@everyone Don't forget you have less then 7 days to move your coins off CB before they delist. You can move your coins to Northern Exchange to buy and sell. Pass the word the days are number from what is being unfold in the CB forum.

@everyone v5.0.1 Final update has been released.This is a Mandatory Update.
Changelog is:

[GUI] Cold Staking UI
Fix networking connection issues
[UI/Core] Fix unable to open wallet after encryption
[Spork] Guard chainActive.Tip() and chainActive.Height() methods call.
[UI] Fix color of topbar HD status and update colors for topbar.
[GUI][Model][Performance] Dashboard, remove call to isCoinStakeMine method
[UI] Bugfixes for MNR Chart and other misc changes
[Bug] Fix crash in send tab onclick of contactdropdown```
Download link is below:

Make sure to start mn from gui once you have updated,or console ,whichever way you prefer to start Masternodes.
DogeCash Core Code. Contribute to dogecash/dogecash development by creating an account on GitHub.

BITG Chain Swap Announcement

There will be a snapshot in 2 days at block 870,000.@everyone

🍃 Read more:

🍃 $BITG Chain Swap Announcement! 🍃 The new #BitGreen chain is finally finished with development and testing. The wallet update & blockchain transition is right around the corner! 📸⛓️ Be ready for a snapchat in 2 days: The current chain will be snapshotted a...

Just a little recap of what's going on :
@479930385820811274> is now working 100% on his own on the marketplace because at some point very few people are ready to work for free.
No definite ETA at the moment because of that HR/treasury shortage BUT we are still working towards delivery, no matter what.
I fully understand those that feel frustrated because of @479930385820811274> 's lack of direct interaction with the community but he said he wouldn't get back to us without substantial news and we'll have to deal with it. Those that are not willing to support the project are free to go, no hard feelings. We are a community backed project, not company backed. Any help is appreciated, whether it's tech or marketing skills.
I'm available if you have any question/proposition.

Hey 🐝 Check out our new video - "News for the last month: listings, releases and much more!" (English subtitles available) #SmartCash $smart #cryptocurrency #news #video #криптовалюты #обзор #новости #блокчейн ...

@everyone PAC Global is proud to announce our next Network Optimization Update is right around the corner! In the coming days, our github will have new wallets/compiles accessible to download. The update is considered a fork, so make sure you update your wallet asap. This will not mess up your masternode(s) but does reset the payment cycle. We continue to innovate and find new ways to make sure our FIRST EVER code base featuring Deterministic Masternodes using PoS is put to the ultimate usage while growing our ecosystem along the way.

Thank you all for the continued support,
Drew Saunders
PAC Global CEO

For any inquiries please feel free to contact me at:

For support please contact:

@everyone the platform changelog of the 17th Nov 2019 is live, we are pushing a new update focusing on the last fixes and enhancements before moving on to the USD-BTC deposits and the open Beta:
The updates shoud be LIVE in couple of hours while the last couple of pushes are done.

Thank you everyone for the support !
Stipend Core Team

@everyone Our wallet release 2.1.2 is out! You can it download from our repository:


@everyone CRWON is now listed on Northern Exchange. Happy trading.

Get Started with Crown | Crown Platform
Crown functions as both a digital token and an application platform. Crown tokens can be obtained using mining or by trading for it with fiat or other cryptocurrencies.


In a what looks like a desperate attempt to keep their exchange up and running, CryptoBridge announced the delisting of 150 cryptocurrencies, including Lux. Please be aware that CryptoBridge decided not to give the involved projects / communities prior notice and will delist starting November 25th. Make sure to withdraw your LUX before November 25th as withdrawal will be disabled after.

You can still withdraw from Bridge WITHOUTcompleting KYC by accessing the bitshares wallet platform directly:

@everyone the issue has been identified,we will release a new wallet update,this will be again a mandatory update and will fix all stability and connection issues which was reported

@everyone ALL MN Holders,Please start masternode by starting mn again from console or GUI,

The new update has made conflicts for old message types,once done new peers can get connections and therefore have no issue connecting.

@everyone Explorer is fixed. If you face chain issue restart your wallet.
Thank you

Zcoin $XZC is now listed on @KoreaZg an exchange recently acquired by BTCChina.

