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Check out the new Weekly Polis:


If you have any questions, please let us know and we will gladly answer.

Polis Project Weekly Updates (12/04) to 12/10)
Polis Core


SWAP TIME - 4 Weeks


PoW Structure:@everyone

Blocks 1 - 490 (Fair Block Launch)
0.0825 Coins
Blocks 491 - 5000
0.33 Coins
Blocks 5001 to 10000
0.66 Coins
Blocks 10001 to 15000
0.99 Coins
Blocks 15001 to 20000
1.32 Coins
Blocks 20001 to 25000
1.65 Coins
Blocks 25001 to 27500
1.485 coins
Blocks 27501 to 30000
1.32 Coins
Blocks 30001 to 32500
1.155 Coins
Blocks 32501 to 35000
0.99 Coins
Blocks 35001 to 37500
0.825 Coins
Blocks 37501 to 40000
0.66 Coins
Blocks 40001 to 42500
0.495 Coins
Blocks 42501 to 45000
0.33 Coins
Blocks 45001 to 47500
0.165 Coins
Blocks 47501 to 50000
0.0825 Coins
Block 50001 - PoW Shutdown

Development Update@everyone

New Chain Specs as follows

Name: Innova
Ticker: INN
Block Time: ~15 Seconds Lightning Fast โšก
Block Style: Pow/Pos Hybrid(For 50k Blocks after Full PoS) + Fortuna Stakes (Starting Height Block 800)
Algorithm: Tribus
PoW Reward: See Below
PoS Reward: 6% Annual Static Inflation
Min Stake Age: 10 Hours
Fortuna Stake Reward: 65%
Fortuna Stake Collateral: 25,000 INN
Maturity: 75 blocks
Confirmations: 10 blocks
Max Supply: 25 Million

Block 1

  • 10.3 Million -

8.1 Million - Swap for Old Innova v0.12 Chain

1 Million - Development Fund held by @322597914306412545> ( Meant for ALL FUTURE DEVELOPMENT [Example - First item on the list is Custom Discord Bot Built by @550391162616283151> who has accepted 2500 INN for bot development, and as lead Developer I will pay any Developers who help in updates or build tools we use for Innova or those who join Development Team])
500k - @255279865249398785> is in control of this fund- 50k @374511756350980106> & 50k @397014113370243082> for exchange listings & setting up of Fun Zone and Hedge (MON-INN) - 50K for Misc Help IF NEEDED - 100k TipBot & Fun Zone - 250k for shared masternode system

250k - @397478672229203968> - Website & Graphics Designer
250k - @181557844561100800> - Community and Social Media Manager
250k - @261021814824763392> - Node Hosting for chain and Mining during testing, testnet, and kickstarting Main net

ALL Premine Addresses will be posted when MainNet Launches
After Swap end we will BURN remaining SWAP coins and BURN address will be posted and public as well



Updated information sent to Coin paprika to correct our information.


GanjaCoin (MRJA) Price, Charts, Market Cap, Markets, Exchanges, MR...
GanjaCoin Price Chart | Market Capitalization | MRJA to USD Calculator | MRJA ROI Calculator | News | Description | Team | Related Events | Community | Similar coins to GanjaCoin MRJA

๐Ÿ“ขThe $COLX budget & governance system is a key component for keeping the project funded and on track.

๐Ÿ—ณ๏ธCurrent December 2019 COLX Budget Proposals;

In Wallet #Governance;

๐Ÿ’šWe appreciate the #support!


๐Ÿ“Œ Hello, SafeCapital&SafeInsure Community ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

โœ… We want to inform that SWAP is still open!

โœ… Swap rate will remain 40 SINS = 1 SCAP!

โœ… This rate is available for another week!

โœ… Swap rate is more better then the rate that is on exchange 55000sat/1000sat = 55!

โœ… SINS to SCAP swaps are only possible in amounts of 1000.00019 SCAP, which is the collateral amount for a masternode.

โœ… Amounts not multiple of 40,000.00 SINS will be returned!

โœ… LINK: https://www.safecapital.io/swap

โœ… Discord: https://discord.gg/j8S683z

SCAP - SafeCapital
SafeCapital will change the world of masternodes being the first cryptocurrency to block the collateral for a period of time! The SafeCapital vision is about financially enabling anyone in the world to participate in the global economy with nothing more than a smartphone and ...

