Please note that all Invite links have been suspended.
We will not be allowing new invites until further notice.

Hello@everyone Gobyte (GBX) is now trading live in the newly opened Northern Exchange at

Hello@everyone ,
Hereby I want to share the summary of yesterday's meeting with you.
It's a extension of details about our work overview. <#605668365985513472>
Feel free to ask questions.

If you have the ambition to participate in the KYD project, feel free to contact us. There is plenty to do.

18-08 meeting KYD
Summary for the community: 18/08/2019 KYD meeting Including: Shockthewolf / Enginama / CPT.hoek / Wizard absent: Doniva Team improvement Schedule a meeting all core members included to work out last details for Whitepaper and Roadmap for the upcoming 6 to 12 months. ...

To whom it may concern... To@everyone ! 😃
It is with great pride and pleasure that the Core Team of the XVictus Project is officially announcing that long-awaited blockchain of XVictus (XVIC) coin launches this week! 😍 Go, brilliant PPO and XVIC Communities and spread the word of this great news everywhere! 💪
We will publish an additional announcement on the factual launch of the XVictus coin. ✌ Follow us:

@everyone Our latest development update has arrived!

Stakenet Wallet Mobile (85–90%)
DEX Aggregator (70–75%)
XSN HUB (60–65%)
Lightning Manager (40–55%)
DEX Launch (80%)

Our testing team has moved onto 0.0.35-ln of our lightning wallet. This version has auto-pilot function enabled so our wallets can connect automatically to our teams LN hub (used to route, match and exchange via our DEX)

Our orderbook team is now preparing launch of our Lightning DEX starting with 2 pairs, BTC-XSN and LTC-XSN. We’ll begin executing trades from the team to make sure everything’s stable (will be able to see it live from our public orderbook) then start releasing the wallet so others can join in
Lookout for our next dev update, and track progress on our official roadmap here

Stakenet Wallet Mobile (85–90%)  DEX Aggregator (70–75%)  XSN HUB (60–65%)  Lightning Manager (40–55%)  DEX Launch (80%)
Stakenet - The trustless interchain economy
Stakenet combines Lightning Network and Masternodes into a global blockchain with decentralized applications. XSN is the cryptocurrency powering the network.

The impact of Vitae is here. It's real. It's already making a difference in the lives of so many. Members of our Venezuelan community submitted footage of themselves helping their neighbors, all of which was made possible because of Vitae rewards. There is hope. There is a new life waiting for you. Vitae: prosperity for all. @everyone

Vitae is Making an impact in Venezuela! Vitae has begun to impact peoples lives. Even those that seam so out of reach to help!

Did you miss our first public team call? Not to worry! Thursday's Weekly Insider is available on our podcast. Check it out here

Horizen is a blockchain platform with a leading-edge privacy technology that provides everyone with privacy and complete control of their digital footprint. We have a sustainable funding model with protocol-level solutions. The Horizen platform enables real-life uses beyond o...

Another improvement here:
Sometimes we want to merge differents investments into 1 (Speaking into the same coin obviously).
Until now we had to withdraw from one investment and deposit in other.
Now we have the option to directly merge both investments.
How to:

  • Left menu/portfolio/My Investments/
  • Directly Select into one of your investments and press "View Details"

Did you see the new window to show the transfers at the trttnodes platform wallet?
Now when you go to a coin wallet, for example Trittium (Left menu: Wallets/Trittium) and you select one tx, this window will appear to explain it.

@everyone Thank you for the amazing live session yesterday, i hope everyone had most of their questions answered if not all. 👌

Note that the next session will be accuring the First September from 2PM to 3PM UTC - We will discuss the advancements made but most importantly :

  • The updated RoadMap
  • The new Homepage
  • The Stipend Whitepaper 2.0
  • And more...

You can refer to the discussion in the channel <#549285362275581955> .

Again thank you everyone !
Stipend Core Team

Great news. We are now listed on Trittium. They will be offering a special at 0.49€/Month service until September 8th for all new nodes.

Welcome to the @NORTHERNcoin community to the #trttNodes platform!!! Now you can host your $NORT nodes with us for just 0.49€/Month. Host your #Northern #Masternode at


3⃣ Project update.

💥 Development domains:

Expecting Venezuelan developer to solve electric issues. Both all rights for existed software, which was already created so far.

📯 Looking for the operational manager here

Gen Tree
No operational manager found for it. Not started.

📯 Looking for operational manager and sponsorship/investor for the development.

