Path to 120 Block Time Part[2/6] ESBC
I’m back!! good to be here writing the secon article of this series, this is the week recap for the ESBC “Path to 120 Block Time” if you…
Path to 120 Block Time Part[2/6] ESBC
I’m back!! good to be here writing the secon article of this series, this is the week recap for the ESBC “Path to 120 Block Time” if you haven’t read the Part 1, what are you waiting for? This week have been BUM! explosive we have so much to talk, i...

The Adultchain Explorer is undergoing some maintennace at this time and will be offline until further notice.

A new exploit has been found on zerocoin from which Myce is SAFE@everyone

Zerocoin is not enabled on Myce Blockchain even though it is part of it's possible functionalities.

Update on Zerocoin Spends
24 April 2019 Update We found the root cause of the irregular Zerocoin spends on the 19 April 2019. An emergency update 13.7.9 is now available to disable

Xuez Comrades,

On the 8th of April we opened the issue of finding ways to improve the current Xuez Incentive plan not just for the benefit of the team but for@everyone

"Aims and objectives: To create an eco-system where by everyone is rewarded and incentivised"```
                        [Proposal Breakdown]``` 
Firstly, Here are the specific action items which we aim to incentivize with this plan:
[1] - Bounties - Come with a set reward once made
[2] - Community Engagement - Reward though Discord engamenet and more.
[3] - Any work made for the project must be rewarded.```
Currently there are 21 Active Xuez Members.  We are proposing the following team incentive system:
Team members will be rewarded based on their rank as follows:
Number   ||    Rank level (Low-Mid-High) || Node Worth   |
[10]     ||    High Rank Members         ||    3 Nodes   |
 [9]     ||    Middle Rank Members       ||    2 Nodes   |
 [2]     ||    Low Rank Members          ||    1 Node    |
                        [Stake Breakdown]```
Breakdown [%]||Category          ||Reason                            |
 [50]       ||Team Reward        ||Team Incentive                    |
 [30]       ||Community Reward   ||Community Bounties                |
 [20]       ||Bot Funding        ||Engagement and Activity Reward    |

Note: The Percentage may be changed in the future as more data is gathered (Trial and Error)

We are requesting to create a Stake pool of 100,000 Xuez taken from the Community fund and ***Only*** its rewards to be distributed according to the stake breakdown.
👍 If you approve of this || 👎 If you do not approve - please share any ideas, suggestions, or reasons why in <span id="every"><#389042299306377216></span>

Xuez Team

The WikiLeaks Shop now accepts Smartcash as a cryptocurrency payment option. - choose coinpayments at checkout. #smartcash $SMART

So out first task in the Venture-fundraising channel just got completed. JeffreyScott#5807 kindly made a nice presentation of our new roadmap on his youtube channel. See link below, and give him a follow if you like what you see 😃

Northern Coin
Northern Coin in a Crypto coin that Plans to help the crypto world with Venture Fund raising, Patreon crypto services, Market Place

@wikileaks shop accepts $smart via @CoinPaymentsNET! A #smart way to help a great cause! @scashofficial
You Can Support WikiLeaks With SmartCash!
⋙ Links ⋘ SmartCash Website: WikiLeaks: Donate to WikiLeaks: ⋙ SOCIAL MEDIA ⋘ W...

@everyone Innova Coin will reduce max supply on the next update. More info coming soon.

Hello Community!!


Its the perfect time to get lucky with the new Mega Tournament !!


▶ Minimum entry - 1000 GPKR coins
▶ Maximum entry - unlimited


🥇 1st place - 33333 GPKR coins (= 1 GPKR Masternode)
🥈 2nd place - 10000 GPKR coins
🥉 3rd place - 7000 GPKR coins
🏆 4th place - 5000 GPKR coins
🏆 5th place - 4000 GPKR coins
🏆 6th to 10th places - 2000 GPKR coins each
🏆 11th to 20th places - 1500 GPKR coins each

The Orecoingames Mega Tournament is available for everyone !! With a fair set of rules and massive prizes, Mega Tournament at Orecoingames is a great contest for any kind of player!!