BitGreen Community Update Regarding Rewards / Governance
In the Chain Swap Medium article released November 19, 2019, we informed the community that the new chain reward breakdown would be 85%โ€ฆ

@everyone Our DEX V80 update is here! https://medium.com/stakenet/stakenet-dex-update-v80-a01e9fa0a8e

We have recently launched V80 of our DEX testing and have confirmed all critical functions (posting & executing buys, sells, trade history, open orders, LN managers ect ) are working properly. Thanks to all who participated and helped thus far in our community test channels.

We will continue to make version updates and improvements in the coming weeks so feel free to stay engaged until our next round of demos. Here are a few key points in what to expect in upcoming rounds (we will be holding another community DEMO later this month)

  1. Fee integration
  2. Trading bots
  3. Auto channel DEX hub connection (no IP/ key exchange needed. Wallet will auto connect and manage everything for you so you can simply open wallet and start DEX trading)
  4. Trading view chart integration
  5. Backup seed for all LN channels + wallet

If anyone has features, feedback or requests on what they would like to see in our DEX feel free to reach out to our mods to join our LN testing channels and get involved. Keep an eye out here in discord for further updates and โšก announcements

We have recently launched V80 of our Lightning Network DEX testing and have confirmed all critical functions (posting & executing buysโ€ฆ

Reminder to withdraw ALL funds from Cryptobridge@everyone

As you all know, Cryptobridge is closing on 15th December 2019. It is therefore vital for the progression of Midas and ALL OTHER PROJECTS/COINS, that any assets held on Cryptobridge are withdrawn in advance of this date.

Recently, Cryptobridge changed their Terms of Service to display the following information:

2.3.5. After the Services of the Company have been suspended, all funds will be converted into Bitcoin (BTC) over a reasonable period. The Company may also choose to fulfill claims in DKK or EUR if conversion into BTC provides significant difficulties to the Company.

What does this means?
Any coins that have not been withdrawn from Cryptobridge by 15th December 2019 23:59 GMT will change ownership to Cryptobridge and they will sell on the open market to convert all coins to BTC.

MIDAS has one of the best price supports on the market, however right now, there is over 10,500 MIDAS held by users on Cryptobridge and would do significant damage to our market if Cryptobridge were able to dump these coins. For coins that do not have such strong support, this will push market value down to zero and suppress the value for masternode coins.

If you did not pass CB KYC, there are reputable users in our community who are willing to help. If you are in this situation, make yourself known in <#488921841507893248>

Our friend CryptoTube has just released his YouTube 1X2 video (link below) for his Holiday Giveaway.
We have donated 2500 1X2, which he is giving away to 5 lucky winners (500 each). Rules for the contest are right in the video, and he also gives a nice update for our project.
Check out the video, and give him some likes on YouTube. He is a big supporter of our project, and does a quality presentation. Also, check out his Discord channel (link listed a few messages up). He covers some great topics in his other videos too.

1X2 SPORTSBOOK & CASINO (CHRISTMAS GIVEAWAY) The 4th Project in our Christmas Giveaway Series is 1x2 Coin. 2,500 Coins up for grabs - 5 x Winners of 500 Coin...

@&453702118583304214> Not all of you know what we have been working on but certainly know that we are still here.

I am funding a Top 50 exchange listing with my personal funds.

Because of that, I am opening a funding campaign to support this initiative.

 I am personally financing this expense today but I would like to receive the support of those who will also benefit from my initiative.

I am not completely aware of the motivations for your investments on MYCE but I do know them for myself:

We are working on Myce because there is a REAL opportunity to create a project that can actually disrupt and achieve financial freedom. 

By creating a business that empowers the ideas of a group I am willing to sacrifice other opportunities, I know itโ€™s worth the shot. 

A donation not only represents a step forward into a new exchange but a push towards the affirmation that I am in business with the right people. 

