@everyone Crex24 functioning again.

The stream recording from yesterday@everyone
I put time marks in the description of the video so you could find all the information you need easier. Most of the video are q and a and the main part is 20 minutes long for Midas and 30 minutes long for Fline and our new marketing tool. Make sure to watch it to keep updated with the work we do.

Midas conference. Midas.Investments developments, Fline updates, n...
13:55 - Start of the stream. Midas.Investments update and long-term strategy 37:50 - Midas.Investments and Midas coin questions and answers 1:09:15 - Fline u...

@everyone if you run a classic and basic node and your rewards display incorrectly i.e. 0.0000, please update your wallet following the link below to download new wallet. This will allow it to display correctly.
Note: This is not a mandatory update its for people mentioned above.


Beetlecoin Wallet. Contribute to beetledev/Wallet development by creating an account on GitHub.

Hello@everyone. we are currently working on getting Bulwark listed on new exchanges, since the Cryptopia mess.We currently have 2 main options. Either we invest all available funding to get into a larger exchange, or we get listed in several minor exchanges that have smaller listing fees. There are advantages and disadvantages to both. What would you prefer? Please vote and choose with us the future of Bulwark!

1⃣ - Concentrate on one single exchange
2⃣ - Get us on as many exchanges as possible.

Wish you’d been in New York for Blockchain Week? Check out our highlights!

New York Blockchain Week 2019 - Loki
Using the decentralised nature of blockchain technology, Loki creates new private and secure methods of interacting with the internet, as well as building privacy-centric applications, such as messaging services, forums, online marketplaces, and social media platforms.


I am going to be interviewed LIVE by the YourCryptoDaily team next Monday. 9pm BST. They're going to be grilling me on the recent leadership changes to the $PAC project and our 3 month directors roadmap.

Crypto Currency News for the people! Cryptocurrency news and information from top cryptocurrency developers. The top resource for all your crypto and bitcoin...


We are glad to announce to Trittium as our new Trusted partner

💥 trttNodes is a masternode investment platform -

💥 All the GBX investors have now 2 weeks with no fees at the trttNodes platform

What does the service offer:


  • Investments with no limitations or barriers - starting from 10 EUR minimum value and no cap on maximum investment.
  • Investment pools - no shares, seats or dedicated masternodes, your investment will be treated as one position and always get it's fair rewards.
  • Instant rewards - no waiting for the first rewards or masternode filling, get paid 4 times a day, on every 6 hours
  • Instant withdrawals - no coins locked for days and waiting for replacement.
  • Compound interest by Reinvesting - enable "Re-invest" feature and get the accumulated rewards automatically added to your investment.
  • Flexible management - you can add more coins to running investment or withdraw from it any amount, whenever you wish.
  • Low fees - 5 EUR/month flat fee per masternode and 4% on rewards for the amounts less that full MN.
  • Fees paid in TRTT - your coins won't be sold on the market and drive the price down.
  • Team dedicated to investors


  • No tech Knowledge needed
  • 3-clicks setup
  • Special launch offer - only 0.49€/Month
  • Fees charged daily in TRTT
  • 24/7 service
  • Special offer will be valid as long as we continue in beta phase

📖 Guides
How to invest with trttNodes (new UI) -
Cold Nodes setup at trttNodes (new UI) -

*** If you have any concerns and questions, feel free to contact Trittium team on their Discord server -

Masternodes investment solutions, powered by Trittium
trttNodes is here to transform the Masternode investment process and thus reduce associated costs and resources, and increasing the ROI for investors.
How to invest with trttNodes
The definitive 3-step guide for the new User Interface
Cold Nodes setup at trttNodes
How to keep your coins with you and deploy a node in 3 clicks

@everyone @499535467058823178> is at the Malta AI and Blockchain Summit and will speak about Crown and Social Impact later today.

Are you at the @BlockchainMT #BlockchainMT Malta AI & Blockchain Summit? Come and listen (16:40) to Jan Brody, co-founder of @CrownPlatform, at the #SocialImpact panel. @MaltaGov @TheTimesofMalta $CRW #cryptocurrencies #BaaS #ROI #ROS

@everyone We are now added to, a masternode hosting service which hosts your MN for 1 Euro per month

@everyone It can be seen from explorer that most of the wallets are not being update to v2.3 ... I request you all to shift to v2.3 as the chain will fork at 560k Block in 7 days... please update wallet... Thanks


@everyone 900 nodes up and still counting. The Beetle 🚀 keep moving.

decentralized cryptocurrency. Contribute to AXErunners/axe development by creating an account on GitHub.