⏲ Start Date - 04.05.2019
🕰 End Date - 15.05.2019


Good day@everyone! We wanted to share with you a very special Promotion that we are sponsoring over at 🎉

Anyone who deposits one full SkyHub-SHB Masternode onto the EvoNnodes platform will get a bonus of 10% SHB! That's over $50 in free coins! In order to participate one must adhere to the following rules…

-Original deposit of 1 Masternode must remain in the pool for a minimum of 4 weeks (to prevent cheating)
-This google form must be filled in completely (txid/email/discord name) -
-Qualifying deposits must be made before 05/02/2019, 1 week from today
-10% Bonus will be awarded after the 4 week period has ended

Happy Staking!

EvoNodes + SHB Promo
Fill out this form in it's entirety in order to qualify for the 10% bonus!

It is a very exciting time given that some of you have been here from the very beginning but if we can achieve only half of our ambition, we will be in a lot better space with a tied up market share ready to reap rewards for the work we have provided and be valued upon. Not all nodes are moving given size and complexity so if you are not informed you are unaffected.

As you know we are optimizing what we have currently with the official release of Crypto Hunter. Solutions now is undergoing a cost saving exercise and clean up ready for all the Partners we have brought on board ready to be part of our own Eco system. 3 have been announced but there are 10 that you are unaware of. We are aggressively getting prepared for the volume of traffic to discord and our servers and making modifications necessary to allow us to focus our continued attention on growth and marketing.

You may receive an email asking you to replace lines in your masternode.conf of any coin listed to help with this process this is a necessary step, it is a simple copy and paste exercise and start. There will also be some removal of coins that are currently taking space but with no builds against that cost our business money without even an asset return of SATC. We need to get clean and smart and continually optimize what we have.

You continued support is highly appreciated and we will work with you if this effects you greatly. I would like to think by now that you know i am very accessible by phone or on here with the hours i cover and the business has a great thirst to become one of the most prominent coins within the masternode space and this wont change. Sometimes we just need to review what we have and make sure it is future proof for further volume organizing our cost base against the server deployment we have.

Please feel free to Dm me any Questions, we are very close to achieving our goals with the app launch and now i am in receipt of the Android App which i will be looking through tonight. Coin models are currently being built and last minutes snags are being addressed. We also have some personal placements that will be happening in the short term which will allow us to appoint marketing leads in driving traffic to us and raising our exposure. Who are experts in there Field.




Token monitoring now available on LUX Explorer. This update completes another milestone that we had for Q2 2019. Read more about all the improvements we added to our Explorer.

Thank you @355685218981511179> for all the effort you have put to bring us the best Explorer around!

To add even more — To our amazing block explorer as promised in our roadmap, we have added the ability to see and monitor tokens that are…

Horizen power leadership couple Rob Viglione and Rosario Pabst spent time with on the Proof of Love podcast recently to discuss their journey, how they view working together, balancing work and home life, and much more. Listen to it here

Proof of Love Ep. 12 Crypto Family Life with Rob & Rosario of Horizen
Do you think that your relationship would survive if you worked with your significant other?  Our friends Rob and Rosario of the Horizen project tell us how they make this work and, to make things even more interesting, how they are doing it with a brand new baby girl!  Hea...

@everyone We are working internally on a potential swap partner/coin for RAP! Stay tuned for details!


The time has come for our community with Twitter accounts or those with no Twitter accounts to make one to show Litebit, Binance and Bittrex how much support we have to offer.

Dear @&480753621768863744>, (Promotors)

We have given all Discord promoters who work with TittieCoin advanced warning that we will be calling on our Discord promotion Team to make a push with us and that time is now! This Weekend, 28th Sunday April 2019
Please be advised that we paid promoters a total of 1 masternode, 4 million coins to be fulltime promoters of TittieCoin.
Our next steps are as follows :
We need to send direct messages to all Discord Channel owners who took a TIttieCoin masternode as payment from us as a lifetime membership to their server as well as to promote TittieCoin marketing material on Twitter and to their community, if we get no response from promoters who fit this criteria within 24 hours we will then ask then to provide us with the Mastenrode address as proof the node is running and all promoters who fail to adhere to our agreement will result in those channels ending up on our Scam list.