Works as intended, we want to expand payment opportunities for common bills and Steam wallet. In the active development.

📯 Looking for sales manager for this product.

VPS rent
In plans, new platform (like vultr) with increases functional.

📯 Looking for operational manager and sales manager for this product.

💥 Project integrations:

XDNA was re-listed at KYD coin verification platform as Public verification.
We have transparent team setup and nothing to hide. Now it’s a bit more official.

KYD website:

KYD discord server:

Apollon network provide a special offer for they users and XDNA FMN owners – only 0.99% per month

Apollon Network website:

Apollon Network discord server:

Be proactive with XDNA!

% from block:
9% - PoS
15% - Light Masternode (5 000 )
25% - Medium Masternode (10 000 )
51% - Full Masternode (50 000 )

We decide to delete 1+2% dev&foundation fees.

To regulate the processes of emissions and significantly limit the maximum total supply, we implemented the classic halving reduction system.
After a hard fork, the reward for the block will be 8 XDNA with a gradual decrease in 2 times every 1051200 blocks (about 2 years).
Thus, the maximum total supply was reduced by more than 70% and will amount to 21 000 000 XDNA.

💰 According to math modulation average profit for masternode owners will be from 10$ till 100$ without drastically price increase (math for 2 cents/1 XDNA).

We will update website masternode tool, so you can do your own calculations. ( - aprox till 31.08

To provide such power we want to organize a XDNA community management.

The holders of new FULL Masternode (50 000 XDNA) will not only receive a 51% from block reward, but also will enter the Directors board of XDNA project.

📃 It will provide next opportunities:

  • Choose the project COO by vote.
  • Vote for new project Road map
  • By the vote procedure, delegate new team members
  • Separate XDNA management server
  • Direct contact with whole XDNA team

Which Directors board will not have – core assets for seed servers/site and other project web elements. Due to security reason.

You invest many of your personal funds into XDNA and atm got only a huge losses and can’t even sold it on the market. All you can do is make a comment into chat or suggest something for 80% inactive team which is sit on depression and develop the project by 10% or required speed. 😦

Become: You invest many of personal funds into XDNA and got a place into community management. You can offer new strategies or suggestion – delegate it to vote session and it could be chosen by holder’s majority as new project plan. 😃

After 20 new XDNA Full masternodes online, we will organize a main session, which includes COO election.

1 FMN = 1 vote. One holder could have up to 5 FMN and 5 votes. After 6th FMN setup he gonna have 5 votes yet. Whole list of rules will be posted at special server.

📲 Masternode verification will be organized through XDNA web wallet.

If you have more than 50 000 XDNA or want to enter the directors board list - PM @201323670499622912> to calculate expected team range.

🖥 After we clarify, why we want to increase the collateral (not like other projects just do so due to match reason), here is a new numbers:


Now we have to choose a new mathematic model
because current is not working well at all and was designed for BitGun dynamic block reward algo.

🔎 It leads us to:

2⃣ XDNA community management structure.

- What does it mean?

At this moment, we have a direct project management by XDNA team members.

Almost for 9 months project got no budget due to many mistakes or unfortunate chain of consequences. Without budget project slowly dying, while people inside core team forced to switch their time resources and power for other projects or common jobs, because obviously they should provide basic needs for themselves and for the families.
The few projects needs like pay for website/servers/ssl’s/mails, market support or salaries for XDNA vps or MCPAY development paid by team management from their personal funds.

📍 We did this and will continue to do so because XDNA is not a forbidden cryptocurrency. 📍

📢 We will support our project and push new and new ideas until one right decision will leads all XDNA community to success and project will became great again! 📢

♻ But we strongly convinced, that project need a new blood and energy from the community members which is really interest in project success.

XDNA should stop rely only on fixed team setup – it is a bad and weak model.

All who want to support the project should got all the instruments to do so, to implement something useful inside.

Good day@everyone !

Wish you all doing great!

Almost for 1⃣ month there was no news from XDNA project due to high vacations ratio and project re-development status.

Today we want to discuss 2⃣ major project possible steps together with our community

1⃣ PoS implementation.

_As you know, XDNA is a father for many crypto projects which was forked from us.
However - XDNA itself got his own donor as well - it is pivx 2.3.0 (with PoW consensus).
Unlike many other pivx forks, XDNA got unique output system which was drastically re-right since DASH code (T.N.T. - and dynamic PoW algo.
For our PoS migration - only T.N.T. matter.

