midas where it is discussed how Midas exchange is different to every other exchange available, how this can increase trading results for you, as well as information on every coin listed to Midas exchange for alpha launch.

1X2 Coin are excited to be included in the alpha launch and to see the results this can bring 1X2 after the launch of the full exchange. We want to engage our community and encourage registration to the alpha launch to help us and Midas optimize results.

MIDAS.INVESTMENTS launches the AIRDROP with seven projects to cele...
n September Midas launches the innovative exchange that is natively integrated to our shared platform. Exchange allows you to: - mine coins while trading; - ...

Monthly data report: August 2019
Total # of users: 426 (note: these are active users)
Total deposits: 281302 1X2coin
Total withdrawals: 261804 1X2coin
Total # of tickets: 8621

Total # of users: 761
Total deposits: 121849 1X2coin
Total withdrawals: 65236 1X2coin
Total # plays (2 games): 2,636,434

Our TipMaster <#611883000816467969> service launched on August 16th. In only 16 day of activity:
Wins on 54 of 56 bets
Starting 1,000 balance increased to 3,070 balance, following his tips and betting amounts

CryptoTube was officially hired to produce a Sportsbook tutorial for us, and this can be viewed by visiting <#614849684837629981>
We have plans to employ his services for future videos

Slots is now in closed testing. In addition, two other games are in simultaneous development
Next upcoming games, in projected order: slots, video poker, roulette

All Casino info is regarding 1X2coin only. Per our Panamanian licensing terms, information on btc and/or fiat may not be published.

Sportsbook and Casino numbers are steadily increasing, in only our 2nd month of data reporting.
The new TipMaster service turned into a paid service as of last week, and 28 users signed up in the first few days, adding another valuable, continuous use case for 1X2 coin. With coin emission slowly declining and demand for coin itself steadily increasing, we are proceeding as planned, according to the Dev's initial roadmap.
Number of Masternodes have passed 2800, with a lockup rate of over 80%. Thank you for your loyal ongoing support. We are only getting started.


๐Ÿšฉ Snode's Trustless Masternode Hosting feature, Host 1X2 in $SND , Hosting fee is 1.5$/month in SND

๐Ÿ“ขSnode's Trustless Masternode Hosting feature is now LIVE and ready for use! ๐Ÿ’ฅ ๐ŸŒ€Hosting fee is 1.5$/month in $SND ๐Ÿš€ ๐Ÿ‘‰Register on and spin up your first trustless masternode with Snode today. โœ… #Snode $SND #M...


๐Ÿšฉ Launching PAID-VIP-TIPS channel

So far till last night we had 100% results form our TIPMASTER and finally he lost the BET after 16 tickets WIN on a straight

Current TipMaster winning data:

11 Days total:

Tickets won: 16 from 17 โ€“ 94.11%
Tips predicted right: 36 from 37 โ€“ 97.29%
Total ROI for period with SAFE amounts NSB: 245% in 11 days

Users who need to get access for <#611883000816467969> needs to pay 500, 1X2 coins so they get access to channel for 1 week

For Loyal owners of 1X2 who have 20 or more nodes will have a special monthly rate of 1500 , 1X2 coins(this rate is available only for users who holds 20+ MN's)

How to register for accessing <#611883000816467969> channel

Users need to DM @387515259239530498> and each users will be provided with an dedicated 1X2 wallet address to deposit, once deposit is made they get access to channel
Users need to Top-Up their account accordingly to their package so they will have access to channel , or those users will not have access to <#611883000816467969>

For all general users who don't have access to VIP channel can track previous results from TIPMASTER @ <#616173589380464642>

@everyone Current TipMaster winning data:

10 Days total:

Tickets won: 15 from 15 โ€“ 100%
Tips predicted right: 33 from 33 โ€“ 100%
Total combined odds from ALL tickets (ALL IN โ€“ Risky way): 29.92
Total ROI for period with SAFE amounts NSB: 265% in 10 days

When we start to charge, price for accessing <#611883000816467969> channel will be:

For discord users: 100 1X2 coins daily, and 500 1X2 coins weekly,
For webpage users: 1000 1X2 coins weekly, 3000 1X2 coins monthly, and higher prices in BTC

When price of 1X2 coin raise, we will lower the prices for 1X2 payments accordingly.

Our decision is to keep <#611883000816467969> channel FREE UNTIL TIPMASTER FINALLY LOSE THE BET!

The rule that you cannot play those tips on our 1X2coinsportsbook is still in action.

Give the Dev and I some feedback in <#502027231506333697>

CryptoTube has just finished the YouTube Sportsbook tutorial. Here is the link:


Our CryptoBridge account, "fund-1x2" just made another purchase of 1X2 this morning.
This round of purchases will be allocated to the new marketing we have initiated.

@everyone we started <#611883000816467969> channel, our expert will post high winning percentage tips there.
Those bets (as they ar)e will be banned on our 1x2coinsportsbook, if we see tickets with just them on place - those winnings will not be possible to withdraw.
They are made so you can win on another sportsbook.
First week is free, and when free period pass, we will charge daily access with 100 coins of 1X2.
If we prove ourselves good in short and long term, it will be another good use case for 1X2 ,and it will attract betting people from outside our community to join.

@everyone when you have time, visit <#611570705586323496> channel, there I will share parts of my crypto knowledge, from time to time, in pauses while developing.