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Interested in Energi X, our planned zero fees exchange? Take a look at what we have planned

Energi X - Energi - Medium
A Cryptocurrency Exchange for World Adoption

Read the latest Loki Dev Update, featuring Checkpointing!

See checkpointing in action on testnet here:

Weekly Dev Update #57 - Loki
Using the decentralised nature of blockchain technology, Loki creates new private and secure methods of interacting with the internet, as well as building privacy-centric applications, such as messaging services, forums, online marketplaces, and social media platforms.

SPV servers are live and now in testing... countdown to mobile wallet!! @TheHempCoin #hempcoin $THC

@everyone InstaSwap is back on! Don't want to deal with exchanges? No KYC! Future plans for Visa/Mastercard integration. Let's keep the momentum!

@everyone Welcome to the mid July AdultChain (XXX) Announcement

In this issue:

  • Nova Exchange listing
  • $XXX market disappearing from Crypto-bridge Exchange
  • Platform
  • Team presence

Nova Exchange listing
We haven't heard from Nova Exchange since we applied for the (Cryptopia drama) listing.
Boumba is going to look into that.
To be continued.

$XXX market disappearing from Crypto-bridge
Personally I had a minor heart attack when I was visiting the revamped Crypto Bridge - discovering that the $XXX market had disappeared from the list - gone, whoosh!
A newly introduced 'handy' feature, hiding all the low volume markets, is turned on by default - apparently.
It sucks - as long as the volume is still low you can opt to show the $XXX market in the list.

We have overcome the biggest hurdles that presented themselves while creating the infrastructure that will facilitate the video streaming processes. For the first time since the start of the development less new issues arise and are added to the todo list. While munching away the remaining issues, the alpha version we had put on the horizon is finally moving into sight.
Later, when most issues are addressed - the idea is to invite some community members for a first peek and initial feedback. When and how exactly will be announced later.

Team presence
As it happens, we are all having some housing issues, moving to new places, rebuilding, redecorating...
Because of this you will see less activity on discord.
Development will also slow down for a while because of a couple of very welcome weeks of holidays (and arranging housing stuff ofcourse).

That was it for this time, the next announcement will probably be in 3 - 4 weeks from now.
We - the XXX Team would like to thank all of you for being part of our community.

Important Marketplace Announcement
@everyone - As you know all know Phore Blockchain puts a very high priority on performance and security in all of the products we deliver. We recently uncovered a bug within the new version of the marketplace and this may have become problematic to some users. In order to protect both the Phore community and maintain our development quality standards we have made the decision to delay the release of the marrketplace until the problems are resolved.

Whilst missing our deadline is regrettable, this is nothing compared to the regret we would have felt had we released a version of the marketplace which was not in line with the quality users have come to expect from the Phore Blockchain team and project.

Our developers had been working round the clock to meet the deadline and are confident in having this resolved in the next day or so, however in line with our quality standards we are intending to re-test the entire platform. The revised release date for the new version of the Phore Marketplace is Monday July 22nd.

We thank you continued trust and support.

ZENZO smartdrop date is out!

Hodl at least of 100 SENDs on the SEND platform account to be eligible for the airdrop. Airdrop amount will vary
based on SEND holdings.

There will be three airdrops for each coin. People holding 100SENDs will get XX amount. People holding 1000 will get XX + YY amount. And people holding more than 10000 will get XX+YY+ZZ amount.

Also, we will be sharing SEND coins to those holding more than 10K SENDs on the platform. Amount will be announced in few days. We will stake all deposits as a pool and share it to those having more than 10K SENDs on the platform on timely basis. (More announcement will be there on this)



Crypto-Bridge has done the update you should be good to trade again.

If there is any issues let me know.

Horizen's latest meetup in Paris was fantastic. We look forward to seeing you all again soon! In the meantime, check out the latest interview with Manon and Dorian about Horizen on Air Connect here (interview is in French)

20H Crypto - Spécial Horizen France
Émission diffusée le 4 Juin en direct sur Air Connect Radio Présenté par Kayvin et en compagnie de consultants de chocs : - Lems (Youtubeur sur la chaine Tra...

We invite you to submit your honest reviews on their website,@everyone

🛒 Buy E-Gift Cards with $Colx #Colx #ColossusXT @ Cryptocurrencycheckout.


The Community Exchange has been listed on Nomics with Grade A+!

New Capital Crypto Exchange - Volume, Market Prices & Listings, Tr...
An exploration of new coins & listings, trading fees, location, market prices & charts, trading pairs by volume, and popular crypto & fiat quote currencies.