@242239000314642432> can you please create a channel named #Discord_ Scammers with the following user permissions .
User can't write ⛔
User can read ✅

Thank everyone for your attention and thank you for your support,


TittieCoin - Dev

@everyone I will be interviewing by Crypto Wendy tonight as a representative of the XBI Team

@everyone Those using LEDGER LIVE take caution

WARNING: we’ve detected a malware that locally replaces the Ledger Live desktop application by a malicious one. Users of infected computers are asked to enter their 24-word recovery phrase after a fake update. Please refer to our security best practices

@everyone in case you plan to buy an Bluebox using TELOS, please use the TELOS converter to calculate the amount.

The deadline to upgrade to ZEN 2.0.17 is tomorrow. This is a mandatory upgrade for all exchanges, mining pools, node operators, and full node wallet users. Learn more here

Mandatory Software Upgrade: ZEN 2.0.17 - Horizen
A new version of ZEN (2.0.17) is scheduled for release on the 8th of April. All exchanges, mining pools, node operators, and full node wallet users must upgrade to ZEN 2.0.17 prior to block #505212, which will occur around the 26th of April.

You Can Now Give Anonymously Using PENG Coin - Crypto Shib
Leveraging blockchain technology, the PENG Coin project makes the transfer of funds from donors to victims safe, transparent and convenient.

Snode PAWS Giveaway Twitter Event

📣 Hello everyone 📣

🗞 While Ian is a away for a few days, I will try and do these announcements as well as I can. We are happy to announce that one of our masternode hosting partners, Snode, is organising a PAWS Giveaway Event! 🗞

Snode is proud to host a PAWS giveaway. Follow the instructions and have a chance of winning free PAWS!!

1⃣ Follow@snode_co and@pawsfund on Twitter
2⃣ Like & RT the Twitter post in the link below
3⃣ Tag 3 friends
4⃣ Comment

💯 10 random winners will get 50 PAWS each
Winners will be drawn on 15/05/2019. Please check to see if your are one of the winners!

At PAWS we are not just creating a crypto project, we are building a global brand @everyone !

🎁 500 $PAWS GIVEAWAY🎁 We are proud to host a $PAWS giveaway ⁉️ HOW TO ENTER: 1⃣ Follow @snode_co and @pawsfund 2⃣ Like & RT this post 3⃣ Tag 3 friends 4⃣ Comment 💯 10 random winners will get 50 $PAWS each 🎁 Winners will be drawn on 15/05/2019 ...

@everyone This is an urgent and MANDATORY Zerocoin maintenance update, so update all: local and VPS ->


Birake listed Zer-dex Coin (ZDX)
ZDX discord: < >
ZDX website:

Happy Trading!


@zcoinofficial tweeted this at April 25, 2019 at 06:17PM:

We are happy to be listed on another Indonesian exchange @KoinXid with Indonesian Rupiah and BTC pairings. Stay tuned for chances to win some additional XZC.

Dear Oryxians,

We are please to announce that OryxCoin is listed on Bitselly Exchange.
You can find the BTC and ETH pairs at

We are pleased to announce that Satoshi Solutions has officially migrated to: Please update any bookmarks that you may
have on your mobiles or computers. Existing logins, passwords, and masternodes are not affected by the shift. Rock on!

First of a number announcements today. The SWYFT block explorer has completed migration to: Please update your links as required. We will update MasterNodes Online in due course.

@everyone New vulnerability in the zerocoin code revealed! More info here:

Venox zerocoin is still in maintenance! So we are not effected by this.

More news this weekend! Stay calm and be ready

Update on Zerocoin Spends
24 April 2019 Update We found the root cause of the irregular Zerocoin spends on the 19 April 2019. An emergency update 13.7.9 is now available to disable


Many people want to withdraw AXS from the Crypto-Bridge exchange to local wallets. Apparently in the node or the village. Write me.

Standard Deposit and Withdraw on the Crypto-Bridge will work in the coming days.

Dear@everyone STEX has decided to give beet another month of trading and expect at least $500 daily trading on it. If you want to keep trading BEET on STEX, now is the time to buckle up and ensure we have the minimum daily trading requirement.



