Be sure to be available to see our new LIVE video TODAY in 4 hours !!

Here is the link : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sOxGp2Vdt6o&feature=youtu.be

Introducing The Future of Rewards : BlockNode
Introduce your business to the blockchain world with Blocknode. Learn more at : https://blocknode.tech/

Another successful trip helping Magda's Soup Kitchen. always so happy to see the progress being made here. hope you all enjoy. $PENG $BTC $ETH $LTC

Please be aware. No one from the Adeptio/storADE team will ever contact you and ask for personal or sensitive information. Please be safe and report any incidents to general channel.

@everyone Ok so we now have the in wallet UI for the apply to commission all nicely wrapped up. Will add some validation and then start the new end point after lunch.

@everyone Continuing with our Schedule, today we made the first real PoCon and the 3rd Coin Burn!!!!
28,000 trtt have been burned. With this we burned a total amount of 545,000 Trittium coins. https://explorer.trittium.cc/address/TRCryptoLifeDotNetBurnAddrXXX6gvik
28,000 trtt have been sent to ALL the Masternode holders (Not only trttnodes platform investors)
We will continue doing this.... forever 😎

A New Mining Pool for IC:

Pool Coin: http://pool2pool.asuscomm.com/site/mining

-a scrypt -o stratum+tcp://pool2pool.asuscomm.com:3433 -u Wallet -p c=IC

Explorer: http://pool2pool.asuscomm.com/explorer/IC



Trading of WOLF Coin will stop at 12:00 UTC today. WOLF trades will be removed and new trades involving WOLF will not be possible.

The WOLF COIN Wallet will remain active, this is just the ability to post or accept trades involving WOLF that is being suspended pending another announcement very soon.

The MCT+ Team

Just a quick reminder for the community, don't forget to register an account on our community forum at https://community.gobyte.network/ and maybe have a look at our future hiring list. Also, the next superblock is scheduled to arrive in approximately 1 week and 3 days and 23,760 GBX is available for funding your project. If you have any ideas, feel free to propose to the community, or make a pre-proposal on the forum to see the overall support. I will return later today with another announcement. Thank You@everyone #GBX #GBX19 #GoBytePay #WeAreGoByte

GoByte Community
A forum community for GoByte Network

Good news!
The decentralized governance platform is ready.

👉 https://iqcentral.org/

We also have a roadmap for this platform. It will regularly improve - https://iqcentral.org/roadmap

I have been making these numbers since January.... adding every week our Discord users.
Now we can ann that this night we reached 6,000 members.
You can check whits this ORGANIC growth how do we do the things here.
With work and sacrifice. With real members entering at our server, no bots allowed for this. Our numbers are REAL and are authentic investors.
Discord users 01/07: 5,555
Discord users 01/14: 5.742 +3.36%
Discord users 01/21: 5.836 +1.63%
Discord users 01/281: 5.867 +0.53%
Discord users 02/06: 5.890 +0.39%
Discord users 02/14: 5.931 +0.69%
Discord users: 02/20: 6,021 +1.51%


ETH & ERC20 is ready!

First step ETH is back to our platform! Happy trading

@everyone After payment we received from PARQ and MOBI devs we hold 118K trtt in fees
25K will be burned today , and 25K distributed via PoCoN.....First Production PoCoN btw
Just waiting for banners.
Thank you


Thank you for supporting our project and always believe in us! Growth rate is the best confirmation! 🔝

Another programmer, Ilya, appeared in our team. He works with us tirelessly on our main task - the beta version of betting exchange release 🚀 We are moving according to the roadmap or ahead - this is our rule☝️

Please remember that we're with you seriously and for a long time, so a low rate of BTXC is just a chance to buy at a discount 😎🚀💰

Have a nice day@everyone 🙌

@everyone Get 25% off Amazon prices only at Flubit.com when paying in MUE https://flubit.com/blog/25-off-items-just-pay-mue

@everyone !!IMPORTANT!! All coins from the old chain must be swapped out by 1 March at 5:00 PM UTC. At that time the chain will be shut down completely. All unclaimed coins will be transferred to the community in the form of bounty companies.