🛠 To keep T.N.T. system live and avoid "pivx 2.3.0 PoS exploit" we decide to create our own PoS system by implementing some new code solutions or take it from other projects in some parts of it.

🔥 Code is ready 🔥

@everyone All COINS that contact me by 23 August we will list for FREE . Pass the word

Horizen is now on BW Exchange. Get your ZEN with BTC, ETH, and USDT pairs. BW exchange is one of our many exchange partners. Check out the full list here

ZEN Exchanges
With Horizen, you have plenty of options to trade your ZEN. We’ve added dozens of partners and integrations, making ZEN the most usable Cryptocurrency on the market. ZEN is available on exchanges such as Binance, OKEX, Bittrex, UPbit, and many more.

We are happy to release our beta Zcoin wallet that greatly improves the user experience and also encourages Sigma minting! Give us feedback in our forums!

Quick update just confirmed that ABET was succesfully updated to latest release. More details may be found here:

STEX should confirm update by the end of day. As soon as we will receive informations from them we will gonna put announcement. & received DMs and confirmed that they will update ABET as soon as possible.

Stay tuned@everyone

- Altbet Team

Just a quick note here, we have added two decent members to our team,
@396847274388357121> and @399267521938849802> helps out on testnet/pool
@398910144487882754> will explore our testnet with his discord bot Stacy's mom!

Testnet didnt go so smooth we could keep @!402381709753974794>'s timeline above, but we are close to open testnet for all. Some things is simply easier to test with a limited network.

Current status:
Deterministic masternode setup with protx instead of the traditional masternode.conf works well on both ipv4 and ipv6
Local masternode setup is easy and work well.
Charity fee is moved over on governance, and any spending of this is decentralized to voting by our masternode holders.

What's up next?
We need more masternodes in testnet to test the governance part, and we have yet to connect a public pool to this version of testnet.


📢 Birake Network listed previous round winner of the Coin Listing Program: OKCash - OK 🎊 🎊 🎊

Happy trading!


@everyone Please vote for AEG to get listed:

All  Gold Poker (GPKR) servers have been updated to version v1.3.2
Please update your wallet and restart your masternodes.
```<span id="every">@everyone</span>
Contribute to GoldPoker/GoldPoker-coin development by creating an account on GitHub.


New week ahead! We have several things working progress:

👉 2 new partner exchanges confirmed! Working to deploy them
👉 soon 2 new coins through coin listing program will be listed
👉 MM tool is working progress
👉 Buy Bulk feature working progress
👉 New feature for webmasters to have the possibility to exclude coins from their list
👉 New feature for webmasters to have the possibility to exclude users from different countries

Hopefully this week we will fulfil some of them! Happy trading!


if the channel invite does not work, please DM me directly and I will add you. Thanks!

if the channel invite does not work, please DM me directly and I will add you. Thanks!

If you have not yet moved to the Xchainz LPC LGS discord channel, please do so now. That channel is the official channel for all LPC and LGS information.

If you have not yet moved to the Xchainz LPC LGS discord channel, please do so now. That channel is the official channel for all LPC and LGS information.

@everyone - the LGS server is severely backed up and we are investigating the cause now. Please do NOT send LGS at this moment. We will announce when it is ok to send LGS. We understand the concern that you have about your balances and rest assured that all transactions that have generated a txid, will be valid and honored. Thanks and again, please do NOT send LGS at the moment.

@everyone - the LGS server is severely backed up and we are investigating the cause now. Please do NOT send LGS at this moment. We will announce when it is ok to send LGS. We understand the concern that you have about your balances and rest assured that all transactions that have generated a txid, will be valid and honored. Thanks and again, please do NOT send LGS at the moment.

Hello SENDERs !

Colossus is the winner of last voting round with 1013 votes.

Result of next voting will be announced next Monday depending upon vote counts. Add your best project to voting via <#573803783511867392> and reach the team for promotion.

Just for reminder, you can vote once a day if you have at least 100SENDs on platform.


SOLVED! Remember the big, difficult, fire-breathing, brain-melting puzzle from Festive Freya last year? Well, after eight months of puzzling it's finally been solved! Congratulations to Pogo and silver_anth!

Read how they did it here:

Loki and Freya: A Christmas Story
Welcome to the Loki Christmas puzzle write-up, one of the most interesting, fun and original puzzles that I have ever competed in. This…

@here Due to temporary works within the Crypto Hunter App code base. The game is returning to testing mode only. This will mean all collections, withdraws and deposits are current void from today. It is a necessary step whilst we retest the app and iron out a few concerns community members have. Please stay tuned for further announcements regarding this.

[ANN] SWYFT/BiFrost Swap Details | BiFrost Coin
SWAP DETAILS: All as we conclude the source code now and the final build of the wallet. This week, the timeline of the 1st of September is completely on track. We are still awaiting for quotes from the incumbent exchanges which we hope to have this week for discussion to deci...

@everyone There will be a Soft Opening on 26 August 2019 and depending on if any bugs with in 1-2 weeks we will push out Grand Opening of the


Today, I only have bad news for you. I will be leaving the Printex project next month (around the 15th of September). I have tried to contact Riggs many time in the last month (since the 15th of July) and couldn't get any answer. One agreement we had in the past was always to have communication, even tough he was not online.

He told me one day that, if it was not for me, he would have had abandonned the project last summer (2018). So... I would suggest you dont expect any update or developpement after my departure.

I will stay here for another month to give anybody a chance to revive Printex if they want to try. If you need anything in the mean time, please feel free to DM me.

Please note that:

  • I will not be moving forward on the 3D printing project for obvious reasons.
  • I do not have access to the premine or any sort of "master key" for the chain.
  • I have root access to the explore, but not the platform.
  • If you wish to do a community take over, you would need a new discord, because I also dont have highest access to change the admin group.
  • I will continue to work on my Homebrewing product that brings me joy and happyness :D

I am very sorry for everybody that might have lost money in this project. I tried my hardest to keep Riggs on board, but at the end of the day, as most of you know, I'm not a dev and cannot move a project forward on my own. If any of you need help on a project, you guys know me, and know I'm here to help, so don't be stranger

It was fun when it lasted, thank you everybody for your support and understanding. I wish you all good luck in your future investments, and hopefully, better return!


Service Node Operators! We STRONGLY RECOMMEND updating to Hefty Heimdall 4.0.5 immediately. Due to a bug in the previous release, there’s a high chance you’ll be deregistered if you don’t.

To update with Loki Launcher, follow this guide:

If you have a legacy node, follow this guide:

Hello, Dear ESBC community !!!
As you know, this past 13/08/2019 ESBC celebrated its first year !!!
We want to celebrate with you all the successes and experiences !!

From 19/08/2019 12 PM UTC to 25/08/2019 12 PM UTC we will be celebrating ESBC Happy Birthday week

As the main event we have created the <#612797308500836362> channel where you can show all your love by sending multimedia content wishing a Happy Birthday to ESBC .

As a reward the best 3 designs will get the following prizes:

1st place 1000 ESBC
2nd place 500 ESBC
3rd place 300 ESBC

4 Honorable Mentions each one 50 ESBC