For those who prefer to donate anything to the project we have started a BTC and DOGE Wallet. These funds too will also help cover funds needed for Project Development, Marketing and Exchange Listings. On the exchange listing note I would like to in reasonable course put it the community about listing on CREX24.

BTC DONATION ADDRESS: bc1qza0xnvw8smalz7v87xyumd0tzehgng3rkrcsea9f8l30r4w7r3pswpsk5p


Thank you in advance!

We have a non-mandatory wallet update to version

Check <#478261459550339083> for updating guide for linux.

Social Send Coin. Contribute to SocialSend/SocialSend development by creating an account on GitHub.

@everyone New vulnerability in the zerocoin code revealed! GOSSIP has disabled zGOSS since the beginning of the new blockchain, so we are save. As soon as there is a fixed code we will add it to our code as well.

@everyone Today we burned 10,965M of old GOSSIP coins! Overall we burned till now 180,709,524 M GOSSIP 1.0 coins. 💪

@everyone Escrow Coin will converted to ERC20/TRC20/Bitshares token.

Please deposit your ESCO coins on Escodex exchange till 25th May, 2019 10 pm Central Standard Time. Time for swap is kept at 1 month as the more time we keep for swap, say 2-4 months, inflation would be more difficult to cover up. So, 1 months time duration is finalized for conversion to token.

In the meantime, dev team would be doing technical study as to which option will be best amongst ERC20/TRC20/Bitshares token.

After conversion to token, even the gas fees would be paid in ESCO; this could be added as 6th use case apart from existing 5.

Please make sure to follow the deadline this time. Thanks!

@everyone Time for Second Big News.

Escodex is compatible with Komodo protocol as well apart from all other existing ones.

Our talented team of devs have been able to integrate first Komodo based digital asset - Pirate Chain (ARRR).
Kudos to team!!😃

This week has been phenomenal in technical development of Escodex. We listed an ERC223 token, added a LiteCoin/BTC pair and completed Komodo based asset compatibility successfully with dex.

We take pride in providing you a quality platform and a top dex with unmatched developments!!


All  Zcoin (XZC) servers have been updated to version v0.13.7.9
Please update your wallet and restart your masternodes.

📲 Download ZCore App and receive wallet updates instantly!

The Zerocoin Cryptocurrency. Contribute to zcoinofficial/zcoin development by creating an account on GitHub.
ZCore App
ZCore cold wallet and administration of masternodes



@everyone promotion is live
you can support and earn coins here

Join the CryptoGang for shoutouts on the channel: Check out the ESBC GrowYourBase campaign: ...

@everyone We now have the Panda Bot <#558719048825700392> <#570671816402796546> in our Discord here, You can now stake your $D directly in Discord with Panda Bot, You can also monitor your Fortuna Stakes and play airdrop games!

@everyone Sorry to bother you again but there was a bug in our recent release which required us to make another release
Please upgrade to this version. The hard fork is still scheduled for the same time.

The Zerocoin Cryptocurrency. Contribute to zcoinofficial/zcoin development by creating an account on GitHub.

How do we engage in conversations when we do not know with whom we are talking with?

Is it safe to openly speak about the future plans on a joint venture?

How open is to open@everyone ?

Blockchain enables anonymity in the exchange of coins. Can we translate that same feature into a dialog between investors?

This is one of the first steps we always wanted, to be able to talk frankly between investors. Everyone aiming for the same clear goal, success.

One by one Myce makes blockchain interactions frictionless.

Built around the @&453702118583304214>, those who have a masternode enabled. On our Discord this role will be updated automatically daily.

We are building a set of products around the ones who will govern Myce 3.0

This article explains some new features included in the new #trttNodes platform.
We will include more new features soon.

New trttNodes platform UI
Discover it!!!!