Hi All! I wanted to put iut an update really quick.

Dash has released 0.14 in Mainnet yesterday morning which means that Dash is out of testing phase & final product is released.

Our developer is currently working on the HTH update as I write this & we hope to go into testing very shortly. We know the code works for Dash, but we want to be on the safe side if things & want to release a working product.

I will have more updates on this as we move along the process so please stay tuned!

Thank You

Thank you, @497420316583395359>one, who was on stream!

The YouTube is processing 2,5 hour video, so for some reason only the last two hours are available. Tomorrow we will cut this video in a few parts and post as a separate videos. Also, tomorrow I will try to summarise all the exciting stuff we got on video.

@everyone SkyHub Review in Georgian

SkyHub Coin (SHB) GEO pool pool

@everyone Sales are now live for the new Limited Edition Denarius Physical NFC Cold Storage Coins!

Buy here with PayPal, D, BTC, or ETH:

Auction for #1 -

Limited Edition Denarius Physical NFC Cold Storage Coin - HODL Market
Limited Edition Denarius Physical NFC Cold Storage Coins
Denarius Silver Plated NFC Cold Storage Physical Coin #1/100
This is #1 out of 100 made Denarius Physical Silver Plated Coins. These are similar to Casascius, Lealana, Moonbits, Satoris, Ravenbits, and other Bitcoin physical coins.

@everyone ColossusXT is glad to announce partnership with Mobile Crypto Marketplace by $MCPC, where you can easily sell & buy products with $COLX

#ColossusXT is glad to announce partnership with Mobile Crypto Marketplace by $MCPC, where you can easily sell & buy products with $COLX #blockchain #masternodes #colx #cryptonews #cryptocurrencies #marketplace #crypto #spreadthegrid @Mobilepaycoin1

This guide explains how to withdraw from your investments at the trttNodes platform and check if you will receive the coins in minutes.
Feel free to ask any doubt please.

How to withdraw from the trttNodes platform, and get the coins ASAP.
It is expected that you already have an investment made, so, you know how to login and reach your platform account.

Horizen Node Operators: The Super Node and Secure Node Tracking and Payment Systems will be undergoing a system-wide update to their database servers this weekend May 25-26. The systems may be in service mode from 8 to 24 hours. No action is necessary. Get details about the maintenance in our blog

Horizen Node Tracking System Maintenance - Horizen
The Super Node and Secure Node Tracking and Payment Systems will be undergoing a system-wide update to their database servers. The web servers and the node servers will be put into ‘service mode’ while the database servers are being updated. The systems will be unavailabl...


It is my conclusion that what has happened here is "Gross misconduct by a member of the MCT+ Team (Andrew) which has provided an external party with the opportunity to steal from the Platform". His laptop should never have been left accessible in a public location. MCT+ spent considerable time and resources protecting the platform from the internet only to get caught out in this manner. Sadly we are all human and make mistakes especially when dealing with other pressures. In the case of Andrews mistake I know this is one he will find it hard to ever forget, but I do know he wants to put things right.

In any normal business you would generally fire the employee; but we clearly have to recognise Andrews position. He is a founder of this project and also funded it with his own money. On top of that he is the main developer and his loss would mean the end of MCT+ which is certainly not our objective here.

The team are in full agreement that the only way forward, given that we do not wish to close up shop (this was never a scam) is to get all customers their money back and continue to build upon what we started. So following on from this investigation and announcement my priority is to work with the Team to come up with a way to repay all those customers. Part of that plan is already in motion with the release of the Missing Coins page last night.

The MCT+ Team


After understanding what had happened I then looked at the following


I asked if there was CCTV in this rentable office complex, to which there was not. This is of course not very helpful, though given the next question its use would potentially have been limited.


Why this hadn’t been reported to the Police.

Well as you all know MCT+ had not yet incorporated a company to operate a Crypto business of this type. Like so many other crypto projects operating today without large ICO’s this appears to be quite common. It was only recently that a vote was held in regards to how MCT+ should move forwards in regards to this following a profitable start to 2019. 