-Your design should show effort.
-Your design must be an original creation.
-Designs that by some chance have watermarks from somewhere, will be disqualified.
-Formats allowed only jpg, png, gif, mp4.
-Your Design must have good quality.
-Your design must contain the ESBC logo and must mention the birthday.

Zero (ZER) is now available on ZCore Masternodes System. MN Explorer, Blocks Explorer, MN Widget, MN Monitor, all for just $ 1.99 paid on multiple cryptocurrencies or with PayPal.

$ZCR $ZER @ZeroCurrencies is now available on ZCore Masternodes System. MN Explorer, Blocks Explorer, MN Widget, MN Monitor, all for just $ 1.99 paid on multiple cryptocurrencies or with PayPal.

@everyone The new website is live at If you still see the old website, please flush your cache and try again.


Thank you for testing the platform and reporting bugs
The most active participants have already earned more than 1000 ESBC
We change the terms of rewards:
15 ESBC for wrong result
5 ESBC for wrong score
wrong score is when the score changes do not affect the outcome of the match and payouts.
Who still is not with us, I recommend joining right now because a small reward will be given to all test participants, And all who learn to win will be able to withdraw more coins, some of the coins that you earn test coins.
Details will be later, after some updates
the event <#606254398187897042> continues
many in crypto are looking for how to earn coins without investment, do not forget to recommend our project to them, we always have interesting events and fast payouts.

Hey@everyone !

We had a fantastic week here at BitGreen as we ramp up for more exciting updates. This week, two of our Co-Founders discuss the BitGreen Foundation. The BitGreen Foundation was recently registered as a non-profit in Wyoming. This allows BitGreen to have increased transparency and legitimacy in our operations. The BitGreen Foundation is a crucial milestone that will allow us to access additional resources create further valuable partnerships for BitGreen. To get the full update on the foundation checkout our weekly video:

We also announced that we’ll be directing some block rewards towards promoting green behavior which has been the vision of BitGreen from the start. With this change we’re able to explore partnership opportunities and look forward to announcing some in a future update!

Next week we look forward to talking about a major upgrade coming to the network, as well as diving into the economics of BitGreen and how we plan to provide support and additional use cases to the token.

Make sure you’re following us on social media for updates and stay tuned next Friday for another major update!

The BitGreen Team!

Bitgreen BIG Weekly Update #2
Video Sponsored by Bitgreen! Remember: Updated Masternodes and Wallet Information: twitter:...


From @462689525437562880> / CDMCOIN TEAM
We ask the whole community to report the abuse of Sekhar to GitHub support.

This is the address for the complaint:
✍ ✍ ✍ ✍ ✍ ✍ ✍ ✍ ✍ ✍

More requests will be made and more we will have a chance to regain access to the CDMCOIN source code.
I thank all of you in advance for understanding and supporting the community!

Sample text in the complaint:
*One of the cdmcoin team members stole access to: <>
We complain about his behavior and we ask github support to help the cdmcoin community and transfer access to another team member named Ahmadi#7419
Most members of the community are due to a restriction on the team's main channel at <> to another channel from the old team at <>


⬇ ⬇ ⬇ ⬇ ⬇ ⬇ ⬇ ⬇ ⬇ ⬇ ⬇ ⬇

We have been very hard at work re-branding TittieCoin - TIT to Limitless - VIP.

The Limitless - VIP logo is a custom job, built from scratch.

The website is in the process of an upgrade (Front and Back end), installing powerful new admin features to better manage our user base., as well as will forward to

We have an Instagram and facebook ad campaign on the way, ready to go live once the website is published.

Instagram ad's will be in the shape of our first 2 Limitless - VIP brand ambassadors on Instagram who will accept VIP as payment for advertising.

Limitless - VIP, Cape Town, South Africa are now dressed exclusively by a company called GD Suits who dress the stars and local celebs.

We have our first UBER driver who now accepts VIP as payment for trips in Cape Town, South Africa.

We will be planning a media launch next week and I will keep you all in the loop as to how things are moving. We will be making a big deal of the partnerships with handshakes and photographers so there's a lot to look forward to in the coming weeks!

Thank you to all for your continued support and die hard loyalty to our project. TittieCoin gave birth to our dreams and we will keep her close by once we get to Limitless island where she will be used in Brewbies as payment.

Best regards,

The Limitless - VIP Team

@everyone GPKR is listed on Coincheckup

CoinCheckup - Cryptocurrency Analysis Platform
Coincheckup is a cryptocurrency analysis and research platform designed to offer you transparent information on each cryptocurrency and help your investment decisions. Check out the latest predictions on Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple and other 1400 coins.

Quick update

Few hours ago we passed 30741 block which means our blockchain entered phase 2.

Block reward increased from 60 ABET to 65 ABET.

Currently ABET network has locked 75,3% in masternodes which gives us 508 ABET masternodes securing network and locking 5080000 ABET coins.

Big thank to all of you for being part of this project. Go Altbet 🚀 🕺

Stay tuned@everyone

  • Altbet Team

ABET explorers

Both and up to date and on proper chain.

Added new seeds to <#540927039843074059> channel.

Updated <#540926831776497684> which has now new addnodes + latest bootstrap.

Stay tuned@everyone

- Altbet Team

@everyone We are glad to announce Trittium as our new Trusted partner for COLD NODES HOSTING

💥 trttNodes is a masternode investment platform -

What does the service offer:


  • No tech Knowledge needed