@everyone When you create Galactrum address for Masternode or Stakenode, you must pass 'legacy' when you use getnewaddress command. Otherwise you would not be able to start the node using start-alias.
As an example: getnewaddress 'mn20' legacy

Join Horizen country manager Angie tomorrow for her live interview with Papa Bitcoin y Criptos tomorrow 04/25 at 4 PM CST (5 PM EST/ 9 PM GMT). Follow him on youtube so you don't miss out. (Interview will be given in Spanish)

Papá Bitcoin y Criptos
Este canal esta diseñado con el fin de brindar educación entorno a Papá Bitcoin, Criptomonedas y la tecnologia que nos cambio la forma en que interactuamos c...

In this image you see the old versus the new signup page for new users.


To continue adding safety to our discord members and for the well being of the community we will be implementing phone verification to be able to post into the server.

Everyone will still be able to read all content / announcement if they don't want to validate their phone number, but due to some recent events we have decided to put this extra security in place until further notice.

I'll myself (@346304883533807616>) stay available via DM as always for any inquiries, questions or comments.


Four more coins join our ever growing coin list on NodeBuillder

The newly listed coins are:

Arion -

Lobstex -

Genix -

Memetic -

Welcome to the Apollon Network!

The deadline for upgrading to ZEN 2.0.17 is coming up. This upgrade is mandatory for all exchanges, mining pools, node operators, and full node wallet users. Learn more here

Mandatory Software Upgrade: ZEN 2.0.17 - Horizen
A new version of ZEN (2.0.17) is scheduled for release on the 8th of April. All exchanges, mining pools, node operators, and full node wallet users must upgrade to ZEN 2.0.17 prior to block #505212, which will occur around the 26th of April.

Buy 2 PAWS Masternodes and We will PAY the hosting for 1 YEAR - Can it get any better?

Yes you did hear that right. Just buy 2 PAWS masternodes and provide proof of purchase and we will arrange to have them hosted at CyberHour for a full year. Nothing to pay until 2020. 💪

This is a limited one time offer and will run until midnight CET 29th April 2019.

Have you heard about the PAWS buyback lottery? We are buying back 2 PAWS masternodes for $1500 each.

The snag is you must have control of your public address but thanks to our friends at Cyberhour, they are running a special deal to help you get off shared hosting in time for the closing deadline

Contact @446285552829071370> at <#544653187324575764> hour: for a special deal on hosting and get your lottery ticket ready. 🍀

PAWS Buyback Lottery - How it works:

You have to have your masternode live before midnight CET 29th April. ✅

On the 1st May we will draw out 2 winners from all eligible masternodes. Your public address of your masternode is your lottery ticket. ✅

If your masternode is a winner we will ask you to send the 1000 PAWS from the winning address to our VAULT address for lockdown. ✅

If you don’t win this time. All masternodes kept activated will be entered on every draw after. ✅

Your PAWS masternode really is your lottery ticket to win great prizes, so look after them.

Full details:

At PAWS we are not just creating a crypto project, we are building a global brand @everyone !

@everyone Hello, As we announced! BlacerCoin wallet
Android wallet is ready you can download it in the Google Play store! If you make a downloaded wallet screenshot on your phone and enter your screen and wallet in the # android channel - you can win from 1 to 20 free BlacerCoins! Do not forget to add 5 stars and reviews that will increase your chances of winning! Good luck!

Download -


Today we would like to extend our offer on Apparel Junction:

Apparel Junction is not only a place where to buy Merge merchandise. It's also the online store where any other crypto currencies can sell their merchandise. Add your products in Apparel Junction and, in turn, your profits will be used to buy your coin on an exchange, driving the price up from the "buy orders" book. Your coins will then be sent to your project's budget. Details:

  • No listing fees. Add your products without any entry costs.
  • 50% of the profits goes to Apparel Junction to cover their costs.
  • 40% of the profits are used to buy your coins on an exchange within Birake's network (for example, MergeDEX). These coins will be sent to your project's budget.
  • 10% of the profits are used to buy MERGE on the exchange. These coins will be sent to Merge's budget.

Note: if your coin is not listed on an exchange within Birake's network, then a minimum of $200 will have to be generated before trading on exchange. We reserve the right to trade on any exchange where your coin is available.

Feel free to reach out to the coin communities you belong to and help them use as their merchandise supplier. It helps them and us all in a process of "working together to bring crypto communities together"!