Why had a company not yet been set up yet; well to anyone trying to do the same you will know what a difficult thing it is to do and the costs involved. MCT+ had not taken this step yet as considerable personal expense had already been put into the project and until then the Team wanted to be sure the project was viable having already injected thousands of euros.


Prior to this incident MCT+ had received funds from an agreement with WOLF during their presale that was going towards the incorporation of MCT+ as a legal company following a recent vote. I know they received these funds as I negotiated the deal before I left, so in no way was this theft linked to funding the incorporation of a company.


The compromise of the BTC, WOLF, XRD and MCTP wallets occurred around 2pm on Tuesday 14th May 2019.

Andrew was working in an office building where you rent space by the hour to basically use the facilities, he has worked from there many times before and has in fact even asked other software developers there advice and to help with code in the past.

Andrew had a number of consoles open on his laptop to the MCT+ servers when he had to take a phone call. After the phone call had finished and realising he was late he ran into the conference room to attend a meeting. He ended up being away from his desk for a prolonged period of time (several hours).

When he returned and had seen the discussions on the MCT+ Discord alarm bells began to ring, this only began to get worse as he started to look at his laptop. He then made a call to Mari and asked her to shut down all of the MCT+ severs, something she had been briefed on how to do in the past as MCT+ is a small team.

Following this shut down a number of things had to take place:

An investigation by Andrew himself, including the of checking of the servers and wallets. There was then checks of the site code against previous versions to ensure no malicious code had been planted prior or during the theft. It was during the course of these checks it became evident as to which wallets had been compromised which also tied in with discussions on Discord. 

To the best of our knowledge it appears the wallets were copied, the funds moved and then encrypted using a password/phrase unknown to us. Given the manner in which the MCT+ Platform interacted with the wallets and used addresses we have been left with no access to the XRD and MCTP wallets where those funds still reside. We can see them in a read only mode, but without the wallet passwords we can not move the funds out. The BTC funds were moved totally out of the Platforms wallet and the encryption is not the issue here.




Good afternoon community, I have now concluded my investigations as to what happened at MCT+ and I am in a position to share those details with you all. As part of that disclosure I felt it was appropriate to add further explanation as to why I had taken up the responsibility for doing this.

I would like to think I know Andrew better than anyone here other than his wife Mari of course. My association with him goes back to way before the MCT genesis block was mined, let alone the idea of MCT+. Part of the reason I returned was to help a friend out, it was not just my investment in MCT+, previous ties to the project, the team and the community who I wanted to help.

It was one thing to see the project in trouble following the theft but then to see some people accusing Andrew and MCT+ of an “Exit Scam” or being “Scammers” angered me as I could not see how this could be true. That said when I initially heard about things and read the announcements I did begin to ask questions of my friend in my head and wonder if he really did play a part in this. It was in this frame of mind that I set about looking into things and asking some really potentially friendship breaking questions, I had to be convinced myself before I could even consider carrying on to help MCT+ and updating you the community. I should also say if I had found it was an inside job I would have made sure the community found out about it, but after looking at everything I am at least pleased to say I do not have to do that.

@everyone The link to the conference is

It will last two hours and will cover up a lot of things about Midas and Fline future. Also, I will answer all the questions asked.

Midas conference. Midas.Investments developments, Fline updates, n...
Midas: Fline:

@everyone We are starting our conference in 30 minutes! I will send the link in announcements

We’d like to let you know that GoByte has been listed on check it out. 🤪@everyone

GoByte (GBX) price, market cap | $0.102454 | Charts | COIN360
Coin360 is an infographic and charts of cryptocurrency market capitalization, trading volume, exchange rates. Observe the live cryptocurrency prices on widget.

Hi@everyone GoByte is currently trading live on the EPICA DEX decentralized exchange on the GBX/BTC pair. Feel free to trade there.

Our 2nd anniversary is coming up. To celebrate we are holding a contest! Get creative to enter to win $100 in ZEN and other great prizes. All submissions are due by May 31st to enter. Learn more about the Horizen ZENniversary 2019 here

ZENniversary 2019 - Horizen's 2nd Anniversary Contest! - Horizen
Horizen’s second anniversary is right around the corner and we want your help celebrating this fantastic milestone for our project! It has been a wonderful journey altogether. This is not only an anniversary of our team but also our community. Together, we grew stronger def...

I have some fantastic news to share with you. Today we welcome two mobile app developers who work at the head office of a major bank. Who better to build apps for TittieCoin than the people who build apps for a major bank.