  • 3-clicks setup
  • Dedicated Servers
  • Special BETA price - only 0.49€/Month
  • Fees charged daily in TRTT
  • 24/7 service
  • Special offer will be valid until September 8

📖 Guides
Cold Nodes setup at trttNodes (new UI) -

*** If you have any concerns and questions, feel free to contact Trittium team on their Discord server -

Masternodes investment solutions, powered by Trittium
trttNodes is here to transform the Masternode investment process and thus reduce associated costs and resources, and increasing the ROI for investors.

An minor update for the APR Android Mobile Wallet will be released in approximately 72 hours to address connectivity and sync issues. An announcement will be made once the update is made available on the Google Play Store.

To Sekhar from CDMCOIN TEAM

The whole CDMCOIN community and also the CDMCOIN Team that Sekhar abandoned, claim to have been scammed by Sekhar, who has unduly appropriated access to the GITHUB where CDMCOIN source codes are kept, which do not belong to Sekhar , but to the CDMCOIN community.

The entire community and the CDMCOIN team demand the immediate return of the aforementioned access to the CDMCOIN team. If Sekhar does not return access to the team, by 12:00 am on Monday 19th August 2019, it will be necessary to create a new token, on which to make a swap 1:1, to which obviously Sekhar will not be able to access and will lose everything.

We ask Sekhar to return the github access, to avoid unnecessary complications both to the community as to himself.

  • The CDMCOIN Team -


Livenodes (LNO) is now available on ZCore Masternodes System. MN Explorer, Blocks Explorer, MN Widget, MN Monitor, all for just $ 1.99 paid on multiple cryptocurrencies or with PayPal.

$ZCR $LNO @LiveNodes is now available on ZCore Masternodes System. MN Explorer, Blocks Explorer, MN Widget, MN Monitor, all for just $ 1.99 paid on multiple cryptocurrencies or with PayPal.

WARNING! ⚠ ⚠ ⚠
It seems that the privix and altbet wallets contain malicious code that can scan and download all the wallets from infected PCs, causing all coins to be lost.

@everyone 5 Minutes left to open the <#549285362275581955> channel please avoid sending a question if one is already being answered, just so we can keep a spam free channel.

@everyone The channel <#549285362275581955> will be used for the hour discussion. Note that you can only send one message every 5 Minutes to prevent people from spaming as we want to use this hour as effeciently as possible to respond to as many questions as possible.

Thank you !

@everyone , Please pay attention:
There are some rumours that the wallets from altbet and/or privix projects contain malicious code which will scan and upload all the wallet.dat from your computer and therefore you can lose all your coins.
Be careful with these 2 coins.
Just my 2 Zoombas,

@everyone from 21 - 24th i will be on the Gamescom and show/ explain the new indieGO XS and the Classic Version to Retro Gamers. I will explain also the AppStore and possible passive income by using the Telos or XBTX wallet in background. The Amiga Fanbase is especially interested in AEROS as it is based on an open source reimplementation of Commodore AmigaOS. The whole retro area is bound together in one Hall. The company under which I am invited is Amiga Future. Amiga never dies ...

Animated Amiga Tribute by Eric Schwartz
The song "Still Alive" is a little past it's prime today, and in fact I could have had this up in January, but I'd been trying since then to get usage permis...

Estbitex exchange introduction.

Imagine a user-centric, consumer-friendly bank, solely concerned with a hundred percent customer satisfaction. No, it isn’t a far-fetched…

@everyone Dear Community, find below our latests news, which have been published on our Hub site:

Merge listed on CoinGecko Beam

Merge review on YouTube by Secure Cloud Net

We wish you a pleasant Sunday.

Merge Core team

Starting tomorrow, and as announced on August 5 this insta nodes investments ONLY can be paid in trittium:
To this list we add now:

Last 7 days we burned 139,036 Trittium.
Total amount burned: 1,826,9778 trtt.

NPW(New Power Coin) Development Progress 2019/07 - 2019/08

Main updates of the new UI wallet:

  1. Fixed the abnormal display issue in MN daily income data;
  2. Fixed the problem that the currency price could not be updated correctly.

Main updates of the mobile version:

  1. Fixed the problem of misalignment in various types of smartphone in the classification column of transaction records;
  2. Repaired OTC exchange price which could not be updated in real time;
  3. Improved the timed reward collection rules, and added a QR code to collect rewards;
  4. Improved the rewards rules so that more people can receive timed rewards.

All features will be ready in the next update of QT wallet.:

  1. Receivecoinsdialog: added button for Receiving Addresses, displayed receiving address list. Repaired:
  2. GCC-7 and glibc-2.27 compat code.


  1. Added GMP bignum;
  2. Improved clarity of bignum selection messages;
  3. Removed the explicit copy assignment operator from Accumulator.

2019.7-2019.8 月度更新:




  1. QT钱包接收界面添加接收地址按钮,显示接收地址列表(receivecoinsdialog: add button for Receiving Addresses)修复:
  2. 代码兼容GCC-7及glibc-2.27(GCC-7 and glibc-2.27 compat code)


  1. 添加GMP库的bignum(Add gmp bignum)
  2. 优化编译时大数库选择提示信息(Improve clarity of bignum selection messages)
  3. 移除Accumulator中的直接拷贝赋值操作符处理(Remove explicit copy assignement operator from Accumulator)

@everyone The blockchain is waiting for us 😍

Come join us. Even you @408312199258439680> and even on under another discord account if you want. 😝


PAC Global July Operations budget (2nd half) DAO prop

Posted by @401893246411735049>

$PAC Governance Proposal Details
PACCoin Proposal Details.

All  Zcoin (XZC) servers have been updated to version v0.13.8.4
Please update your wallet and restart your masternodes.
```<span id="every">@everyone</span>
The privacy-focused cryptocurrency. Contribute to zcoinofficial/zcoin development by creating an account on GitHub.