ColossusXT community,

📢 Another contest to spread Colx,

👉 retweet their tweet and vote $Colx #Colx under it. lets you buy gift cards from 500+ brands and prepaid card top-ups with cryptocurrencies


Explorer up and running ( still indexing )

Link :

Hi, in order to participate the contest simply ask your community members to retweet this :
and add your project's anchor and ticker as comment of their retweet.
Round 1 ends next Monday 12 : 00 UTC ! Good luck !@everyone

The HempCoin $THC
#makeyourcryptoscashable contest is on !
Round 1 starts now ! Which of these #cryptos will soon be spendable in everyday life ? It's up to you to decide ! #LimonX’s pre-#IEO private sale is live at 
$lmxc #ICO #coldstaking #staking #passiveinc...

We are now out of high alert and everything will be functioning as normal.

I am placing TittieCoin in High Alert as we seem to have a few people out there who are trying to make us look like a scam. We have had a team member reshuffle and server permissions are under review. I am calling on the community to take action against these rumours by debunking them. We have and have had people in our own server who has been working with@Cryptoneversleeps and@aumattycos who are developers of a coins called ShitCoin who are trying to bring down TittieCoin and name us a scam in several locations. This does not bother me much since I have been defending TittieCoin since it's birth in 2014.

Here is the Telegram Group

Here is the Discord

Shit Coin
Download your shit here @shitdownloads Join our discord

@everyone The new and final ticker for BitcoinSubsidium is XBTX . Birake will need approximate 1 week + as they need to add a new section next to BTC and USDC -

@everyone @316316557871546368> has made a sum up of the tiered nodes system which will be introduced with Telos 2

How does Tiered model of Telos work and affect things
Telos is about to change into Tiered model. But how does that work and how will it affect things?

🇹 🇪 🇦 🇸 🇪 🇷 3⃣@everyone

You can sign up to our platform as freelancer, and create a profile for employers to hire you - or, in this weeks teaser: you can sign up as employer, and detail a project listing for freelancers to bid on. Prices have been changed to 'Satoshi/hr' for now, as trial for the BTC payment.

We are getting closer and closer to releasing the alpha platform 😄

@everyone You have just over THREE DAYS left to update to the latest version!
If you aren't updated in time, you will be on a sidechain. Please update all your wallets & masternodes as soon as possible to prevent this.

Link to original release announcement:
Wallet release on GitHub:
MN install script, bootstrap script & addnodes:

This will be your LAST reminder to do so before we hit the designated block height (525,601).

Official repository for PENG Coin source code & wallet clients - coinpeng/pengcore
Selection of install & update scripts for several PoS/MN coins - WG91/MasterNode-scripts

New wiki page going over many of the configuration or launch parameters you can use with Ignition:

Ignition is a PoW (Neoscrypt) / PoS / Master Node hybrid cryptocurrency, with a 5 million coin maximum supply, which is generated slower and slower over 50 years. Master Node cost 3000IC, block siz...

@everyone New article just published by Kingsly Alo about how the Phore Synapse architecture and Phore Marketplace will aid in the adoption of cryptocurrencies in Africa. Check it out here:



Migration!! - The Center Branch - Medium
Heres how you dump your private keys for THC in the QT wallet

$COLX The 2019 Q2 AMA is completed and the team has responded to 17 questions. The winner of the AMA is: CryptoBottleGuy AMA: #colx #cryptocurrencies #ColossusXT #btc #Reddit #AMA

@everyone THC will send the new chain to Bittrex devs for Migration

The rule has always been you need to have a masternode running to be able to vote or decide what to do. We have finally automated the verification of this requirement.

Please head to

  1. Login with Discord
  2. Input the address of your masternode collateral
  3. Follow the instructions to sign a message on your wallet
  4. Our automated validation will put you the @&453702118583304214> role
  5. You will have access to our Citizen channel to discuss internally

Good week@everyone

$THC Migration to an Asset Chain of $KMD - HempCoin(THC) - Medium
Good day!

assure people that as long as they have their private keys, they can import them no matter what```<span id="every">@everyone</span>





Update wallet for chain fix :


If you are on the wrong chain use this bootstrap to update you chain , you check this to type in console : getblock 6f2a885ceff6873ef5540346d4a0b3f66d60d4c25cdfc7253cbd45355fe48752 if you get a error you are on the incorrect chain.

Link bootstrap :

Contribute to Dixicoin-DXC/Dixicoin development by creating an account on GitHub.

