@everyone we started <#611883000816467969> channel, our expert will post high winning percentage tips there.
Those bets (as they ar)e will be banned on our 1x2coinsportsbook, if we see tickets with just them on place - those winnings will not be possible to withdraw.
They are made so you can win on another sportsbook.
First week is free, and when free period pass, we will charge daily access with 100 coins of 1X2.
If we prove ourselves good in short and long term, it will be another good use case for 1X2 ,and it will attract betting people from outside our community to join.

@everyone when you have time, visit <#611570705586323496> channel, there I will share parts of my crypto knowledge, from time to time, in pauses while developing.

We are pleased to announce our very first Sportsbook and Casino data report, which will recur at the start of each month. Without further ado:

Monthly data report: July, 2019
Total # of users: 397 (note: these are active users)
Total deposits: 217901 1X2coin
Total withdrawals: 176338 1X2coin
Total # of tickets: 6917

Total # of users: 571
Total deposits: 81326 1X2coin
Total withdrawals: 40331 1X2coin
Total # of plays (2 games): 1,675,621

Slots is in final development, and should be on track for release next week
Next upcoming games, in projected order: slots, video poker, roulette
After those, workflow will shift to creating multiplayer games, such as blackjack and poker, with Discord logins and chat function, allowing conversation with friends and community
All Casino info is regarding 1X2coin only. Per our Panamanian licensing terms, information on btc and/or fiat may not be published.
Combining 1X2coin usage numbers of both Sportsbook and Casino, it is clear that we are already approaching a point where coin demand will outstrip coin supply, which was our long term goal since inception of the project. Congratulations are in order, both to a hardworking, forward thinking Dev, and to one of the most supportive, loyal crypto communities in existence.
Thank you all.

Rumour has it that Vault Investments may be dropping some free 1X2 coins later today, in some type of promotion they are doing.
If anyone wants to check it out, they are at:

I know it is free to open an account, and only account holders get these occasional free drops that they do.

Dashboard | VAULT Investments
VAULT Investments Portal

Note that as I forgot to add them to original list, and they host 100+ nodes for us, I thought I would at least post a banner for them

GIN platform has announced today that they are suspending their hosting services as of Aug 1, 2019.
While this has no affect on the 1X2 project itself, we realize it is certainly an inconvenience for any of our community members currently using GIN for their hosting needs.
For anyone using GIN for 1X2 hosting now, here are legitimate alternatives for you to research, before deciding on another service:
DEDICATED HOSTING (you hold your own coins in your own wallet)
GTM is our official hosting partner: check with @!469115201908768768> for more details
Our very own @369917746630230018> has started a 1X2 only hosting service: check <#601868354223079434> or contact him directly, for more details
Pecunia also runs dedicated nodes for 1X2 (see

SHARED HOSTING (hosting service holds your coins in their wallets, NOT you)
GTM also offers shared nodes: check with @!469115201908768768> for more details
Vault Investments: check with @!396294854218481664> or @349292729290850308> for more details
EvoNodes: check with @309082507913986048> for more details check with @425684765757145101> for more details

If I have omitted any service or important info, please let me know ASAP and I will revise this list

This is my first announcement for the channel, so I'll attempt to not make a mess of it πŸ˜‰
One of my first tasks since joining the team is to study where we currently are, and to take the knowledge base I have accumulated over the years to help us achieve our goals at an even faster pace.
While this includes taking a bigger role in administration and community interaction, so @406059360729694209> can devote more time to coding and @387515259239530498> can start allocating additional time for other tasks, it also relates to bigger things, which leads to the following announcement:

After discussions and approval, I am pleased to announce the 1X2Casino is implementing a coin purchase program, off of CryptoBridge's open market, using a portion of BTC revenue received to purchase 1X2 coins.
This will begin to happen on a regular basis, and I have made the first purchase earlier today.
For those who would like to keep track, the project buying account on CB is "fund-1x2"
This new program creates yet another way to relieve potential selling pressure, and furthers our promise to our loyal community, to help maintain the value of your investment.
These 1X2 purchases will be removed from the open market and placed into Masternode storage. We already have one of the highest lockup rates of any Masternode project, and this will be a bonus to that.
As an additional benefit, this reserve fund will also serve for potential future uses such as casino promotions.

Let me introduce you to our new core team member, for who I personally vouch that will be a GREAT addition to already many good and capable people in our project.
He is @602130517957279744> and these are few points where he is stronger than me and will help us all to move high faster than planned:
1X2 Advisor brings 20+ years of business acumen to the project, with a range of skill sets, including:
β€’ Creation and management of multiple businesses
β€’ Advisory role for several business startups
β€’ Successful track record of global stock trading
β€’ Successful track record of futures and options trading
β€’ Solid understanding of unique aspects and challenges of emerging crypto space
We should all welcome him , because he is here to stay for good!