Pedro .-
```<span id="every">@everyone</span> invited to support Myce

BTC Address: `3JUxi6BGEZVbSRKAHyn9A1svFGKkLawYxN`
ETH Address: `0xbFe96BAacDc1776E106E9eBC20153E5ce6c1FdC3`
MYCE Address: `MSZBX9gigztHJ1owkXEAmKkJSvWBzZhfCC`


We have completed our migration and the web wallet is now accessible at https://lux.pos.services.

Note: Mobile version still need to be updated. If you need to access your LUX please use the web wallet.


We have completed our migration and the web wallet is now accessible at https://t.co/hVtLuoS9Xx. Please use the new URL to access the web wallet going forward. Note: Mobile version still need to be updated. If you need to access your $LUX please use the web wallet URL ab...

๐ŸŽ„ On the first day of Christmas Vitae.co gave to me... ๐ŸŽต
A party in the Discord server! ๐ŸŽต
Happy Vacation time!@everyone please join us for a Saturday Christmas Party and Blooms with our own @&542914520138383380> s.

The concept of the STARTER MasterSet also replaces the old concept of "shared-masternodes", which as you all know, involved different risks. With the invention of the STARTER MasterSets, @!403505645577306112> has created a truly secure, as well as effective, system.

With this service for the user it will be possible to create only 1 single STARTER MasterSet, as it is addressed to solve the problem of those who do not have enough collateral to set up a standard MasterSet.

Good accumulation to all!

The BookingChain Team


Dear Community Members

As you already know, one of our Team's priority goals is not only to create real and concrete services for our community, but above all, to create innovative services and solutions in the cryptocurrency world. To be able to do this, we rely heavily on effective intercommunication with community members. In this way we are able to react immediately to the problems and needs that the community communicates to us. Thank you for being so involved in our project!

Immediately after the launch of the new and innovative MasterSet service and system (conceived by the BookingChain Team), many users wrote to us to see if we could do something interesting and effective even for the members of the community who do not have the possibility to hold a sufficient MS -COLLATERAL of 500,000.00 Tokens (in the case of CDM24) ...

With joy and enthusiasm, we inform you that our fantastic dev @!403505645577306112> had a really brilliant intuition! ... from which a very interesting new solution was born: the STARTER MasterSets!

Never as in this case, the term "STARTER" was more appropriate! Below you will understand why.

How a STARTER MasterSet works
It works in a very similar way to Single / Multiple-MasterSets, but thanks to the system with which the MasterSets Platform was created, a STARTER does not need a Collateral!

The user who holds less than 500,000.00 CDM24, will be able to create a MasterSet anyway! And this is really a great innovation in the world of cryptocurrencies!
By setting up the STARTER MasterSet service, the user will receive 10% of REWARDS per year, calculated on the content of their wallet! In practice, it will receive more REWARDS every day, as the automation of the MasterSets will find a greater number of Tokens in the wallet, given by the sum of the starting Tokens, added to the rewards tokens received daily. Obviously, with a total of 500,000.00 Tokens, you can switch to a Single-MasterSet.

@everyone Please stop sending any transaction from Lobstex wallet... We have found suspicious activity and looking into the reasons and solutions... till then please stop sending and receiving any transaction from wallet. Thanks

@everyone Please do not use swop.space exchange service until further notice!


Warning about https://t.co/bh0zb0Xp3c to other projects: they appear to be either completely unorganized, or to be scamming people. One of our community members has been waiting on his payment after exchange for 4 days now. Chatsupport does not seem to actually have access...

@everyone as additional info to the Debitcard the 2 stages of KYC and what you can do with the card or not : )

@everyone don't forget the christmas sale of blueboxes on eBay.. as of today you pay less than buying an 100K node on exchanges. Offer is limited and ends on friday.

@everyone With Christmas season at our door, our thoughts here at PENG are going to all families and friends that are not fortunate enough to fully enjoy this season. One of our charity is especially in need.

Magdas Soup Kitchen is going to prepare a Christmas event and serve dinner to more than 500 families on this Friday, December the 13th. PENG team would like to provide a strong support in this crucial time, and we would like our community to join on that effort. We will be accepting donation in PENG and specially in BTC for that event until December the 11th.

The goal is to pay for most of the chicken that will go in those dinner (more than 300KG), and as such we would like to set a goal of 20 000 000 PENG (or equivalent, with BTC).

Please, if you have some PENG or BTC laying around, we ask to contribute what you can. Every little donation can go a long way with joined effort of this community. Thank you all for being part of this community and trying to help those in need!