WOW!!! Much work has gone into this Migration for $THC! Thank you to @KomodoPlatform for all your help! Our new chain is LIVE with Migration steps on the new website! THIS IS AWESOME!!! @TheHempCoin @KomodoPlatform $THC $KMD ...


Update wallet for chain fix :


If you are on the wrong chain use this bootstrap to update you chain , you check this to type in console : getblock 6f2a885ceff6873ef5540346d4a0b3f66d60d4c25cdfc7253cbd45355fe48752 if you get a error you are on the incorrect chain.

Link bootstrap :

Contribute to Dixicoin-DXC/Dixicoin development by creating an account on GitHub.

Dash (DASH) masternode
Dash (DASH) masternode investment comparison tool features the most accurate and detailed stats and a free anonymous monitoring tool to track your own masternodes.
Dash (DASH) masternode
Dash (DASH) masternode investment comparison tool features the most accurate and detailed stats and a free anonymous monitoring tool to track your own masternodes.
Dash (DASH) masternode
Dash (DASH) masternode investment comparison tool features the most accurate and detailed stats and a free anonymous monitoring tool to track your own masternodes.

@everyone Exile13, [14.07.19 10:55]
about another hour and there will be an announcement

Exile13, [14.07.19 10:55]
i gotta get some food

We have finished alpha development and testing for #PAYBOXX The next step in phase #orochi is restricted public access Are youe a part of beta program? Check your Discord DMs to find out *Sad? No invite? Like, tag 2 people and follow @bitcoincz_org for a chance to win 5...

Snapshot block 554496 @TheHempCoin $THC #hempcoin MOVING DAY!!!

@everyone , New Listing ann.
We are already listed Altilly on ETH/ARK/XQR pairs.

altilly - Crypto Trading Market PENG/ETH
altilly - Crypto Trading Market PENG/ETH
altilly - Crypto Trading Market PENG/ARK
altilly - Crypto Trading Market PENG/ARK
altilly - Crypto Trading Market PENG/XQR
altilly - Crypto Trading Market PENG/XQR


We have just release a mandatory update (v5.3.3) for the Lux wallet, please update as soon as possible to avoid getting on a fork. Thank you!

This update brings a lot of changes, bug fixes, and new updates. For a full list, please see the change log on GitHub. Also included is the new rewards formula (see our previous announcement for more information). The fork block is set for 828100, which should be around Wednesday, July 24, 2019 (depending on your time zone).

Thank you for your support!

LUX - Hybrid PoW/PoS & Unique PHI2 Algorithm | Masternode | Parallel masternode | Segwit | Smartcontract | Luxgate | Proof of file storage (Decentralised distributed file storage) - LUX-Core/lux

@everyone We are determined to list GPKR on Mercatox exchange and we have been getting many votes

We try to win the listing competition, and after sometime we will hit the first position and GPKR will be live on Mercatox

We have managed to get 1800 already

We ask our community to contribute

Help us with your votes!

Will be appreciated

DarkPayMarket update :
Plan is to make first private market test next week, then pushing the private market key/listing generation tool online if all goes well for team/partners testing, then going public july 26th

PAWS Is Here To Stay

🗞 Dear PAWS Community,

Let us make this CRYSTAL CLEAR. The PAWS team is 100% dedicated and determined to deliver on its promises..

Nothing has changed and over the next few weeks, you will see more of what we have been working on.

Teams will be built around PAWS and VAULT and the company restructured.

We have a new fresh, fully featured, user friendly charity website in development, with an expected launch date of August.

We are working on improving our WP and other documents.

We have been putting up more nodes on the VAULT platform and the numbers could rise more as we get caught up with your demand for free hosting.

A lot is happening and soon, you will all see the rewards

Thanks to all the loyal believers for your support.

At PAWS we are not just creating a crypto project, we're building a global animal charity and brand!@everyone !

@everyone Here is the document for the upcoming proposal to be added to the PAC Network for operational expenses and outreach.

Let's be patient with the team, there will be much going on!

It will be very helpfull for each of us , if you can sign form listed on Kucoin exchange. We already submitted few aplications,
and with help of everyone we will get listed on a top exchange,
You need to be registered on KuCoin
Thank you all for help
Here you will find the application form.

