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Hi friends,

We are pleased to announce WORX is now listed on My Crypto Cloud Hosting!

What does My Crypto Cloud offer:

 - Webwallet for WORX
 - Instant deposit and widthraw
 Trustless hosting:
 - Coins are always in your own wallet 
 - No tech Knowledge needed
 - 3-clicks setup
 - Fees charged monthly (lowest fees starting from €0.99 a month (€ 0,03 a day))
(always  15% discount on hosting when paid with SCN coin)
 - Internal exchanger (WORX -> Euro)
 - Up to 20% Bonus Balance on exchange coin
 - Everything is fully automated
 - Quick service (including chat support on our website)
 - Our datacenter is completely solar powered
 - Industrial grade security``` 

Trustless hosting:
Discord :
Twitter :

My Crypto Cloud
My Crypto Cloud
My Crypto Cloud (@MyCryptoCloud1)
pos/(shared) Masternode hosting platform

We are happy to announce that Social Send Coin is listed on - Affordable & Easy Masternode Hosting Platform!

You can now deploy your SEND Coin masternodes for only $0.4-0.5 per month through platform:

  • Easy masternode monitoring and management interface.
  • Cold wallet setup - your coins stay in your local wallet (computer)
  • Move existing nodes easy and without any interruptions
  • Only $0.40 - 0.50 per month (price depends on the package).
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • 24/7 support

Feel free to check out the platform at

We are super close to finishing File Attachments for Loki Messenger. 📎

What’s more, they’ll be cross platform from day one!

Check out this week’s $LOKI Dev Update to read about everything we’re working on:

Weekly Dev Update #71 - Loki
Using the decentralised nature of blockchain technology, Loki creates new private and secure methods of interacting with the internet, as well as building privacy-centric applications, such as messaging services, forums, online marketplaces, and social media platforms.

Tomorrow is Tyr's Day! The Trusty Tyr Hardfork is happening in just over ONE DAY!

If you're operating a Service Node, it's time to update to Loki 5.1.2.

Here's how 👇

Loki launcher:


Loki Documentation | Loki Service Node Full Guide
How to setup a Service Node the easiest way. This Service Node guide was written with non-developers in mind, so people new to linux or command line operations should be able to follow the Loki Service Node Full Guide without any trouble.
Loki Documentation | Service Node Debian Package Guide
This guide shows how to set up a Loki Service Node with Debian packages. The guide goes through how to setup the initial repository, installing the packeges for lokid and loki storage server. The guide is great for a technical person looking into setting up a Masternode or Se...

decentralized cryptocurrency. Contribute to AXErunners/axe development by creating an account on GitHub.

To Team Horizen, weekend is a myth. 😂
Are you guys ready for the Horizen Sidechain Alpha release on Monday? I know we are!

Thank you for your support and help in testing the Betting platform
The best testers and amount of reports

| pdigy1  |      289
| II      |      385```
**These guys get 10 coins for each report, it was an opportunity for each of you.**

Today we will update platform and launch an event where you can use your betting skills to win real coins without risk. 
Expect the next announcement today

Dear Community,

Learn and discover the features of our Explorer, where Merge's blockchain basic and advanced information can be queried and viewed.

In addition, Explorer is now being offered as a product, having already other coins using it including our partner PIVX. Find out in the post below how to order one for your coin!

We wish@everyone a great week!

Merge Core team

@everyone HATCH is listed now also

@everyone Worx just got listed on the exhange!

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Hi Friends,

We are pleased to announce WORX is now listed on Northern Exchange


The PAC Global Masternode Setup guide can be found here:

This guide uses the PACMasternode setup script with this script you only need to enter your BLS Key in the console, the rest is done for you.
This information will be added to our website in the future as we are aiming to improve continuously.

If you have any questions please go to <#397040668146532353>

Kind Regards,
PAC Global team

PAC Global Masternode Setup Guide
PAC Global Masternode Setup Guide Setup Setting up a masternode requires a basic understanding of Linux and blockchain technology, as well as an ability to follow instructions closely. It also requires regular maintenance and careful security. There are some decisions to be...

We are super excited to welcome our newest team members to the Horizen Engineering team! Their arrival is going to super charge our sidechain research and development! Check out their bios on

@everyone Telos has been added to CryptoCurrencyCheckout
Accept TELOS as Donation or Payment on social media or your webshops! No coding experience required!