CryptoDezireCash ( CDZC ) will be integrated on SEND Platform.

CDZC Discord : https://discord.gg/YUW7Y6j

In case you missed it, Loki is now on Nodeasy! Check in here for some sweet Service Node monitoring 👍 https://www.nodeasy.com/currencies/LOKI

@everyone Important you cannot send coins from your new wallet to Graviex. They will be lost forever! We need to wait for Graviex announcement about wallet update and transition to a new chain.

Service Node Pools and One click Service Nodes: Some important con...
Recently we have seen a couple of services that offer so called “One Click” hosting solutions for Loki Service Nodes. We thought it would…

@everyone Thanks for #foldingathome with #MedicCoin team to help science! Keep up the good work! Please, re-tweet https://twitter.com/MedicCoin/status/1098056084252553216 . Thanks.

Thanks for #foldingathome to help science! Keep up the good work! @foldingathome


All AirWire (WIRE) servers have been updated to new version.
Please update your wallets and restart your masternodes.
```<span id="every">@everyone</span>
The WIRE Crypto Network. Contribute to AirWireOfficial/wire-core development by creating an account on GitHub.

@everyone ‪Interview with Brian Colwell - Just published. There is information here about #Phore Synapse not published anywhere else: https://briandcolwell.com/2019/02/phores-synapse-sharding-smart-contracts-and-more/.html

@everyone a quick update on the progress of v1.3: we are working hard testing out important network changes on testnet right now, ensuring that everything works smoothly for when we transition from v1.2.X into the new version. There will be more details posted once we're ready!

Hey@everyone ,

as worst as this market cycle can get there are even worse things. People trying to bruteforce personal accounts and details, hanging around on external discord servers to insult Bitfineon teammembers and share personal information like logindetails for bank-accounts.

After investigating this case and reporting it to the FBI, Interpol and german police we‘ve decided to share the list of participants in that chat.

All participants that took place in chat that was straight against Jared by sharing logindetails to his bank account were also reported to the dedicated legal enforcement.

We were able to resolve 3 of the participants real names and addresses. All others should be easily traceable in cooperation with local enforcements.

Because one of CryptoBridges teammembers (Myco) was part of that chat, we are currently awaiting CryptoBridge’s official statement.

Yannick Binay


Please find updated Bootstrap as of the 19th Feb 2019. If you are still having current syncing issues.

Kind Regards

Satoshi World Ltd

@everyone we heard you guys like video updates. be gentle, i'm not used to this kind of stuff 😉

Announcement XAP
The real Update to XAP - if one steps on the cat's tail, it miaows, getting rid of unnecessary ballast, some people like drama we like facts.


"Making Forks Fluid" Now On Medium https://link.medium.com/4SuW5dhKrU

@everyone i'd like to add some infos to Ade's announcement regarding your current deployments:

  • your nodes will not be shut down after the service is shut down. Since they run on your own VPS' the will simply continue to work
  • the migration to the new service will also not result in a (temporary) shutdown of your nodes
  • the funds you have on the current platform will be credited to your accounts on the new platform
    We will post more info in the coming days on how the technical aspects will look and how we will move forward.

GREAT MOMENT FOR SHMN! We are about to announce a great new market for #SHMN that will be big progress! Exchange negotiates 1.2 million dollars day in crypto! Long term plans for whole community! Stay tuned! #StrongHands #Masternode #SHMN



All Altbet (ABET) servers have been updated to new version.
Please update your wallets and restart your masternodes.
```<span id="every">@everyone</span>
Revolutionary mutual betting platform based on our original cryptocurrency. - altbet/abet


Some of you will have seen the news posted by Chad about the platform being shutdown.

Please rest assured the rest of the team is working hard to ensure the service you have come to value will not be going away.

It will be operated under a different guise and name but it will still take XAP exclusively as payment and the functionality will largely remain the same albeit you will need to migrate your nodes across.

The good news is that in the meantime your nodes will continue to run when the front end RYON service is closed down.

More news and info will be coming in the next few hours/days.

Thanks for your support as always.