E-mail address => your e-mail address (registration on the KuCoin exchange)
Project Name
=> Transcendence blockchain
Token Name => TELOS
Project Official Website
Whitepaper =>
What is special about this project?
here you have to write something for yourself and give only an example (change the order):

Recommend All Your Favourite Coins!
The People’s Exchange is again giving a voice to the community to help us choose high-quality projects! This time, you can pick ANY project you wish. Anyone can join and tell us which project deserves to be listed the most. The campaign will run from 00:00:00 on July 13,...
TELOS Coin (TELOS) | TELOS Coin - The green and social coin


Thank you @405850131330760714> for the notice.
It will be very helpful for us if you will vote for us to be listed on Kucoin. We already have the application form submitted and maybe with your help too we will get listed.
Kucoin is one of the top exchanges from our point of view and its worth your attention.
You have to be registered member of Kucoin and you also have to use your email used at registration.

Here you will find the application form.
E-mail: your email used for registragion in kucoin
Project name: Birake
Token name: BIR
Off Website:
What is special about this project:
You can inspire from

Thank you and I'm sure that your small effort will be meaningful!

Recommend All Your Favourite Coins!
The People’s Exchange is again giving a voice to the community to help us choose high-quality projects! This time, you can pick ANY project you wish. Anyone can join and tell us which project deserves to be listed the most. The campaign will run from 00:00:00 on July 13,...

@everyone ☝🏻

everyone please make backups of your wallet.dat regularly I have had my wallet become corrupted 2 times and nothing worked to salvage it except restoring from a previous backup. (people should do this anyways but i am specifically asking users to do this)

Horizen's LatAm team has been working hard. They attended multiple meetups and conferences where they were invited speakers 😎 and still had time to create Horizen Academy's Spanish content. Watch the full breakdown here

Horizen Live Stream 3 July 2019 - Community Activity and Team Updates
Update from Horizen team hosted by: Co-founder and Team Lead - Rob Viglione (@finpunk) Project Manager - Luca Cermelli Sr Software Developer - Allan Dumaine ...


Good day XDNA Community!

Project update

📲 1. We create and launch new payment-module. Mobile Crypto Payment - XDNA MCpay.

It is a gateway to recharge any mobile account in XDNA cryptocurrency.
Now our community could spend XDNA coins not only for exchange or some unique cases, but for such a common thing like mobile number recharging!

Works worldwide. Exchange ratio base on current exchange rate. Temporary max limit - 50$ per operation. If system will be out of funds it will show you a warning before exchange operation.

Try it now:

🖥 2. As we promise, we release new VPS hosting platform. It is not special masternode hosting platform (like GIN, GTM or SS) - more like a simple version of VULTR.
We aware, that many project in masternode market release their hosting platforms or staking platform or any other platforms for same purpose.

XDNA VPS rent features:

  • simple vps server with 2$ per vps in XDNA.
  • no advertising, no wishes to become "largest of largest service"
  • no marketing, no bullshit.

If you just want to rent a vps server and dont have a problems - try our platform.

Direct link:
(no promo code or referral links as well)

🔗 3. PoS system almost ready. We will keep you updated about last stages of development through <#525673217747320832> channel from monday.

🛠 4. We considering a project re-branding and launch a new discord server to activate community activity on it. What do you think about this Idea ?
Share your opinion in #general please.

Be spendable with XDNA

Trittium is now listed at!!!!
Check it here

Trittium (TRTT) masternode - $341.72 USD
Trittium (TRTT) coin price: $0.006834 USD | 0.00000059 BTC. Masternode investments: $341.72USD | 0.02935948 BTC. Masternode investments back in: 1741 days

Hello all those on this server,
This Monday July 15th 2019, we will be Exchanging your Acre for GGN.

@everyone I want to draw your attention to the voting going on over at again. We're in second place with the votes right now and thats fantastic, but, only 30 people have voted for us. We believe in you all as our great community, and we would love you all even more if you would vote for us onthere and help us get listed. You need to sign up, but there's no KYC or other bullshit, just an email and a password.
With the number of people active in the channels here, we should be able to get that first place easily, if you all could donate 2 minutes of your time to the good cause.

Thanks in advance, and have a great rest of the day!

Voting -
Txbit - a cryptocurrency exchange for the everyday trader. Our philosophy is simple; Security, Privacy and Reliability. Built and based in the Netherlands.

All  Altbet (ABET) servers have been updated to version v1.0.0.1
Please update your wallet and restart your masternodes.

📲 Download ZCore App and receive wallet updates instantly!

The revolutionary mutual betting platform with provably fair odds - altbet/abet
ZCore App
ZCore cold wallet and administration of masternodes

@everyone I have been backed up leading up to my holiday, and trying to catch up now that I'm back. However I have been greatly behind on getting a new bootstrap snapshot uploaded. I have taken the time to get that done, and it's now available for those in need.