Accept TELOS on your website for free with CryptocurrencyCheckout.
Start Accepting Transcendence crypto on Woocommerce, Shopify, Bigcommerce,, Youtube, Twitter, Facebook & more!

@everyone Next update about the swap is in and your votes are once again needed -

MAG goes Stellar - SWAP UPDATE 1

Hi@everyone , after good feedback from severel community members the previous pre/rc is now the release,
01Coin - v0.12.3.7 - 2nd Layer forks auto-heal, please Update to Build version v0.12.3.7-2EA2Bw42 to bring more stability to the whole network .

Contribute to zocteam/zeroonecoin development by creating an account on GitHub.

@everyone Updates on MedicCoin websites:

Thank you for your patience!

@everyone Android mobile app update (

Bug fixes:

  • bug in showing send-to or receive-from addresses
  • bug when switching from manual node to automatic mode (keeps manual mode until app restart).
  • amount overflow bug when sweeping paper key


If you currently have nodes down on Swyft host. Server 1 needed rebooting and resyncing which is now complete. Feel free to restart them at your earliest convenience. We believe this may have been caused by a maintenance at the service provider.

Kind Regards

Swyft Dev

Within the next 24 hours we release the new wallets.
Deadline for the update is set to around 10 PM GMT on Wednesday.
However, it won't be different from any previous mandatory update.
Deposits/withdrawals will be disabled until we finish the transition to 2-tiers masternodes.
Further details and instructions will be included in the release.
Stay tuned!

Your Week in SmartCash $smart #SmartCash #WeekInSmartCash #cryptocurrency #crypto #blockchain #fintech #bitcoin

3⃣ The accumulator is already live and working, all the fees are converted automatically to BIR. Like we always said BIR is backed by all the coins listed to our exchange.
For now are about 2000 BIR accumulated daily considering the volume of our partners and the current price.
Considering the price of 50 sats, 2000 BIR were accumulated daily.... We need some more partners, bigger volume to achieve 20000 BIR or even 200K BIR (not too far from here)
If the price will be lower than a bigger amount will be accumulated and so on.

4⃣ Almost ready the page for webmaster in the trading platform. Beside the tracking functionality (already implemented) They will have the possibility to claim automatically the rewards too.

5⃣ Preparation .... Five and not least MN owners will have to accommodate with a different type of coin. We will close the circle like I mentioned months ago and nobody understood at that moment. Like Big Players are trying to reduce the circulating supply from 300m to 100m, considering that 0 coins are generated per block... we have to move in that direction too.
We have now over 80K BIR generated per day from nowhere.
We need to reduce this amount close to 0 and close the circle. What does it mean?... well we will still receive rewards but we will not produce anymore new coins. And why should I invest in Birake? Because it will be a limited amount of coins, we will share the business success with the investors and we will take care to increase the amount accumulated from circulating supply for later decisions.
`Our rewards will not come from nowhere... we will receive rewards from our work, from our real business'

6⃣ New exchanges campaign is coming. We will try to attract top 100-200 coins from CMC, offering their own platform for a very good deal. We have the capacity to host 100->1000 and maybe even more exchanges. We will work on the wideness side.@everyone


I want to point out what we achieved in last 2 weeks:

1⃣ BIRAKE CMC listing as exchange network. Well I don't know if you understand how is to survive without CMC for almost 1 year. Coins are not looking for exchanges not being listed in CMC, you are not on CMC you are not existing for over 95% of crypto communities.We have many examples even being listed and they died... Do you know why Birake is alive? Because Birake is not an exchange, Birake is a White Label Exchange Software / Solution Provider. We didn't need any income from our exchange, we need to develop the platform and attract partners. We consider all the small exchanges partners, we invite them to join to our network, only 100 - 1000 exchanges together can succeed nowadays. When we hear that X is opening a new exchange honestly I wonder only what are their plans to succeed? Our plan is to unify the orderbook, users and assets... very clear and straight to the point. Plans like 'lower fees or... any other incentives I believe are useless'.

2⃣ Multi Level Referral program is done, we are doing latest tests, Birake is sharing up to 87% from trading fees. Monday or Tuesday will be live.
This is a great addition from our opinion not only because is on three levels but also the payout is controlled by the user. You can claim your rewards whenever you want after one month of earnings
Bring 10 users, if they will bring another 10 each and after that another 10 are registering and trading by the level 2. You will have 10X10x10 = 1000 users under you. (25%L1 + 10%L2 + 5%L3). It could mean a generous passive income.
The most difficult part was to apply this feature also for webmasters as a promoting tool.