The X-Apollon Team

@everyone You can now setup you Collegicoin masternode on https://mnhosting.nl for under a dollar a month! this is a one button setup!

Hello Doges!

We wanted to make a small announcement to@everyone in regards to usage of premine.

During the chain update we went through a few days ago, we blocked offending addresses that took advantage of the exploit, effectively locking thousands of coins in these wallets forever, however, a good person got caught in the crossfire and we accidentally blocked his address containing legit coins and unfortunately causing him to lose a masternode.

In light of the situation, we are going to use some Premine to compensate this user and reimburse the 5,000 coins so he can once again launch his much loved DogeCash™ Masternode.

The locked wallet can be found here:

We will also have to spend 15K coins to cover development costs. These coins won't be sold to the market, but instead will be distributed between team members to cover for the endless amount of hours we have invested in the project.

Thank you for your continuous support, we'll be in touch soon with more updates.

DogeCash Team

@everyone is in regards to the coin swap. Please DM (direct message, private message) me to get the address to send your coins to and for further instructions.
Please keep in mind that I alone do the swap of coins. You may not receive an immediate response from me. I will answer all of you, and all old coins will swap to new coins.

SmartCash on Gab: "It's much faster to pay with S..."
It's much faster to pay with SmartCash using SmarCard than with your VISA/Mastercard. Merchants love it. https://youtu.be/fpYHOc4rzBo Did you get yours yet? https://card.smartcash.cc #SmartMerchants #SmartCard $smart #SmartCash #crypto #cryptocurrency #al...
SmartCash’s SmartCard in use at Anarchapulco!
Learn more at: https://smartcash.cc/ https://card.smartcash.cc/ https://business.smartcash.cc/ Get Your SmartCash Wallet: Web Wallet: https://wallet.smartcash.cc/ iPhone: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/smartcash-wallet/id1438215565?mt=8 Android: https://play.google.com/stor...
It's way faster to pay with SmartCash using SmartCard than with your VISA/Mastercard. Merchants love it. https://t.co/qDWzWxlF1J Did you get yours yet? https://t.co/sjPNzMppmD #SmartMerchants #SmartCard $smart #SmartCash #crypto #cryptocurrency #altcoins #blockchain #...

SmartCash on Gab: "It's much faster to pay with S..."
It's much faster to pay with SmartCash using SmarCard than with your VISA/Mastercard. Merchants love it. https://youtu.be/fpYHOc4rzBo Did you get yours yet? https://card.smartcash.cc #SmartMerchants #SmartCard $smart #SmartCash #crypto #cryptocurrency #al...
SmartCash’s SmartCard in use at Anarchapulco!
Learn more at: https://smartcash.cc/ https://card.smartcash.cc/ https://business.smartcash.cc/ Get Your SmartCash Wallet: Web Wallet: https://wallet.smartcash.cc/ iPhone: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/smartcash-wallet/id1438215565?mt=8 Android: https://play.google.com/stor...
It's much faster to pay with SmartCash using SmarCard than with your VISA/Mastercard. Merchants love it. https://t.co/qDWzWxlF1J Did you get yours yet? https://t.co/sjPNzMppmD #SmartMerchants #SmartCard $smart #SmartCash #crypto #cryptocurrency #altcoins #blockchain #fi...

@everyone we are currently finalizing what I would call the basics to launch Kryptobay. Kryptobay is targeted to everyone interested in cryptocurrency but lacking the money to buy some. Just sell your used stuff or be creative and sell something you produce by your self and earn Telos. You will be able to sell and buy used / refurbished and new products. The listing fee is small (just 50 Telos) which makes selling on Kryptobay possible for small pockets. Even when Telos is worth 1 cent, then it would be just 50cents with no additional fees after sales. Premium functions like becoming a verified vendor and extended protection will follow. https://youtu.be/kS5LimoIdkI if nothing comes in between we will launch it end of this week.

Kryptobay Telos powered Blockchain marketplace
The legal alternative to Silk Road (no drugs but rock and roll)

@everyone WE ARE GLAD TO ANNOUNCE THAT :SNDlogo: SNODE COIN HAS MORE THAN 1111 MASTERNODES ONLINE:Roket2: :Graph: More than 500 new MNs have been added in the last three months. Thanks a lot everyone for your continued support!! :SNDlogo: 💙 💯

Hello@everyone !