Electrum SmartCash Wallet Update 4.0.1 What’s Inside #SmartCash $smart #crypto #cryptocurrency #cryptocurrencynews #blockchain

@everyone someone asked if the xMiner could be delivered in an 4HE server case. In short: Yep why now. It is up to you. There is now price difference in that case.


Please take a moment to read our recent community update.


RSTR Community Update - 11.16.19 - Ondori RSTR
Hello RSTR community, I hope everyone has been well. It’s apparent that some have been concerned with my lack of activity, but rest assured, I’m still here. While I may have stepped away from my community interactions, I am always here in observation. I have tried my best...

@everyone Coin Full Name : Fujicoin is now listed on the exchange. Happy Trading.

We will realise an update with the new wallet and upgraded source to fix the zero stake and zero reward issue we are having.
Please rest assured that we are working around the clock to release this update.

@everyone the XBTX wallet for Android is working again for sending. The app calls an explorer for Tx details and the api was broken. No need to update the app.

Hi guys, the MasterSet Platform is now ready and tested.
But we would also like to open the tests to some of you.
Those of you who want to do tests can write us in private their username and the email address to which to associate the account.
I will then send you temporary access credentials.
Unfortunately we cannot open the tests to all those who request them. Only 5 or 6 users will be approved.
The tests will start next week.

To test the functionality of the platform it is necessary to pay a sufficient number of waves to create the desired mastersets.
All the waves that you will pay to do the tests will be returned.
As a reward for the tests you will be able to keep all the rewards you will get from the mastersets.

Obviously this possibility should not be used only as an opportunity to preview the platform but must be used to perform real tests.
Maybe even trying to find ways to cheat or create problems.

Thanks to those who want to engage in this work.

MergeDEX is offering an extraordinary discount to welcome and list on our exchange a total of 163 coins for a rate of 0.05 BTC!

Find out the list of coins receiving the discount and how to apply on our latest Hub post:

Best Regards for@everyone,
Merge Core team

Check out our new Russian video "New release: Electrum SMART v4.0.1" "РЕЛИЗ КОШЕЛЬКА #ELECTRUM SMART" (We've added English subtitles! :) 😎 #SmartCash $smart #cryptocurrency #news #video #криптовалюты #обзор #н...

Our friend @614116215916593152> made this article about Trittium and posted it in his web:

@everyone finally we finished all tasks to cover KYC and or 2FA via . Some changes will be made to all our services in the next few weeks. The idea is if someone does KYC once, he can just apply to all other services including the Exchange with a finger print which again reduces ours specific costs for KYC and makes users life more comfortable.

@everyone a fake user that looked very similar to our beloved @!381402759808679939> has been found DMing people, remember we are a charity, but we don't message users giving away anything for free or don't want any of your personal information at all. We will not message you asking for money etc. There are still scammer accounts around discord trying to steal your money or passwords, so give no information to anybody you don't trust or know very well.

Weekly Engineering Update:

-Horizen Sidechains: Withdrawal Epochs: final stage of development of the following tasks: updating SCBlockInfo stored in history storage with epoch related data, defining methods in History to get epoch data, enforcing rules to prevent a sidechain block that includes last epoch mainchain block reference to include other info related to the next epoch

-Sidechain test framework: Final stage of development of a new feature that will allow, in an automatic way, to bootstrap a sidechain into the existing mainchain network. Increasing the coverage of mainchain to sidechain connection with this sidechain test framework update.

-Node Tracking Server Update: In progress

@everyone this announcement is long due. I have been and am going to be taking a less active role for the time being, but I am still here to make sure the servers stay up, code gets merged, contribute development when I can, etc. Over the past months I have already approached several devs who I trusted, would be committed, would be capable of handling what is needed and who would have been able to take over the project with no investment on their end. They all declined the responsibility. The rumors around the project being sold need to end. If a complete stranger shows up, with no clear evidence they are remotely capable of what is technically required and are asking about taking control(s) of the project, they may be asked to provide some kind of investment in order to take a leading role. The idea behind this is that it is an incentive for them to follow through with the commitment. This was the case with the prior incident that occurred a few weeks ago that got extremely misconstrued. If a trusted developer or someone heavily invested were to willing to take a lead role right now, there would be no investment needed from them as they are already committed. @417023072688799784> has stepped up to help us through this phase of organization. Let it be known we are seeking developers in C++ for any level of commitment, and there could be compensation in terms a (large) stake in the premine if they prove capable and trustworthy.