We are always limited by maximum characters allowed ... 🙂


We are happy to announce that BIRAKE Coin is listed on - Affordable & Easy Masternode Hosting Platform!

You can now deploy your BIR Coin masternodes for only $0.4-0.5 per month through platform:

  • Easy masternode monitoring and management interface.
  • Cold wallet setup - your coins stay in your local wallet (computer)
  • Move existing nodes easy and without any interruptions
  • Only $0.40 - 0.50 per month (price depends on the package).
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • 24/7 support

Feel free to check out the platform at

@everyone the Make Telos sexy bounty is basically fulfilled if you like you can drop some coins and check current status of the new wallet on GitHub (release -pre-release) -> Don't use it yet as productive environment yet.

Well and the treasury bounty is over. The small majority was against an treasury: .

Personally I would like to discuss the increase of the staking share vs MN share in <#487141063681900545> currently it is MN90% and POS10%

@everyone We are more than happy to announce, CTSC-PLATFORM has joined the collaboration into making the Cryptosphere safer! They too will display the KYD verified tick and banner! KYD is also listed on CTSC-PLATFORM, please take a look around.

Go check it out !

CTSC Platform - Home
CTSC Platform. Helping you get the coin info you need

We've been added to CoinLore!

Ignition Price, Chart, Market Cap, IC Coin Essentials | CoinLore
Ignition price, charts, volume, market cap, supply, news, exchange rates, historical prices, ic to usd converter, ic coin complete info/stats.

@everyone ATM we're working on Payboxx API. Therefor GravityCoin will show inconsistent data in Payboxx.
Full resync of API will take a couple of hours to complete.

The SmartCash team was at #Enit2019 in Florianopolis, Brazil earlier this week. Great response from the audience and new partnerships in the making. Stay tunned for more updates. #SmartCash $smart #crypto #cryptocurrency #conference #altcoins #event

Finally we expand the decentralized stable coin concept by adding decentralized autonomous KYC .. the last hurdle is how the network can legally pay taxes to greedy governments .. than everyone should be happy

@everyone currently we are preparing us to be ready for 2020 AML and KYC requirements. If you followed UK news you may noticed that they extend the regulation to opensource wallets. This is really funny as any block or kyc code you add in opensource code, can also be removed just like that. This being said and in case you missed it at first, we are working on the Transcendence Wallet which is multicoin / includes service/ instatrading and more in a single app. This one will include KYC and is going to be AML compliant. Well the funny part is that the opensource wallet may see a UK User block but it is nonesense as opensource means you can change it. Funny times ahead. I see it always as chance as we can provide a compliant solution to users and a all in one to be precise. First use of starts next week. Based on that we implement it analog into the telospay webwallet. Where we also implement Bitcou API to buy vouchers directly with Telos. Next week we have again a call with Tangem about hardware wallets and card decks.

Watch @sandraszehwui give an update on the highlights around Zcoin from the past month. Includes her trip to Bangkok with Boxmining to live off solely off Zcoin, Zcoin getting added to Badali gift cards and Zcoin’s partnership with


Hello Polis Community!

For convenience for the network, we decided to move the DIP3 activation spork time.

The Spork will activate on a block 460280 near Oct 21 3:00 PM UTC 

Please upgrade your nodes before the DIP3 activation.


PolisNodes charges are deactivated to prevent charges on non-active nodes.
The PolisCore and PolisSupport team will never contact you directly. Keep Safe.

Our next sidechain engineering milestone is just days away! Check out the 2nd part of an interesting Q&A series and learn more about about Horizen Sidechains

Horizen Leadership Q&A Ep.2 – Sidechains And Sidechain SDK - Horizen
Horizen is designing Sidechains and a Sidechain SDK to allow developers and enterprises to quickly and affordably spin up their own blockchains. Our next sidechain engineering milestone is just days away!About this Sidechain Q&AThe Q&A you are reading today was sparked by Tel...

Word from CEO..

Hi Dear Community,

I have a lot of questions to answer now, and i will start from IEO.

IEO has been a total failure no one bought the tokens, so i am officially declaring it as failure.There is a lot of burden on me now as we are even unable to pay for the servers.

Through introspection only conveys my failure as a leader of the project.I believed some people who assured of funding for the IEO and they have later backed off.

Me along with dev, dave and others invested considerable amount of man hours to make things work out but its not happening.

I will be stepping down as the leader and will try to choose someone who can do justice, if anyone from the community is interested to take the project further, please let me know.