This repository is for storage of the Official Gamblecoin blockchain bootstrap files, to assist users in initial install, or to speed up recovery of a corrupted chain - GambleCoin-Project/GambleCoi...

Ever wondered how the Energi treasury works and what its used for? Check out ChicoCrypto's newest video where he explains the treasury design, its purpose, and some ways that these funds are being used!

Watch here:

Institution BTC Buying Spree! Proof The Rich Are Buying Bitcoin & ...
Institutional demand for Bitcoin is growing at a rapid pace. The rich elite are putting funds into Bitcoin based products like GrayScale Bitcoin Trust & CME ...

@everyone Would you like to see Phore on Kucoin? Let them know!

Kucoin are running a campaign asking users to let them know what projects they would like to see listed on the Kucoin exchange - we think Phore would make a great addition!

How to recommend Phore

  1. You MUST have a Kucoin account
  2. Go to the campaign form below
  3. Fill in the campaign form using your Kucoin registered email
  4. Let them know why you think Phore should be on Kucoin!

Project name : Phore
Token name : Phore
Project website :
Whitepaper :

Campaign form can be found using the link below

The form takes under 2 mins to complete. Your reccomendation could make all the difference!

Recommend All Your Favourite Coins!
The People’s Exchange is again giving a voice to the community to help us choose high-quality projects! This time, you can pick ANY project you wish. Anyone can join and tell us which project deserves to be listed the most. The campaign will run from 00:00:00 on July 13,...

$THC will snapshot SUN 12:00PM EST(+4UTC) Can send coins to @CryptoBridge & they will migrate $THC, or send your coins to the QT wallet at for All Help Thank you Komodo $KMD for Updating our Blockchain!

¡Horizen Academy ya está disponible en español! Visita:

Horizen Academia
The Horizen Academy is a free educational platform on blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, and privacy. Our platform ensures everyone can learn about these topics regardless of their comfort level and experience and is always free to use.

@everyone I hope your Friday's are going well and you are ready for the weekend. Tomorrow, in roughly 17hrs, the first Super Block will occur which will fund the GIN Foundation and its incentives towards GEA Protocol.

The GIN Foundation is committed to enhancing the brand affinity of the coin and GEA Protocol through a multitude of different marketing efforts, development, education, partnerships and much, much more.

Have a great weekend,


@everyone It seems we have a scammer at bay who has issued the following article. This hasn't been agreed by us nor is valid, but perhaps shows we are making moves into better investor interest. If you are joining this discord on the false promise of the below note: This hasn't been endorsed or negotiated by our Team.

Giveaway from partnership Mercatox and Swyft - Mercatox Team - Medium and Swyft have now entered into a partnership agreement. Because of this, we are announcing a Giveaway.

@everyone Our roadmap progress has been updated!

Stakenet Wallet Mobile (65-75%)
DEX Aggregator (50-60%)
XSN HUB (40-50%)
One-click LN Privacy Swaps (100%) Beta Testing
Stakenet Wallet (100%) Beta Testing

Testing has begun on our mobile wallet! Let us know any features or functionalities you would like to see included in our <#404014962353373184> channel.

We have completed regression tests on our light wallet, as well as customized private key management to allow lnd compatibility. Our next steps are to prepare real world builds with lightning sending, receiving active, followed by swapping once tests are complete (check <#595299446946922497> channel to test our lightning swaps)

Lookout for our dev update next week, and track progress on our official roadmap here

XSN Dev Update | StakenJuly 12 2019 - Stakenet (XSN) - Medium
Our roadmap progress has been updated!
Stakenet - The trustless interchain economy
Stakenet is a highly secure cross-chain platform allowing to operate with any blockchain just by using its coin XSN. Powered by Masternodes, Lightning Network, and dApps.

We'd like to tell@everyone about the achievements of our friends from Gentarium.

✅ New website design

✅ Registration of a legal entity in Estonia

☑ Launch of a Cosmos vaidation node.

The platform doesn't limit itself by the MN market and expends its activities. It joins DPoS ecosystem of Cosmos blockchain. It's no secret that we have our concerns about the algorithm that has issues with decentralization. However, Gentarium as a service platform has to benefit from such opportunities and provide new tools to its users.
To become an active validator it needs to get to Top 100 nodes. Gentarium accepts delegated voting power via the following link:

In the meantime, we are finalizing the new release that activates the Governance mechanism. I continue preparing the updated concept of Giant. The goal is to tell about all the capabilities of our tech by using well-known use cases. If you are familiar with sidechain projects and those performing BTC atomic swaps please contact me in DM or <#439070879335317525>.