The article that answers all the questions regarding our new investment instrument@everyone
Check out to learn more on how you can accumulate your bitcoin using Midas.Investments!

Receive 15% annual BTC interest rate on Midas.Investments
Midas.Investments launches the brand new feature, allowing you to earn 15% annual interest rate on your Bitcoin!

Watch Rob Viglione's speech at The Capital by CoinMarketCap. His speech starts at 6:49:24 and focuses on Horizen as a Top 10 project by FCAS score

Watch it here:

@everyone The exchange p2pb2b is now fully functional for trading with enabled wallets for PAC deposits and PAC withdrawals.

@everyone just so your aware we are getting ready to start our development on IOS and Android wallet application. Core teams are going through the first step then we will bring the ideas down to the community team for more input and what would work. Once it’s hashed out we will let you know of the updates. But figured give you a sneak peak of what’s to come.

@everyone new chain wallets are released

Dextro Core Wallet v1.0 (new blockchain release - collateral 5000 DXO) - dextrocoin/dextro


We are pleased to announce that SCRIV added to OpenChains block explorer!

▶️ TX and blocks explorer
▶️ Peers list and location
▶️ Masternodes list and statuses
▶️ Mempool data
▶️ API is coming soon

The list of block explorers available for SCRIV:
Official block explorer:


We just released a short introduction into Cold Staking for Solaris Platform.

Cold Staking 🥶 - What is it and how do I do it?

Learn more here:

It's the last day to enter our free node hosting giveaway! Head to our giveaway page now to enter to win up to three months of free node hosting!

Horizen Giveaway - Win Free Node Hosting!
Horizen's Free Node Hosting Competition is finally here ! We are giving away several months of free Secure node hosting to several lucky winners! Entering to win is easy! Simply perform one or more of the tasks below before November 15th for your chance to win. The more actio...

@everyone The website is in temporary maintenance while we prepare for a new website launch and transition hosting from Brad to in house. Brad has been removed in totality from the PAC Global team and removed from this discord for comments he has made directed at other BofD members which have been exposed and posted on other social platforms. Myself, and the entire BofD agree on this decision and wish to move on from Brads involvement and focus on continuous innovation and added success to PAC Global. As we transition to a new website, please be prepared to notice changes to the website design. We may have a transitional design deployed to act as a "placeholder" until the fully designed and professionally made website is ready to release. Until then we carry on and continuing grinding away, proving ourself as a project to watch and be involved with. 👍

This coins Are closed for maintenance now
As We Are performing texhnical works on the cluster.


Yesterday's Weekly Insider has been published to our podcast platforms:
Apple/iTunes: (Live on Podcast app. Website lagging a bit with new episode releases)

‎Horizen on Apple Podcasts
‎Technology · 2019
Horizen is a blockchain platform with a leading-edge privacy technology that provides everyone with privacy and complete control of their digital footprint. We are working toward the day when anyone will be able to build privacy-based applications on the Horizen platform an...
Horizen: Horizen Weekly Insider - 7/November/2019
Update from Horizen team hosted by: Co-founder and Team Lead - Rob Viglione (@finpunk), Rolf Versluis (@blockops), Rosario Pabst (@zench1ck) November 7, 2019, Weekly team updates from the following divisions: * Engineering * Node network * Product/UX * Customer service/Helpde...

@everyone please retweet on your twitter accounts 👆

@everyone If you hold CRW or any one of over 160 other currencies on Cryptobridge you need to withdraw them before the delisting deadline of 25 November 2019. If you haven't already done so you will have to complete KYC on Cryptobridge to be able to withdraw.

If you fail to withdraw them you will forever LOSE those coins when Cryptobridge shutdown the daemons and (they claim) delete the wallets.

The WhiteBit exchange has updated their KYC process@everyone . It is now much easier to understand what info users need to provide, documents they should attach and the requirements for their photos.

Updated KYC

withdraw IC before November 25, otherwise crypto-bridge will take possession of their coins.

