Finally, #Sigma in $GXX is now fully enabled. Happy Minting!

Your Week in SmartCash $smart #SmartCash #cryptocurrency #crypto #blockchain #fintech #bitcoin

@here we have spotted an anomaly within mass address creation within the local wallet. Please make sure when creating addresses that is starts with a lower case s.

If for any reason it comes up with anything different please inform us immediately.

Please do not use this address whilst we investigate. It seems completely random and we are on with resolving the issue but it isnt widespread.

Kind Regards

Swyft Team


BiblePay | 10% Charity | POBH CPU | Sanctuaries (Masternodes) | Or...
BiblePay | 10% Charity | POBH CPU | Sanctuaries (Masternodes) | Orphans

BiblePay - Leisure Upgrade
(Mandatory upgrade for Sanctuaries)

  • Fix OneClickMining initial crlf issue (Meaning that biblepay.conf will
    not be corrupted if user starts with one-click-mining config)
  • Add Payment Option 4 for Cameroon-One, and fix BIO URL
  • Apollon Integration for Deterministic Sancs: Add 'exec blscommand
    mnppriv blsprivkey'. This allows the user to set the deterministic
    masternodeblsprivkey in the sanc biblepay.conf file. NOTE: The
    EncryptAES256 and DecryptAES256 were added to support this feature (this
    is so no other node can discover your mnprivkey or your mnblsprivkey
    during transmission or initialization).
  • Update Health feature for Sanctuaries only: Set healthupdate=1 to
    enable, healthupdate=0 to disable, default is Enabled on Sanctuaries
    only. If this is enabled, you will see your Sanctuaries health status
    (IE Best Block Hash, GSC voting level) in the pool. This will be
    valuable when we host with Apollon.
  • Disconnect nodes who ask for too much gov data
  • Fix governance.dat bloated file size, on boot. Reindex governance.dat
    on boot if > 25 megs.
  • Clean up GSC contract data after 1 day. Sanctuary Quorums: Vote to
    delete duplicate contracts.
  • Decrease memory consumption (by purging gobject cache)
  • Limit network bandwidth (by removing unecessary and expired govobjs)

Note: The sync time and network utilization will improve after people start utilizing the new version

Hi 01coin community, here is one Pre-Release/Release-Candidate now made public for@everyone
Everyone can try it out and give it a chance if willing to, and feedback on stability and sync speed or bugs.
01Coin v0.12.3.6-rc - Protocol 70211 stabilization release, RECOMMENDED MANDATORY Update

Contribute to zocteam/zeroonecoin development by creating an account on GitHub.

@here As we enter the second week of full swap. Please make sure you complete your swaps within this time frame If not contacted us before.

On the 22nd we move to 50% penalty on the swap ratio and to wallet.dat verification. A further announcement about this will come out on the 21st of Septemeber.

Also note MNO and the Cryptobridge listing has been paid we are just awaiting further update.

Really good to see nodes now being loaded onto the network in force and we look forward to sharing more with you soon.

Kind Regards

Swyft Dev

@everyone We expect to have the website back up tomorrow. We identified a few problems that are currently being addressed.

Also, check the message above this one and join our new Telegram chat 😄


@everyone - CatoCoin is happy to announce that we will soon be listed on the Flits platform!

@everyone Dear members of Oryx community,
We are pleased to announce that we are ready to move into the swap of OryxCoin to ESTCoin.
The swap process is detailed described in the link below:
Please take time and read the Google Form details and follow every step.
Swap will start on 16.09.2019 and will closed on 30.09.2019
Thank you all ,

Ciprian Popa

Swap form OryxCoin to ESTCoin
Dear community, please follow the steps below for your OryxCoin swap to ESTCoin. We recommend to you all that you send all your coins in one transaction. This will help us in sending all your coins at once and get you in staking mode so that you can help the network. Step ...

@everyone please check the <#619906086085853184> and the current impact of our Telos Kiva Group . You can help us already with just becoming a member to strengthen our positive image. <#621772650284318740> project will be connected to it. The idea is to provide a place to buy / burn / trade CO2 in order to compensate it but also to offer technical devices to reduce / compensate / prevent CO2 for companies and individuals. Parts of the income will be used also on Kiva for social aspects.