@everyone As suggested from a large number of the community and the time being really tight for most of the active team members we will start a weekly discussion with one of the team members.

This Sunday I will be hosting the first event from 2pm to 3pm as a first "An Hour with Saâd Event".

We have numerous news and advancements most of them are still falling under the NDA's contract, but as most of the community has shown, we the dev team need to show more presence to reassure the community.

Please let us know if the time and the format of the event are convinient for you.

The event will be hosted in a special chanel moderated by me tomorrow.

Hope to see all of you to answer all of your questions.

The Stipend Core Team.

Limitless VIP now has its first Uber driver who accepts VIP as payment in Cape Town, South Africa. We will post about it next week and take pictures to promote the partnership.


There is a new SCAM connected with Discord bots in various crypto channels
connected with FAKE Mercatox exchange or other exchanges.
It is directing user to website, to collect BTC prize.
BUT first you need to 'activate' your account and send them 0.02 BTC ! Dont do it.

v0.13.8.4 has been released This is an optional but recommended update for all users, Znodes, mining pools and exchanges. It fixes a deadlock that resulted in nodes becoming randomly unresponsive along with other minor bugs.


I saw that lately few people had issues with chain. In link below you can find fresh bootstrap.

In this channel you can find guide on <#540943695466463242>

P.S. Both explorers will be fixed later today. Till then CoinExplorer seems to be correct.

Stay tuned@everyone

- Altbet Team

NEW VIDEO: How to analyze the price charts of masternode coins?@everyone

Today I will talk about what can you learn about the coin simply by looking on its price chart. Also, I will reveal my strategy of trading masternode coins.

Check it out and subscribe to our channel.

In today's video, Trevor (CEO of Midas.Investments) reveals the secrets of successful analysis and trading of masternode coins, touching on the simplest but ...


As promised last week, we just released our second weekly update video on Tech! This is the largest tech update in Bitgreen’s history, featuring our team members Dylan Rodes and Jason Stone. You can view it here:

Also, we will be filming and posting an AMA on Sunday. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you have regarding the recent update and any other questions are welcomed! Please submit them here:

Stay tuned for next week’s update!

The BITG Team

Bitgreen AMA questions
Dear Bitgreen community, This week's updates revolve around a major tech overhaul. Mainly the MN list syncing issue to normalize rewards and incorporating a bunch of dash functionality which has been planned for a while. Like atomic swaps, delegated MN/staking (operator st...

@everyone, it is with great pleasure that we are now launching the Alpha version of our platform for testing purposes. The BLTG team would like to invite everyone to register and try it out and would be grateful if you could report any bugs back to the team to help us improve and move onto the next stage.
Please be aware that the platform is not mobile ready at the moment, so please use it on a home PC.

Blockfiniti is a next generation Peer-to-Peer Intelligent Data Platform. Built by Block-Logic Technology Group, this Ecosystem will be backed by Block-Protect, Block-Pay & Block-Purchase

Sphere by Horizen v.1.2.0b is here! Easily manage the staking addresses of your Horizen nodes with the latest update.

Learn more about the changes and download the update now

@everyone The blockchain is waiting for us 😍

Come join us. Even you @408312199258439680> and even on under another discord account if you want. 😝

The Horizen community is unique, colorful, and full of interesting people. We featured @304575812932468736> in our August monthly live stream. He is well known in our community for his positivity and helpful insight! Read his interview here

Horizen Community Star Interviews - Edalexx - Horizen
The Horizen community is unique, colorful, and full of interesting people. Each month, we feature three individuals who contributed their time and expertise to help us improve various aspects of our project.  We featured Edalexx in our August monthly live stream. Edalexx is ...