If your project is interested in a partnership, then please fill out the following form:


All  Lobstex (LOBS) servers have been updated to version v2.2.1.0
Please update your wallet and restart your masternodes.

📲 Download ZCore App and receive wallet updates instantly!

@everyone Closed gaming platform testing

Dear friends! As we planned, we are moving to the closed beta stage of the AzartPay gaming platform. Beta testing will take place from April 29 to May 12. We are happy to consider your assistance in the beta testing procedure. For this, we need 4 specialists, whom we plan to find among the owners of the AZART coin. For participation in testing is supposed to pay in coins AZART. If you want to take part in closed testing and become part of the AZART team, please fill out this form:

@everyone Zcoin wallet release is out!

This is a mandatory security update to disable Zerocoin until Sigma is ready to roll out. Existing Zerocoin mints will not be lost and there will be a method to recover them once Sigma is launched.

Please update as soon as possible. Hard fork happens at Block 157,000 in approximately 2 days time.

Download and Get Zcoin
Download Zcoin wallets for Windows, macOS and Linux, find mobile wallets for iOS and Android, download Znode software, read which exchanges to buy Zcoin (XZC) at and find out about mining

wallet fix
Open %appdata%
keep the 4 files selected and delete the rest.
Start the wallet again.

@everyone Many asked.. why i don't see all the coins when i click invest button , or why my invest button is light blue and i can't invest..
Or why my setup node button is unavailable.
You will have the button turned on if you have 10 eur in this coin.. or 5 eur in trittium to setup a node

The Official @WikiLeaksShop has started accepting #SmartCash for merchandise! Show your support for #JulianAssange today!! @wikileaks … #cryptocurrency #wikileaks #FreeAssange



Check out this nice review about Birake, on Melchionda Network channel, on youtube. The video is in german so if you have any german friends tell them to check it out!

Happy Trading!


Review neuer Masternode 🚀 50 USD Airdrop 🤑 Geld verdienen mi...
Review neuer Masternode 🧐 50 USD Airdrop 🤑 + Coming Soon Masternodes ✅ Melchionda Network - Sichere dir jetzt den einmaligen Masternode Evergreen Kurs 😍 http...

@everyone Pay attention to Addressbook feature
Once you fill address in addressbook it will appear on withdrawal screen and you will be able to fill it with one click

As some of you could check, we have launched the new platform UI.
The address is the same:
We will launch an article soon explaining some features.
Please test it, check it and of course host your investments on it, as you know, all your comments are welcome.
Thanks for trusting us!!!!

Working Discord Invite Link -


We have started a referral program for RESQ services, you can earn 10% of the total amount spent on RESQ services for anyone you refer. please check the <#570508883852918794> channel for how to participate


Birake listed Ritocoin (RITO)
RITO discord:
RITO website:

Happy Trading!


@everyone - There was only 1 Winner on the IDAX trading competition due to lack of Traders. All Zest has been returned to us.

Hello@everyone BEET will be delisted on STEX tomorrow. The reason is trading volume do not meet the usd500 requirement. We have been trying to keep the exchange for a long time and been creating volume from time to time. We cannot keep up now with the exchange demand so we will let it go. If anyone in the community is ready to ensure their is usd500 trade on it daily I can still discuss with them to keep BEET. Regards

🇷 🇪 🇱 🇪 🇦 🇸 🇪@everyone
Hello all,

I have released the updated wallets. This is a MANDATORY update, meaning you must update ALL your wallets & masternodes as soon as possible.
The treasury will start at block 534,100 and if you have not updated by then, you will be on a sidechain with invalid rewards & transactions.
The install scripts have been updated as well!

To update your masternode, use the correct script for your VPS.
To update your wallets, just download the updated wallet below and copy-paste over the old wallet client.

Official repository for WORX source code. Contribute to worxcoin/worx development by creating an account on GitHub.
Contribute to worxcoin/WorxInstaller development by creating an account on GitHub.