Check out the impact we've made on Kiva!
Our team has already lent $425 to entrepreneurs around the world. Check out what we've done and join us to expand our impact!

What about 4,000 cold nodes running?

@everyone Our new Telegram group is ready! Please join and share with family & friends:
We are aware our website is having some downtime, we are investigating and should be back up soon.

The future of privacy. PoS/MN. Charitable giving automated through blockchain technology. Check out our partner charities at Website: Discord:

Coming soon...Receiver Address Privacy (RAP) that allows users post a single address out publicly and not reveal financial privacy while remaining compatible with mobile. RAP is an implementation of BIP47 Payment Codes that establishes private tunnels to solve address re...


Dear community and investors,

In about 8 hours our IEO will start on EXMARKETS.

The IEO will go in 5 rounds, be there and get your CazPlus tokens with a 20% bonus in the first round.

Dear community and investors, In about 8 hours our #IEO will start @ex_markets. The IEO will go in 5 rounds, be there! and get your #CazPlus tokens with a 20% bonus in the first round. #TokenSale #community #cryptocurrency #ecommerce #blockchain $BTC $ETH $LTC $BNB $KCS

@everyone community meeting to start in 10-15 minutes, open talk going on now

@everyone The Telegram chat was deleted in spite by someone that got removed from the team. Please wait till tomorrow, I will have setup a new one and will share the link here 👍

The Telegram chat was deleted in spite by someone that got removed from the team. Please wait till tomorrow, our developer @WG912 will have setup a new one and we will share the link here!

There's only a few days left. Follow us on Instagram for your chance to win $20!

Login • Instagram
Welcome back to Instagram. Sign in to check out what your friends, family & interests have been capturing & sharing around the world.

I have submitted a proposal for development funds via the supper-block. All MN holders please read and cast your yes vote in support. You can view the proposal in <#438407295836094464> .Thanks

@everyone Starting from next week we will improve the way to reward engagement for our post on Twitter.
We are very excited to introduce Kalkulus Tip Bot that will send $KLKS rewards to all new followers and award you for sharing our contents!
Follow@klks_tipbot on Twitter to get involved!

Starting from next week we will improve the way to reward engagement for our post on #Twitter. We are very excited to introduce #Kalkulus #Tip #Bot that will send $KLKS rewards to all new followers and award you for sharing our contents! Follow @klks_tipbot to get involve...

Dhl answered via email .. movement .. yay


We’re certain some of you have questions from our latest update, and we want to answer them!

We will be publishing a Bitgreen AMA video next week with team member Jason Stone.

🍃 Please submit your questions here at latest Sunday to be featured:

The BitGreen Team!

Bitgreen AMA questions
Dear Bitgreen community, We will be hosting an AMA this week and would love to hear all your questions around our latest update posted on Friday and any other general questions are welcomed!


Stay Safe!

Much Love, Carsen.

Hello Doges,@everyone

Its the time again, Development Update #5 is out! We got a little surprise inside! (it's about SignalHub)

Development Update #5
Hello Doges, Once again the DogeCash Team would like to thank everyone who has been assisting and been here since Day 1 until now. Everyone has been essential in getting us to the point we are at n…

The future of Midas coin@everyone

While we concentrated our strengths on launching the exchange and InstantBuy, Midas coin had only one utility: allowing free hosting of your masternodes.

We believe that when the masternode is providing you with passive income, the service should not take 60% of your profits to finance masternodes. Therefore, Midas finds ways to increase your income by earning on other sources of income, like the Exchange and InstantBuy.

Due to our hard work on optimizing the platform and launching new features, we did not add more utilities to Midas coin. Despite on that, from the middle of July the price of Midas coin grew two times. The reason behind it is the success of InstantBuy feature that allows projects to sell coins directly to investors. The BTC from sales splits between projects and exchange to support the coin's price.

After the exchange release we plan to add more features to Midas coin and improve our Lock-in feature, transforming it from "making the platform free" to all-in instrument for passive income.