Stronghands Masternode $SHMN @shmnofficial is now listed on MNBIZ Platform $SHMN is also accepted as payment currency to pay MN HOSTING for ANY coin you want to host on MN Stats and hosting: MNBIZ hosting only $0.5 / 30 da...

Zcoin $XZC is now available on @AbraGlobal app for US customers which allows direct funding via US bank deposits and credit cards. Zcoin support is expected to be rolled out to international customers within a few weeks!

Ok@everyone the website is currently being migrated. Once its in place we should be able to open the portal to the community. When this happens most of the Discord server will be reset regarding permissions and structure. The migration is going to take a few days as its a fair implementation. I will let you know who things go over the weekend.

nice to meet you all

Hello Guys

@everyone welcome @561383271750172723> to the Core Team. He is also a DEV and will be helping out the other DEVs in Devloping your Community Coin.


I'm very excited to announce that our new Explorer is now LIVE!!
We have to extend a thank you to @556061602395455498> for managing the process and very big thank you to the guys at Galilel Project for lending a strong hand in getting our explorer online, they will also host a second backup explorer for us, this will also be to showcase the Limitless - VIP explorer online.

Thank you all for your patience while work to make Limitless - VIP as Awesome as it deserves to be for you!

Midas.Investments launches the BTC investment share with 15% annual ROI@everyone

Today we expand our services to the new level! Our long-term vision is to create a stable and profitable instruments, while getting away from volatile masternode market.

As one of the first step, we launched the possibility to earn 15% annual rate on your BTC! It is the best offering on the whole crypto market!

It is added as a regular share on the main page, so you can easily found it.

We will pay the interest rate each week on Fridays!

This payable BTC share will become one of the core instruments to attract new investors. Later on we will build a lot of things on top of it, like indexes and derivatives.

The maximum amount available for investment is 1 BTC per person. We are ready to gather 10 BTC during the test period, so hurry up to claim your spot.

You can deposit and withdraw your BTC at anytime, so InstantShare rules are working here too.

We will post an article soon explaining this instrument in details, so if you have any questions, you can ask them dming me or in general chat.

For us it is a way to attract conservative investors and offer the new stuff that will help us build the features we want to!

The Horizen community survey results are here. We want to thank everyone who took the time to share their feedback.

Check out the results of the survey and learn how we will use them to improve over the next year on our blog

Horizen Community Survey - The Results Are In! - Horizen
We recently completed the Horizen Community Survey in an effort to connect with and better understand our community. We want to thank everyone who took the time to complete our survey and help us improve our project! We received over 100 responses, and the feedback was very c...

Great numbers, fantatic job: @here

@everyone is someone here fan of the AFD ? If yes please put a +1 in <#644618530041495562>

Tomorrow is the last day to enter the Horizen Free Node Hosting Giveaway! Win up to 3 months of free node hosting with! Head to our giveaway page for details

Horizen Giveaway - Win Free Node Hosting!
Horizen's Free Node Hosting Competition is finally here ! We are giving away several months of free Secure node hosting to several lucky winners! Entering to win is easy! Simply perform one or more of the tasks below before November 15th for your chance to win. The more actio...

@everyone TO ALL BETATESTERS <#472827025833459723>

  • The server is up
  • Download & execute the client and it will download the needed resources, the link is in the "Releases" tab of the bug tracker.
  • Create an account and PM me your user name so I can set your account as betatester
  • Send me your Telos address so I can send you some coins to test the store
  • IMPORTANT! The QUIT buttons does not work, hit CTRL-C to exit from the game 😄


  • We are accepting some more people, if you are interested drop me a PM, I will need your email to invite you on the bug-tracker, you will also need a telos wallet to receive some coins for the tests. (Me is @455309004596314117> )

Keep an eye on this channel for updates & server status

All purchases will be cancelled once the closed-beta will end

God bless the Bluepool : ) as solo mining is tough already and I like it

@everyone who owns an xminer .. even an Xeon e5 is fucked up against it: whole day.. 5xbtx . Just for the record.

Greetings from whiteBIT :

🔊 We have updated our KYC verification🔊

There are a few ways to achieve the desirable level of protection at a cryptocurrency exchange, such as implementing 2FA, keeping assets on cold wallets or asking users to complete KYC. We use all of them and continue to constantly improve. For instance, this time we’ve decided to update our KYC to make it both more reliable and simple.