If you want to donate PENG: PPt6o2KcbvtvifboqftxNu8HjsdVSg7Kys
BTC: If you want to donate BTC: 3EfyEanxSKtJfujMuea9w8jTrGt9K1QwKQ

Thank you in advance for all of you that are going to help us out!


FIX Network Masternode Hosting
1 Click FIX Masternodes Hosting only $1.49 pay on Crypto/PayPal.


Fline Masternode Hosting
1 Click FLN Masternodes Hosting only $1.49 pay on Crypto/PayPal.


Neutron Masternode
1 Click NTRN Masternodes Hosting only $1.49 pay on Crypto/PayPal.


Wagerr Masternode
1 Click WGR Masternodes Hosting only $1.49 pay on Crypto/PayPal.

Easy as...oh, the Loki already transferred.

Blink is looking lightning fast on testnet! โšก๏ธ


Blink Demo
Blink allows you to send the Loki cryptocurrency between wallets within seconds. This is a demo of a Blink transaction on the Loki Testnet. #cryptocurrency #...


We are currently migrating the web wallet to a new domain name. Wallets are currently staking but you may not be able to access it while we complete this transition. Everything should be up and working 100% within the next 24 hours. We appreciate your patience during this process!

ps: the explorer (https://explorer.poswallet.io/) can now be access at : https://explorer.luxcore.io/

Congrats everyone for passing 1,700 active masternode on the GoByte network. I expect you all to actually take good care of them and use them when it comes to governance. Now is my turn to deliver, so keep an eye on the Discord and Telegram chats for my announcements. Thank you for being part of this community. @everyone

Join Horizen's Dir. of BD this Friday the 13th at 2PM GMT for an AMA on the Game of Bitcoins Telegram channel!

Join their Telegram Channel here t.me/gameofbitcoins

@everyone The 8th Official ColossusXT AMA on Reddit is live!

The AMA will end on 31 December, and 1 question will win 100,000 $COLX.


The 8th Official #ColossusXT AMA on Reddit is live! The #AMA will end on 31 December, and 1 question will win 100,000 $COLX. https://t.co/bqKhBuOCg0 #Colx #crypto #cryptocurrencies #cryptonews #privacy #blockchain #btc #Masternodes

@everyone last call for the limited edition <#637617660758065182> (limited transcendence RFID skimmer) ... oh and starting from 23rd of december you can fill them with TELOS..

Friends, I am pleased to present you a new partnership - Trendo coin
I would like to share this information with you: ๐Ÿ™

๐Ÿ’Ž๐Ÿ’Ž TRENDO: Instagram, FB, ๐Ÿ’Ž๐Ÿ’Ž
๐Ÿ’Ž๐Ÿ’Ž TikTok, Twitter, VK ๐Ÿ’Ž๐Ÿ’Ž
๐Ÿ’Ž๐Ÿ’Ž Gamification Platform ๐Ÿ’Ž๐Ÿ’Ž

The FIRST and the ONLY masternode coin that developed cool platform that began earn money BEFORE blockchain launch โ•โ•โ•

Do you have Instagram account?
Try Trendo platform: https://trendo.im

Why Trendo coin is the special one among other coin projects:
โœ… Trendo โ€” a working product. Services are being already paid for with coins!
โœ… The coin economy is working, creating organic capital generation
โœ… Trendo listed on
๐Ÿ“ˆ Crex24: ๐Ÿ“ˆ https://crex24.com/exchange/TRND-BTC

๐Ÿš€ After about three days we switch to POS and launch masternodes, the reward for the block will grow 1500 times! ๐Ÿš€
๐Ÿ’Ž Do not miss your chance to invest in our project! ๐Ÿ’Ž

๐Ÿ‘‰๐Ÿ‘‰๐Ÿ‘‰ Join Trendo Discord: ๐Ÿ‘ˆ๐Ÿ‘ˆ๐Ÿ‘ˆ

Trendo platform: https://trendo.im
Info for Investors: https://coin.trendo.im
Info for Users: https://about.trendo.im
GITHUB https://github.com/trendo-dev/
Bitcointalk ann: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5204144/
Block explorers: https://explorer.trendo.im/
Whitepaper: https://coin.trendo.im/landing/white-paper/


Weโ€™re excited to announce a new way for you to use your digital assets to buy real-world goods and services, with a card that is accepted almost anywhere.
The epay Mastercard is now available to our users in PolisPay version 8.0.0. It consists of a Mastercardยฎ card, that can be recharged via the new feature of the PolisPay app: The gift cards.

Learn more about the epay card:


PolisPay: epay Card
Weโ€™re excited to announce a new way for you to use your digital assets to buy real-world goods and services, with a card that is acceptedโ€ฆ

@everyone XBTX hashrate prices going down based on increasing TELOS value. https://www.peertoro.eu/rapidcartpro/index.php?product/page/259/XBTX+Mining+Bluepool+Mining

XBTX Mining Bluepool Mining

Your Week in SmartCash https://t.co/3q3mk3jTlg #WeekInSmartCash $smart #cryptocurrency #crypto #cripto #fintech #blockchain #bitcoin

Your Week in SmartCash just got a graphic face lift. @NanSmartCash #WeekInSmartCash #SemanaSmartCash $smart #cryptocurrency #crypto #cripto #fintech #blockchain #bitcoin https://t.co/6hcXeF5Rd3

Reminder: #SmartCash is one of the payment methods accepted by @wikileaks in their official @WikiLeaksShop merchandise store. Go ahead and get your T-shirt at https://t.co/Go3mXEYOVF if you haven't already. $smart #cryptocurrency #crypto #cripto #blockchain #bitcoin #Wik...

Education is crucial to the success of blockchain and cryptocurrency. Horizen team member Angie is driving adoption through education by speaking at engagements like the Annual Accounting Conference where she teaches students and accounting professionals these technologies!