The role of Midas coin is crucial in our long-term vision. And once the platform forms its way to new market, Midas coin will lead the way to reforms.

We have many ideas that we validate within our team and investors. By the end of the exchange's launch we will focus on spreading the word about the coin between hundreds of new users.

The alpha-test will start the next week and everyone who joined will be able to participate. We will announce more details soon, so make sure to put all notification up!

@everyone if you haven't noticed. Stipend is now verified as a KYC Project through CryptoBridge, we are still in talks/waiting for other exchanges to respond as we still have an ongoing listing campaign to complete.

All the other items announced are well advanced expect an announcement soon & a monthly update this month as there is so much to talk about during the AMA.

Thank you
Stipend Core team

Hey@everyone !

This week, Jason Stone Co-Chairman from BITG Foundation wanted to address: Block Reward update, BitGreen Ecosystem & Use cases that we're about to deploy.

▶ Watch full video update here:

Make sure you’re following us on social media for updates and stay tuned next Friday for another update!

The BitGreen Team!

Bitgreen Update #4
Video Sponsored by Bitgreen! This video covers the multiple ways in which the projects focus will impact demand for BitG in a positive and potentially parabo...


@everyone dont forget to come join us for testing!!

@everyone We are happy to announce that Kalkulus just joined another great service!
We are now listed on Snode , a platform for shared and dedicated masternodes

SNODE.CO - Masternode as a Service
Shared and dedicated masternode solutions

Horizen is moving to a naming convention for our releases and we need your help!

We have chosen an overarching theme of "Celestial Objects" for our future releases, but we need help selecting four sub-themes for our Sidechains, Sidechain SDK, Product/Wallets, and Node Client releases.

Send us your best "Celestial Objects" themed ZenName for your chance to win eternal glory (and $30 in ZEN + shirt of your choice)! Giveaway details here

The ZenName Game - Horizen Naming Convention Competition - Horizen
We’re embarking on a journey to unify Horizen under one cohesive naming convention. Horizen’s development capabilities have grown massively over the last two years and we’ve developed many components including products, nodes, software updates, and sidechains. We haven...

Monitor for ZCR 2.0 is active on the masternode platform.@everyone

Horizen's Weekly Insider is now available on our podcast and on our YouTube channel. Rob gives insights into community involvement in Horizen governance and how we are trying to increase involvement in the community.

Horizen Weekly Insider - 12th September 2019
Transparency is one of Horizen’s core values, to us this means both internally and externally. Every Thursday at 4:30PM UTC/12:30PM EST we have calls where t...

@everyone Please welcome our Merge Blockchain Toolbox

Our Blockchain Toolbox lets you quickly determine if you are on the correct chain and your masternode status. Coins on the wrong chain can be lost so wouldn't it be nice quickly check your chain status? If your answer is yes then you're welcome -

@everyone website will go into maintenance to place SHND swap instructions. Thank you very much!

@everyone First of all I would like to apologise to all those who lost any money during CFL's time.
We carried out the platform and the project as intended and the system itself worked excellent from the feed back of those that used it however as you all know the overwhelming factor that people only wanted to transfer directly from Fiat solely to BTC was the downfall with it in the end. The platform ended up costing huge money every week it was running and thats when BTC was at the lows of $3k - $4k, should we have kept going the transfer fees would have been even higher now and we would be in an even worse position.
However a year later we are still here and have not given up, quite the opposite. Over the weekend we will be putting up an update on CryptoFlow Developments as we are just about ready to go and should begin kick off toward the end of next week. For the moment though below is some info regarding the swap. We have also reduced the ratio of the swap to more benefit CFL holders.
Thank you also to all those who have reached out offering support in private over the past few months.
For those interested in the ITO itself please register your interest via the website as ITO Purchaser/Project Investor. Those registered will receive the new WhitePaper via email 24 hours prior to everyone else which will also be the start of the Pre-ITO.

CryptoFlow Developments
Property Development backed by Crypto

Hey guys! Big thanks to CryptoBull for making a great graphic for our roadmap. We also included some history of development here, have a look!!