At TittieCoin, security and our investors are our number one priority, this is yet another step we are taking to demonstrate our dedication and drive to make TittieCoin a household brand and a crypto currency that is reaching for international excellence as well as global recognition.

Thank you for your support and for choosing TittieCoin TIT

Best Regards,

Ricky - TittieCoin Dev

Did you know? The Horizen dev team announced the decision to move to public repository in our latest monthly live stream. Learn more about the decision in our video The next monthly update is in two weeks. Don't miss out. Follow us on YouTube now for notifications

Horizen Live Stream 1 May 2019 - Community Activity and Team Updates
Update from Horizen team hosted by Rob Viglione (@finpunk), Rolf Versluis (@blockops), Rosario Pabst (@zench1ck) Big Picture - Accomplishments - Development ...
Horizen is an exciting cryptocurrency with a solid technological foundation, unique capabilities, an active and capable team, ongoing funding for improvement...

@everyone With the upmost pleasure, the Zoomba Team is excited to announce the upcoming BETA release
of the Zoomba Platform! We will be officially launching to the public Friday, June 7th!! With this,
we still have much to do before then. In these coming weeks we will begin to bring you more details
about our platform. Be sure to stay tuned in!!!😀

@everyone Lobstex masternode automated script is updated, please use it to deploy masternodes by following steps...

Contribute to avymantech/Masternode development by creating an account on GitHub.

XBTS is another brick in the ProFitCycle project as proof of work(out) becomes a new meaning : )

Oh and we are in touch with leAD about ProFitCycle. For this we told them that we need to have both ready: Vending machines and Point of Sale .. in July they will decide if they support us with venture capital and active cooperations.. „while just for the record“ I don’t care about he money influx but stated that we need their connections to the sport world . Money is meh .. connections are everything.

@everyone - Telos coin is behind the scenes already Implemented into vending machines of . As soon our own machine for our office arrives, I will show it : ) ... just for the record: all vending machines they sold already will be able to accept telos .. not only future machines.

Aeguana - Award Winning Automated Retail Technology
Aeguana is an Award Winning Automated Retail and Vending Machine Technology company, specialising in bringing together the best industrial design, mechanical and electrical engineering, and software to deliver seamless retail solutions.

New Altbet arrival

I'm glad to announce Altbet has arrived on StakeCube which is a fully automated and community driven POS Crypto Pool which offers a lot valuable services & features for crypto investors.

ABET is not only listed on StakeCube platform but also on their built in StakeCube Exchange.

Expect ABET airdrops & giveaways on StakeCube discord / twitter in near future.

Useful StakeCube URLs:

Stay tuned@everyone

- Altbet Team

@everyone @452143727733899264> is so excited about the new look and features implemented at MyCryptoCloud that they are hosting another big promotion. Free deployment and one month of hosting for all coins on this offer is valid till 1 July 2019.

Just join their discord server and follow them on twitter to be eligible for your free deployment.

My Crypto Cloud (@MyCryptoCloud1)
(shared) Masternode hosting platform

Please, be aware with the Discord bots.
Some bots are sending DM to get your Crypto-Bridge funds. Just lock and delete such user.

⚠️ A new phishing attempt is being directed to our users using Discord bots, where it is suggested that you download a malicious Github repository. DO NOT download from any repository other than the official CryptoBridge account: ⚠️

📢Announcement📢 A new #Bootstrap file has just been added to our github environment. Link to our Github environment: #wallet #Syncing #blockchain #UPDATE #Masternodes #staking #ProofOfStake #cryptocurrency

Update: Server maintenance is completed, all servers are up again, the blockexplorer has caught up and is running smooth again. Thanks for your understanding! ✌

FlitsNode Mobile Masternode Service 📢

✅ We are glad to announce that FlitsNode has listed StakeCubeCoin (SCC) on flits mobile app.
✅ NOW you can host your masternodes at FlitsNode mobile app for only $1/Month if paid in FLS.
✅ Check out their website to try this unique mobile experience
✅ Directly download the app

What benefits does FlitsNode offer:
🔘 No coding needed
🔘 Start a masternode with just a few clicks
🔘 Super fast and convenient
🔘 Mobile Staking enabled
🔘 Deposit and Invest Bitcoin (soon)
🔘 Buy/Sell coins right from the mobile (soon)
🔘 10% monthly discount for 10+ nodes
🔘 Fees charged daily.