@everyone The Czech Crown Community met in Praha last weekend. Here is a summary of the meeting and achievements!


The Crown community in the Czech Republic meets again in Praha
A successful regional community meeting supports the direction of Crown towards a milestone NFT usecase. Here is the summary of the event.

The owners of the top100 address must send a message in PM to this account.
Account ID 642829857708965907

  1. address / addresses from which old coins will be sent
    ( strictly from the top100 screenshot )
  2. new network address
  3. number of old coins to be swaped
    At the moment, transactions are accepted only from addresses included in the top100 screenshot (attached below)
    application deadline is December 15
    check administrator ID before sending him the data!!!

Link to new wallets: https://github.com/buysellcoin/buysellcoin/tree/master/releases/

Contribute to buysellcoin/buysellcoin development by creating an account on GitHub.

1 Click TOR Masternode - ZCore Hosting
See how to enable a tor masternode on the ZCore Hosting platform.

Announcing the first of three contests!
Design your own custom Vitae themed Christmas Wreath!
Take a photo with your @username#0123` on a piece of paper. Post your entry in the <#653731196999827467> channel before 15 December. The winners will be announced 17 December!
1st place: 100 VITAE!
2nd place: 75 VITAE!
3rd place: 50 VITAE!@everyone


In accordance with the 5th European Union Anti Money Laundering Directive, from January 1st, 2020, Birake has to introduce mandatory KYC for all its users.
Below you can find the 5th EU AMLD:

We'll try to make it as smooth as possible and why not also develop 4kyc.com
4kyc.com will be our internal product and your data will be encrypted and safely stored.
Thank you,
Birake Team

V1.0.1 of our GUI wallet has been released. This version has been updated to include the latest Zcoin release v0.13.8.9 This is beta software, please remember to backup your wallet before using. https://t.co/Q1i2iry98O

Please, be aware.
I have just banned a fake @324579835571601418> trying to scam one user.
remember: WE NEVER OPEN DM
Scammer ID: 653502601744351233
Authentic AK ID: 324579835571601418

@everyone just as information how to deal with me or when at best NOT at all: 10th of each month we need to push out VAT reports for multiple companies.. this is the moment of maximum "grumpiness" : ) Better skip asking something. Ohhh and when you pay anything with crypto it would be ultra-awesome if you don't report tx-id in direct messages in discord or any messenger. Just answer to the invoice you got via email and everyone is happy. : ) Thank you

The trttNodes platform only will accept payments in Trittium for these insta-nodes since Sunday, December 15.

These coins will be delisted from the trttNodes platform on Sunday, December 15.
Please, withdraw them ASAP.
We will delete the wallets after such day.

Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.

@everyone Lets join on the trollbox on SEND platform.

We are testing it together with the community.

Be the part of the development ๐Ÿ™‚


We are glad to bring you the latest PolisPay release, version 8.0.0.

The team has reworked the app from the ground up to bring you the fastest, most secure and stable PolisPay app to date.

Learn more about whatโ€™s new:



Windows and Linux versions are currently available. Both Mac and mobile versions will be available shortly as they are being revised by their corresponding App Store.

Download link:

PolisPay: the next step
This Repository is to Host the PolisPay Public Releases - grupokindynos/polispay-releases

This week the devs have been hard at work turning Loki Messenger into... something new!

More to come on that soon. For now, read all about the latest in this week's Dev Update:


Weekly Dev Update #78 - Loki .network Blog
Read all about the latest improvements to the Loki privacy suite. This week's highlights include the Loki Messenger team focusing on the upcoming rebrand.

Development Update


Plugin - Plugin initial version is finished, Innova can be used to online pay. Team is working on adding a listing feature to be able to add other altcoins to our plugin @397478672229203968> is leading this endeavor and has created the base plugin. (Great Work ๐Ÿ™‚ )

Innova Blockchain Source - I am currently in testing phase for the Fortuna Stakes, I believe I am almost finished but there is always the ninety-nine rule

MNSimple Website - @255279865249398785> has made great progress with the website, we will be able to offer a new VPS, Cloud, & Dedicated Servers service offered at a competitive price and we will offer all services on said site with Crypto starting with Innova! More services may be added ( apart from VPS ) and we will announce as the come online !

Exchanges - Many Exchanges are losing many clients due to barring with KYC requirements for example CREX24, we are being patient to find a steady exchange for the New Innova so ensure that entire portions of our community don't get barred from trading. We want to be safe with exchange and make sure we have a solid foundation of exchanges that can allow our community trade from all over the world :)