@everyone I would like to congratulate @394949316457922570> , my partner , a person that this project would be impossible without , the guy behind the scenes that manage all the developers, devops and second tier support with his BD


Those hodling 1000 SENDs got 15 SENDs and those hodling 10K SENDs got 345 SENDs from the rewards. We will consider the effect of block reward halvenning on next month.

HODL SEND, incerease your hodlings, trade it on the platform :)

Trading it on SEND platform will help SEND grow


📢 Birake Network listed winner of the Coin Listing Program: ZERO CLASSIC- ZERC coin!🎊 🎊 🎊

Happy trading!


Public chat replies ✅
Link previews ✅
Conversation search ✅
Moderator tags ✅

Come check out all the new features in Loki Messenger v.1.2.0!


*Note, it may take a few hours before you see the update!

Get Started - Loki
Loki Wallet You will need the Loki wallet to hold and secure Loki. If you feel more comfortable with command-line interface, you can also download our CLI wallet, which is compatible for Windows, Linux and Mac OS. Installation Guide If you are interested in GPU mining, downlo...

-> else it was send via FEDEX and now with the worlds shittiest drecksladen ever.. DHL

@everyone waiting for the last batch of Blueboxes... ... .... ..... zzzZZZZZZzzz zzzZZZZZzzz ... I will call them again in order to get it speed up

DHL Privatkunden - Einfach, günstig, zuverlässig: Ihr Paketversa...
Günstig, schnell und zuverlässig: Ihr Paketversand mit DHL Paket. Versenden Sie Päckchen und Pakete in über 220 Länder mit dem führenden Paketdienstleister. Sparen Sie mit der Online Frankierung und nutzen Sie deutschlandweit über 28.000 Postfilialen, Paketshops, Packs...

-> and no... you can't steal my coins.. it's just a trash wallet ; )

@everyone got answer from Apple.. the creation of passphrase /backup wouldn't work on iPad with iOS 12.4 .. hmm .. it does .. Curios how they react now.

ipad works 12 4
just a proof for Apple that it works on iPAD too : D


Community meeting to take place at 5PM EST/10PM BST SATURDAY 9-14-19
Please prepare your questions in <#593901547742560266> if you're looking to have any specific questions answered.

We are very close to our launch point so please attend if you can, or ask your questions for the team to answer.


DACH.EXCHANGE is officially closed!

Login/Registration or Deposits/Withdrawals are NOT possible anymore!
DACH.EXCHANGE will stay around 1 week ONLINE then will be redirected to our main Website

If anyone got questions regarding his DX-Account please PM me (untill 19.09.2019)

Further steps will be announced!

Best Regards


@everyone new news coming out that may put a stop on more marijuana business from opening up in Fall River ...

We will be talking with our lawyer and angel investors to figure out what our next move will be .

What it looks like might have to happen is we will change plans and open up in another city. We will have more information as this story unfolds

Markey files bill to stop Fall River marijuana dispensaries from o...
BOSTON — Less than a week after Mayor Jasiel Correia II was arrested for allegedly extorting roughly $600,000 from cannabis businesses trying to open in Fall River, a state representative from a neighboring community has filed legislation to prevent any more Fall River dis...

@300535608722325505> is a long-time member of our Discord channel. His insights and Pepe memes keep the conversation interesting! Thanks for being a supporter of our project. 😊

@everyone .. finally we are now embedding into Blueboxing Portal (for 2FA reasons) and finally we will add to TELOS Pay.. than you can do one-time AML /KYC and use TELOS Pay to accept payments on your website or shops (shopify bla bla and so on as well) . Stay tuned.. we inform you asap. (hmm one drawback... TELOS Pay will only be available for EUROPEAN citicens for now / at first.. but feel free to request an exemption and we will check your local regulatons and decide if your country will be added or not - we are interested to add as many as possible but can't do a blind flight and lack time to check every country without any sort of interest.. just ask , if you don't ask, we don't add it likely )

Horizen nodes updates were announced during our recent live stream. Updates include Unique IP and Stake Crosscheck, API subkeys (for hosted nodes), enhanced connection checking, and more. Watch the announcement here

Horizen Live Stream 4 Sept 2019 - Community Activity and Team Updates
Update from Horizen team hosted by Rob Viglione (@finpunk), Rolf Versluis (@blockops), Rosario Pabst (@zench1ck) Big Picture - Accomplishments - Development ...