Thanks for being with me.

I sincerely apologize everyone for the failure.

Happy to announce that GoByte is listed on POSMN Platform.

You can now deploy your GBX Coin masternodes for only $0.4-0.5 per month through & check Masternode stats:

Masternode #Hosting #GBX #posmn@everyone

@everyone i have just enabled dm‘s again because of the android and iOS wallet / peertoro offerings . Please don’t spam me .. post Public : ) there are others mods too .. just post Public .. if it is telos related .. post Public


Luxcore developer Giaki is featured in a brand new podcast from ITK Crypto. Giaki discusses lots of fascinating topics including Smart Contract scaling, Schnorr signatures, and decentralized file system (DFS). Give it a listen at

Also please share this podcast with your crypto friends and give some love to Giaki for his excellent job representing Luxcore!

ITK Crypto #18 - ft Giaki - Lux
In this episode Tom White and Cryptosi interview renowned developer Giaki who is the lead developer for LuxCore, a feature packed cryptocurrency In this Podc...

@everyone The first cycle of the platform is officially done, the team is now hosting a first iteration for testing purposes as bugs are inevitable.

A version and an official announcement of the release Date of the platform will be carried out soon keep in mind that the project will need you now more than ever as bugs and UI improvements are a never ending cycle making the platform better after each iteration.

We are glad to be at this very point after such a long time overcoming all kind of issues and proud to be the first Blockchain Freelance Platform completed with its own blockchain basis and currency with all the features present on known platforms and more to come.

As we always said the team is here to stay and the project is part of each of us now.
Thank you for all the support everyone.

The Stipend Core Team.

  1. Updated the starting screen advertisement SDK, avoiding the starting crash.
  2. Repaired an issue of the occasional crash of the advertising platform billing service.
  3. Adjusted Tap Tok bonus points, and the amount of rewards is adjusted dynamically now.

3.调整了Tap Tok奖励积分,现在可以自动动态调整奖励金额。

Mobile wallet for New Power Coin. Contribute to NPW-Project/NPW_Mobile development by creating an account on GitHub.

Friends, if you have troubles with CryptoBridge KYC, we remind, that GTM is also available on Crex24

CREX24 | Официальный сайт биржи криптов...
Надежная биржа криптовалют | официальный сайт - CREX24.

They also have a Discord for support and general chat about the exchange:

If you don’t understand English don’t dare to share my words misinterpreted and translated wrong into any other language or the thunder will come over you in form a ban hammer 🔨 as a little girl asked:“ how dare you?“

@everyone Please use Explorer2 .. we are working on official explorer...