We're glad to announce that the PolisPay app is now available on the iOS App Store!

Download it here: https://buff.ly/2Sa8dkd

‎PolisPay - Crypto Wallet
‎The PolisPay - Cryptocurrency wallet is the best place to store your cryptocurrencies. Offering unique services like: - The safest way to store cryptocurrencies with HD wallets based on a 12 words seed. - Multiple cryptocurrencies supported (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Polis, Dash...

Wow thank you all!!! There is no limit and its time to fly! 🚀


CoinMarketCap answered us

`aaron (CoinMarketCap)
Feb 18, 9:19 PM EST

Hi there,
In order for us to evaluate your request, please clarify which of the exchanges currently supported on our site have active markets trading the asset (with material volume) other than the ones that you have indicated? Please let us know and provide the URLs that link directly to the market(s)/ pair(s).

To help us better understand your application, feel free to share more details about the project (preferably with verifiable sources) and its salient characteristics:

Value Proposition
Unique features
Media coverage/Awards
Community Engagement
Licences (If any)
Office locations
Geographical focus
Trading volume on CMC-supported exchanges (Please provide screenshots to demonstrate that there is material trading volume)

Thank you,
CoinMarketCap Support`

Will answer their questions asap and pray for CMC listing!

@everyone We have brought on a new team member. @420629135581249536> Will be replacing @!451897406758322186> as a Incognito Managing Partner/Admin. He will work closely with me in a leadership role for our project.

Youngtect is an Architect and a Blockchain Consultant. He has 10 years of experience with design, project management and community development which will essential for the growth of XBI. His background is in planning and sustainable design. He received his Architecture degree from California Polytechnic State University SLO. Youngtect is currently a Project Manager for a larger design firm in Southern California. Youngtect was introduced to Blockchain as an alternative for conventional banking in 2016. Previous experience with Smartcash as the Co-founder of the California Chapter. Welcome to the team @420629135581249536>. We are glad to have you.

📢 Dear community! 📢
Here is a new video from Hack Crypto, which holds 11 masternodes! There is also BTXC! https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=146&v=mr1cWTGpC5c

Join the CryptoGang for shoutouts on the channel: http://bit.ly/2DSbNul Sign up for GrowYourBase and EARN: https://www.growyourbase.io/ Masternodes in the se...

🍃 ANNOUNCEMENT: Sistemkoin Exchange Listing!@everyone

BITG is now listed on popular Turkish exchange Sistemkoin with BTC and TRY pairings.

Trade Now: http://sistemkoin.com

@everyone We are so excited to be bringing FGC Arena To Fantasy Gold Community. Please stay tuned we will be Launching as a open beta 2/22/18

Merge branch 'PoSfix' · adeptio-project/adeptio@99d05f0
Critical fix for Masternode reward · adeptio-project/adeptio@ecfbd80
set storADE check to 475201 block · adeptio-project/adeptio@a832703
Disable ZeroMint by default · adeptio-project/adeptio@81273f5

@everyone XSN is looking for community leaders to help grow, build, and strengthen our community. These are paid positions - any interested drop a line via DM to myself @291662995048628234> briefly explaining how you could contribute/ help ‬

@everyone Hello guys!
We happy to announce we opened our esport team website!!
---->> https://blacer.gg <<----

We will release our Blacer web shop in one week and in the 2 weeks plugin to pay in BLCR! :)

BLCR is temporarily discounted grab your masternode now!

TEAM Blacer

❗❗ Give away ❗❗ Main prize: 2 systemnodes (1000 Crown) Second prize: 1 systemnode (500 Crown) Steps ✅Follow @bitladon @CryptoBenelux1 @CrownPlatform ✅Like and retweet this post ✅ Tag 2 friends ✅ Buy € 25 of #CRW on #bitladon and post your clientnumber ...