⭐ 30 days free trial ⭐

For further inquiries, please visit FlitsNode discord :

Flits - Masternode and staking app
Flits is a masternode and staking app making investing a lot easier. Android app is released and the presale is open.

250 $ESBC for each of 20 winners

#Giveaway started 250 $ESBC for each of 20 winners check info #Airdrop #Bounty #Cryptocurrency

Dear community,

You can now monitor your masternodes here at :

It looks like Crex24 cancelled all open orders today@everyone, so any orders you had there (for any coin) needs to be set up again.

Thanks to everyone who supported Loki's first SNAppathon! Congratulations to the winning SNApp which was an anonymous complaints platform - the idea being you have a safe space to provide feedback without fear of service disruption or other repercussions. Check out some pics from the day!

Loki SNAppathon May 2019 - New York - Loki
Using the decentralised nature of blockchain technology, Loki creates new private and secure methods of interacting with the internet, as well as building privacy-centric applications, such as messaging services, forums, online marketplaces, and social media platforms.

@everyone both explorer updated and are on current chain

Please ensure to use them as your reference to know if your wallet is on correct block.

Did you know that #Brazilians can pay the #Uber with #SmartCash!? You can pretty much move anywhere with it. Just buy a voucher and pay it with SmartCash using @kamoneybrasil $smart @scashofficial #smartcash #cyrpto #cryptocurrency #blockchain #...


A few weeks ago we released a video featuring Luxgate peer-to-peer Atomic Swap in action. We have added some audio explaining the process to give you a better idea of what is happening both on the screen, and behind-the-scenes. Be on the look out for more videos and information as we get closer to Luxgate's beta release next quarter.

Thanks you @182649391339929600> for the editing work :)

A few weeks ago we released a video featuring #LUXGATE peer-to-peer Atomic Swap in action. We have added some audio explaining the process to give you a better idea of what is happening both on the screen, and behind-the-scenes. $LUX #LUXCORE

@everyone Server maintenance - in about 12 hours from now the servers will be offline - this will also affect the explorer and the website. The website should be offline for a short time but the explorer machine may need a little more work. Please pardon the interruptions to the services during this time in advance. We will post an update when this maintenance window is completed.

Attention Masternode Owners!

It is time to vote on the Solaris proposal to move to a newer and far more advanced codebase. Read the medium article here:

The process to vote is simple:

  1. Open your Solaris-Qt wallet from which the Masternodes are running.

  2. Open the console by going to Tools > Debug Console

  3. Copy and Paste the command below based on your YES or NO vote, and press Enter (This will cast a votes for multiple Masternodes if you run them):

mnbudget vote-many fb97dba89922b213069bce8b488972e25566b849422135181df54eb1c5ed2968 yes

mnbudget vote-many fb97dba89922b213069bce8b488972e25566b849422135181df54eb1c5ed2968 no

To check the current vote results you can type this command into the Debug Console:

mnbudget getinfo solaris3.0

Solaris 3.0 — Masternode Owners, VOTE NOW!
Dear Solarians,

@everyone $COLX has just been added as a deposit option for $BTC, $ETH and $LTC in

ColossusXT Instant Exchange | Powered by CryptoWolf
Exchange COLX without registration or verification directly at market price! Powered by CryptoWolf
$COLX has just been added as a deposit option for $BTC, $ETH and $LTC in


💥 ESBC has partnered with CryptoMasters!💥

💎 Crypto Masters provides value not only for investors but also for coin developers, startups and well known projects. Their years of experience in marketing management, blockchain industry and cryptocurrency field, plays an instrumental role in charting the future path of any crypto projects.
💎 Crypto Masters offers variety of valuable digital marketing services, making crypto marketing strategy consolidated, specific and effective, giving straightforward offers with obvious results. Their goal is to provide effective advertising and promotional solutions in crypto industry. Crypto Masters' tools are designed to help to promote crypto projects and the continuously expanding crypto niche.
💎 They have built partnerships with 20+ outstanding exchanges, platforms and with 60+ promising crypto projects.

✅ Website -

✅ Twitter -

✅ Telegram -

✅ Discord -
Big giveaway in twitter soon!

@everyone We are more than happy to announce, Flitsnode app has joined the collaboration into making the Cryptosphere safer.They display the KYD verified logo !