Lobstex - Summary
Lobstex block explorer

All  Altbet (ABET) servers have been updated to version v1.0.1.3
Please update your wallet and restart your masternodes.
```<span id="every">@everyone</span>
The revolutionary mutual betting platform with provably fair odds - altbet/abet

@everyone Denarius (D) was listed on the new Coinvex Exchange!

Coinvex - Cryptocurrency Altcoin Exchange
Coinvex - Cryptocurrency Exchange. Trade your favorite altcoins!


Hello Polis Community,

Moving forward with the update to DIP3 masternodes, we have created the following tool to allow regular masternodes to be updated to DIP3 masternodes:

This tool assumes your masternode have is already installed in your VPS.

We also added support for DIP3 in polisnodes. Polisnodes will now show 2 status the status of DIP3 status: This status shows what needs to be done to have a DIP3 masternode ready in the platform. You don´t have to recreate your node, you need to follow instructions given in the "INSTALL DIP3" button.

Also, all new masternodes created in polisnodes will automatically be DIP3..

The Polis Core team has set the date to activate DIP3 masternode at October 20th 12:00 AM PDT. After this date, all masternodes that are not DIP3 will not work.

Charges for the polisnodes platform will be deactivated until DIP3 is activated in the whole network.


We are glad to announce we are listed now as insta-nodes at the trttNodes platform

💥 trttNodes is a masternode investment platform -

What does the service offer:


  • Investments with no limitations or barriers - starting from 10 EUR minimum value and no cap on maximum investment.
  • Investment pools - no shares, seats or dedicated masternodes, your investment will be treated as one position and always get it's fair rewards.
  • Instant rewards - no waiting for the first rewards or masternode filling, get paid 4 times a day, on every 6 hours
  • Instant withdrawals
  • no coins locked for days and waiting for replacement.
  • Compound interest by Reinvesting enable "Re-invest" feature and get the accumulated rewards automatically added.
  • Flexible management - you can add more coins to running investment or withdraw from it any amount, whenever you wish.
  • Low fees - 4 EUR/month flat fee per masternode and 4% on rewards for the amounts less that full MN.
  • Fees paid in TRTT - your coins won't be sold on the market and drive the price down.
  • Team dedicated to investors - no need to worry about wallet updates, chain forks or swaps, airdrops, support and monitoring.

How to invest with trttNodes (new UI) -

*** If you have any concerns and questions, feel free to contact Trittium team on their Discord server -

Masternodes investment solutions, powered by Trittium
trttNodes is here to transform the Masternode investment process and thus reduce associated costs and resources, and increasing the ROI for investors.

With exchanging $SMART became much more convenient. Now you can exchange SmartCash and manage transactions right in Telegram App. Try it! @scashofficial

  • Still not enough??
    Alright, you talked us into one more 💝
    Here is another gift in celebration of our 1st Bday:
    ALL deposits made into Casino, that are fully lost (meaning no withdrawals are made from deposit to full deposit going to zero) will receive a 50% fund injection into their Casino account.
    EXAMPLE: You put 1000 1X2 coins into Casino and that deposit goes to zero. We deposit 500 more 1X2 into your account. No catch, no gimmicks, basically free betting with that bonus. Also, this promotion will continue, with each separate deposit, until we announce the end date.
    This 50% Bonus Deposit will begin on Nov 1st, 10:00 UTC, and end upon community announcement.

🎆 🎆 🎂 🎁 🍹 🎉 🎉
Welcome, best MN community ever, to the 1X2 Birthday Party. We are officially one year old today, and we would like to take a few minutes to reflect on what we have accomplished.
Come to think of it, why don't we just let our friend CryptoTube handle that? He is better at it:

(Give him some likes on YouTube guys - pro grade work, once again)

As you may have seen, our own @435631142805438475> is handling the first half of this, with his Mega World Series Baseball Promo. Stay tuned to the main channel, as he will release the official opening date & time for placing your picks. We have 5000 1X2 coins to give away on this one, so read up on his tips. The deadline to enter is before the 1st pitch of the 1st game is thrown, which is scheduled for Tuesday, so don't miss out on the chance for some free coins and some good old community smack talk.
Part 2: CASINO
Not to be forgotten, the Dev is also giving away 5,000 1X2 coins on a Birthday Casino Giveaway. The rules are as follows:

  • All prizes are awarded based on total amount bet, for one full week (all qualifying bets must be in BTC, 1X2 or a combination of both).
  • All winners will be contacted via their listed 1X2 Casino listed email and username. Due diligence will be made to alert the winner(s), but if not claimed within one week, the prize will go to the next person in line.
  • Contest will be for any combination of all 3 online games (all 3 will be tracked and combined, for prize purposes)

1st PLACE: 3000 1X2
2nd PLACE: 1500 1X2
3rd PLACE: 500 1X2
Casino Giveaway Event will begin THIS SATURDAY starting 10:00 UTC and will end at 10:00 UTC the following Saturday.

1X2 SPORTSBOOK & CASINO (Birthday Special)