@everyone 🇬🇧 Exosis (EXO) is listed on https://sistemkoin.com/ @378592587269013506>crypto You can trade with BTC and TRY pairs. Happy trading!
🇹🇷 Exosis (EXO) borsamızda listelendi. BTC ve TRY perleri ile işlem yapabilirsiniz. Bol kazançlar!

@everyone we have disabled eth trading for integration... BTC pairs are LIVE...

Hey@everyone, it’s Nikolay here with another Giant material — our plans for Sprint #18.

📝 These two weeks won’t have any new immediate tasks, we’d rather maintain the smart contract development momentum gained since the beginning of the year. Regardless, check out the detailed description on who’s doing what this time.

📡 And by the way, you can always tell in <#439070879335317525> about what you would like to see more in our next posts and updates.

Original: https://giantpay.network/pages/sprint-18-backlog
Medium: https://medium.com/@GiantProject/sprint-18-backlog-22df2332bdae

Sprint #18 Backlog
Giant smart contracts continue to remain our top priority. See more about this future system development and our marketing efforts
Sprint #18 Backlog – Giant Project – Medium
The Giant team wants to report on its immediate plans regarding research and development (R&D) and product marketing. The next sprint of…

https://gleam.io/WGoiP/do-you-want-a-free-ledger-nano-s- LAST 3 HOURS LEFT TO ENTER. @everyone

Ledger Nano S
State-of-the-Art Security THE ONLY HARDWARE WALLET FEATURING A SECURE CHIP WITH A CUSTOM OPERATING SYSTEM (OS), FOR NO COMPROMISE BETWEEN SECURITY AND CONVENIENCE While many hardware wallets on the market feature a “simple” chip, all Ledger hardware wallets are equipped w...

@everyone We would like to announce again, as widening the scope of the project, we launched new coin, Safegames, join the server now https://discord.gg/3vKtHTK
Both c2p and safegames will be developed with a little different in strategy, customers types...
The pre-sale will start soon, everything was ready.

@everyone NPW monthly development progress report (Jan 2019 - Feb 2019).

@everyone we noticed many miners are still mining beetle coin and coming around to make false claim of how they bought long time ago etc. Please if you see any mining pool still mining old beetle tell them to stop as they wasting resources and no one will swap or listen to any claims

:Shibalnu: Woof! Woof! :Shibalnu:

🗞 Dear PAWS Community,


We are scheduled to list on 25th February 2019. Thats is only 6 DAYS from now💪

The collection addresses are below, if you would like to help with our 2btc part fee.
Anything that you can contribute will be greatly appreciated. 🙇

We accept:
BTC Address: 1PAWSXtKChjJ5DNdEozkU7Dj8AnaZMpZGK


💲 USDT Address: 3JR9Hi5qJf1KYEH5Jeuqj3QVew3tPVddZc

At PAWS we are not just creating a crypto project, we are building a global brand @everyone !

@everyone With the news our online wallet is now open on tittiecoin.com i'd like to take this moment for us all to wish @397519921313087498> a very happy birthday 😃 and that we hope he has a good day. Don't worry when TITs are worth 100 sats i'll buy you a zimmer 😉

:Shibalnu: Woof! Woof! :Shibalnu:

🗞 Dear PAWS Community,

At 8PM GMT Today We Will Fork To Our New Chain

We have reached our required targets and would like to thank those that have updated their wallets and nodes in record time and for the exchanges and service providers for playing their part. 👍

We are now ready to flick that switch and leave our old chain behind. ✅

If you haven’t updated already, please make this your priority.✅

🕰 Time is running out. In less than 8 hours your rewards and transactions will be on the wrong chain and when you do update, you will lose everything that has happened after 8PM GMT.

We are will then be in a great position and ready for something else happening soon. What was that again?🤔


At PAWS we are not just creating a crypto project, we are building a global brand @everyone !

We are now at Telegram
Follow the link please https://t.me/cryptoflowcoinofficial

Our online wallet is now open and ready to view from your user area , if your rewards are not showing yet please be patent as it will take some time.

We are happy to present you our Bitcoin Incognito General Update #01
Its a quick read, full of information !
Dont miss it@everyone ! Enjoy !