@everyone I apologize due to family issues i couldnt make Q&A session today , i will reschedule


Please take 2min of your time and leave a mention about lux to Beaxy at:

Thank you!

As such, we are hosting a vote for upcoming projects listings. Leave a cashtag for the projects you want us to list below. If the cashtag already is in the comments, like it. We will pick from comments and organize an official vote next week.

The website has now returned to fully functionality.

We are proud to announce that Bitcoin Cash has now been integrated on Social SEND platform, along with an in-built exchange.

Happy Social Sending!

Happy Trading!


@everyone - I've been informed that the value of Cato on is not reflected properly in the value shown on I contact MNO and it appears as through they use a blended rate from multiple exchanges that trade Cato - see here:

CatoCoin Exchanges | CoinGecko
Get CatoCoin (CATO) volumes and prices by exchange.

Join us today for the Horizen weekly insider (12:30PM EDT/4:30 PM UTC). We will have updates on Horizen Sidechains and more. Can't make it? You can still submit questions for our Q&A and listen to the podcast later. 😉

Submit questions on
Code: 929556

Join a presentation - Mentimeter
Enter the code and participate. Let's hear your opinion!


📢 Birake Network listed winner of the Coin Listing Program: Dequant - DEQ coin!🎊 🎊 🎊

Happy trading!


@everyone CatoCoin is up 374% in very active trading and is listed on the Pecunia platform! - Get your CatoCoin masternode started today before collateral rises soon. Get locked in at the current collateral now! Catocoin holders more than tripled their BTC value overnight!

Without the **

We had to reboot our masternode server. If you have your Masternode running on and have the coins in your desktop wallet then you will need to follow this action.
Please go to debug console and start your MN
masternode start-alias *YOUR_ALIAS*

Deposits can now be made with wallet 2.0 on our masternode platform.@everyone

@everyone Midas $MIDAS is now available on TheHub

Here's a new digital assets integration completed on #TheHub. @MIDAS_NEWS $MIDAS is now ready for regular #Masternodes #Staking #Vbox and #COMAnodes clientless onsite deployment. We accept $BTC $ETH $BNB $KLKS $ARRR $XLR for all servers rent. Sign up on

@everyone Gold Poker coin has been listed to #Evonodes! Turn a few coins into a full #masternode

Check out the Instant Shares $GPKR #masternode pool here -


We think is better to share in advance the working progress tasks

  • listed CMDX coin
  • new exchange partner on board
  • working to list BTL
  • working to list Zero Classic
  • working to list Dequant
  • New exchange partner contract signed. Working to be deployed

Of course our support tickets are solved daily and all the extra features announced are in pending list.

Have a nice day!

On behalf of the SWYFT team, we're pleased to announce that the CryptoBridge listing payment has been paid with the listing
date awaiting announcement. Stay tuned for more updates!

@everyone The Seventh Official ColossusXT AMA is live:

Seventh official #ColossusXT AMA hosted on Reddit is live! The #AMA will end on 30 September and 1 question will win 100,000 $COLX.…/comments/d30cl3/official_colossus…/ #Colx #crypto #cryptocurrencies #cryptonews #privacy #blockchain #btc #ma...

@everone UPDATE the Northern Exchange has now been updated. Thanks to @358754008862687233> He was able to trouble shoot the EMAIL Activation and the Withdraw EMAIL issue and now the EMAILS can automatically be sent out without any hesitation. Which is good since in the 15th PayDay trading is coming up where all fees will be .10% comaired to normally 0.15% Happy Trading and because of that until the 15th we are having 0.0% fees for all trading, withdraws, and transfers. Happy trading.

@everyone The Sixth Official ColossusXT AMA is live:

Sixth official #ColossusXT AMA hosted on Reddit is live! The #AMA will end on 30 September and 1 question will win 100,000 $COLX.…/comments/d30cl3/official_colossus…/ #Colx #crypto #cryptocurrencies #cryptonews #privacy #blockchain #btc #mas...