1X2 SPORTSBOOK & CASINO (Birthday Special) Casino: SportsBook: 1X2 Coin has just reache...

You can deploy now your DAPS Masternode with the updated wallet.
Please, be sure to have the latest DAPS desktop wallet: V1.0.2

⏳The Horizen weekly public team call is today at 3:30 PM UTC/ 11:30 AM EDT on our #WeeklyInsider channel on Discord. Join us to learn more about upcoming releases and get insights from our leadership team.

Until the end of October, receive an extra 10% funding when you deposit VITAE tokens into your account for masternode hosting!@everyone - Masternode hosting, simplified
Easiest masternode hosting platform, starting from $0.13 daily.

@everyone Please find below the outline for the next steps that we will take in order to actively involve the community in the GIN project.

GIN & GEA hand over communication
Dear all, We know that the past few months the silence brought impatience in the community. As we were detailing previously, we gave a lot of thoughts on how the project should move forward with more and more of GIN community’s involvement. From the start, GIN had one of ...

@everyone get the PolisPay app in AppStore or on google play .. soon you can buy vouchers straight from the app

Loki has its very first Tether pairing on Bihodl!

Now you can trade LOKI with USDT.

If you have issues passing block 250000, please try to reboot your wallet. If this doesn't help, use the updated bootstrap here:

Close your wallet, replace the files in your StakeCubeCore root directory and start the wallet again.
Also remember to check your masternodes.

If you have SCC on stakecube or another hosting provider, you don't have to do anything.

For further support, please use <#496504171512594433> or <#496296792472813568> - the Mods/Support will be with you soon.

Watch Zcoin's $XZC @reubenyap being interviewed on @RT_America @BoomBustRT on the importance of uncensorable private money to mankind and the sacrifices needed to achieve it. Interview begins at 15:35

We STRONGLY recommend that Service Node Operators update to Loki 5.1.2 before the Trusty Tyr Hardfork next week.
This release fixes a rare but serious bug which could freeze your lokid post-fork.

Update 👇

Loki launcher:


Loki Documentation | Loki Service Node Full Guide
How to setup a Service Node the easiest way. This Service Node guide was written with non-developers in mind, so people new to linux or command line operations should be able to follow the Loki Service Node Full Guide without any trouble.
Loki Documentation | Service Node Debian Package Guide
This guide shows how to set up a Loki Service Node with Debian packages. The guide goes through how to setup the initial repository, installing the packeges for lokid and loki storage server. The guide is great for a technical person looking into setting up a Masternode or Se...

Coin Exchange has ceased trading and deposits. Make sure you move your assets by the deadline

@everyone, we are deleting the new updated wallet due to some issue... Wallet 2.3.1 is working. Apologies for inconvenience...

Contribute to avymantech/lobstex development by creating an account on GitHub.

Rythm 'n' Blooms! 🤘
Join us 31 October 1000 UTC - 1 November 1000 UTC
If you do not yet have the Rythm & Blooms role,
you must apply if you wish to attend the Event.
<#558303104316080132> @everyone

Please be advised that the Explorer will be going down for a mandatory update.

  1. Completely redesigned explorer install, with improved functionality.
  2. New look and feel, keep up with our Limitless - VIP image,
  3. Improved API functionality to tie in with the new user area and mobile apps.

Create your DIP3 POLIS Masternode easily!

Create your DIP3 POLIS Masternode easily - ZCore ($1.49/month)
Create your POLIS Masternode on ZCore Masternodes System Only $1.49/month

Create your DIP3 PAC Masternode easily!

Create your DIP3 PAC Masternode easily - ZCore ($1.49/month)
Create your PAC Masternode on ZCore Masternodes System Only $1.49/month

APR has been integrated in the multi-currency Arion Android mobile wallet which includes DASH, BTC, APR, ARION and VULC capabilities.

Arion Wallet - Apps on Google Play
With the New ARION COIN Wallet you can SEND, RECEIVE and STORE all your ARION COINS safely on your Android Device. As a bonus you can also install the following coin on your Wallet: BTC, DASH, APR and VULC. This will allow you to monitor the prices of these coins as well. T...

Hi@everyone Thank you all for the support, really appreciate it. As we have mentioned before, we are working on adding more projects that will accept ragnarok as a mode of payment, and at the same time, we are getting on more exchanges. In the coming weeks,will have more information on a service that will be accepting ragnarok as a mode of payment that will be released in alpha phase very soon .We are aware of the decline in the price. We are working on how to increase it and make it more stable. If you have any suggestion please reach out to any of the team members. Thanks!

@everyone we received some info that some people nodes are stuck on a block if you using our Linux script you can run this to invalidate

./ invalidateblock 108f1d2ffe218a9ab88199d6c326e2715a028b7e4318a6b64c9fd52fddcc3667

then restart

./ && ./

If you using windows you can use the debug console and run this then close and open wallet to resync

invalidateblock 108f1d2ffe218a9ab88199d6c326e2715a028b7e4318a6b64c9fd52fddcc3667