Our first General Update on our new Medium is live! Go check it out and let us know what you think. We will be tweeting takeaways from the update as well! https://t.co/ET7pp6n6eP

@everyone Our friends from DMME coin have just made a video explaining how easy is to invest at trttNodes platform.

dmme on trittium hosting platform - demo/tutorial
How to use https://node.trittium.cc/ to setup your shared DMme masternode in few clicks. Trittium will revamp their platform in the next few weeks for an eve...

Hello everybody!@everyone
Blacer Coin is now listed on Coindar https://coindar.org/en/coin/blacer-coin/

#DarkPay featured in @stvmcg new video ! Thanks mate ! https://t.co/TjmumkQ1Sy #DarkPayMarket $dkpc #passiveincome #Masternodes #masternode #bitcoin #Crypto #cryptocurrency

@everyone On February 7th we announced the availability of our very own decentralized exchange, Zer-Dex!

Today it is our pleasure to present the Zer-Dex website!

The zer-dex website will detail all the great features that the Zer-Dex exchange has to offer, detailed FAQs and the availability to request coins to be listed.

See https://zer-dex.market/ for more information on our Zer-Dex exchange!

  • Condominium Team

Platform update with new screenshots of the current progress.

GravityCoin is live on @The_Blocknet DEX! Coins stay in your wallets and are traded directly by atomic swaps. Use the BlockDX client to trade P2P with an unlimited # of trading pairs including $GXX/ $BZX + $BZX/ $GXX NO 3rd Parties + of course NO KYC! https://t.co/1zp...


Due to the overwhelming support on our twitter post https://twitter.com/GenesisX_XGS/status/1097591562295422976?s=19, voting on our poll on releasing a masternode install script for V1.4.0 to install 4 $XGS Masternodes on a single server. This was crtafted by a devout community member/dev and i have found it to be really successful. The dev's details are posted on this site and you will find his donation addresses to thank him for his hard work which inevitably is saving us all money. @208302034607144961> Thank you very much for this on behalf of the community.


Please leave feedback in <#446792281278775296> channel also.


Would you use a 4in1 Masternode Script if you had one available?
1 to 4 Masternode Installation Script for GenesisX(XGS) Masternodes - sburns1369/GenesisX_MN_Script

Hi all C2P-followers after week of hard work we are happy to bring you a good news

According to the plan we are keep developing project.
🎲 Platform progress 🎲
✅ -Animation are done in Game of life
✅ -Bonus game and sound are done
✅ -Game Crypto adventure done
✅ -Animation are done in Crypto adventure
✅ -Bonus game and sound are done
✅ -Super bonus game done
👉 -Next game Black Jack
-24/7 Support will be active till end of February

Also good NEWS - from now you can sign up, deposit and withdraw C2P or BTC to your personal account on balance and play real money

We already have more than 150 accounts active on weekly basis
You can check and track our progress on https://www.safecasino.cc/

🇸 🇦 🇫 🇪 🇬 🇦 🇲 🇪 🇸
Our company is continuously growing in achieving its highest level. We need positive and active members in our community . In this case, our whole team is very happy to have you here with us.
We are very proud of what we have today thus we are looking forward for best and brightest future of our company with You. Welcome aboard guys and girls
More news coming soon stay tuned


@everyone BiblePay - Mandatory Upgrade - v1.1.8.9 - before Block 103175 - (February 22nd, 2019)
For entire network (including Sanctuaries and Exchanges)

  • Prevent crash in POG Leaderboard when chain not synced (MIP)
  • Mandatory height@103175 : Prevent POG illegal tithes, Fix POG pool bug, make POG more exact
  • Enhance exec pogaudit, and exec istithelegal
  • Allow users to pay prayer_threshhold_amount to send a public prayer

Source: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2388064.msg49812836#msg49812836
https://github.com/biblepay/biblepay/commit/17375d5292aa010c3ac13f383b75bf9eefdccc7f Leisure notes: https://github.com/biblepay/biblepay/commit/6c781f259129af4d3e9600157f5cae4ee6772671