Progress has been slow but we are focused on releasing use-cases with the new blockchain as well as launching a good foundation for our source to be updated with future features ๐Ÿ˜‰

@everyone Min trading amount is quite large 100$. But hey, it's better to be integrated somewhere than nowhere. https://swop.space/

Quick and easy cryptocurrency exchange. Better than other 1000+ ex...


Community meeting starting in 5 minutes!

Join in and ask your questions in <#593901547742560266>
The voice chat is under the <#593901547742560266> !

@everyone if you work at contabo please do a roundhouse kick against the server with the IP -> I hope you are aware that your money is on a graveyard if the node is stuck (?)

@everyone the following nodes are garbage and the owner may burn them down: / / / -> these need an reindexing ... thank you


We now offer Wholesale pricing for retail stores. If you would like to carry our products in your store please visit our website at https://ganjacoinpro.com and scroll down to the footer and click "Become a GC Retailer"

Its that simple!


Check out our very own line of CBD Flower

All natural and up to 18% CBD

We currently have 3.5 Grams and 7 Gram jars ready to be shipped any where in the USA.

Purchase online or in person at our brick and mortar location today with Ganjacoin!

357 Columbia st
Fall River,MA 02721


Horizen is excited to welcome three new developers to our team Alberto, Paolo, and Marco! Our newest members will focus on Horizen Sidechain development in our Milan office.

@everyone @446651652619894794> finished the visually appealing 2020 roadmap for XBTX and TELOS. As we couldn't judge is light or dark is better, we keep both : )

thanks @!285085005708001280>


ALERT! There is a bot pretending to be a official Horizen bot alerting users to a new version of Sphere by Horizen.

Please report instances of these into the <#453616696570150917> channel and DO NOT click any of those links.
Only use official sources for Horizen software.

We will never initiate a direct message to any of our users on discord.

Practice safe crypto.

Has anyone ever read the Binance whitepaper? https://www.binance.com/resources/ico/Binance_WhitePaper_en.pdf

2017/06/14 > Confirmed start of the Binance project
2017/06/16 > Initial draft white paper completed
2017/06/22 > Announce Binance ICO
2017/07/01 > ICO starts
2017/07/15 > Binance.com release v0.1
2017/07/21 > ICO finishes```

The team behind Binance  and CZ (Changpeng Zhao) was the founder and CEO of BijieTech, a company that already provided cloud-based exchange systems to exchange operators. It was  an experienced team just taking advantage of crypto madness. 

I like how the white paper closes, kind of the same sentence could be written now without the ICO part. 

Myce Exchange is getting closer for<span id="every">@everyone</span>

"No government is going to love technology that allows us to anonymously send funds. I hope regulators look beyond the first level of what privacy coins are and that we see sensible regulation."

Rob Viglione discusses the war on privacy coins with OJ Jordy in the latest episode of Crypto Corner https://bit.ly/2P3S41k

Is This a War on Privacy Coins...Death of Anonymity? |Crypto Corne...
The Crypto Corner Podcast Ep:80 ๐Ÿ’ปhttps://crypto-corner.com ======================= In conversation with Rob Viglione - co-founder and project leader of HoriZ...

Please withdraw your FOR from CryptoBridge before December 15, or they will keep it!


๐Ÿ“ข Birake Network listed winner of the Coin Listing Program: Cowry coin!


Happy trading!


Minor ann for all: @369917746630230018> will be releasing the new Discord Bot in two stages, with the 1st release coming later today or tomorrow.
Phase 1 will allow !balance, !bet, and !rain features, and that will help get the community up to speed and familiar with the bot.
Phase 2 will be !wtb, and soon after !wts, which will allow the buying and selling of 1X2 right here on our own Discord.
For everyone able, when the bot goes live, throw a few 1X2 onto it and play around with it. While the beta testing went perfect, we want to push it with more people in the real setting, before we add the trading portion.

@everyone ๐Ÿ‘†๐Ÿป please like and share!

AMA on Discord with Adam Matlack

Chief Strategist Adam Matlack will join the community for an AMA on Discord on Monday, December 9, 2019 at 8pm UTC. Stop by to get even more details about all the exciting news coming with the fork and beyond.

ionosphere: 12/5
The hard fork, scheduled for February 11, will rebase to DASH, curb inflation, and implement POTX verification protocol to begin era of deflationary ION. Fork brings holiday bounty of new features and releases As if we werenโ€™t all busy enough, with the holiday season alrea...

Hey,@everyone !
๐Ÿ“– The second part of the article "Why PoS is the future":
๐Ÿ–‡๏ธ https://medium.com/@midasinvestments/why-proof-of-stake-is-the-future-part-2-a5e1c1e85e89

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Why Proof of Stake Is The Futureโ€Šโ€”โ€ŠPart 2
Proof of Work & 51% Attacks

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@everyone $BTC and $USDT pairs have been added to $COLX markets at Altilly Exchange.