Horizen added 3,800 secure nodes in the month of June. We are closing in on 30,000 nodes! Get the latest node updates from Allen on our monthly live stream here

Horizen Live Stream 3 July 2019 - Community Activity and Team Updates
Update from Horizen team hosted by: Co-founder and Team Lead - Rob Viglione (@finpunk) Project Manager - Luca Cermelli Sr Software Developer - Allan Dumaine ...

Bisq is an open-source, peer-to-peer application that allows you to buy and sell cryptocurrencies in exchange for national currencies. No registration required.

BISQ has approved @402226031517499393> request to add MYCE into the decentralized exchange. We will inform when it gets completed.

Concept ACK - Agree with the idea and overall direction@everyone

List Myce (YCE) by apaulb · Pull Request #2876 · bisq-network/bisq
Official project URL: Official block explorer URL:

Friends, we are glad to release updated version of our website which includes information about our actual activity our legal entity
Aslo information concerning work done and our further development plans for Gentarium ecosystem is updated@everyone

@everyone TELOS 2.0 dev diary:

  1. Masternode tier system has been integrated; manual testing has been conducted on the local workstation. Now nodes with 1k, 3k, 10k, 30k or 100k coins can become mastenodes.
  2. A new algorithm of reward distribution between tiers has been implemented as well. We covered new logic with unit tests.
  3. We changed magic bytes for internal messages. The changes have been tested manually on the local machine.

So far we've almost completed with implementation; next step is to verify all our changes.
Now we are setting up the network; it will include several mastenodes on several computers.

@everyone with a bluebox or waiting for one: We have send out all serials (except 1 for Inkubator and Martin's ; ) ) please check emails and especially spam


📢 Birake Network listed the 🥇 the winner of the Coin Listing Program: StakeCube- SCC coin!🎊 🎊 🎊

Happy trading!


@everyone If you want to list coin on SEND platform via voting, suggest your coins on <#573803783511867392> or fill up this form :

Please spread the announcement to dev teams too :)


  1. Include coin name and description
  2. Coin must be BTC/LTC/DASH/PIVX fork (mean to say based on BTC core wallet)
  3. Voting will be there for a week
  4. Paid voting is allowed too (DM me for that)
  5. Minimum votes required 1000 and one can vote once in every 24 hours.
Dev team must fill this form for listing your token in SEND Platform. Please provide all the information correctly. Any wrong information may give issue on listing and may take more time.

The Hefty Heimdall mandatory upgrade period has begun! Read this guide to make sure you’re prepared!@everyone

Hefty Heimdall Mandatory Upgrade Period - Loki
Using the decentralised nature of blockchain technology, Loki creates new private and secure methods of interacting with the internet, as well as building privacy-centric applications, such as messaging services, forums, online marketplaces, and social media platforms.

@everyone 2019-07-11 22:18 - PEG - TELOS Swap Round 2

PEGASUS Swap round 1 was successfully swapped, and TELOS coin was successfully listed on Nova's BTC market.
Users holding PEG before 11/07/2018, can now find TELOS in 45:1 ratio in their account's balance.

Due to demand by users and the developers of both TELOS and PEG, we are going to give another week for users to swap their PEG balances. This means that PEG deposits and withdrawals will be open, but not the markets, and users that want to swap their PEG for TELOS, only need to deposit their funds before 18.07.2019 which is going to be the deadline for this final swap.

The new ratio assigned by the developer of PEGASUS, is 51:1.
Make sure to deposit funds in your Nova PEG wallet, so that we can swap your coins to TELOS. TELOS market for BTC is enabled, and users can now trade it.

News - Nova | The Standard Crypto Exchange
Nova's cryptocurrency exchange platform guarantees safe exchanges. Our cross-funcional platform securely provides exchanges to major cryptocurrencies like BTC, LTC and more..

Our website has a fresh new look! Come and play!

Loki - Trade and communicate with absolute freedom.
Using the decentralised nature of blockchain technology, Loki creates new private and secure methods of interacting with the internet, as well as building privacy-centric applications, such as messaging services, forums, online marketplaces, and social media platforms.