BiblePay | 10% Charity | POW/PODC | CPU/Cancer Mining | Sanctuaries
BiblePay | 10% Charity | POW/PODC | CPU/Cancer Mining | Sanctuaries - Mandatory Upgrade (for Entire Network) · biblepay/bible...
- Prevent crash in POG Leaderboard when chain not synced (MIP) - Prevent POG illegal tithes, Fix POG pool bug, make POG more exact - Enhance exec pogaudit, and exec istithelegal - Allow users to pa... Upgrade · biblepay/biblepay@6c781f2
- Prevent exec bankroll from spending bankroll denominations - Prevent PODCUpdate from spending bankroll denominations

@zcoinofficial tweeted this at February 19, 2019 at 11:45AM: http://twitter.com/zcoinofficial/status/1097703701660065792

Our Zcoin UAE Ambassador Prashanth speaking on privacy on the blockchain and spreading the Zcoin $XZC virus at ACM BITS Pilani Dubai!

From the start of our token sale we have weathered the storm of a continuous declining market. This has thrown many obstacles in our company’s path, but we have continued to push forward in every calculable business aspect. I hope it is obvious from these announcements that we are hitting our stride and ready to take the stage as one of the few blockchain projects who have real utility and use-cases in and outside of cryptocurrency. Regardless of overall market, we have positioned ourselves to break free from the general trend and force the community to judge us on our own merits. With a compelling business model, demand-creating tokenomics, and unrivaled technology, AirWire will surely step into the spotlight in 2019!

Thank you,

Ken DiCross Co-Founder AirWire

PS. Look for AirWire to be highlighted in a few Forbes articles in the coming months

Speaking of the new Airdrop UI that is being released, we wanted to kick off the updated version with a brand new WIRE airdrop. Keep your eyes on our social media channels for an official date. Once we execute the WIRE airdrop, we will be opening up the feature for all our partners to create and execute their own airdrops on the AirWire platform. Our partners have been patiently waiting for us to give the green light to start using this feature. It’s a win-win scenario where users get to accumulate tokens directly on our platform and companies have an enclosed setting to educate our users on their business model and tokenomics.

The Kryptonium acquisition had been delayed due to a Co-Founder stepping down and a few delays on the development side. That has all been remedied and we are ready to execute the token swap of Kryptonium to WIRE and finalize the merger. The delay was partially caused by our decision to spend a bit more time and truly make this an enjoyable experience for the Kryptonium community to swap over to AirWire. To achieve this, we have integrated KRYP onto AirWire. All that is left to do for the Kryptonium community is to register on AirWire’s platform and deposit their KRYP tokens into their account. Our platform will automatically deploy the proper amount of WIRE tokens into the accounts. There are many companies following the ORME and KRYP swap that AirWire is executing on our platform. Once they see how easily we are able to execute these intricate and burdensome processes, more of these type of business transactions will be requested by the crypto community.

More information on both will be laid out in detail in our next update. There is also a need to extend our reach of locations users can purchase WIRE tokens. This is a priority and information will be released to the community very soon.

Many new coin partnerships have been formed recently. Many more partnerships that we have secured months ago are finally maturing enough in their own business model to satisfy our listing requirements. The AirWire community will see a flurry of announcements in this regard over the coming days and weeks ahead. Ormeus has been the latest to be announced. This deal was a huge event for Airwire in terms of our platform and WIRE token. Beyond a basic coin partnership, Ormeus has entrusted us to facilitate a full token swap of their current ORME token to a new ORME token. This involves their entire community and showcases the power and potential for additional use cases in terms of AirWire’s platform and technology.

There are many upgrades on the platform that will be released in the coming days. Our Airdrop portal has been completely overhauled for a more fluid look with enhanced functionality. The WIRE wallet will showcase a sleek, polished, and appealing design as we move non-essential features into their own pages. For instance, withdraws, deposits, and transactions will be organized in an exchange-style layout on a separate page from our core applications. The contacts page has been completely revamped. Another long awaited feature that will be introduced is the Referral portal. In addition to all of this, we wanted to include a nice surprise to the community. An iOS and Android WIRE wallet is being developed and will be available for download in the coming weeks!