📍First of all, we have split the questionnaire into four steps. Now it’s much easier for users to understand what info or documents they need to provide.

📍Secondly, we have updated the textual content of the entire section. All the requirements and rules are now simply and correctly phrased, so that each step is clear for the users.

📍And lastly, the fourth step now indicates the status of your application. After submitting your documents the system will let you know whether your

Complete the KYC and enjoy all the benefits of our exchange right now!

Cryptocurrency Licensed Exchange ₿ WhiteBit
WhiteBit Cryptocurrency Exchange ⇒ Leading Secure Trading Platform | Cryptocurrency trading ✓ LTC, EOS, XRP, ETC BTC, ETH, LTC and other coins.

Good afternoon@everyone
In the XDNA explorer, technical work is underway and the blockchain is being re-synchronized from scratch, so at the moment the information is not displayed on the last day.

The Weekly Insider starts in 30 minutes. Join us on <#610643059411124245> to get results from the Horizen community survey and more!


📢 Birake Network listed winner of the Coin Listing Program: MANO coin! 🎊 🎊 🎊

Happy trading!


All the @DeviantCoin community can host their $DEV nodes for just 0.99 € per month at the #trttnNodes platform. Host your cold #DEVIANT #masternodes and pay just 0.033 € per day with us:

@378059228046163979> @!394241321021210635> @387652833488404481> Please distribute this amazing news on Twitter and all our other media.

Hello community
we updated explorer

Also, you can use SHMN to list a new coin on . You can pay with SHMN for other masternodes using the same service.

Dear community. We have a new use case for SHMN. You can host your SHMN nodes on and pay your hosting price of only 0.5 USD per masternode/month using SHND coins. The price is the BUY price of market. @everyone | MNBIZ | Masternode Statistic and Market Data
Masternodes.Biz provides cryptocurrency masternode solution service in one platform such as Masternode Monitoring, Masternodes Market data and statistics, Technical Coin Information

Bettex | DappRadar
BETTEX - world’s first dApp betting exchange. No any bookmaker restrictions, minimal fee and unlimited odds. Be a player or a bookmaker to yourself - that’s possible with BETTEX... and fun to play’n’win!!!

@everyone you can find the xMiner now also on . You can pay at some shops with ETH, ZEC, TELOS, XBTX, EURO (XBTX payment can grant you in some shops a discount of 30%) . Based on current orders and the capacity delivery can take 14 days Independent if it is for sending or colocation. After your order please send the Payment within 24 hours as life goes on quickly it is hard to go back in time for us and keeps us from progressing. When you did payment, please send the txID as answer to the automatically send email from the shop system. Than and only then you will get an invoice. Invoicing happens 1 per week but you get a short "ok we got payment and start processing" before it. It is just for bookkeeping reasons and will include the "change rate" of your crypto payment at the moment you did (or based on closing at that day). This agains makes your life as well as ours more comfortable.

There are now at least 4 sources for xMiners with different kind of modalities. Please read and if somethings unclear please ask in <#627145604941742104> .
One is , another is , another is and another one is YourBrainOnBlockchain. As you know I am not always interested to sell stuff as we are also building a New World Order and do a little for ourselves too so YBOB may sometimes be the more comfortable and straightforward way to get something.

New xMiner - Disrupting Mining Technology - Made in Germany
Deine eigene Mining Hardware im FULL Service. Tägliche Ausschüttung. Ohne Vorkenntnisse. Einfach loslegen.

@everyone ATM we're updating the GXX API. This requires a full resync of the database and might take some time to finish.
In the mean time Payboxx won't work for GXX.

Follow this streamer please guys, she will do some Limitless VIP Sponsorships.

carabeanz - Twitch
Happy Wednesday Come Chat With Me !! :-)

Please contact @202541793521303563> for your withdraw issue on Panda


With the massive Sinovate replies on our recent tweet, we're confident the community will be thrilled to know that we confirmed them. Sinovate will be listed shortly after launch! Give them a shout-out, they have a great project & community!!