Hello Everyone,

We have been working very hard over the last few months and are happy today to show you a preview to Blockfiniti;

This will be the Landing and Product information site for our new application. Please have a look and provide any feedback you might have to the team. The Landing site is not connected to the application just yet so registrations and logins will not work. The product itself is in alpha testing and we will be asking for members of the community to sign up for beta testing very soon so keep watching discord and twitter for this announcement!

Thank you for all your support and patience.

Blockfiniti is a next generation Peer-to-Peer Intelligent Data Platform. Built by Block-Logic Technology Group, this Ecosystem will be backed by Block-Protect, Block-Pay & Block-Purchase

The delay of the snapshot has been waiting on P2PB2B to fix THEIR wallet mistake issue. We are moving forward with the snapshot (within a few days) and will announce the date and time within 24 hours.

Crypto Bridge recently let us know they will host this migration. If you want to send coins to them they will issue the new coins.

All other coins from Coinomi and other wallets must be in a QT or Crypto-Bridge exchange.

We are announcing that we have Bitker lined up as a new exchange as well as others as soon as they set up the new Komodo updated chain.

Once the migration happens we have many new platforms to announce.

@everyone All the services is back , we took care about the insta nodes.. if your cold nodes require restart please do it..
We will discuss internally what we can do to cover lost maturity time for customers... if any .. most reported that nodes just became enabled and they took no loss... If your case is different please contact me in private or open a ticket


There is also an urgent need to expand the team and we also need to focus on further development of the Caz ecosystem, marketing and promotions. To raise the required funds for these activities we decided to go for an ICO with the new CazPlus ERC20 token. But we not going to abandon our community, we have decided to reward the current CazCoin holders with brand new CazPlus tokens.

We already reached out to some people with the new plan and few fresh talents have already joined the team and some expressed their willingness. So, things are finally picking up pace now!!

You might be having so many questions on what this new Caz-ecosystem is going to be, when will be the new ICO, how much we are planning to raise, when will the CazCoin and CazShop swap is going to happen, so on and so forth.

Well everything will be shared with you soon. Please stay tuned for more updates.


The CAZ team


New Thoughts. New Directions. New Blood.

It was a little more than two years ago we started our journey together and it was a roller-coaster ride all along. But your trust and support kept us going and we highly appreciate it.

This project has started with a vision, we would like to rather call it a ‘shared vision’ now, as you all are part of the project, a vision to create a crypto based global e-commerce platform. Its been more than two years since the launch of the project and we believe we owe you all an explanation on what we have achieved so far and what we haven’t and why.

As you all know, CazCoin did not go for an ICO. We do not have the luxury of funds in abundance, we could not afford highly skilled professionals we needed, in one word we lack ‘RESOURCES’.

On top of that, Cazcoin has faced two blockchain exploits so far which costed us dearly. However, we went along and spent money from our pockets to create minimum viable (MVPs) versions of CazShop (the crypto based ecommerce platform) and a crypto currency exchange, CazEx. But this is only half-way to our desired position and we kind of reached a saturation state in terms of money and support from the community and we are definitely not in a position to face another blockchain exploit.

The management has given a genuine thought about how to move forward with the project. The team did a serious market research during this time and come up with a fresh path, we now have a much better plan to create a self-sustained ecosystem with our e-commerce platform at its centre. So, we have decided to switch to ERC20 platform to create a new token called CAZPLUS, this change in course to ETH token helps us save a lot of money on the servers and is going to be secure than its predecessor.

@everyone Just to emphasize no funds affected... Just nodes that might need to mature again.

@everyone We still working, we had a switch failure in one of our racks... Our DRP didnt work,and we will review it tomorrow morning , some nodes were affected and we will are doing our best to bring it back ASAP... we will review customer losses in node maturing and will see what we can do ..
We still in to 99.9% uptime.. its firsttime major hardware failure , everyone is up and working to fix it.


Hello Polis Community.

We invite you to vote for the Q3, and Q4 proposal, which you can find here:

We will gladly answer any questions.

The Polis Team.

Core team development and operation budget q3-q4 2019
CORE TEAM DEVELOPMENT AND OPERATION BUDGET Q3-Q4 2019 We continue our Q3 and Q4 this year with renewed enthusiasm, after having gone through many challenges in Q1 and Q2, the Core Team was able to finance its operations with the support of the Community, for the resources re...


So sorry, found a issue where you couldn't send transaction at version 2.0.5, this is now fixed!

🔄 How to update it:
Open the installed wallet and wait a bit, you'll receive notification.