Here is a link to our latest bootstrap too

Just a reminder, there is a new discord, for those that dont' know.

@everyone retweeting can’t hurt : )

TELOS Coin $TELOS has added 3 additional #tiers to the platform. 3,000: 10,000: 30,000: #Transcendence #masternode #masternodes

Just had some communication with BlockNet and they should be updating in the next coming days. Crave is no longer listed on Indacoin. The link on the website has been removed.

@everyone CoinExchange stopped the business, please start withdrawing your coins!

Check out the new Weekly Polis:
If you have any questions, please let us know and we will gladly answer.

Polis Project Weekly Updates (10/09 to 10/15)
Polis Core

@everyone today we had the WDR as visitor : ) the topic was radio and tv advertising .. both for one of our companies aiming to serve Zoll and German Police (not crypto related) but anyway I couldn’t resist and got them excited about the Greenbox. With a bit of luck we can convince them to do a special .. at least they are interested in it as a sub radio station called 1live is going to become CO2 friendly ... no more love-plane .. but the Greenbox comes to the rescue .. imagine at German morning magazine daily before and after the weather information „Das Wetter wird gerettet von“

This is the waves address to spend a beer!


Thank you so much!!! 😃🍻

Blockchain Update

Dear Altbet Community,
As many of you have been able to notice, our new blockchain is experiencing its first issue.
The blockchain is paused on the 71059th block.

If you see that your wallet is not synchronizing anymore, do not panic, our developer team is aware of the issue and is finding the simplest fix.

Updates of the issue will be posted in our <#626121167698395175> channel.

Thanks for your understanding@everyone.

- Altbet Team

The prices will be declared later. Fact is that the price will significantly drop every 1000 sold units for the hardware.

And one last Sample is coming... should be the last one. Looks similar to the last version but is different technically.


Dear Community User

1'086'640'785.35 CDM24
This is the quantity of CDM24 sent today, through 206 transactions (manuals), to the members of the community enabled to "exchange" from CDMT to CDM24. In case some users have not received the CDM24, please indicate it via EMAIL, with attached your Discord ID and a screenshot of your CdmT that you have in the WAVES Wallet. Within a week starting today, then by October 23, 2019 at 00:00 UTC.

Thank you all

Midas becomes the Masternode.Buzz premium backer@everyone

As a part of our marketing campaign, we became the premium backer for the popular masternode news potal: https://Masternode.Buzz!

They will highlight our upcoming features and updates in the articles. Also, we will join their new Masternode Portfolio project. More details soon.

We are very excited to announce MIDAS as our latest Masternode Buzz Premium Backer! $MIDAS aims to offer a complete solution for crypto-passive income instruments, such as an investment platform with free hosting, integrated exchange, and analytic tools!

@everyone please check wallet update (non Mandatory update) with checkpoint additions. Thanks

Contribute to avymantech/lobstex development by creating an account on GitHub.


Did you know what you can trade CATO for BTC/LTC/ETH and DOGE on finexbox - Get started today!

@everyone As a follow up for the platform development, the last storie left is being worked on right now and we took some time also to iron out some bugs and should be able to have a release announcement in the next couple of days.

@everyone We just published a new article on Medium -
regarding a security vulnerability in linux systems. Masternode, systemnode and linux wallet users should patch their systems as soon as possible.

sudo vulnerability: patch your systems
Attention masternode and systemnode operators, anyone running a linux wallet

The Loki Foundation has approved LIP-5.

The Loki team will work on transitioning to a full Proof of Stake consensus mechanism throughout 2020.

We're still gathering feedback on how to distribute the remaining mining reward.

Have your say:

LRC-3 (Block Reward Restructure) · Issue #10 · loki-project/loki...
Overview I'm creating this issue to strictly define what options the Loki team and Loki foundation has raised in unison with, LIP-5 @CryptoFirefly raised this same issue in #9 but the choic...

all who lost coin used previously spider wallet , I wrote about this on past large thefts. If you have used this wallet, please take precautions.

I get new complaints about coin stolen, these are small amounts. I recommend you move your coins new wallet for the safety. No one knows how the coins were stolen. Be careful please

Polis wallet is working now.
Polis investments will also be ready soon.
No fees will be charged to any Polis investor in the next days.
We will keep you updated.

One of the possible XBTX assets by the way

@everyone is going to implement telos

Accept Bitcoin and Altcoin Cryptocurrencies on your Website & Stor...
The Safe and Easy way to start accepting Crypto on your Website or Store with no fees - Copy and Paste Integration

@everyone Hello Deviants,

With great pleasure we announce the growing of our team with a couple of dedicated and like-minded people, who are community members and early investors,