Go check it out, its available on both Android & IOS

Team Horizen had a successful trip to Consensus 2019. We met many fans of our project, other experts in the blockchain and #crypto spaces, and enjoyed fantastic panels at the conference. We are excited about our next events as a team.

@everyone we have compiled new wallets with rectified port on same link. Protocol is 70917. Thanks to Wills for timely help.

Contribute to avymantech/lobstex development by creating an account on GitHub.

@zcoinofficial tweeted this at May 23, 2019 at 01:20AM:

Another excellent option to easily obtain Zcoin $XZC with competitive rates and no account registration. @ChangeNOW_io

@everyone Looks like StorADE works great for IPv4 masternodes. It takes time, approximetelly up to ~12h to be ENABLED.
Unfortunely, IPv6 Masternodes are kicked out because of IPv4 Masternodes which can't check IPv6 addresses. Mr nemo did an upgrade in v2.1.5.0 release for this issue. However, the majority of masternodes should upgrade this version until IPv6 will be accepted as a valid Masternodes and StorADE systems.

Дорогие друзья!
Наши партнеры из команды Giant движутся по намеченному плану и готовятся к релизу Бета Версии Giant.Exchange.
Первым этапом релиза уже завтра станет закрытое тестирование, в котором принимает участие CryptoM#2210.
На следующей неделе будет проходить открытый вебинар с презентацией бета версии и ответами на вопросы.
В конце мая состоится публичный релиз, и каждый сможет делать тестовые ставки по реальным данным.
Более подробно можно узнать по ссылке:

Мы поможем нашим друзьям сделать их продукт лучше!

Dear friends!

Giant Project, our partner, follows the plan and is ready to release Giant.Exchange Beta.
The first stage is private testing that happens tomorrow.
CryptoM#2210 is taking part to provide feedback. Next week they will continue with a public webinar to present GEX Beta and answer the questions.
By the end of May GEX Beta will go live, so everyone can place test bets with real data.
More details here:

We'll help our friends to make the product better!

Blank page


Very nice read about how important are Decentralized Exchanges

LuxGate — Securing the bridge for transition.
Hello once again dear readers! In this article we will approach the need of decentralization in the blockchain industry and what Luxcore…

@everyone We are more than happy to announce, Flitsnode app has joined the collaboration into making the Cryptosphere safer.They display the KYD verified logo !

Go check it out, its available on both Android & IOS

Our recent governance proposal was featured in a Crypto Briefing article by discussing Masternode Governance and the implications of the Cryptopia hack.@everyone

🍃 Read more:

What’s At Stake: How Blockchain Governance Found Its Voice Over ...
Blockchain governance is evolving. BitGreen stakeholders are voting in response to the Cryptopia hack - with far-reaching implications.

Dear friends! @479305199710765071> and @504925562037338113> have finalized the GEX Trading interface, so we are ready to test it with our guests!
The sessions have already been scheduled and start tomorrow. We'll share with you the results shortly after.

In the meantime, please, leave your questions regarding Giant.Exchange in <#580791357975691289> or in the comments in social media, and I will address them on the webinar that happens in next week. The exact time will be announced soon.
Let's make the session as productive as possible!@everyone is welcome


@everyone ⚠ ⚠ IMPORTANT NOTICE ⚠ ⚠

On June 1st, we will be moving special features of the bot, @569955063519510549> to only be accessible via special roles which can be obtained by being active in the discord. Therefore, not everyone will be able to receive rain, airdrops, participate in gambling features, etc until they reach that certain level.

We have decided to implement such roles to promote active members within our discord community.

More details will be announced later this week with what each role will provide access to.

Great things are coming for GambleCoin!!

@everyone Apologies for a mistake committed while compiling wallets...The RPC and P2P port are wrongly put as same. We have rectified the mistake and compiling wallets again... Please bear us for next 2 -3 hours till we upload new wallets...Please do not deploy masternodes till then. Thats for your patience and apologies for inconvenience caused...

Have you ever wanted to set up a Horizen masternode on a VPS? @329650734842904576> recently created a great tutorial video to help users set one up. Watch it

How to setup Horizen masternode on a VPS!!
🔥Horizen Secure Node Guide🔥🔗 🔥Vultr Link 🔗

🛠 MASTERNODE SETUP GUIDE - using hardware wallets@everyone - a short guide on how to setup your Gin masternodes on the GIN Platform using the Ledger Nano S & Trezor One/Trezor Model T wallets.