You can also trade with COLX-$ETH pair: https://www.altilly.com/asset/COLX


$BTC and $USDT pairs have been added to $COLX markets at #Altilly #Exchange. You can also trade with #COLX-$ETH pair at @altillycom #cryptocurrency #colossusxt #masternodes #ct #cryptonews #btc #eth #usdt https://t.co/LK7X8BlIt3

I have just published our very first promo warmup video to our brand new YouTube Channel.
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Limitless VIP Promo Warmup - Cryptocurrency Cape Town, South Africa.
Our very first promo video brought to you by Ricky - Lead Developer After relocating its service to Cape Town, South Africa, team Limitless are perfectly pos...

FYI: In order to withdraw ANY funds, you need to submit KYC compliance

To quickly view if you have any DINs on Cryptobridge, refer to this link: https://cryptofresh.com/a/BRIDGE.DIN_BRIDGE.BTC

As@everyone may be well aware, CryptoBridge is shutting down all services and servers after December 15 23:59 GMT. There are currently 88,629 DINs still available for withdrawal in CryptoBridge. Please withdraw your funds ASAP. The CryptoBridge team will not be offering any refunds after the said date nor they will transfer the unclaimed DINs to any project team. For more information, go to http://crypto-bridge.org/. There are NO AVAILABLE Representatives to talk to with CryptoBridge. If possible, please withdraw your DINs ASAP.

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Gateway to Decentralized Trading

Dear Community Members
Here is a Video-Guide describing all the essential points from A to Z.

The door to BookingChain Project!

TUTORIAL for newcomers

MasterSet Platform / BookingChain Project

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E-Mail: suppor@masterset.net
E-Mail: inf@bookingchain.org

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The BookingChain Team

TUTORIAL for newcomers - Waves Discord MasterSet
TUTORIAL for newcomers BookingChain Project MasterSet Platform - New Waves Account - New Discord Account - New MasterSet Account Waves Exchange https://waves...

@everyone ok again sorry for the delay all Dec. NORT MN Rewards have been paid.

@everyone I just wanted to let you know. While I was gone my Rewards MN list file disappeared. Before I left to see my Grand baby i had paid out some MN. I just pulled a list right now and I will be paying all 409 MN 4 Nort each since its a pain in the butt to research each one I paid before so if your the lucky ones then thank GOD. if not oh wells. Today I do have the list incase something happens but I am working on them right now.

I have just published our very first promo warmup video to our brand new YouTube Channel.
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Limitless VIP Promo Warmup - Cryptocurrency Cape Town, South Africa.
Our very first promo video brought to you by Ricky - Lead Developer After relocating its service to Cape Town, South Africa, team Limitless are perfectly pos...

Horizen co-founder Rob Viglione recently held an AMA in the CryptoHub Telegram channel. Questions ranged from Rob's background to our projects unique differentiators.

Check out the Q&A collected from the channel admins at http://bit.ly/2qwSqnO

CryptoHub: Lets start the AMA. Sir would you like to introduce yourself and Horizen. Robert Viglione: Absolutely, so i'm Rob Viglione, co-founder and Team Lead for #Horizen and CEO of Horizen Labs I'm joining this convo from beautiful Panama My life before crypto was in t...

Our friends at UpBlock are having a ZEN giveaway. Enter to win on Twitter by following Horizen and Upblock, Retweeting their post, and sharing your favorite Horizen feature.


We have just published the @horizenglobal Horizen report yesterday. To celebrate the report, we are GIVING AWAY $100 worth of $ZEN Rules: - Follow @UpBlockIO & @horizenglobal - Retweet - Read the report below and tell us your favourite feature of Horizen https://t.co/zCW...

๐ŸŒŸ 12-days of Christmas!
๐ŸŽ Christmas Vacation Party!
๐Ÿ’Ÿ 3 Creativity Contests!
Music and Blooms! Re-tweet Bounties and more!

Watch <#411145418332700682> for more information!@everyone

@everyone, just keeping you up to date on this:
Based on the voting results, @339482412960710656> and @!393997995638521857> will receive masternodes, and @350420290443935747> will receive 140,000 to repay what was stolen. I have sent the coins to @350420290443935747>, and am awaiting the receipt of addresses to send Loic and Michael's coins.

CryproBtidge is shutting down on 15th December.

Please withdraw all of your balance before 15th.We have extended the black friday offer for listing to the whole of December. We are ready to welcome every project from CB to SEND exchange.

Please spread the news to the team of your favourite projects.

You can list your project as low as 300$ on SEND Platform. (300$ is just to cover the server cost for a year for your own coin)

Wallet must be btc/ltc/dash/pivx based :)

Also, you will get flat 10% for each project you refer. 

Compared to what we are building and what we will have on our next release (v3), this cost is negligible. 
```<span id="every">@everyone</span>