We are excited to announce the next launch partner for the fully-decentralized #Luxgate #cryptocurrency #exchange platform: @SinovateChain! Watch for $SIN and other coins available to trade on Luxgate here: $LUX #crypto #trading #decentralization

@everyone we started with adding the incubator boxes to the Bluepool. After that we add every other bluebox which currently mines XBTX from oldest to youngest box. The Pre-Mine is set to be launched at next Wednesday and will last 30 days.
Pool Specs are: 0 fee, payout to miners happens automatically when pool finds 10 blocks (50XBTX which are shared with miners). Good luck while digging for digital Gold : )

Check out the new Weekly Polis:

If you have any questions, please let us know and we will gladly answer.

Polis Project Weekly Updates (11/05 to 11/12)
Polis Core

The cross-chain transfer protocol is one of the main elements to the Horizen sidechain system. Why? Because it manages the transfers from mainchain to sidechain and from sidechain to mainchain.

Learn about our uniquely designed protocol on our latest video

Horizen Sidechains - The Cross-chain Transfer Protocol
Horizen Director of R&D and Chief Architect Alberto Garoffolo explains the cross-chain transfer protocol, one of the main elements of our Horizen Sidechain s...

@everyone CB replied to me:

Besides project quality and development team communications (or lack thereof), we consider several other factors when deciding whether a project should be delisted. As per our listing conditions clause, trading volume is also taken into account:
We must make you aware we have a minimum daily volume threshold of 0.25 BTC/day, averaged over 30 days. If the threshold isn't met for 3 months we may de-list your coin.
Taking all this into account, and also past allegations from the community regarding CryptoBridge toxicity (which might or might not not apply in your case), we are forced to take actions and remove first batch of coins that aren't meeting expectations based on our criteria.

Have a nice day@everyone !

  **The platform is launched again, the list of updates:**  

1️⃣ Two-factor authentication function is integrated inside the platform.
2️⃣ The Google server checks our domain, and the 2FA button will appear in your personal account in the near future.
3️⃣ Fixed errors with accrual of awards.
4️⃣ Fixed errors with bonus Gexan accrual.
5️⃣ Optimized I/O from the platform.
6️⃣ Removed the exploit the last time the attackers discovered
7️⃣ Strengthened protection at all stages.
Stay with us.
Gexan Team

@everyone BE AWARE!

⚠️ There are people posing as Phore staff / Phore News and sending users direct messages. ⚠️

Members of the Phore team will NEVER direct message you first, nor will we ask you to send us any files.

In order to make Discord more secure for@everyone we recommend you follow the steps in the <#583835374531379200> channel!

"There will be a point where we switch over to services where you harness your data and it is going to eye-opening for people to see they are actually doing."

Rob Viglione shares his insights on the future of private data in the latest interview with BlockTV news. Watch the full interview here

Own Your Personal Data & Make Money Off It Too
Horizen is a blockchain platform that provides everyone with privacy and complete control of their digital footprint


We are working at:

1⃣ Birake Menu - we are refactoring the menu because new features are coming and we have to be very well organized.

2⃣ MN Owners Page - The long expected Accumulator is almost implemented.
I know that everyone present a utility of a coin by buying or selling something... as we mentioned from the beginning BIR will be much more than that. By this MN Owners Page I think is the first time when a coin is truly integrated in the whole business. The process is very complicated, we would like to be 100% automated and is gathering BIR from: partners fees, birake main platform fees, coin listings fees and why not extra incomes from different services (of course there are still a lot of ideas)

MN Owners are partners in Birake Network! Is probably the first time when the masternode rewards will come from circulating supply (which in near future will be stabilised to around 100m and in time will be reduced by this mechanism)

A rough estimate until everything will be ready is about 2 weeks!

Have a nice day!

Get increased ROI for Midas coin, if holding more than 5 000 coins@everyone

We are starting a new marketing campaign to reward our long-term and big investors in Midas coin.

Each week you will receive additional 10% of your Midas coin rewards on the platform if you are holding 5 000 coins or more. This is our way to thank our big investors.

It is a limited offer and we plan to have this campaign last for one month. Then we will decide if we want to continue it.

This ROI increase on Midas will also help us attract new investors. And since almost every investor buys Midas using InstantBuy, this BTC will go straightly to our buy support on exchanges.

So, make sure to have more than 5 000 Midas coins on your platform balance + Lock-in activated (to pay no fees) and enjoy additional coins during the next month!