Masternode setup - Ledger Nano S & Trezor One/Trezor Model T
Use this guide to setup your GIN masternode on the GIN Platform using the Ledger-Nano-S, Trezor-One or Trezor-Model-T hardware wallets

Explorer is re indexing at the moment.

PAWS Commitment to Community

🗞 Dear PAWS Community,

Due to market conditions in the masternode space we have decided to drop the requirement to pay part fee with PAWS for our VAULT masternode presales.

To keep our promise and commitment to our PAWS community and investors:

For every VAULT masternode sold we will now place 0.1 btc in buy orders in exchanges where PAWS are listed.

That is 1 btc of buy orders for only 10 masternodes and if we sell all 40 a full 4 btc would be placed in exchanges for support.

At PAWS we are not just creating a crypto project, we are building a global brand @everyone !

@everyone we are happy to announce that we will be listed on . Deposit starts from 23/5/2019 and trading starts on 24/5/2019. We are back in action after a month long work on upgrading the chain. Happy deposit and trading. Please read more about this on You can translate the article to English to understand more.

香港CEO全球站 | 全球领先的数字资产交易平台

BeetleCoin Tier MasterNode Released — Steemit
BeetleCoin team released wallet v2.1.3.2 which is a mandatory upgrade. This release uses 70104 protocol and also comes… by lezz
BeetleCoin Tier MasterNode Released
BeetleCoin team released wallet v2.1.3.2 which is a mandatory upgrade. This release uses 70104 protocol and also comes with security patch…
BeetleCoin Tier MasterNode Released
BeetleCoin Tier MasterNode Released
BeetleCoin team released wallet v2.1.3.2 which is a mandatory upgrade. This release uses 70104 protocol and also comes with security patch release. This being a mandatory upgrade, all BeetleCoin investors should update to this version immediately in...

@everyone We are happy to announce KYD is now listed on MyCointainer


Participate in their give away.

@everyone Wallets on Crex24 are now working

$BRO (@bitrad_io) was updated. Users have to generate new addresses. Note, if you send BRO to your old BRO address - you'll lose these coins.


🍕 9 years ago, the first real-world transaction of Bitcoin was made with Laszlo Hanyecz paying 10,000 BTC ($800mil) for two Pizza's. At the same Papa Johns $PAC community member @408454967930650634> ordered a $PAC pizza to celebrate this annual crypto holiday.

9 years ago, the first real-world transaction of #Bitcoin was made with Laszlo Hanyecz paying 10,000 BTC ($800mil) for two Pizza's. At the same @PapaJohns $PAC community member @JLowy23 ordered a $PAC #pizza to celebrate this annual #crypto holiday. #bitcoinpizzaday #Crypt...

  • Crypto-Bridge enable D/W.
    Required to generate a new deposit address.


💰 Instant masternode sharing 💰

⚠ Reminder to those which has not enough coins for full masternode on new collateral ⚠

Our trusted <#502180681556688897> which are offering instant sharing services. Simply deposit ABET coins to one of them and start earning rewards!

➡ Monitor
➡ Master of Nodes
➡ Trittium
➡ Simple POS Pool
➡ Midas

More details may be found on their discord groups and websites

Stay tuned@everyone

- Altbet Team


We are switching hosting provider. This proces takes a little more time than expected, since it involves code changes. The good news: we allocated 40K NDB to compensate masternode holders that hosted their nodes on the NodeBase platform.

@everyone We are now listed on Apollong masternode hosting service. Only 0.99$ per month for masternode hosting! Check it out!

Supported Coins

Last week we started working on Blink! Read about it in the latest Loki Dev Update!

Weekly Dev Update #49 - Loki
Using the decentralised nature of blockchain technology, Loki creates new private and secure methods of interacting with the internet, as well as building privacy-centric applications, such as messaging services, forums, online marketplaces, and social media platforms.

@zcoinofficial tweeted this at May 22, 2019 at 11:41AM:

A rare glimpse into our founder @InsomPoramin's journey and vision of Zcoin.

Nova Exchange (D)

May 20, 12:00 CEST

Thanks 😃

We will have to perform a tech and legal DD, and we will then proceed with the listing asap!
Regards from the Nova Support Team

Submitted Nova Exchange Listing Application.