@everyone the AMA session has been extended with 30 minutes due to the Discord issues

โ–ถ๏ธ Trezor integration: $200/$200
โ–ถ๏ธ Desktop Wallet UI: $400/$800
โ–ถ๏ธ Desktop Wallet functionability: $?/$?
โ–ถ๏ธ Ledger Nano S integration: $?/$?
โ–ถ๏ธ Website rebranding: $?/$?
โ–ถ๏ธ GoByte Masternode Tool development: $?/$?

So, if you want and can lend FIAT money for the project (min. $50) feel free to PM me and I will add you to the group where we plan our road-map.
As you can see, we plan to do many things, but we lack funding. If you cannot lend us the minimum required, you can still support us at PATREON with the minimum of $1. More details at: https://www.patreon.com/gobytenetwork

Thank You for being here with us.

Hey guys@everyone ๐Ÿ‘‹ Just a quick update on what me and several other investors & developers are working on at the moment.

As you might have already seen on the <#379171669765521410> channel. I am planning an update of the UI/UX of our desktop wallets. Things already started to move, paid the first milestone to the developer, and he will start working from today. Trezor and Electrum integrations are going well, currently undergoing some testing as we had some networking issues. After this will be done, we will move on to the Ledger Nano S integration, and possibly Ledger Nano X integration, but that's more complex as several NDA's will need to be signed. At the same time, I am actively looking for a good and talented web developer to rebrand our website to something more unique. Hard to find what I need.

The biggest issue right now is the funding, as I and other people have to put money from our own pockets. This is why I created a small Telegram group for people that support GoByte and want to lend us FIAT money to pay and complete the developments. After the development is completed, you will be paid in GBX from the super-block with some interest, of course. The list goes like this:

REMINDER: https://github.com/PACGlobalOfficial/PAC/releases/tag/b5cdfa551

After reviewing the masternode network, there appears to be a few nodes suffering performance issues due to excessive peer connections. This PDF will show the potentially affected masternodes, we suggest updating to the newest version available as it reduces the required amount of intra-masternode (or quorum) connections to a moderate amount, without affecting network security.

Other builds are still being added to this release. So please exercise patience.@everyone

PAC - First deterministic masternode implementation using PoS - PACGlobalOfficial/PAC