Vote for SmartCash @crypto_checkout Help us get listed on a promising payment processor and grow our user adoption. $smart #SmartCash #cryptocurrency #crypto #blockchain #fintech



Our announcement is now posted on the blog. We're going to be zoning in closer on SignalHub. The beta is looking amazing (and we'll be going down that invite list soon enough). Development updates soon to follow! Stay tuned!

Read full,

Announcement: After our meet, moving forward
Hey Doges! We’ve had nothing but a great week so far even though we didn’t have our Monday meeting. Instead we had it on Wednesday in order to adhere to the team’s schedule. We re…


The SWYFT Hosting Platform Will be moving into Maintenance Mode while we do important work on the system.
Please cease all use of the system until further notice!
Update will be posted here as we get urgently needed work done

GravityCoin has been added as a form of payment method at MCM Marketplace! You can now Buy & Sell Goods with $GXX on MCM! @CryptoMcpc

We have gained valuable experience, and understand what needs to be done to bring Aegeus’s vision alive.

As you know, the product itself reached beta phase and was very close to launching but still required some tweaks. We feel that the product needed to be more user friendly and to have an easier installation/setup environment. Ideally, a new structure in place for the flow of operations would be best. We believe in the project’s vision and that the vision can become the standard. With the new funding, we can propel progress forward, develop and execute a marketing plan, and deliver a working product.

We will provide another announcement as we work out the details. Please post your questions in <#425320914784092166> and we will respond as soon as we can. Again, Thank you for sticking with us through these stagnant times. With your continuous support, we can bring Aegeus’ vision to life.

Aegeus Team

Hello Community@everyone !

We would like to start by greatly appreciating your patience and support. We wouldn’t be here without you. As you know, progress on our project has stalled because our lead developer, MinDiff, the development team and other staff were forced to seek external/secondary employment to support their families and maintain their personal lives. Although our focus has been redirected, our hearts still yearn to be working for Aegeus and to bring Aegeus’s vision to life.

The main reason why development has stalled is because the initial funding has been depleted expending for the following necessities over the time:
• Exchange maintenance and updates (Wallet upgrades, hard forks)
• Exchange listing fees
• Hosting costs
• Team salaries
• Marketing efforts (in the start we spent a substantial amount on different placements on other websites like and

Although development has stalled, we remain providing support and providing responses to our community. MinDiff and I have constantly been strategizing on developing a plan to move Aegeus forward. Our plan is to re-brand the coin and conduct a crowd fund, which would provide funding for the following expenses:
• Developer salaries
o We can bring back the original development team, support team and other staff
• Marketing
o We can not depend on word of mouth
• Hosting costs for our website, explorer, seed nodes and development machines
• Exchange fees for coin updates, new exchange listings
• Provide resources to build a completely new and upgraded Aegeus wallet and blockchain

@everyone, if you receive a private message from one of our team members remember: We NEVER DM you first! There is a fake github going around called GlobalPACOfficial. This is Not our github and we believe that what is on there is malicious!

If you receive a DM from someone that you need to update like this one, please Report that person to one of us immediately. This is the message that they have been sending:


Kind Regards and be save,

PAC Global team





Please report this account as being fake

birakecoin - Overview
birakecoin has one repository available. Follow their code on GitHub.

Check out the new Weekly Polis :

If you have any questions, please let us know and we will gladly answer.

Polis Project Weekly Updates (09/04 to 09/10)
PolisPay cards

PAXEXlive Stake 15 has launched

Match Prediction on PAXEXlive now active

Even new Horizen community members can make a huge impact. Tony Stark recently joined our community and immediately began asking engaging questions and chatting with us. It's made our channel fun! We are glad you chose to join us, Antonio! 😊

Dear Bettex community!
We have released a new version of the wallet 3.3.0, in this version of the purse implemented MN reward reduction. We are forced to take this step to accelerate the transition process on the Waves blockchain. Spork will be activated during the next 10 days, who are not updated will be in another chain and will not make SWAP

Michael from @boxmining spent the entire day in Bangkok, Thailand with @sandraszehwui to try live off Zcoin $XZC via @SatangCorp beta app with PromptPay integration. Still some kinks to work out and streamline but they had a blast!