@everyone we are glad to see the numbers of Basic and Classic nodes going up. We have spent several days ensuring our upgrades go well and are happy with the success achieved so far. Please feel free to tell us if you are facing any issues and we will do our best to help out. Now is also time for you all to advertise BEETLE Basic and Classic nodes as they have juicy rewards. Help beetle to grow further.

@everyone I know it took longer then we expected.. with that we expect to open investments tomorrow
POLIS funded by us, we will fund more project for insta nodes in the future

@everyone In response to recent news from Cryptopia regarding the January 2019 hack, we have decided to initiate a governance proposal to determine the desired response from our community and stakeholders. This situation is time sensitive, and we ask that all community members learn about the situation in order to make an informed decision.

Please read about BitGreen Governance Proposal #BITG-003 below:

BitGreen Governance Proposal (#BITG-003) — Hardfork to Tempo...
Should BitGreen issue a mandatory hardfork & wallet update to temporarily lock Cryptopia’s user deposits until they announce their plans?

Ok@everyone, The next update (12.3.1) is almost ready for testing, so the community should expect the release with the next few weeks. This will be a staging release for Deterministic Masternodes to be activated on the Network. The process for setting up, building and configuring new Masternodes will also change significantly when these new nodes are activated. We will make sure all the documentation is available as before. requires us to pay our yearly subscription to the site on the 9th of June. The amount required is 0.1BTC, we are looking for donations to allow us continued listing there. @&430815615104581679> will continue to fund all running costs of the project but we will leave this to the community to decide if it is worth continuing our listing there.

The livestream will be at Thursday 18:00 GMT@everyone

You have voted. The livestream on our YouTube channel will take place on Thursday. I will cover all the aspects of our work and share our strategic plans. A lot of announcements will be made, so do not miss it!

@everyone Hello :) How are you guys?
We are glad to annouce that we are in partnership with now you can exchange BlacerCoins on BTC in few minutes. We provide that to allow players to exchange BLCR in easier way on BTC!

Now in our new road map we are going to create widget on our website then we are going to start our tournamnets!


@everyone we've published the SparksPay May 2019 Update - read it here:

Thanks @220093399032659968> and SunGod for writing and editing.

SparksPay Development Update May 2019
Network update 0.13.0, Guardian nodes 2.0, Mobile wallet, Shipping extensions, Sparks Trading Bot

@everyone After 12 days of hard work and many tests mr_nemo found a solution how to move blochain forward. All thanks to him!

@everyone Roadmap Progress Update (May 21st 2019)

TOR integration into MCLW (80-95%)
MCLW 100% Private Beta
LN Privacy swaps (75-80%)
Wallet auto updates 100% private beta
Mobile Wallet (0-10%)
DEX Aggregator (10-15%)

This week we were successfully able to integrate TOR into our wallet, giving users key privacy options when utilizing our tools. We have also added mobile wallet support as a new feature to the roadmap...

Mobile Wallet |
Mobile version of the Stakenet Light Wallet. This application will be compatible on all devices and allow users to access our wallet and its features directly from their mobile devices.

Other notable progress has been made with lnd backend compatibility (DEX), and continuous testing of our light wallet

Lookout for our dev update next week, and track progress on our official roadmap here

Roadmap Progress Update (21 May)
The following development roadmap values have been updated:
Stakenet - The trustless interchain economy
Stakenet is a highly secure cross-chain platform allowing to operate with any blockchain just by using its coin XSN. Powered by Masternodes, Lightning Network, and dApps.

@everyone Very soon the reward for the masternode increases!

@everyone ↘ Wallet v2.3 works over previous version wallet, just run the new wallet over previous one.↙
🚨Lobstex chain will fork at Block 560000 and thus all the previous version wallet holders coins/stakes will be invalid. Zerocoin protocol has been removed from the wallet due to it’s vulnerabilities.🚨

🚨For Masternodes there is no automated script, kindly update respective masternodes manually. Manual guide will be provided to you.🚨

@everyone Please update your wallet to v2.3...its a mandatory update... all information is provided in release notes.

Contribute to avymantech/lobstex development by creating an account on GitHub.

@everyone Voting for the selection of the amount premine which must burn continues! At the moment your choice is 1 million coins. Your chosen amount will burn until June 1! This will be the first part of the coins from Premine who must burn. We aim to reduce the Premine to a minimum. 👆