all of them possessing different skills, and now we have everything to move forward.
We now have 6 professional developers on board, a marketing department has been practically formed - 4 people.

There will be no takeover plan!

The new members of our team gave us strong motivation with their selfless help and great desire, they convinced us to continue following our dreams and Vision.
We will do our best to finish what we started and create a better/faster and more secure decentralized exchange.

We want to thank all of you for your endless support and that you believed in us.
We are proud of you Deviants you created a strong and friendly community and you deserve to enjoy the fruits of your investment

From now on we will be as transparent as possible, open for communication and providing all the needed information.

There will be some changes:

1.Once a week we will publish a report on the current project situation, even if it will be minimal news or small results.

2.It is no secret that we still have some financial issues, so everyone open to provide help are welcome
Development will not stop because of those issues, we will find a solution together as a family.

  1. At the moment developers have restoring DEX and there will be an analysis of upcoming work, partial completion within coming weeks, then work on the interface.

The whole group works on the basis of volunteering, we are still looking for talents who can help us.
In particular, we need Android dev and another iOS dev.

As you have been informed we are expanding our trading reach and are already listing at Graviex Exchange.

Sincerely yours, Deviant Team.

@everyone is looks like there is a FAKE Carsen going around in our Discord channel. REMEMBER, Carsen will never offer ANYTHING for you to download via a private message, nor will he ask for funds. Carsen also has a yellow tag. If you need any help please get in contact with any of the Emperors. Wookie


Congratulations to head of Department @494382194383388673> for being awarded the Flame of Peace for outstanding contributions to charitable causes at this years Washington Elite blockchain summit in Vienna. Our team couldn't be more proud.

22 Blueboxes left.. if there are no asshole boxes in between we should finish it today ... than it should also look good for those who added orders lately... Thanks for the patience.. Bluepool is progressing nicely. To access it, your wallet will need to be whitelisted. Blueboxes, Bluephones (update on this incoming) and xMiners get access. Everyone else not interested in devices has to pay an upfront fee of 10K EURO payable in XBTX. Pre-Mining of 30 days will be announced soon.. 1-3 days i think. XBTX Miners can be ordered at some places for PW2 users or at yourbrainonblockchain offerings are being worked on. asked me if I like to attend with them at Malta in November.. hmm why not. Short info: Bluepool's mission is basically to ensure mining rewards also for low power devices by keeping the "competition" out and trying to beat them in terms of hash power. Strong units in pool will be placed to ensue that a fraction will go to small devices. circle closed

IMPORTANT! - CoinExchange Trade Stops Today

🗞 Dear PAWS Community,

This is an important reminder! There is no given time but only today.. Do no send PAWS to Coinexchange or they could be lost.

CoinExchange deposits and trading (buy/sell) will stop working today. We urge everyone to remove all their PAWS from CoinExchange and send to our platform or an alternative PAWS wallet.

CoinExchange News:

Could all PAWS users ensure they comply with CoinExchange to prevent the loss of PAWS


At PAWS we are not just creating a crypto project, we're building a global animal charity and brand!@everyone !

CDM24 (Anti-Dumping Token)
🔹 The CDM24 is a token created to help the CDM community (through BookingChain Project) rebuild the blockchain of the Masternode-Coin CDM, which will be accepted as a payment method on our "BookingChain booking platform".
🔹 CDM24 was born from the vote of our community to move from the first CdmT token, which was manipulated by the dunpers.
The characteristic of CDM24 is the minimum value set at 0.00000014 BTC (on all pairs), as voted by the majority of the community, and a 24 hours limit to Sell or Buy orders.
🔹 Any buy or sell orders lower than this minimum value will be classified as "DUMP" and the user will be removed from the community.


Dear Community User

CDM24 Token was created, tested and verified.

In the coming days it will be distributed in your wallets, to replace CdmT. There will be no swap procedures, the CDM24 tokens will be distributed (manually) to the WAVES addresses used for the CDMCOIN virtual swap.

As already known, the dumpers will be excluded from this distribution, as established by the unanimous approval of the majority of the community. The previous CdmT and CdmT2 tokens will be burned by the end of November 2019.

CDM24 Token Details
🔸 Name: CDM24
🔸 Issuer: 3PMWTSsEaqw5NuUZ5YT5kYwT8KvYrVFGWcZ
🔸 ID: px9Em9GWCrvLeMhegdLwMHPkcRJEffFTxPGgNnoGiDo
🔸 Total amount: 3,500,000,000
🔸 Decimal points: 8
🔸 Type: Reissuable
🔸 Issue date: 14.10.2019 17:16
🔸 Script: set
Maximum limit of 24 hours for sales and purchase orders

Minimum value set for CDM24 pairs
CDM24 / BTC 0.00000014
CDM24 / WAVES 0.00124919
CDM24 / DASH 0.00001564
CDM24 / LTC 0.00001957
CDM24 / BCH 0.00000485
CDM24 / ETH 0.00000598
CDM24 / USD 1.00

Happy new start to everyone!