🚩 Launching 1X2 Coin Masternode Service

We are happy to announce to start of 1X2 Coin Masternode service for users of 1X2 COIN @ 1$ per month

Free until 1st Aug $1(around 10, 1X2 at the time of writing ) per month or $2( 20, 1X2 at the time of writing) until 31/12/2019

ALL fees will be payable in 1X2 coin

Over the next few weeks we will launch discord bot or web API for checking on the back end. Until then all queries will be dealt via DM

Monthly fees will be calculated at the beginning of every month accounting period

DM @369917746630230018> and he will send you the MN Conf details, only ask for what you intend to use

For more details check <#601868354223079434> and for any quires regarding Masternode service DM @369917746630230018>

NOTE :- This service is available only for 1X2 COIN


We are happy to announce that our 2nd game on our platform 1X2 COIN GAMES is officially launched
LINK : <>

Our second game is 1X2 LUCKY NUMBERS 🎲 you can play it with both 1X2 or BTC

You can find rules for each game in channel <#597128612898013218>

Our next 3 games which we will launch or SLOTS / FULL FEATURE ROULETTE and VIDEO POKER

@everyone Today we passed our 1st big mark on 1X2 Coin Games - TOTAL WITHDRAWAL AMOUNT OF 10 BTC , and that mark was reached in less than 12 days since launch. Biggest single withdrawal was 0.7 in BTC . DICE game is finished and will be pushed on platform in less than 24h. In the meantime Slots are 75% done ,so it will be ready also in matter of days.


🚩 We are excited to announce the listing of 1X2 to Midas InstantBuy

1X2 has listed to the revolutionary new service operated by Midas - InstantBuy.

Through InstantBuy, you can now purchase 1X2 at live market rate instantly and directly on the Midas platform. InstantBuy has also introduced Cashback; instead of paying trading fees to
purchase your 1X2, InstantBuy is the first platform allowing you to earn BTC from purchasing coins.

InstantBuy also offers direct benefits for us, the project. The majority of the BTC you spend will be held in a managed trust fund to provide structured price support for 1X2 on exchange to
decrease volatility and increase price strength. A proportion of your BTC will also come directly to 1X2 Coin as BTC revenue, which allows us to develop our project for the future.

To purchase on the Midas platform find the 'Instant Buy' button on your share card to purchase 1X2 instantly.

Once purchased, activate the MIDAS Lock-in to host your 1X2 with zero fees on the Midas platform.

Midas platform:

Midas Discord:


Introducing our new REFERRAL program for Sportsbook and Games 1X2 Coin platforms

The terms are the same for both:

25% lifetime earnings (from net profit), from all users you bring to play

Net profit is all deposits, minus bonuses, minus all withdrawals per player

We will combine all net profits from players you bring, and the total (if plus) will be payed on 5th day of each following month.

If total from players you bring goes to minus, we will cover that minus and you will just not get payment for that month.

For 1X2 Coin Games procedure is easy:

Make an account there (if you have not already done so)

Under account there is your referral code and link

Share that link and get referrals.

For 1X2 Coin Sportsbook fill this google form – we will use it until we get 100 users who refer – after that we will add a platform:

Google form:


We are happy to announce that our new platform 1X2 COIN GAMES is officially launched

Our 1st game is BLACK JACK you can play it with both 1X2 or BTC

You can find rules for each game in channel <#597128612898013218>

Our next 3 games which will launch are DICE 🎲 SLOTS 🎰 and FULL FEATURE ROULETTE

In next 48hrs we will start our referral for both 1X2coinsportsbook and 1X2coingames

And i am personally delighted that we now have not ONE but TWO strong products launched using 1X2 coin


Auto credit of winnings on sportsbook fixed !!

Out of 1427 betslips 36 slips had issue with auto credit of their winnings due to minor bug and now all those 36 SLIPS HAVE BEEN CREDITED WITH 100% BONUS


We noticed that some of users have issues of automatic credit of their winnings on sportsbook since 25th June (since the last sportsbook update). We already solved 95% of the issue , and currently to help us reporting more of them if they exist kindly fill the form given below.

20% extra bonus on the winning amount will be credited for every ticket which has/had issue with auto credit bug.

Fill discord username, sb account no and nick name, screenshots of previously affected tickets and current ones if they exist and total no of coins for which the winnings were not auto credited
if there is any issue in filling form personal message @387515259239530498>


@everyone To celebrate 2000 MNs launched, I bought coins on CB up to 2000 sat. The Fact that we still maintain around 75% locked coins in Masternodes , 253 days after genesis, is simply AMAZING! Thank you all for your trust.

I predict they will prosper because they choose ONLY GOOD coins!

Hello@everyone πŸ‘‹

__**New MN hosting platform**__ 

Welcome to vaultinvestments as our new MN hosting provider 🀝

We are happy to announce that vaultinvestments Listed 1X2 on their new MN Hosting platform

They choose only good coins to get listed and now 1X2 is live for instant shares

Discord < >

PS. MOD will kill me to left this ann naked, without formatting and making it look nice, but those are serious stuff and I don’t want to lose time lol.