@everyone attention !!! Scam 🚨 don’t download anything

Join Rob, Rosario, Rowan, and Jonathan of the Horizen team today at 7PM for an exciting meetup in Austin Texas! Join us for great food, drinks, and conversation. Meetup details here

Event by Horizen ZenCash on Friday, August 16 2019

@everyone please check the new url for the treasury voting . I have accidentally approved the wrong proposal which had only one option specified

New exchange listing alert! 📢 Horizen is now available on BW Exchange! Get ZEN with USDT, ETH, and BTC trading pairs today at

BW, The world's leading one-stop financial service platform, Bitco...
BW.COM, the world's leading one-stop financial service platform, BW is a bitcoin mobile trading platform, providing BTC trading platform for bitcoin transactions, Bitcoin exchange, the most secure bitcoin trading platform, and the most professional bitcoin.

Our partners at Apollon Network are currently having a Summer Holiday Special, where anyone can start a GoByte masternode for only $0.99 a month for the next six month. More details at:

Summer Holiday Special - Full Hosting for only $0.99! - Apollon Ne...
So today we’re going to talk about the latest promotional offering from Apollon Network! As you will know we recently launched our full masternode hosting…Read more

@everyone we started <#611883000816467969> channel, our expert will post high winning percentage tips there.
Those bets (as they ar)e will be banned on our 1x2coinsportsbook, if we see tickets with just them on place - those winnings will not be possible to withdraw.
They are made so you can win on another sportsbook.
First week is free, and when free period pass, we will charge daily access with 100 coins of 1X2.
If we prove ourselves good in short and long term, it will be another good use case for 1X2 ,and it will attract betting people from outside our community to join.

@everyone The Update that was happening this week has been push back. .We are still checking into the PIVX Vulnerability. Soon as we feel it is same to UPDATE we will. I would say within the coming weeks we will know more.

Simple POS Pool

🍾 Is about to lauch 1-2-3 click masternode hosting.
🍾 SPP gonna offer trustless hosting for any coin, you activate the masternode on your wallet and you keep receiving the rewards.
🍾 4 tier referral system where you can earn BTC while you host your masternodes for free

We need your vote to list your favourite coin for free
➡ Vote here

Simple Pos Pool is the oldest pool since 2017 that offers Staking Pool and shared masternode service and from now on also masternode hosting.

What does Simple Pos Pool offer:

- Start with no limitations or barriers.
- Staking pools - no shares nor slots. All your balance outside a masternode will stake if the coin has PoS.
- Masternode pools - choose a masternode of your choice and acquire your slots.
- Instant rewards - no waiting for the first rewards or masternode filling. If the masternode has an active status it means it¥s already rewarding. Follow the rewards on our discord.
- Withdrawals - no coins locked for days and waiting for replacement.
- Flexible management - you can deposit more coins and acquire even more masternode slots.
- Low fees and transparent fees - 3% on PoS stakes and 5% on masternode rewards. For a masternode with a monthly expected return below 100$ we have an addition of 1.99$ hosting fee.
- Fees paid in the same coin you¥re staking or masternode you¥re in.
- Earn without concerns: we take care of the wallet issues.

Visit SPP:

Stay tuned@everyone

- Altbet Team


Please avoid deposits & withdrawals from STEX exchange until I will confirm if they are on new protocol.

Stay safe@everyone

- Altbet Team

Quick update has been updated to the latest release has been updated to the latest release has been updated to the latest release

Stay tuned@everyone

- Altbet Team

Are you good at graphic design? A 100 IC bounty is now up for grabs for the best Ignition Coin T-Shirt graphic! Create some unique IC-themed art, slogans or memes to be added to the IC store, voted on by the community.
Last chance to grab your own IC 2018 merchandise with the link below!
All sales revenue is reinvested in the IC ecosystem through IC buy-backs and promotions/bounties.

Ignition Coin
Official Ignition Coin Merchandise

We reached 2,000 cold nodes running!!!!!
Thanks to all of you!!!
To celebrate it, we have decided to extend another week the cold nodes hosting special price of € 0.49 per month per node, until next Sunday, September 8.

Giveaway will only last for TWO HOURS! Be sure to enter quickly 😉

@everyone If you are @&399972079979462657> rank or above you have the chance to get a free month of Discord Nitro for FREE! Go to <#405811991123591168> channel and click the proper emoji icon under the giveaway to enter, 1 winner will be selected!

we decided to shutdown mining pool in 2 days for the budget optimization reason. If we got more budget in the future, then we'll setting it up back of course. But until then, we need to do better investment for other planned plans.
There are many other great alternatives of mining pool, check it out at or <#443969759378145282>.

Gravium Cryptocurrency
Gravium, a global digital currency grounding us equally together. Fast. Secure. Refined. Our project is a decentralized community developed cryptocurrency.