If you still need the installation file:
Download Link:

🆕 Release Notes:

🆙 Update 2.0.6 Changelog:

- Send Button isn't working fixed.
- Address Book doesnt save sent address with no description now
- Masternode updates too often (15 seconds) which cause more RAM usage which is now fixed.
- Masternode sometimes shows "Masternode is syncing" randomly fixed.

The Horizen community is unique and full of amazing people. Each month, we feature individuals like Laurens, who contribute their time and expertise to our project. Laurens has greatly helped our team improve Horizen Academy content. Read the interview

Horizen Community Star Interviews - Laurens! - Horizen
The Horizen community is unique, colorful, and full of interesting people. Each month, we feature three individuals who contributed their time and expertise to help us improve various aspects of our project.  Laurens was featured in our June monthly live stream. He has spent...

@everyone Modern Wallet v0.7.0 BETA release is here!

Notable Changes

• Windows BugFix opening MN config;
• Users now can export wallet.dat;
• Start a masternode (still in progress to start missing masternode);

Adeptio (ADE) Modern Wallet. Contribute to adeptio-project/adeptioModernWallet development by creating an account on GitHub.

@everyone ColossusXT is now listed on SWFT Pay.
You can buy $COLX with almost 200 different cryptocurrencies on SWFT app
Read further here:

SWFT Blockchain is backed by top VCs, including Draper Dragon.

ColossusXT (COLX) is now available on SWFT Pay! - ColossusXT - Medium
Swap it now with almost 200 cryptocurrencies at record speeds or use it to make QR code and peer to peer cross-border payments!

@everyone ColossusXT COLX is now listed on Bitree Exchange with $BTC, $ETH & $GOOC pairs

Bitree is a startup exchange run by SwftCoin team


$COLX is now listed on @BitreeExchange with $BTC, $ETH & $GOOC pairs #Bitree is a startup #exchange run by @SwftCoin team Web: #ColossusXT #COLX #cryptonews #spreadthegrid #cryptotwitter #masternodes #cryptocurrencies #SWFT $SWFT

#SmartCash is supporting @LeituraNoVagao during the event #FLIP2019 of @submarino, the biggest e-retailer of #Brazil. $smart @scashofficial #smart #crypto #cryptocurrency #blockchain #subnaflip

Hi All!!
I have an opportunity for our wonderful community.
Would you like a HTH Masternode?

We are currently seeking a GUI graphics design artist to help us design our NEW WALLET GUI!!!
You will be working with myself in designing the GUI, adding text & images to make our new HTH Wallet perfect!
If you are interested please send me a DM or post your qualifications in the <#598855582665015297> channel.

Thank You for your support!!

CryptoBridge updated and enabled

Make sure to generate new address while doing deposits

It tooked few more days than we expect but we are back as promised!

Stay tuned@everyone

- Altbet Team


🚩 We are excited to announce the listing of 1X2 to Midas InstantBuy

1X2 has listed to the revolutionary new service operated by Midas - InstantBuy.

Through InstantBuy, you can now purchase 1X2 at live market rate instantly and directly on the Midas platform. InstantBuy has also introduced Cashback; instead of paying trading fees to
purchase your 1X2, InstantBuy is the first platform allowing you to earn BTC from purchasing coins.

InstantBuy also offers direct benefits for us, the project. The majority of the BTC you spend will be held in a managed trust fund to provide structured price support for 1X2 on exchange to
decrease volatility and increase price strength. A proportion of your BTC will also come directly to 1X2 Coin as BTC revenue, which allows us to develop our project for the future.

To purchase on the Midas platform find the 'Instant Buy' button on your share card to purchase 1X2 instantly.

Once purchased, activate the MIDAS Lock-in to host your 1X2 with zero fees on the Midas platform.

Midas platform:

Midas Discord:

Feedbacks from 3rd party services

StakeCube confirmed update to v1.0.0.1 on platform & exchange.

GIN confirmed update to v1.0.0.1 on platform

NodeHUB confirmed update to v1.0.0.1 on platform

Stay tuned@everyone

- Altbet Team

Platform is down now for the next 2-3 hours.
We are working on it.
We apologize.

@everyone our API is now on the Github - The payment Gateway Zip file has been uploaded. A page of instructions has also been loaded and to make it simpler we will have a download button on the website shortly (thank you @448917063067500545> )

the link to the Zip file for now is

Arion Coin. Contribute to arioncoin/arioncoin development by creating an account on GitHub.

Bare with Myce we keep working towards a common objective for@everyone invested.

Step by step we are closer and closer to being able to join the dots. #Decentralized and compliant with #Estonia & EU. #exploremyceworld #eresidency