P.S. The new Midas roadmap is coming this week!

I'm making our next plans available on the <#600061722438664253> channel as it should be. It is a one sheet overview of what is coming for Myce. The starting point for a roadmap into making us again available as a solid investment for@everyone

@&453702118583304214> I'll be addressing concerns on that channel also.

For those with 100.000 YCE but no running masternode let's try to find a way to jump onboard into the discussion. If you do have a MYCE masternode running validate yourself anonymously on

Please note that everyone has been waiting for withdrawals to open on If you had TittieCoin - TIT on you already have Limitless - VIP on
You do not need go do anything. No one will need to swap, there is no change in the chain,m we will keep you updated as to when we launch the new site.

Thank you for your patience and for continuing to support Limitless - VIP.


We just forced the update. Starting from now the ones who didn't make the update they have to download also the blockchain from

also for the VPS they have to reinstall and redownload the chain.

If you have any issues with any exchange or any transfer make sure you check first Chain from this point is splitted to old protocol and new one. ALL THE REWARDS FROM OLD CHAIN, STARTING FROM NOW, WILL BE INVALIDATED WHEN YOU WILL DO THE UPDATE.

Best regards

@whale_tamer @CQuoiLeBusiness Easy to use #Cryptocurrency! Thanks for the french speaking interview about #SmartCash and how #easy it is to use it. Interview made at @SummitParis October 2019. Merci de nous l'avoir partagée! #crypto @scashofficial $smart #altcoin #m...

We have decided to move in-house with our Bot.
We want to thank @202541793521303563> for providing a great service.
@202541793521303563> please note that some of our users are unable withdraw due to un-staking not working.
@202541793521303563> please note that all VIP in the accounts of our users that has not been claimed must be sent to this address in order to better support our users who missed the withdrawal.

Thank you once again for your support and for the joy Panda has brought to our community.

Best regards,


I will send a message to the Panda Dev to delist TIT later today.

I will start to promote our new game for giving free VIP across social media later today as well.


📢 This with immense pride that we announce that XVictus will participate in Black Friday this year.

Our offer for the Black Friday is that we will burn +/- 500 000 XVIC on this day of November 29. 🔥 🔥 🔥

⚠ I only have one tip... Take advantage now of the low price of XVIC because we think this kind of price will not come back anymore.

We will unveil the Burn Address on this day. Until then dont go too far because other good news will be revealed soon. 📈 🚀

Follow us ===>

@everyone We are pleased to announce that Block-Logic is now available on the Simple POS Pool platform.

Simple Pos Pool
POS coins staking pool. Stake daily like a pro in our community and watch your coins grow.

BitGreen is now live on CryptoWolf! Purchase directly with credit or debit and swap with other coins.@everyone

BitGreen is now listed on @CryptoWolf_eu where you can buy $BITG with credit and debit cards! You can also swap with many other coins including $BTC $ETH $LTC 🍃 Learn More:

Calling all core developers 📢

Contribute to the Horizen sidechain alpha development and you can get your own limited-edition customizable Horizen developer shirt!

Check out the Horizen Sidechain repository and get your hands dirty today.

Contribute to ZencashOfficial/Sidechains-SDK development by creating an account on GitHub.

Catch @reubenyap and @sandraszehwui at @CoinMarketCap's The Capital, @grinMW Grincon Asia and @BlockShowcom in Singapore!

@everyone Voting has started! Please vote for PENG to continue to the next round! We will take on 1337 & BYND if we get enough votes!

🤘Unnamed Exchange Most active Community coin November Month Contest ! 75000 uTip Prize (Breakup to be announced Soon) and Winners will be declared in exactly 1 week 🎉🥂

Unnamed.Exchange is having another
Most Active Community contest!@everyone
VITAE is again in the finals!
Please help by voting on their main page Pinned Tweet.
If we win, the uTip prize will be rained in the exchange Trollbox. Times to be announced.
Also we plan to Advertise our 💥 VITAE/uTip 💥 pairing,
Rain Vitae tokens as well as inviting users to the Vitae Discord.

Selecting 12 Communities for Final Round !! 1337 VITAE CLMP BAN PENG NTBC CIR AVN SEND NKA LCNT BYND Teams to be made in next few hours along with Final competition for 75k uTip !!