I'm excited to announce that Mantrid has completed the public draft of the ShadeMyTrade whitepaper, which is being posted here for the Community's review and comment. This is a version of the full design document; with some strategic textual redactions, and with interface images blurred. As we get closer to public beta testing, the unredacted version of this document will be released. Until then, this document should give everyone a pretty good idea of the ShadeMyTrade feature set and trader workflows.

My thanks go out to Mantrid, who has done a masterful job of designing the ShadeMyTrade platform and putting this document together for the BiFrost community.

The whitepaper is being published internally for initial review, after which it will be posted on the BiFrost and SMT web sites and announced to the public. Please feel free to direct all questions and comments to Mantrid or any of the development team. We look forward to receiving your feedback!

It’s onion-routing time, get your tissues ready@everyone !

The Lokinet alpha is officially ready for user testing. It’s available on all platforms so head to the brand new Lokinet website to grab the latest releases. Please note that this is a very early alpha. Be sure to notify us when things break (and they will break) so we can make them un-break.

Here are the Meeting Minutes from Friday's conference call. Many of these items will be featured and expounded upon in our next Project Update, which will be released in the next day or two. In the meantime, if anyone has any questions about the Meeting Minutes and what was discussed, please don't hesitate to ask in the appropriate channel here on Discord, or on any of our other social channels.

@zcoinofficial tweeted this at April 24, 2019 at 10:45AM:

Check out @VoskCoin's Zcoin MTP mining guide!

Only ESBC keep strong price
we also have a battle of bulls and bears, choose your side

Crypto Bear Market Strategy : MASTERNODES
Lets Take a Look at Bear Market Strategy for Masternodes. Even in Downturns there is Potential to Make BIG Gains! Here are 5 things for you to Consider as Be...
@CryptoTube3 @graviex_net @Crex_24 Select yout side


without further ado..... here is the new explorer -

🚀🚀 Coin Arion (ARION) added!

📲 Download ZCore App and check your masternodes through your phone!

Arion Masternode
Create 1 Click ARION Masternode for only $1.99/mo paid in crypto
ZCore App
ZCore cold wallet and administration of masternodes

SmartTalk Radio E14 - Sergi Compte of Pungo
Learn more at: #SmartCash #SmartTalk_Radio
Gab is an ad-free social network dedicated to preserving individual liberty, the freedom of speech, and the free flow of information on the internet.
SmartTalk Radio E14 - Sergi Compte of @Pungoio #SmartCash $smart #cryptocurrency #crypto #blockchain #fintech
SmartTalk Radio E14 - Sergi Compte of Pungo
Learn more at: #SmartCash #SmartTalk_Radio

Good Morning/Afternoon Ether-1 community - Just a quick update for you:

I've spent the past few weeks working on various different things. Some Highlights are:

  1. Light Geth clients for Use on Service and Master nodes (this will enable us to have ethoFS enabled Service & Master Nodes).

  2. I have been working on the smart contract for governance based off of the current comments & consensus from the Github thread surrounding The governance council a beta of the platform is available on and the Github thread is open to input and available on:

  3. We have also made numerous back-end improvements to the ethoFS the latest being Consensus Efficiency Updates for the code base.

I will be doing these sorts of updates monthly, please make sure you check <#559013998192754706> as it's where you'll be able to see some of the work being done.

Thank you@everyone.

@everyone please vote for HTH on Bitmesh exchange!

BitMesh Exchange
World's First Free Listing blockchain incubator & User as Owner Exchange: BitMesh lists good projects for free, users trading on BitMesh will get ownership token, which gives users the right to share profit generated through trading fee proceeds

If you remember, we started recently the 3rd vote on the <#490061820036382730> folder, and YOU decided what coin could get 15 days free hosting at the trttNodes platform.
Community decided, and Bettex Coin - BTXC won, with 43 votes.
So, starting tomorrow, BTXC shared nodes investments have no fees for the next 15 days, until the next Wednesday May 8, at the trttNodes platform !!!!

@everyone Important annoucnement in <#497174698237362178> channel 👓

We are now in the process of investigating a link between our social attacks and infrastructure server hack attempt and a possible tie between these and the Amsterdex exchanges bug report.

Yesterday 22nd April 2019 we successfully defended a hack attempt on our web wallet balance. Successfully securing our sever and our full wallet balance.