We are nowhere close to being done on the development side. Many more features are in the pipeline for spring and summer releases. A few highlights will be the Advertising portal and additional functionality inside the Bounty portal. We are expanding the auto-verification features companies can utilize inside our platform to grow their community.

AirWire saw this as an opportunity to promote internally as well as bring on key individuals from the outside. Shawn Stone has moved into the Community Director position where he can be the connection between AirWire and our community. Shawn has been with AirWIre from the beginning and has made great contributions to the company; possessing intricate knowledge of our internal business operations. Ronan McFeely, the Co-Founder of Kryptonium, will be working with Justin Day and our sales team to generate new revenue and business partners. Eric Dauphin, a long time supporter of AirWire, is now our Operations Manager. He runs a successful crypto business outside of AirWire, and his skill sets will be put to good use inside our company. Jimmy Wilson and Imran Haq are taking on bigger roles inside the sales team as we see significant demand from coins inquiring about partnership information. Let’s not forget the rest of the Kryptonium team as they have been getting comfortable in their new roles, bringing immediate value to the project. Lastly, I would like to personally thank all current team members. Your extra effort and hard work during this successful transition exemplifies what a tremendous team we have at AirWire.

Miss the Lokinet Alpha demo last month? Don’t stress, we filmed it! Watch here:

Lokinet Alpha Demo
Simon Harman and Johnathan Ross demo Lokinet at the RMIT Blockchain Innovation Hub on 16th Jan 2019.

Sorry for the late announcement.
I'm very happy to announce that our Online wallet has been successfully deployed and all user balances have been updated to live addresses.
Some users will already see rewards showing in their address history, if your rewards are not showing yet please be patent as it will take some time.

I have not yet taken the user area out of maintenance so please bare with me while I get that done, we also have some side line work that we are completing for a partner project so security is our main priority.

Thank you everyone for the support and patience during this busy time, we appreciate it to the highest level.

Would like to inform@everyone that now we are accepting Galilel (GALI) as payment way to recharge the DXO balance in our platform. Kindly check this new feature in the menu Balances > Quick Exchange. ☘

This act will help the GALI community users to get your nodes with us 🚀

Cryptorescue coin will no longer be a part of block 3 and is being stopped swapping now 6:26 PM EST.

The chain is having issues and our swap script is not handling the error well. Our swap explorer will is having problems picking it up, causing us a lot of manual work. We are entirely too busy and there's too many coins to start swapping manually.

Everyone that has swapped Cryptorescue before 6:26 PM EST 2/18/19 and didn't receive your coins please open a ticket on the hub https://hub.projectmerge.org/support/ . The the transactions may have to be done manually. Please be patient when you open your ticket. Someone will help you as soon as they can.

We apologize but the code is just too much for our system.

Remember you that there are A LOT of scammers at Discord.
Someone have just been scammed at CTT server.
Some rules to be safe:

  • Dont answer to DM from anyone unless you know him, check you have previous conversations with the DM received if you know him.
  • Dont answer to team DM, as we do not open them. If you want to contact us, please, open you the DM.
  • Dont write any command in your desktop wallet console because someone tells it to you.
  • DUMPWALLET = HACK. Never use such command, you dont need it. for nothing!!!!
  • Dont use Teamviewer, you dont need it for crypto.
  • Any doubt, we are here!!!!!, just ask in general channel!!!!
    Please, be aware!!!

Woof! Woof!

🗞 Dear PAWS Community,

📯 Another REAL USE CASE For PAWS is Coming Your Way📯

It’s only been a few days since we announced that you could pay with PAWS for your VPS and domains from CyberHour and now we have another REAL USE CASE with others in discussion.💪

We would like to introduce our latest partner ALPB. These guys have been working hard to develop their own HOT trading bot and they will be accepting subscription payments in PAWS

Go check them out and see what you think:


We would like to wish APLB future success and thanks for reaching out to us to add PAWS as a form of payment for the subscription of the ALPB Trading Bot.

At PAWS we are not just creating a crypto project, we are building a global brand @everyone !

@everyone first twitter giveaway was paid, rules upstairs

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