@here we are looking for credit card processing company , European based ... if you have any experience please send your comments in <#475720642642313216>


I have some excellent news to share about our SEO campaign. One month ago, on 11th August, I startted the SEO campaign tageting 20 keywords. Today, just one month later, I'm happy to report that some of our keywords are ranking on....wait for it...1st page of Google.

Being from Australia, I'm checking against the domain. However, using a VPN, I have connected to other regions such as USA and UK and have found our keywords have moved up in ranking too.

For security reasons, I won't reveal our entire SEO keyword list but, instead will share with you the 3 most popular and obvious keywords we should be targeting.

They are:

  1. "masternode hosting platform" - ranking on page 1, position 9.
  2. "masternode hosting provider" - ranking on page 1, position 10.
  3. "masternode hosting" - ranking on page 2, position 17.

This is just the start, but a move in the right direction to get more exposure for the Apollon Network and our XAP coin.

I will continue with our SEO campaign to get our other keywords ranking as high as possible.

That's all for now, wishing you all a lovely day or night.

Dear FOR community,

This week features an updated version of the wallet and some informations about our upcoming nearby milestones.

- Old codebase update
A new version of the actual wallet is released. The wallet update is recommended but not mandatory.
We have released a Mac OS Mojave and a Ubuntu 18.04 version.
We also updated the masternode scripts if you wish to install it on Ubuntu 18.04.

- Rebranding
The new logo and wallet designs are released, we will update all the social platforms during the week.

- Migration website
The chain is 75% synchronized on the explorer. Once it is, the developer's address will be visible and everyone will be able to use the explorer.

- Livetree Partnership
We hope you claimed your free 90 days subscription and 5 SED tokens, in case you did not yet, you can still visit the dedicated website here:

Thank you for your support in helping us to deliver a better, fair and censor-free Internet for all!@everyone

CRCA casino coin will be delisted on Monday, September 16
If you have some coins with us, please withdraw them before such date.


Hello dear community,

we have the possibility to be listed on the following platform. This is a platform for a staking pool and masternode hosting.

For this we need the cooperation of as many members as possible.
The vote is unfortunately not free but must be paid with a RDCT token.
The good thing is, we can exchange the token directly via our exchanger. At the moment a vote costs about 3 Bro, this depends on the price of Bro and the price of the token.

The platform is currently available in three languages.

Please vote all so that our project will be better known and more people will know that we exist.


@everyone we temporarily stopped staking on platform, we will announce when it back.

Trittium nodes works properly now.
Insta Nodes are receiving their rewards.
Cold nodes owner: Please, start your Trittium nodes again.
We apologize for this.

🎊 🎊 🎊 🎊 🎊 Today is the birthday of our super trouper amazing CEO!!! 🎊 🎊 🎊 🎊 🎊
From the entire Birake team we wish him Happy Birthday!!!! and we wish him the wisdom and strength to make Birake one of the greatest projects from the industry! 🍾 🍾 🍾

Spam him today with your best wishes! 😬

Have a lovely day@everyone !


Hey beta testers, a new toy has just hit the shelves... Lokinet v0.5.1!

To get up and running, check out our public testing guide:

Happy testing!@everyone

Zcoin is live at CoinGecko's Changelog in Invest:Asia 2019

Update your ZCR Masternode to 2.0
. “Update your ZCR Masternode to 2.0” is published by Erick Costa in ZCore.

The website has been moved from self-hosting to Github Pages! This should mean easier updates (via github) and that anyone can participate in updating the site by submitting Pull Requests via Github.

If you'd like to help, please visit the webpage at to make sure everything seems functional and let us know if there are any issues.

Ignition Coin - The Future of On-Chain Payments & Store of Value
The Ignition Network’s blocks are generated by a triple hybrid methodology – Proof of Work, Proof of Stake, & Masternodes. This reduces power cost compared to other cryptocurrencies. Create a master node through the wallet, stake your coins, or mine them. Welcome to the h...