The attackers started by posting spam on our Discord server in order to distract us from the planned attack on our infrastructure server.’s wallet balance is insured up to the total balance of all users TittieCoin TIT held on the sever at any time.

Thank you for choosing TittieCoin TIT, we are here to shine and will continue to push our limits to achieve the success everyone is expecting or not expecting from TittieCoin.

Best Regards,

TittieCoin Team


Horizen's Swing wallet has released a mandatory maintenance update. All Swing users must upgrade their wallets. The update includes the ZEN 2.0.17 binaries. Get the update now

I am one of those who believes that coincidences do not exist.
Recently we have suffered various impediments that are beyond the control of what a project should generally do.
First was the closure of our twitter account, which we still do not know the reason.
Now it seems that some of the members of this discord are receiving a message that makes you doubt about all the work we have done in this project and its survival in the medium and long term and the viability of it.
We are not going to discuss anything or fight anything. Our work is here, and you see it every day.
Take your decision.
We will continue working and trying to convert one of the few REAL masternode projects into a stable source of incomes in the short, medium and long term.
At the moment, Trittium project:

  • Is the leader into insta-shared nodes, generating incomes everyday.
  • We are able to pay to our developers and lawyers with REAL incomes, and we do not have to sell our fees on the market.
  • We continue growing and sharing those incomes with trittium masternode investors.
  • We burn Trittium coins everyday.
    How many more projects do you know capable of doing something like this without even having launched their main product?
    Sooner or later we will launch our loan platform, probably sooner than you think.

With this, we want to transmit again something that you should know; we are still working, and our project is healthy.
About the trtt price, it is decided by you, the market.


🌍 Businesses across Africa begin adopting $PAC! 🌍

50+ merchants aimed within 3 months. The $PAC charity campaigns also see healthy growth and change the lives of a medical center in Maraban-Kajuru

TOK is tradeable now on the deposit and withdrawals will be enabled but it can take an entire week or a bit more, as they are going to enable most of the PoS coins together

Cryptopia - Exchange
Crypto-Currency Trading platform.

Hello@everyone - Today I'm happy to be announcing that @388024858300252160> will be joining the official Ether-1 Team as a Marketing Manager. Houliboots has been an Ether-1 Supporter since 2018 and has been extremely helpful in the last few months. He has played an important role in the foundation of ethoLABS and has been a great asset to the Ether-1 Team, Congratulations Houliboots 🍾 🥂

hello@everyone, We are happy to announce the new look for our new website:
please look,

We are happy to announce the new look for our new website: Also, we are updating all of our social media channels. Soon a whole new world of privacy-related crypto news updates. Meanwhile, keep an eye out for more improvements.

Join Regional Lead Levis Caycedo tomorrow for a Horizen meetup in Medellin Colombia from 7-9 PM. Meet new people, learn more about cryptocurrency and our project, and more. Details here

Horizen Medellin Meetup
Wed, Apr 24, 2019, 7:00 PM: Saludos para la comunidad de Blockchain en Medellin. Horizen los invita a nuestro segundo Meetup en Medellin para que pasen un tiempo con nosotros y conozcan nuestra tecnol

🇺 🇵 🇩 🇦 🇹 🇪@everyone
Hello all,

In three weeks and three days, a blockchain update will go live which integrates a treasury (dev fee) for WORX.
The team has wanted to have this option for months, and since I have taken over development it has been one of my priorities to integrate this.
The treasury will ensure a steady income in WORX for the team by sending a fixed amount (10% of block reward) to the team wallet.

This is again a MANDATORY update, and should be the last mandatory update for a while now.
You have 3 weeks, 2 days and 12 hours to update starting now.

Wallets with the updated version ( will be released this week.

We are no longer under direct attack on social or infrastructure servers and have resumed development.
We will remain on high alert until further notice. Our high alert status is now blue

This means you should double check all Direct messages and do not share personal info with anyone.
We are in the process of a full team review and currently working to ramp up our Community support staff across all channel, should you wish to earn TittieCoin TIT as reward for your help, please do get in touch.


Ricky - TittieCoin Dev